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Ju, C.[Cai] Co Author Listing * Graph-based semi-supervised learning for spectral-spatial hyperspectral image classification

Ju, C.H.J. Co Author Listing * MPEG Coding Performance Improvement by Jointly Optimizing Coding Mode Decisions and Rate Control

Ju, F.[Fujiao] Co Author Listing * Image Outlier Detection and Feature Extraction via L1-Norm-Based 2D Probabilistic PCA
* Mixture of Bilateral-Projection Two-Dimensional Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis
* Modulus Methods for Nonnegatively Constrained Image Restoration
Includes: Ju, F.[Fujiao] Ju, F.

Ju, G.[Geonhwan] Co Author Listing * 3D freehand ultrasound reconstruction using a piecewise smooth Markov random field

Ju, G.H.[Gwang Hyeok] Co Author Listing * Korean Lunar Lander: Concept Study For Landing-site Selection For Lunar Resource Exploration

Ju, H.[Hui] Co Author Listing * Matching between Different Image Domains
* New Approach of Digital Bridge Surface Model Generation, A
* New Approach to Robust LiDAR/Optical Imagery Registration, A
* Novel Digital Cancelation Method in Presence of Harmonic Self-Interference
* Research on SVM Based Classification for Welding Defects in Radiographic Testing
Includes: Ju, H.[Hui] Ju, H. Ju, H.[Hyungsik]

Ju, H.B.[Hong Bo] Co Author Listing * LiCHy: The CAF's LiDAR, CCD and Hyperspectral Integrated Airborne Observation System
Includes: Ju, H.B.[Hong Bo] Ju, H.B.[Hong-Bo]

Ju, H.J.[Hae Jin] Co Author Listing * Colour fringe detection and correction in YCbCr colour space

Ju, J.[Jaeyong] Co Author Listing * Key Frame Extraction Based on Chaos Theory and Color Information for Video Summarization
* Online Multi-object Tracking Based on Hierarchical Association Framework
* Online multi-object tracking with efficient track drift and fragmentation handling
* Online multi-person tracking with two-stage data association and online appearance model learning
* Rigid Motion Segmentation Using Randomized Voting
Includes: Ju, J.[Jaeyong] Ju, J. Ju, J.[Jeongwoo]

Ju, J.C.[Jun Chang] Co Author Listing * Gaussian mixture discriminant analysis and sub-pixel land cover characterization in remote sensing
Includes: Ju, J.C.[Jun Chang] Ju, J.C.[Jun-Chang]

Ju, J.C.H. Co Author Listing * Fast Rate-Optimized Motion Estimation Algorithm for Low-Bit-Rate Video Coding, A

Ju, J.S.[Jin Sun] Co Author Listing * Welfare interface implementation using multiple facial features tracking for the disabled people

Ju, J.Y.[Jing Yi] Co Author Listing * Light Field Special Issue Editorial
Includes: Ju, J.Y.[Jing Yi] Ju, J.Y.[Jing-Yi]

Ju, K. Co Author Listing * Structure-aware priority belief propagation for depth estimation

Ju, L.[Lili] Co Author Listing * 3D Open-surface Shape Correspondence for Statistical Shape Modeling: Identifying Topologically Consistent Landmarks
* 3D Superalloy Grain Segmentation Using a Multichannel Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Algorithm
* Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Algorithms for Image Compression, Segmentation, and Multichannel Restoration
* Edge-Weighted Centroid Voronoi Tessellation with Propagation of Consistency Constraint for 3D Grain Segmentation in Microscopic Superalloy Images
* Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Model for Image Segmentation, An
* Grain Segmentation of 3D Superalloy Images Using Multichannel EWCVT under Human Annotation Constraints
* Image Segmentation Using Local Variation and Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations
* Multichannel Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation algorithm for 3D super-alloy image segmentation, A
* Multiscale Superpixels and Supervoxels Based on Hierarchical Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation
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Ju, M.H.[Myung Ho] Co Author Listing * Constant Time Stereo Matching
* Face and Gesture-Based Interaction for Displaying Comic Books
* new method for stereo matching using pixel cooperative optimization, A
* New Partially Occluded Face Pose Recognition, A
* New Simple Method to Stitch Images with Lens Distortion, A
* Panoramic image generation with lens distortions
* Robust Face Pose Estimation from Insufficient Data
Includes: Ju, M.H.[Myung Ho] Ju, M.H.[Myung-Ho]
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Ju, M.Y.[Ming Ye] Co Author Listing * Single Image Dehazing Using Invariance Principle
* Single image dehazing via an improved atmospheric scattering model
Includes: Ju, M.Y.[Ming Ye] Ju, M.Y.[Ming-Ye]

Ju, Q.[Quan] Co Author Listing * Errata and comments on 'Errata and comments on Orthogonal moments based on exponent functions: Exponent-Fourier moments'
* Orthogonal moments based on exponent functions: Exponent-Fourier moments

Ju, R.[Ran] Co Author Listing * Depth saliency based on anisotropic center-surround difference
* Depth-aware salient object detection using anisotropic center-surround difference
* Flat3D: Browsing Stereo Images on a Conventional Screen
* Saliency cuts based on adaptive triple thresholding
* StereoSnakes: Contour Based Consistent Object Extraction for Stereo Images

Ju, R.C. Co Author Listing * Efficient 2-D DCT/IDCT Core Design Using Cyclic Convolution and Adder-Based Realization, An

Ju, R.H.[Rong Huah] Co Author Listing * Data compression on multifont Chinese character patterns
* Zooming techniques on digital Chinese character patterns: a further study and improvement
Includes: Ju, R.H.[Rong Huah] Ju, R.H.[Rong-Huah] Ju, R.H.[Rong-Hauh]

Ju, S.G.[Shi Guang] Co Author Listing * Mining user hidden semantics from image content for image retrieval
Includes: Ju, S.G.[Shi Guang] Ju, S.G.[Shi-Guang]

Ju, S.H.[Seong Hwan] Co Author Listing * Accurate User Position Estimation Method Using a Single Camera for 3D Display without Glasses, An
Includes: Ju, S.H.[Seong Hwan] Ju, S.H.[Seong-Hwan]

Ju, S.X.[Shanon X.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Gesture and Action in Technical Talks
* Cardboard people: a parameterized model of articulated image motion
* Recognizing Human Motion using Parameterized Models of Optical Flow
* Skin and Bones: Multi-layer, Locally Affine, Optical Flow and Regularization with Transparency
* Summary of Videotaped Presentations: Automatic-Analysis of Motion and Gesture
Includes: Ju, S.X.[Shanon X.] Ju, S.X.

Ju, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive smooth surface fitting with manifolds
* Computing a Family of Skeletons of Volumetric Models for Shape Description
* Feature correspondences using Morse Smale complex
* Graph-based deformable matching of 3D line with application in protein fitting
* Interactive skeletonization of intensity volumes
* Landmark/image-based deformable registration of gene expression data
* Learning-Based Segmentation Framework for Tissue Images Containing Gene Expression Data
* Markov Random Field-based fitting of a subdivision-based geometric atlas
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Ju, W.[Wen] Co Author Listing * Automated breast cancer detection and classification using ultrasound images: A survey
* Discrimination of disease-related non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms using multi-scale RBF kernel fuzzy support vector machine
* Foliage Clumping Index Over China's Landmass Retrieved From the MODIS BRDF Parameters Product
* Limited Effects of Water Absorption on Reducing the Accuracy of Leaf Nitrogen Estimation
* Localization or Globalization? Determination of the Optimal Regression Window for Disaggregation of Land Surface Temperature
* Modeling Gross Primary Production for Sunlit and Shaded Canopies Across an Evergreen and a Deciduous Site in Canada
* Random Walk and Graph Cut for Co-Segmentation of Lung Tumor on PET-CT Images
Includes: Ju, W.[Wen] Ju, W. Ju, W.[Weimin] Ju, W.[Wei]
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Ju, W.M.[Wei Min] Co Author Listing * Ability of the Photochemical Reflectance Index to Track Light Use Efficiency for a Sub-Tropical Planted Coniferous Forest
* Expanding MISR LAI Products to High Temporal Resolution With MODIS Observations
* GOST: A Geometric-Optical Model for Sloping Terrains
* Hybrid Geometric Optical-Radiative Transfer Model Suitable for Forests on Slopes
* Limitations and Improvements of the Leaf Optical Properties Model Leaf Incorporating Biochemistry Exhibiting Reflectance and Transmittance Yields (LIBERTY)
* Performance of Linear and Nonlinear Two-Leaf Light Use Efficiency Models at Different Temporal Scales
Includes: Ju, W.M.[Wei Min] Ju, W.M.[Wei-Min]

Ju, X.[Xuan] Co Author Listing * Estimating Image Motion in Layers: The Skin and Bones Model
* Nonparallel Support Vector Machines for Pattern Classification
Includes: Ju, X.[Xuan] Ju, X.

Ju, X.Y.[Xiang Yu] Co Author Listing * Android malware detection through permission and package
* Applying mesh conformation on shape analysis with missing data
* Automatic 3D Facial Model and Texture Reconstruction from Range Scans
* Constructing dense correspondences for the analysis of 3D facial morphology
* Constructing dense correspondences to analyze 3D facial change
* Evaluation of the Reproducibility of Non-verbal Facial Animations
* Face Modelling and Tracking from Range Scans
* Facial Shape Recovery by Feature Driven Stereo Analysis
* Integration of range images in a multi-view stereo system
* Self-correction of 3D reconstruction from multi-view stereo images
Includes: Ju, X.Y.[Xiang Yu] Ju, X.Y.[Xiang-Yu] Ju, X.Y.[Xiang-Yand] Ju, X.Y.[Xiang-Yang] Ju, X.Y.
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Ju, Y.C.[Yong Chul] Co Author Listing * Efficient Linearisation Approach for Variational Perspective Shape from Shading, An
* Fast and Robust Surface Normal Integration by a Discrete Eikonal Equation
* Generalised Perspective Shape from Shading in Spherical Coordinates
* Generalised Perspective Shape from Shading with Oren-Nayar Reflectance
* Shape from Shading for Rough Surfaces: Analysis of the Oren-Nayar Model
* Shape from shading with specular highlights: Analysis of the Phong model
* Variational Perspective Shape from Shading
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Ju, Y.F. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Bus-Exclusive Lanes

Ju, Y.Y.[Yao Yong] Co Author Listing * Topological vascular tree segmentation for retinal images using shortest path connection
Includes: Ju, Y.Y.[Yao Yong] Ju, Y.Y.[Yao-Yong]

Ju, Z. Co Author Listing * Compressive sensing measurement matrix construction based on improved size compatible array LDPC code

Ju, Z.F.[Zhen Fei] Co Author Listing * Binary Code Learning via Iterative Distance Adjustment
Includes: Ju, Z.F.[Zhen Fei] Ju, Z.F.[Zhen-Fei]

Ju, Z.J.[Zhao Jie] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Gaussian Mixture Models
Includes: Ju, Z.J.[Zhao Jie] Ju, Z.J.[Zhao-Jie]

Ju, Z.W.[Zeng Wei] Co Author Listing * Accelerated implementation of adaptive directional lifting-based discrete wavelet transform on GPU
Includes: Ju, Z.W.[Zeng Wei] Ju, Z.W.[Zeng-Wei]

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