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Kaba, B.[Bahtiyar] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Saltanat Gate in Dolmabahce Palace
* Intelligent Interactive Applications for Museum Visits

Kaba, J.T.C.[James T. C.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for rotating and scaling images

Kaba, M.D. Co Author Listing * Reinforcement Learning Approach to the View Planning Problem, A

Kabaian, J.H.[Jimmy H.] Co Author Listing * Non-fingerprint region indicator

Kabak, M.[Mustafa] Co Author Listing * Simulation of Water Drops on a Surface

Kabamba, P.T. Co Author Listing * Stability Analysis of Runway Schedules

Kaban, A.[Ata] Co Author Listing * Bound on the Performance of LDA in Randomly Projected Data Spaces, A
* Combined Latent Class and Trait Model for the Analysis and Visualization of Discrete Data, A
* Initialized and Guided EM-clustering of Sparse Binary Data with Application to Text Based Documents
* Learning kernel logistic regression in the presence of class label noise
* Multi-task signal recovery by higher level hyper-parameter sharing
* On Bayesian classification with Laplace priors
* On the distance concentration awareness of certain data reduction techniques
* Robust mixture clustering using Pearson type VII distribution
* tight bound on the performance of Fisher's linear discriminant in randomly projected data spaces, A
Includes: Kaban, A.[Ata] Kabán, A.[Ata] Kabán, A.
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Kabani, A.[Abdul_Wahab] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Weighted Neighbors Lossless Image Coding
* Ejection Fraction Estimation Using a Wide Convolutional Neural Network
* Estimating Ejection Fraction and Left Ventricle Volume Using Deep Convolutional Networks
* Object Detection and Localization Using Deep Convolutional Networks with Softmax Activation and Multi-class Log Loss

Kabano, H. Co Author Listing * fast and precise system for taking high-density human head measurements with surrounding range finders, A

Kabashima, Y.[Yuuki] Co Author Listing * Robust 2D-3D alignment based on geometrical consistency

Kabbai, L.[Leila] Co Author Listing * Hybrid local and global descriptor enhanced with colour information

Kabban, C.M.S.[Christine M. Schubert] Co Author Listing * Deep long short-term memory structures model temporal dependencies improving cognitive workload estimation

Kabbara, J.[Jad] Co Author Listing * Kernel subspace pursuit for sparse regression

Kabbour, S.E. Co Author Listing * Human ear structure from motion

Kaber, D.B. Co Author Listing * Emotional State Classification in Patient-Robot Interaction Using Wavelet Analysis and Statistics-Based Feature Selection
* Usability Comparison of Conventional Direct Control Versus Pattern Recognition Control of Transradial Prostheses
Includes: Kaber, D.B. Kaber, D.B.[David B.]

Kabin, K. Co Author Listing * SUNVIZ: A Real-Time Visualization Environment for Space Physics Applications

Kabir, E.[Ehsanollah] Co Author Listing * adaptive water flow model for binarization of degraded document images, An
* Binarization of degraded document image based on feature space partitioning and classification
* Binarization-free OCR for historical documents using LSTM networks
* blackboard approach towards integrated Farsi OCR system, A
* Clipped Input RLS Applied to Vehicle Tracking
* Color reduction based on ant colony
* Effect of delayed strokes on the recognition of online Farsi handwriting
* Farsi font recognition based on Sobel-Roberts features
* fast and accurate contour-based method for writer-dependent offline handwritten Farsi/Arabic subwords recognition, A
* Feature Extraction for Online Farsi Characters
* Grass Field Segmentation, the First Step Toward Player Tracking, Deep Compression, and Content Based Football Image Retrieval
* Image retrieval using histograms of uni-color and bi-color blocks and directional changes in intensity gradient
* Improving mixture of experts for view-independent face recognition using teacher-directed learning
* Introducing a very large dataset of handwritten Farsi digits and a study on their varieties
* Lexicon reduction for printed Farsi subwords using pictorial and textual dictionaries
* Lexicon reduction of handwritten Arabic subwords based on the prominent shape regions
* new segmentation technique for omnifont Farsi text, A
* Partitioning of feature space by iterative classification for degraded document image binarisation
* pictorial dictionary for printed Farsi subwords, A
* Recognition and verification of postcodes in handwritten and hand-printed addresses
* Sequential Probabilistic Grass Field Segmentation of Soccer Video Images
* Stroke width-based directional total variation regularisation for document image super resolution
* subspace approach to error correcting output codes, A
* Teacher-directed learning in view-independent face recognition with mixture of experts using overlapping eigenspaces
* Teacher-directed learning in view-independent face recognition with mixture of experts using single-view eigenspaces
* TED: A texture-edge descriptor for pedestrian detection in video sequences
* Text-image super-resolution through anchored neighborhood regression with multiple class-specific dictionaries
* View-independent face recognition with Mixture of Experts
* Visual illumination compensation for face images using light mapping matrix
* weakly supervised large margin domain adaptation method for isolated handwritten digit recognition, A
* writer adaptation method for isolated handwritten digit recognition based on Ensemble Projection of features, A
Includes: Kabir, E.[Ehsanollah] Kabir, E.
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Kabir, I.[Ihtisham] Co Author Listing * High Performance Computer Imaging
* Programmable image processing in a memory controller
Includes: Kabir, I.[Ihtisham] Kabir, I.

Kabir, M.H.[Md. Hasanul] Co Author Listing * Automatic Lung Tumor Detection Based on GLCM Features
* Contrast Enhancement by Top-Hat and Bottom-Hat Transform with Optimal Structuring Element: Application to Retinal Vessel Segmentation
* Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using Color Space and Moment Invariants-Based Features
* Efficient Method for Extracting Key-Frames from 3D Human Joint Locations for Action Recognition, An
* Facial expression recognition using Local Directional Pattern (LDP)
* Gender Classification Using Local Directional Pattern (LDP)
* Image Contrast Enhancement Based on Block-Wise Intensity-Pair Distribution with Two Expansion Forces
* Local Directional Pattern (LDP): A Robust Image Descriptor for Object Recognition
* Local Directional Pattern Variance (LDPv) Based Face Descriptor for Human Facial Expression Recognition, A
Includes: Kabir, M.H.[Md. Hasanul] Kabir, M.H.[M. Hasanul] Kabir, M.H.
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Kabir, S.M.R.[S. M. Raiyan] Co Author Listing * Application of fuzzy inference and active contour model for detection of fovea and its center in a fundus image

Kabir, T. Co Author Listing * Finding Similar Patterns in Large Image Databases
* Real-Time Recognition with the Entire Brodatz Texture Database

Kabir, W. Co Author Listing * Score reliability based weighting technique for score-level fusion in multi-biometric systems

Kabiri, A. Co Author Listing * Sentence-level sentiment analysis in Persian

Kabiri, P.[Peyman] Co Author Listing * Content based multispectral image retrieval using principal component analysis
* feature-based approach for monocular camera tracking in unknown environments, A
* Multispectral MRI image segmentation using Markov random field model
Includes: Kabiri, P.[Peyman] Kabiri, P.

Kabisatpathy, P.[Prithviraj] Co Author Listing * Optimisation of features using evolutionary algorithm for EEG signal classification

Kabkab, M. Co Author Listing * On the size of Convolutional Neural Networks and generalization performance

Kaboli, M.[Mohsen] Co Author Listing * Leveraging over prior knowledge for online learning of visual categories

Kabolizade, M.[Mostafa] Co Author Listing * Improved Snake Model for Automatic Extraction of Buildings from Urban Aerial Images and LiDAR Data Using Genetic Algorithm, An

Kabos, S.[Sandor] Co Author Listing * Calculation and estimation of sample statistics of binary images using quadtree data representations
Includes: Kabos, S.[Sandor] Kabos, S.[Sándor]

Kaboudan, A. Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality Maintenance Training with Intel Depth Camera

Kabra, M.[Mayank] Co Author Listing * Understanding classifier errors by examining influential neighbors

Kabra, S. Co Author Listing * On Computing Strength of Evidence for Writer Verification

Kabrisky, M. Co Author Listing * Color Blindness and a Color Human Visual System Model
* Comparative analysis of backpropagation and the extended Kalman filter for training multilayer perceptrons
* complex cepstrum applied to two-dimensional images, The
* Digital Production of Color Mach Bands Using a Color Human Visual-System Model
* Neural Networks for Automatic Target Recognition
* Object Recognition Based on Human Saccadic Behaviour
* Perceptual-Based Image Fusion for Hyperspectral Data
Includes: Kabrisky, M. Kabrisky, M.[Matthew]
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Kabuka, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Approach to Video Tracking, An
* Image Processing for Position Detection
Includes: Kabuka, M. Kabuka, M.[Mansur]

Kabuka, M.R.[Mansur R.] Co Author Listing * email: Kabuka, M.R.[Mansur R.]: kabuka AT umiami ir miami edu
* Automatic Moving Object Extraction for Content-Based Applications
* Automatic Navigation System for Vision Guided Vehicles Using a Double Heuristic and a Finite State Machine, An
* Binary object representation and recognition using the Hilbert morphological skeleton transform
* Design of Supervised Classifiers Using Boolean Neural Networks
* Edge-Detection In Medical Images Using A Genetic Algorithm
* Hidden Markov models-based 3D MRI brain segmentation
* Labeling of MR brain images using Boolean neural network
* novel feature recognition neural network and its application to character recognition, A
* Position Verification of a Mobile Robot Using Standard Pattern
* Real-Time System for Accurate Three-Dimensional Position Determination and Verification
* Reply to: Comments on Design of Supervised Classifiers Using Boolean Neural Networks
Includes: Kabuka, M.R.[Mansur R.] Kabuka, M.R.
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Kabukcu, G.[Gokhan] Co Author Listing * Low-cost solution to on-line color filter array demosaicking
Includes: Kabukcu, G.[Gokhan] Kabukcu, G.[Gökhan]

Kaburlasos, V.G.[Vassilis G.] Co Author Listing * Binary Image 2D Shape Learning and Recognition Based on Lattice-Computing (LC) Techniques
* Distance and similarity measures between intuitionistic fuzzy sets: A comparative analysis from a pattern recognition point of view
* Evaluation of shape descriptors for shape-based image retrieval
Includes: Kaburlasos, V.G.[Vassilis G.] Kaburlasos, V.G.

Kabus, S. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Functional Non-rigid Registration Validation: A CT Phantom Study
* Variational Image Registration with Local Properties
Includes: Kabus, S. Kabus, S.[Sven]

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