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Kacmarik, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Cross-Comparison and Methodological Improvement in GPS Tomography
* Estimating the Impact of Global Navigation Satellite System Horizontal Delay Gradients in Variational Data Assimilation
* Improving GNSS Zenith Wet Delay Interpolation by Utilizing Tropospheric Gradients: Experiments with a Dense Station Network in Central Europe in the Warm Season
* New Adaptable All-in-One Strategy for Estimating Advanced Tropospheric Parameters and Using Real-Time Orbits and Clocks
Includes: Kacmarik, M.[Michal] Kacmarík, M.[Michal]

Kacmaz, R.N.[Rukiye Nur] Co Author Listing * Effect of interpolation on specular reflections in texture-based automatic colonic polyp detection
Includes: Kacmaz, R.N.[Rukiye Nur] Kaçmaz, R.N.[Rukiye Nur]

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