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Kak, A.[Avinash] Co Author Listing * Automation of dormant pruning in specialty crop production: An adaptive framework for automatic reconstruction and modeling of apple trees
* Multi-frame based motion estimation for semantic object tracking in the presence of occlusion
* Novel Benchmark RGBD Dataset for Dormant Apple Trees and Its Application to Automatic Pruning, A
* Novel Visualization Tool for Evaluating the Accuracy of 3D Sensing and Reconstruction Algorithms for Automatic Dormant Pruning Applications, A
Includes: Kak, A.[Avinash] Kak, A.

Kak, A.C.[Avi C.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kak, A.C.[Avi C.]: kak AT ecn purdue edu
* 3-D Object Recognition Using Bipartite Matching Embedded in Discrete Relaxation
* 3D Modeling of Optically Challenging Objects
* 3D-POLY: A Robot Vision System for Recognizing Objects in Occluded Environments
* Accurate 3D Tracking of Rigid Objects with Occlusion Using Active Appearance Models
* Applying Uncertainty Reasoning to Model Based Object Recognition
* ASSERT: A Physician-in-the-Loop Content-Based Retrieval System for HRCT Image Databases
* Automatic Generation of Object Class Descriptions Using Symbolic Learning Techniques
* CBIR for Medical Images: An Evaluation Trial
* Cluster-Based Distributed Face Tracking in Camera Networks
* Color-Encoded Structured Light for Rapid Active Ranging
* Computational Study of Reconstruction Algorithms for Diffraction Tomography: Interpolation versus Filtered Back Propagation, A
* Content-based image retrieval from large medical databases
* Customized-Queries Approach to CBIR Using EM, The
* deformable model for human organ extraction, A
* Depth Perception for Robots
* Determination of the Identification, Position and Orientation of the Topmost Object in a Pile
* Determination of the Identity, Position and Orientation of the Topmost Object in a Pile
* Digital Picture Processing
* Distributed Object Tracking Using a Cluster-Based Kalman Filter in Wireless Camera Networks
* Dual-beam structured-light scanning for 3-D object modeling
* Dynamic Approach to High-Precision Parts Mating, A
* efficient algorithm for the extraction of contours and curvature scale space on SIMD-powered Smart Cameras, An
* Error Analysis of Robust Optical Flow Estimation by Least Median of Squares Methods for the Varying Illumination Model
* Estimating head pose with an RGBD sensor: A comparison of appearance-based and pose-based local subspace methods
* Evidence Accumulation and Flow of Control in a Hierarchial Spatial Reasoning System
* Evidence Accumulation Using Binary Frames of Discernment for Verification Vision
* Fast Vision-Guided Mobile Robot Navigation Using Model-Based Reasoning and Prediction of Uncertainties
* Globally Optimal Interactive Boundary Extraction Using Markov Chain Modeling
* Hierarchical Data Structure for Real-Time Background Subtraction
* INGEN: A Robot Vision System for Generic Object Recognition
* Integrating Sensing, Task Planning, and Execution for Robotic Assembly
* Integration of Geometric and Non-Geometric Attributes for Fast Object Recognition
* Interactive color image segmentation editor driven by active contour model
* Interactive Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Relevance Feedback
* Interactive Framework for Acquiring Vision Models of 3-D Objects From 2-D Images, An
* Interactive Framework for Boundary Delineation for Medical CBIR, An
* Interactive Learning of a Multiple-Attribute Hash Table Classifier for Fast Object Recognition
* Knowledge Based Robotic Vision System, A
* Knowledge-Based Robotic Assembly Cell, A
* Knowledge-Based Robotics
* Knowledge-Based Stereo and Structured Light for 3-D Robot Vision
* Light-Weight Event-Driven Protocol for Sensor Clustering in Wireless Camera Networks, A
* Local Approach for Robust Optical Flow Estimation under Varying Illumination, A
* Local versus global features for content-based image retrieval
* Measuring and modeling apple trees using time-of-flight data for automation of dormant pruning applications
* Modeling and Calibration of a Structured Light Scanner for 3-D Robot Vision
* multi-Kalman filtering approach for video tracking of human-delineated objects in cluttered environments, A
* Multi-Peak Range Imaging for Accurate 3D Reconstruction of Specular Objects
* Multi-view face recognition from single RGBD models of the faces
* New Approach for Active Stereo Camera Calibration, A
* New Approach to the Use of Edge Extremities for Model-based Object Tracking, A
* New Kalman-Filter-Based Framework for Fast and Accurate Visual Tracking of Rigid Objects, A
* novel evidence accumulation framework for robust multi-camera person detection, A
* Novel Parameter Estimation Algorithm for the Multivariate t-Distribution and Its Application to Computer Vision, A
* Object Representation for Object Recognition
* On combining graph-partitioning with non-parametric clustering for image segmentation
* parallel color-based particle filter for object tracking, A
* Parallel Implementation of the Color-Based Particle Filter for Object Tracking, A
* PCA versus LDA
* Person Tracking with a Mobile Robot using Two Uncalibrated Independently Moving Cameras
* Planning Sensing Strategies in Robot Work Cell with Multi-Sensor Capabilities
* Principles of Computerized Tomographic Imaging
* probabilistic framework for joint segmentation and tracking, A
* Production System Environment for Integrating Knowledge with Vision Data, A
* QoS Evaluation Testbed for Mac Protocols for Wireless Camera Networks, A
* Range Data Extraction and Interpretation by Structural Light
* Reconstruction from Projections: Applications in Computerized Tomography
* Recursive Least Squares Smoothing of Noise in Images
* Robot Vision for Recovering 3-D Objects in Low-Order Polynomial Time, A
* Robot Vision System for Recognition of Generic Shaped Objects, A
* Robotic Manipulation Experiments Using Structural Stereopsis for 3D Vision
* Robotic vision: what happened to the visions of yesterday?
* Robust motion estimation under varying illumination
* Robust tracking of articulated human movements through Component-Based Multiple Instance Learning with particle filtering
* Rule-Based Approach to Binocular Stereopsis, A
* Sensors for Intelligent Robots
* Sensory Aspects of Robotic Intelligence
* Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique (SART): A Superior Implementation of the Art Algorithm
* SPAR: A Planner That Satisfies Operational and Geometric Goals in Uncertain Environments
* Special Issue on Computerized Medical Imaging
* Special issue on current issues and trends in computer vision
* Specularity elimination in range sensing for accurate 3D modeling of specular objects
* Stereo Vision
* Structural Stereo for 3-D Vision
* subsumptive, hierarchical, and distributed vision-based architecture for smart robotics, A
* Symbolic Stereo from Structural Descriptions
* Testing for Human Perceptual Categories in a Physician-in-the-Loop CBIR System for Medical Imagery
* Tracking articulated human movements with a component based approach to boosted multiple instance learning
* Unsupervised feature selection applied to content-based retrieval of lung images
* Using Human Perceptual Categories for Content-Based Retrieval from a Medical Image Database
* Using objective ground-truth labels created by multiple annotators for improved video classification: A comparative study
* variance-based Bayesian framework for improving Land-Cover classification through wide-area learning from large geographic regions, A
* Vision for Mobile Robot Navigation: A Survey
Includes: Kak, A.C.[Avi C.] Kak, A.C. Kak, A.C.[Avinash C.]
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Kakade, S.[Sham] Co Author Listing * Leveraging archival video for building face datasets

Kakadiaris, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Fine-grained categorization of fish motion patterns in underwater videos
* Viewpoint invariant 3D landmark model inference from monocular 2D images using higher-order priors

Kakadiaris, I.A.[Ioannis A.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kakadiaris, I.A.[Ioannis A.]: ioannisk AT uh edu
* 3D Face Discriminant Analysis Using Gauss-Markov Posterior Marginals
* 3D Face Recognition
* 3D face recognition for partial data using Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning
* 3D facial expression recognition: A perspective on promises and challenges
* 3D Facial Landmark Detection under Large Yaw and Expression Variations
* 3D Human Body Model Acquisition from Multiple Views
* 3D Human pose estimation: A review of the literature and analysis of covariates
* 3D Statistical Facial Feature Model and Its Application on Locating Facial Landmarks, A
* 3D-2D face recognition with pose and illumination normalization
* 3D-aided profile-based face recognition
* 3D/4D facial expression analysis: An advanced annotated face model approach
* 4D facial expression recognition
* 8D-THERMO CAM: Combination of Geometry with Physiological Information for Face Recognition
* Accurate Landmarking of Three-Dimensional Facial Data in the Presence of Facial Expressions and Occlusions Using a Three-Dimensional Statistical Facial Feature Model
* Active Part-Decomposition, Shape and Motion Estimation of Articulated Objects: A Physics-based Approach
* Active privileged learning of human activities from weakly labeled samples
* Activity analysis in crowded environments using social cues for group discovery and human interaction modeling
* Adaptive SVM+: Learning with Privileged Information for Domain Adaptation
* Addressing the illumination challenge in two-dimensional face recognition: a survey
* Age Classification from Facial Images: Is Frontalization Necessary?
* Automatic 3d Facial Region Retrieval From Multi-Pose Facial Datasets
* Automatic Reconstruction of Dendrite Morphology from Optical Section Stacks
* Automatic Segmentation of Abdominal Fat from CT Data
* Benchmarking 3D Pose Estimation for Face Recognition
* Benchmarking asymmetric 3D-2D face recognition systems
* Bidirectional relighting for 3D-aided 2D face recognition
* Challenges and Opportunities for Extracting Cardiovascular Risk Biomarkers from Imaging Data
* Comparative evaluation of wavelet-based super-resolution from video for face recognition at a distance
* Curriculum Learning for Multi-task Classification of Visual Attributes
* Denoising for 3-D Photon-Limited Imaging Data Using Nonseparable Filterbanks
* DeTEC: Detection of Touching Elongated Cells in SEM Images
* Elastically Adaptive Deformable Models
* End-to-End 3D Face Reconstruction with Deep Neural Networks
* Estimating Anthropometry and Pose from a Single Image
* Estimating Anthropometry and Pose from a Single Uncalibrated Image
* Ethnicity- and Gender-based Subject Retrieval Using 3-D Face-Recognition Techniques
* Evaluation of 3D Face Recognition in the presence of facial expressions: an Annotated Deformable Model approach
* Expressive Maps for 3D Facial Expression Recognition
* Face Recognition in the Thermal Infrared Spectrum
* Facial component-landmark detection
* Feature fusion for facial landmark detection
* Fully Associative Ensemble Learning for Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification
* Fuzzy-Cuts: A knowledge-driven graph-based method for medical image segmentation
* g-HDAF Multiresolution Deformable Models
* g-HDAF Multiresolution Deformable Models for Shape Modeling and Reconstruction
* Hierarchical Multi-label Classification using Fully Associative Ensemble Learning
* Identifying Human Behaviors Using Synchronized Audio-Visual Cues
* Illumination alignment using lighting ratio: Application to 3D-2D face recognition
* Illumination Normalization Using Self-lighting Ratios for 3D2D Face Recognition
* Image Denoising Using a Tight Frame
* Image Segmentation Based on Fuzzy Connectedness Using Dynamic Weights
* Improvement of Anthropomery and Pose Estimation from a Single Uncalibrated Image, The
* Inferring 2D Object Structure from the Deformation of Apparent Contours
* Inferring Human Activities Using Robust Privileged Probabilistic Learning
* Intraclass Retrieval of Nonrigid 3D Objects: Application to Face Recognition
* Introduction to the special issue on human modeling, analysis, and synthesis
* Joint Head Pose Estimation and Face Alignment Framework Using Global and Local CNN Features
* Joint prototype and metric learning for image set classification: Application to video face identification
* Kernel active contour
* Landmark/image-based deformable registration of gene expression data
* Learning-Based Segmentation Framework for Tissue Images Containing Gene Expression Data
* Local Feature Hashing for face recognition
* Markov Random Field-based fitting of a subdivision-based geometric atlas
* Matching mixtures of curves for human action recognition
* Minimizing Illumination Differences for 3D to 2D Face Recognition Using Lighting Maps
* Model-Based Estimation of 3D Human Motion
* Model-Based Estimation of 3D Human Motion with Occlusion Based on Active Multi-Viewpoint Selection
* Modeling local behavior for predicting social interactions towards human tracking
* Modeling Motion of Body Parts for Action Recognition
* Multimodal Face Recognition: Combination of Geometry with Physiological Information
* NEATER: Filtering of Over-sampled Data Using Non-cooperative Game Theory
* On the Improvement of Anthropometry and Pose Estimation from a Single Uncalibrated Image
* Part-based motion descriptor image for human action recognition
* Partial matching of interpose 3D facial data for face recognition
* Patch-cuts: A Graph-based Image Segmentation Method Using Patch Features and Spatial Relations
* PDM-ENLOR: Learning Ensemble of Local PDM-Based Regressions
* Personalized 3D-Aided 2D Facial Landmark Localization
* Pose invariant facial component-landmark detection
* Predicting privileged information for height estimation
* Predicting Social Interactions for Visual Tracking
* probabilistic segmentation method for the identification of luminal borders in intravascular ultrasound images, A
* Profile-based 3D-aided face recognition
* Profile-based face recognition
* Regression-based metric learning
* Robust 3D Face Shape Reconstruction from Single Images via Two-Fold Coupled Structure Learning and Off-the-Shelf Landmark Detectors
* shape-driven MRF model for the segmentation of organs in medical images, A
* Show me your body: Gender classification from still images
* simplified error model for height estimation using a single camera, A
* Sparse Representation-Based Super Resolution for Face Recognition At a Distance
* Three-Dimensional Face Recognition in the Presence of Facial Expressions: An Annotated Deformable Model Approach
* Three-Dimensional Human Body Model Acquisition from Multiple Views
* To Track or To Detect? An Ensemble Framework for Optimal Selection
* Towards 3D-aided profile-based face recognition
* Towards automatic analysis of DNA microarrays
* Towards fast 3D ear recognition for real-life biometric applications
* Towards robust structure-based enhancement and horizon picking in 3-D seismic data
* UHDB11 Database for 3D-2D Face Recognition
* UHDB31: A Dataset for Better Understanding Face Recognition Across Pose and Illumination Variation
* Unified 3D face and ear recognition using wavelets on geometry images
* Using Facial Symmetry to Handle Pose Variations in Real-World 3D Face Recognition
* Wavelet-Based Bayesian Image Estimation: From Marginal and Bivariate Prior Models to Multivariate Prior Models
* What Do I See? Modeling Human Visual Perception for Multi-person Tracking
* Which parts of the face give out your identity?
Includes: Kakadiaris, I.A.[Ioannis A.] Kakadiaris, I.A.
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Kakalis, N.M.P. Co Author Listing * Haemodynamics of Endovascular Aneurysm Treatment: A Computational Modelling Approach for Estimating the Influence of Multiple Coil Deployment, The

Kakani, V. Co Author Listing * Discrimination of Switchgrass Cultivars and Nitrogen Treatments Using Pigment Profiles and Hyperspectral Leaf Reflectance Data

Kakani, V.G.[Vijaya G.] Co Author Listing * Performance of five surface energy balance models for estimating daily evapotranspiration in high biomass sorghum
* Utility of remote sensing-based surface energy balance models to track water stress in rain-fed switchgrass under dry and wet conditions

Kakanuru, S. Co Author Listing * Correlation-Based Tracker-Level Fusion for Robust Visual Tracking
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Kakanuru, S. Kakanuru, S.[Sumithra]

Kakar, D.M.[Din M.] Co Author Listing * Study of Subsidence and Earthquake Swarms in the Western Pakistan

Kakar, N.[Najeebullah] Co Author Listing * Study of Subsidence and Earthquake Swarms in the Western Pakistan

Kakar, P. Co Author Listing * Exposing Digital Image Forgeries by Detecting Discrepancies in Motion Blur

Kakarala, R. Co Author Listing * Albedo recovery using a photometric stereo approach
* Bispectrum as a Source of Phase-Sensitive Invariants for Fourier Descriptors: A Group-Theoretic Approach, The
* comparative analysis of capacitive touch panel grid designs and interpolation methods, A
* Consensus of k-NNs for Robust Neighborhood Selection on Graph-Based Manifolds
* Data-Driven Approach to Understanding Skill in Photographic Composition, A
* Directional Chamfer Matching in 2.5 Dimensions
* Estimation of Phase for Noisy Linear Phase Signals
* Human pose tracking by parametric annealing
* method for fusing a pair of images in the JPEG domain, A
* Notes on shape based tools for treating the objects ellipticity issues
* On Achievable Accuracy in Edge Localization
* Parametric annealing: A stochastic search method for human pose tracking
* Perceptually motivated shape context which uses shape interiors
* Probabilistic State Space Decomposition for Human Motion Capture
* Rating Image Aesthetics Using a Crowd Sourcing Approach
* Robust Integrated Framework for Segmentation and Tracking, A
* Signal analysis using a multiresolution form of the singular value decomposition
* Testing for Convexity with Fourier Descriptors
* theory of phase-sensitive rotation invariance with spherical harmonic and moment-based representations, A
* Three-Dimensional Bilateral Symmetry Plane Estimation in the Phase Domain
* Uniqueness of Results for Multiple Correlations of Periodic Functions
* Viewpoint invariants from three-dimensional data: The role of reflection in human activity understanding
* What parts of a shape are discriminative?
Includes: Kakarala, R. Kakarala, R.[Ramakrishna]
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Kakarountas, A.P.[Athanasios P.] Co Author Listing * Efficient high-performance implementation of JPEG-LS encoder

Kakde, O.G.[Omprakash G.] Co Author Listing * Color Image Segmentation using Fast Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm

Kakehi, D.[Daisuke] Co Author Listing * Differences in temporal frequency tuning between the two binocular mechanisms for seeing motion in depth Virtual Journal

Kakeya, H.[Hideki] Co Author Listing * Space-shared Communication based on Truely 3D Information Space

Kakihara, K.[Kiyotsugu] Co Author Listing * Speech-To-Face Movement Synthesis Based on HMMS

Kakikura, M. Co Author Listing * 3-D Sensor System for Teaching Robot Paths and Environments, A

Kakileti, S.T. Co Author Listing * Automated blood vessel extraction in two-dimensional breast thermography

Kakilli, A. Co Author Listing * Magnetic Measurement System and Identification Method for Buried Magnetic Materials Within Wet and Dry Soils, A

Kakillioglu, B. Co Author Listing * Autonomous altitude measurement and landing area detection for indoor UAV applications
* Doorway detection for autonomous indoor navigation of unmanned vehicles

Kakimoto, A. Co Author Listing * Rigid Body Motion Analysis from the Correspondence of Interest Points

Kakimoto, M.[Mitsuru] Co Author Listing * Forecasting the View of Mt. Fuji Using Earth Observation Data

Kakimura, R. Co Author Listing * Pulmonary Organs Analysis Method and Its Evaluation Based on Thoracic Thin-section CT Images

Kakinami, T. Co Author Listing * 3D parking assistant system

Kakinoki, H. Co Author Listing * Computing 3D Models of Rotating Objects from Moving Shading

Kakinuma, R. Co Author Listing * 3D analysis of solitary pulmonary nodules based on contrast enhanced dynamic CT
* Automatic Extraction of Pulmonary Fissures from Multidetector-row CT Images
* Classification of Pulmonary Blood Vessel Using Multidetector-row CT Images
* Classification of Pulmonary Nodules in Thin-section CT Images by Using Multi-scale Curvature Indexes
* Computer aided differential diagnosis of pulmonary nodules using curvature based analysis
* Computerized Analysis of 3-d Pulmonary Nodule Images in Surrounding and Internal Structure Feature Spaces
* Computerized Analysis of Pulmonary Nodules in Topological and Histogram Feature Spaces
* Computerized Characterization of Contrast Enhancement Patterns for Classifying Pulmonary Nodules
* Curvature based analysis of internal structure of pulmonary nodules using thin-section CT images
* Curvature Based Analysis of Pulmonary Nodules Using Thin-Section CT Images
* Extraction of Pulmonary Fissures from HRCT Images Based on Surface Curvatures Analysis and Morphology Filters
* Results in the Clinical Trial of CAD System for Lung Cancer Using Helical CT Images, The
* Three-dimensional CT image retrieval in a database of pulmonary nodules
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Kakinuma, Y. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Pulmonary Nodules Based on Helical CT Images

Kakisako, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * Learning non-Markovian constraints for handwriting recognition

Kakiuchi, T. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction And Visualization Of Original Landscape Based On Reverse Mapping
* Robust Extraction of Ancient Burial Mounds in Brushland from Laser Scanning Data
Includes: Kakiuchi, T. Kakiuchi, T.[Tsutomu]

Kakizaki, T. Co Author Listing * Method of Robust Seam Feature Detection from Profiles for Robotic Sealing, A

Kakkad, V.[Vishal] Co Author Listing * Face Surveillance

Kakligian, K.[Kyle] Co Author Listing * Using Stationary-Dynamic Camera Assemblies for Wide-area Video Surveillance and Selective Attention

Kaklis, P.D. Co Author Listing * Controlling Torsion Sign

Kako, J.I.[Jun Ichi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Lung Cancers in Chest CT Images by Variable N-Quoit Filter
Includes: Kako, J.I.[Jun Ichi] Kako, J.I.[Jun-Ichi]

Kako, T. Co Author Listing * Image Inpainting on the Basis of Spectral Structure from 2-D Nonharmonic Analysis

Kakodkar, N.[Nikhil] Co Author Listing * Efficient Terrain Driven Coral Coverage Using Gaussian Processes for Mosaic Synthesis

Kakoty, N.M.[Nayan M.] Co Author Listing * Development of an electromyographic controlled biomimetic prosthetic hand
* Exploring a family of wavelet transforms for EMG-based grasp recognition

Kakouros, S. Co Author Listing * Modeling Dependencies in Multiple Parallel Data Streams with Hyperdimensional Computing

Kaku, S.[Shinkyo] Co Author Listing * Method and device for decoding two-dimensional facsimile signals

Kakue, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Random phase-free computer holography

Kakugo, A. Co Author Listing * Tracking single microtubules by using B-spline curves and Hausdorff distance

Kakukou, N. Co Author Listing * Accurate IFS-Based Image Enlargement Method using Line Process, An
* effective detection method of rotational and divergent structures in still images based on Helmholtz decomposition, An
Includes: Kakukou, N. Kakukou, N.[Norihiro]

Kakumanu, P. Co Author Listing * survey of skin-color modeling and detection methods, A

Kakumoto, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Design Drawings and Maps
* Map-based Approach to Extracting Object Information from Aerial Images, A

Kakumu, Y.[Yumi] Co Author Listing * High Frequency 3D Reconstruction from Unsynchronized Multiple Cameras

Kakusho, K.[Koh] Co Author Listing * 3D shape reconstruction from incomplete silhouettes in multiple frames
* 3D Shape Reconstruction of Trunk Swaying Human Body Segments
* Background Estimation Based on Device Pixel Structures for Silhouette Extraction
* Computer Vision Based on a Hypothesization and Verification Scheme by Parallel Relaxation
* Distortion Correction for 3D Scan of Trunk Swaying Human Body Segments
* Light stripe triangulation for multiple of moving rigid objects
* Media Information Processing in Documents: Generation of Manuals of Mechanical Parts Assembling
* Recognition of social dancing from auditory and visual information
* Shape Recovery and Error Correction Based on Hypothetical Constraints by Parallel Network for Energy Minimization
* Silhouette Extraction with Random Pattern Backgrounds for the Volume Intersection Method
* Super-Resolution Texture Mapping from Multiple View Images
* Usage of needle maps and shadows to overcome depth edges in depth map reconstruction
Includes: Kakusho, K.[Koh] Kakusho, K.
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Kakusho, O.[Osamu] Co Author Listing * new algorithm for non-linear mapping with applications to dimension and cluster analyses, A

Kakuta, S. Co Author Listing * Bathymetry Mapping Using Hyperspectral Data: A Case Study Of Yamada Bay, Northeast Japan

Kakuta, T.[Tetsuya] Co Author Listing * Virtual Asukakyo: Real-time Soft Shadows in Mixed Reality using Shadowing Planes
* Virtual Kawaradera: Fast Shadow Texture for Augmented Reality

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