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Kakroodi, A.A. Co Author Listing * Characterizing Spatial and Temporal Trends of Soil and Surface Properties Changes in An Area With Urban, Bare Soil and Wetland Covers: A 30-year Case Study in Gomishan, Iran
* Combination of Meteorological Indices and Satellite Data for Drought Monitoring in Two Different Environments in Iran
* Mapping Bathymetry By Landsat Data in Shallow Coastal Environment (case Study: The Southeast of The Caspian Sea)
* Relationships Between Land Use/land Cover and Land Surface Temperature In Tabriz From 2000 to 2017
* Selecting optimal bands for sub-pixel target detection in hyperspectral images based on implanting synthetic targets
Includes: Kakroodi, A.A. Kakroodi, A.A.[Ata Abdollahi]

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