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Kavoosi, M.A.[Mohammad Ali] Co Author Listing * Better Estimated IEM Input Parameters Using Random Fractal Geometry Applied on Multi-Frequency SAR Data

Kavouras, M.[Marinos] Co Author Listing * From Onto-GeoNoesis to Onto-Genesis: The Design of Geographic Ontologies

Kavousi Fard, A. Co Author Listing * Combined Prognostic Model Based on Machine Learning for Tidal Current Prediction, A
* Hybrid Accurate Model for Tidal Current Prediction, A
* Novel Probabilistic Method to Model the Uncertainty of Tidal Prediction, A
Includes: Kavousi Fard, A. Kavousi-Fard, A.

Kavousi Fard, F. Co Author Listing * Effective Fuzzy Feature Selection and Prediction Method for Modeling Tidal Current: A Case of Persian Gulf, An
Includes: Kavousi Fard, F. Kavousi-Fard, F.

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