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Ke, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * Eyes Location Based on Dual-Orientation Gabor Filters and Templates
* Global Contrast Enhancement Detection via Deep Multi-Path Network
* Identifying Emerging Reservoirs along Regulated Rivers Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Observations
* Integration of TanDEM-X and SRTM DEMs and Spectral Imagery to Improve the Large-Scale Detection of Opencast Mining Areas
* Memory-Attended Recurrent Network for Video Captioning
* Reflective Decoding Network for Image Captioning
* Representative Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* UA-DETRAC 2017: Report of AVSS2017 IWT4S Challenge on Advanced Traffic Monitoring
Includes: Ke, L.[Li] Ke, L. Ke, L.[Ling=Hong] Ke, L.[Linghong] Ke, L.[Lei] Ke, L.[Lina]
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Ke, L.G.[Li Gang] Co Author Listing * Near-Lossless Image Compression: Minimum-Entropy, Constrained-Error DPCM
Includes: Ke, L.G.[Li Gang] Ke, L.G.[Li-Gang]

Ke, L.H.[Ling Hong] Co Author Listing * Remote sensing of alpine lake water environment changes on the Tibetan Plateau and surroundings: A review
* Remote Sensing of Glacier Change in the Central Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Relationship with Changing Climate
* Remotely sensed surface temperature variation of an inland saline lake over the central Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Includes: Ke, L.H.[Ling Hong] Ke, L.H.[Ling-Hong]

Ke, L.J.[Liang Jun] Co Author Listing * efficient ant colony optimization approach to attribute reduction in rough set theory, An
* PLBP: An effective local binary patterns texture descriptor with pyramid representation
Includes: Ke, L.J.[Liang Jun] Ke, L.J.[Liang-Jun]

Ke, L.L.[Ling Ling] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of visual saliency analysis algorithms in noisy images
* Fitting-based optimisation for image visual salient object detection
Includes: Ke, L.L.[Ling Ling] Ke, L.L.[Ling-Ling]

Ke, L.P.[Li Peng] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Structure-Aware Network for Human Pose Estimation
* Multi-Scale Supervised Network for Human Pose Estimation
Includes: Ke, L.P.[Li Peng] Ke, L.P.[Li-Peng]

Ke, L.Y.[Li Yiming] Co Author Listing * Tactical Rewind: Self-Correction via Backtracking in Vision-And-Language Navigation
Includes: Ke, L.Y.[Li Yiming] Ke, L.Y.[Li-Yiming]

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