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Kia, M. Co Author Listing * Decoding affect in videos employing the MEG brain signal

Kia, O.[Omid] Co Author Listing * Automatic Text Detection and Tracking in Digital Video
* detection of duplicates in document image databases, The

Kia, O.E.[Omid E.] Co Author Listing * Document Image Compression and Analysis
* Integrated Segmentation and Clustering for Enhanced Compression of Document Images
* OCR-Based Rate-Distortion Analysis of Residual Coding
* Residual Coding in Document Image Compression
* Structural Compression for Document Analysis
* Structure-preserving document image compression
* Symbolic Compression and Processing of Document Images
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Kia, S.M. Co Author Listing * DECAF: MEG-Based Multimodal Database for Decoding Affective Physiological Responses
* Movie Genre Classification by Exploiting MEG Brain Signals
Includes: Kia, S.M. Kia, S.M.[Seyed Mostafa]

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