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Ko, A. Co Author Listing * Irrigation Impacts on Scaling Properties of Soil Moisture and the Calibration of a Multifractal Downscaling Model

Ko, A.H.R.[Albert Hung Ren] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Different Strategies to Optimize an HMM-Based Character Recognition System
* From dynamic classifier selection to dynamic ensemble selection
* implication of data diversity for a classifier-free ensemble selection in random subspaces, The
* K-Nearest Oracle for Dynamic Ensemble Selection
* Leave-One-Out-Training and Leave-One-Out-Testing Hidden Markov Models for a Handwritten Numeral Recognizer: The Implications of a Single Classifier and Multiple Classifications
* new HMM training and testing scheme, A
* New Objective Function for Ensemble Selection in Random Subspaces, A
* Pairwise fusion matrix for combining classifiers
Includes: Ko, A.H.R.[Albert Hung Ren] Ko, A.H.R.[Albert Hung-Ren]
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