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Ko, J.[Jaepil] Co Author Listing * Combining SVM Classifiers for Multiclass Problem: Its Application to Face Recognition
* Distributed Multirobot Exploration and Mapping
* Efficient Architecture of In-Loop Filters for Multicore Scalable HEVC Hardware Decoders, An
* Empirical remarks on output coding methods for face recognition
* Finding Small-Bowel Lesions: Challenges in Endoscopy-Image-Based Learning Systems
* Improved N-division output coding for multiclass learning problems
* Intelligent Display Scheme of Soccer Video on Mobile Devices, An
* Multi-class Support Vector Machines with Case-Based Combination for Face Recognition
* N-division output coding method applied to face recognition
* Nationwide Projection of Rice Yield Using a Crop Model Integrated with Geostationary Satellite Imagery: A Case Study in South Korea
* ReLiSCE: Utilizing Resource-Limited Sensors for Office Activity Context Extraction
* Two-way partitioning of a recursive Gaussian filter in CUDA
* Updating Absolute Radiometric Characteristics for KOMPSAT-3 and KOMPSAT-3A Multispectral Imaging Sensors Using Well-Characterized Pseudo-Invariant Tarps and Microtops II
Includes: Ko, J.[Jaepil] Ko, J. Ko, J.[Jonghan]
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Ko, J.H.[Jun Hyuk] Co Author Listing * 1080P 60HZ intra-frame CODEC based on RGB color space for wireless AV streaming
* energy-efficient wireless video sensor node with a region-of-interest based multi-parameter rate controller for moving object surveillance, An
* Mathematical Integration of Remotely-Sensed Information into a Crop Modelling Process for Mapping Crop Productivity
* Method of Acoustic Landmark Extraction for Mobile Robot Navigation, A
Includes: Ko, J.H.[Jun Hyuk] Ko, J.H. Ko, J.H.[Jong-Han]

Ko, J.P.[Jae Pil] Co Author Listing * Determination of 3D object pose in point cloud with CAD model

Ko, J.T. Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-fine Approach for the Generation and Tracking of Mesh Objects from a Natural Image Sequence, A

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