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Ko, S.[Song] Co Author Listing * efficient node ordering method using the conditional frequency for the K2 algorithm, An
* Hopping Discrete Fourier Transform, The
* Parallel Implementation of Elastic Grid Matching Using Cellular Neural Networks
* Reverse and Boundary Attention Network for Road Segmentation
* Reverse engineering for causal discovery based on monotonic characteristic of causal structure
* Robust Dissolve Detection Using Local Feature Tracking
* Simple Yet Effective Way for Improving the Performance of Lossy Image Compression
* Structural Object Recognition Using Entropy Correspondence Measure of Line Features
* Unsupervised Deep Contrast Enhancement With Power Constraint for OLED Displays
* W-Net: Two-Stage U-Net With Misaligned Data for Raw-to-RGB Mapping
Includes: Ko, S.[Song] Ko, S. Ko, S.[Suhong] Ko, S.[San]
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Ko, S.B.[Seok Bum] Co Author Listing * Deep learning-based embedded license plate localisation system
* Improved license plate localisation algorithm based on morphological operations
* License plate segmentation and recognition system using deep learning and OpenVINO
* Wavelet based medical image super resolution using cross connected residual-in-dense grouped convolutional neural network
Includes: Ko, S.B.[Seok Bum] Ko, S.B.[Seok-Bum]

Ko, S.H.[Seung Hwan] Co Author Listing * Wearable input device for smart glasses based on a wristband-type motion-aware touch panel

Ko, S.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Basis Matrix for the Morphological Function Processing Opening and Closing
* Adaptive GOP Bit Allocation to Provide Seamless Video Streaming in Vertical Handoff
* Adaptive mode decision algorithm for inter layer coding in scalable video coding
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Image Demoireing: Methods and Results
* AIM 2019 Challenge on RAW to RGB Mapping: Methods and Results
* Depth Map Based Image Enhancement Using Color Stereopsis
* Depth Sensation Enhancement Using the Just Noticeable Depth Difference
* Digital Image Stabilizing Algorithms Based on Bit-Plane Matching
* effective motion vector re-estimation method for low bit-rate video transcoding, An
* efficient algorithm to calculate sample and rank selection probabilities for weighted median filters, An
* Efficient Video Stream Switching with Progressive S-Frames
* Estimation-Based Interlayer Intra Prediction for Scalable Video Coding
* Face Recognition Using LBP Eigenfaces
* Fast Blind Measurement of Blocking Artifacts in both Pixel and DCT Domains
* Fast human detection using selective block-based HOG-LBP
* Fast Mode Decision Using All-Zero Block Detection for Fidelity and Spatial Scalable Video Coding
* Fast Recursive Algorithms for Morphological Operators Based on the Basis Matrix Representation
* High dynamic range image tone mapping based on asymmetric model of retinal adaptation
* High-dimensional feature extraction using bit-plane decomposition of local binary patterns for robust face recognition
* Improved B-Picture Coding Scheme for Next Generation Video Compression
* Improved Differential Energy Watermarking for Embedding Watermark
* Intellectual Property Rights Management Using Combination Encryption in MPEG-4
* Inverse Motion Compensation for DCT Block with Unrestricted Motion Vectors
* Irregular-Grid-Overlapped Block Motion Compensation and its Practical Application
* Kernel-Based Structural Binary Pattern Tracking
* Morphological pyramids with alternating sequential filters
* Motion-Compensated Frame Interpolation Using Bilateral Motion Estimation and Adaptive Overlapped Block Motion Compensation
* Motion-compensated layered video coding for playback scalability
* New Histogram Modification Based Reversible Data Hiding Algorithm Considering the Human Visual System, A
* novel contrast enhancement forensics based on convolutional neural networks, A
* Novel Multiple Image Deblurring Technique Using Fuzzy Projection onto Convex Sets, A
* optimization framework for inverse tone mapping using a single low dynamic range image, An
* Overlapped Block Motion Compensation Based on Irregular Grid
* Parallel Feature Pyramid Network for Object Detection
* PEPSI: Fast Image Inpainting With Parallel Decoding Network
* Real-time DSP implementation of motion: JPEG2000 using overlapped block transferring and parallel-pass methods
* Real-Time Inspection System for Printed Circuit Boards
* Real-Time System for Counting the Number of Passing People Using a Single Camera
* Region-Based Wavelet Transform For Image Compression
* Sharpness Enhancement of Stereo Images Using Binocular Just-Noticeable Difference
* Spatial color histogram based center voting method for subsequent object tracking and segmentation
* Split-and-Merge-Based Block Partitioning for High Efficiency Image Coding
* Statistical Approach for Fast Mode Decision in Scalable Video Coding, A
* Wavelet based seam carving for content-aware image resizing
Includes: Ko, S.J. Ko, S.J.[Sung-Jea] Ko, S.J.[Sung Jea]
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Ko, S.Y.[Seung Yong] Co Author Listing * Continuous digital zooming using local self-similarity-based super-resolution for an asymmetric dual camera system
* Single image super-resolution using locally adaptive multiple linear regression
* Variational framework for low-light image enhancement using optimal transmission map and combined and -minimization
Includes: Ko, S.Y.[Seung Yong] Ko, S.Y.[Seung-Yong]

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