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Kos, A. Co Author Listing * 3D audio in human-computer interfaces
* Using ASM in CT Data Segmentaion for Prostate Radiotherapy
Includes: Kos, A. Kos, A.[Artur]

Kos, M. Co Author Listing * Influence of Hangover and Hangbefore Criteria on Automatic Speech Recognition
* Influence of Speech/Non-Speech Segmentation on On-Line and Off-Line Speaker Segmentation Accuracy, The
* On-Line Speech/Music Segmentation for Broadcast News Domain
* Pulse rate variability and blood oxidation content identification using miniature wearable wrist device
* Quick and efficient definition of hangbefore and hangover criteria for voice activity detection
* Tennis stroke detection and classification using miniature wearable IMU device

Kosaka, A.[Akio] Co Author Listing * ASSERT: A Physician-in-the-Loop Content-Based Retrieval System for HRCT Image Databases
* Augmented Reality System for Surgical Navigation using Robust Target Vision
* deformable model for human organ extraction, A
* Estimation of subjective age based on facial images of others: Comparative studies of the Americans and the Japanese
* Fast Vision-Guided Mobile Robot Navigation Using Model-Based Reasoning and Prediction of Uncertainties
* Interactive color image segmentation editor driven by active contour model
* Local versus global features for content-based image retrieval
* multi-Kalman filtering approach for video tracking of human-delineated objects in cluttered environments, A
* New Approach to the Use of Edge Extremities for Model-based Object Tracking, A
* New Kalman-Filter-Based Framework for Fast and Accurate Visual Tracking of Rigid Objects, A
* novel evidence accumulation framework for robust multi-camera person detection, A
* Particle Filter Framework Using Optimal Importance Function for Protein Molecules Tracking, A
Includes: Kosaka, A.[Akio] Kosaka, A.
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Kosaka, H. Co Author Listing * Method of Analyzing a Shape with Potential Symmetry and Its Application to Detecting Spinal Deformity, A

Kosaka, N. Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Nighttime Vehicle Detection Using CenSurE and SVM

Kosaka, R.[Ryuichi] Co Author Listing * comparison of 3D shape retrieval methods based on a large-scale benchmark supporting multimodal queries, A

Kosaka, T.[Takayuki] Co Author Listing * Breath Chair: Reduce Fear and Anxiety by Simulating Breathing Movements

Kosaka, Y. Co Author Listing * Facial expression analysis by kernel figenspace method based on class features (kemc) using non-linear basis for separation of expression-classes

Kosakowski, M. Co Author Listing * Max-Log-MAP Soft Demapper with Logarithmic Complexity for M-PAM Signals

Kosar, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Single Droplet Tracking in Jet Flow

Kosar, B.[Bernhard] Co Author Listing * Beyond Visualisation: 3D GIS Analyses for Virtual City Models

Kosara, R. Co Author Listing * Storytelling: The Next Step for Visualization

Kosch, H.[Harald] Co Author Listing * BeTrIS: An Index System for MPEG-7 Streams
* Bitstream Syntax Description: A Tool for Multimedia Resource Adaptation within MPEG-21
* Challenges in Storing Multimedia Data for the Future: An Overview
* Folkioneer: Efficient Browsing of Community Geotagged Images on a Worldwide Scale
* Geo-based automatic image annotation
* Improving Scene Detection Algorithms Using New Similarity Measures
* Large-Scale Similarity-Based Join Processing in Multimedia Databases
* Metadata Driven Adaptation in the ADMITS Project
* Multi-Clip Query Optimization in Video Databases
* Quality Assessment of the MPEG-4 Scalable Video CODEC
* Tag Relatedness Using Laplacian Score Feature Selection and Adapted Jensen-Shannon Divergence
* TempoM2: A Multi Feature Index Structure for Temporal Video Search
* Towards Automatic Detection of CBIRs Configuration
* Unified Access to Media Metadata on the Web
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Koschan, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Robust penalty-weighted deblurring via kernel adaption using single image

Koschan, A.F.[Andreas F.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* 3-D object representation from multi-view range data applying deformable superquadrics
* 3D Imaging for Safety and Security
* 3D reconstruction of indoor and outdoor scenes using a mobile range scanner
* active vision system for obtaining high resolution depth information, An
* Adaptive Focal Connectivity Algorithm for Multifocus Fusion, An
* Adaptive online camera coordination for multi-camera multi-target surveillance
* Automated Scene-Specific Selection of Feature Detectors for 3D Face Reconstruction
* Automatic face region tracking for highly accurate face recognition in unconstrained environments
* Automatic Registration of 3D Datasets using Gaussian Fields
* Bilateral kernel-based Region Detector
* Camera handoff and placement for automated tracking systems with multiple omnidirectional cameras
* Camera handoff with adaptive resource management for multi-camera multi-object tracking
* Camera Handoff with Adaptive Resource Management for Multi-camera Multi-target Surveillance
* Can You See Me Now? Sensor Positioning for Automated and Persistent Surveillance
* Color active shape models for tracking non-rigid objects
* Color Stereo Vision Using Hierarchical Block Matching and Active Color Illumination
* Computer Vision
* Continuous camera placement using multiple objective optimisation process
* Cooperative mapping of multiple PTZ cameras in automated surveillance systems
* Dense stereo correspondence using polychromatic block matching
* Depth Map Enhancement Using Adaptive Steering Kernel Regression Based on Distance Transform
* Digital Color Image Processing
* direct use of curvelets in multifocus fusion, The
* Efficient BP stereo with automatic paramemeter estimation
* Estimating 3D camera motion without correspondences using a search for the best structure
* Estimating Illumination Chromaticity via Kernel Regression
* Extending depth of field by intrinsic mode image fusion
* Finding Objects in a 3d Environment by Combining Distance Measurement and Color Indexing
* Fusing continuous spectral images for face recognition under indoor and outdoor illuminants
* Fusion of Visible and Infrared Images using Empirical Mode Decomposition to Improve Face Recognition
* Gaussian energy functions for registration without correspondences
* Gaussian fields: a new criterion for 3D rigid registration
* Geometry Refinement of 3D Surfaces Using Kriging
* Heterogeneous Fusion of Omnidirectional and PTZ Cameras for Multiple Object Tracking
* Hierarchical approach to enhanced active shape model for color video tracking
* Image Fusion and Enhancement via Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Indoor and Outdoor, Multimodal, Multispectral and Multi-Illuminant Database for Face Recognition, An
* Learning structurally discriminant features in 3D faces
* Linking Feature Lines on 3D Triangle Meshes with Artificial Potential Fields
* Moving Object Tracked by A Mobile Robot with Real-Time Obstacles Avoidance Capacity, A
* MuFeSaC: Learning When to Use Which Feature Detector
* Multifocus Image Fusion by Establishing Focal Connectivity
* Multiresolution Analysis for Meshes with Appearance Attributes
* Multiscale Fusion of Visible and Thermal IR Images for Illumination-Invariant Face Recognition
* Multispectral visible and infrared imaging for face recognition
* New Method for Automatic 3D Face Registration, A
* new method for the registration of three-dimensional point-sets: The Gaussian Fields framework, A
* Normal Vector Voting: Crease Detection and Curvature Estimation on Large, Noisy Meshes
* Objective Image Quality Evaluation for JPEG, JPEG 2000, and Vidware VisionTM
* Occlusion filling in stereo: Theory and experiments
* On handling uncertainty in the fundamental matrix for scene and motion adaptive pose recovery
* Outdoor Scene Image Segmentation Based on Background Recognition and Perceptual Organization
* Outlier rejection by oriented tracks to aid pose estimation from video
* Overview of Color Constancy Algorithms, An
* Perception-based 3D triangle mesh segmentation using fast marching watersheds
* Physics-based Fusion of Multispectral Data for Improved Face Recognition
* Point fingerprint: A new 3-D object representation scheme
* Reliability Assessment Paradigm for Automated Video Tracking Systems, A
* Robust Crease Detection and Curvature Estimation of Piecewise Smooth Surfaces from Triangle Mesh Approximations Using Normal Voting
* Scene image segmentation based on Perceptual Organization
* Sensor planning for automated and persistent object tracking with multiple cameras
* Sensor planning for PTZ cameras using the probability of camera overload
* Shape analysis algorithm based on information theory
* Shape Measure for Identifying Perceptually Informative Parts of 3D Objects
* simple and efficient algorithm for part decomposition of 3-D triangulated models based on curvature analysis, A
* Simultaneous mesh simplification and noise smoothing of range images
* Spatial and Temporal Enhancement of Depth Images Captured by a Time-of-Flight Depth Sensor
* Spectral range selection for face recognition under various illuminations
* Towards Real-Time Stereo Employing Parallel Algorithms for Edge-Based and Dense Stereo Matching
* Towards understanding what makes 3D objects appear simple or complex
* Triangle mesh-based edge detection and its application to surface segmentation and adaptive surface smoothing
* Triangle mesh-based surface modeling using adaptive smoothing and implicit surface texture integration
* Uncertainty minimization in multi-sensor localization systems using model selection theory
Includes: Koschan, A.F.[Andreas F.] Koschan, A.F.
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Koschitzki, R. Co Author Listing * autonomous image based approach for detecting glacial lake outburst floods, An
* Recognition Of Drainage Tunnels During Glacier Lake Outburst Events From Terrestrial Image Sequences

Koschorrek, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Multi-sensor Traffic Scene Dataset with Omnidirectional Video, A

Koscielny, G. Co Author Listing * Fusion of 3D B-spline surface patches reconstructed from image sequences

Kose, C.[Cemal] Co Author Listing * Fully Automatic Segmentation of Coronary Vessel Structures in Poor Quality X-Ray Angiogram Images
* Generalized distance based matching of nonbinary images
* surface-based method for detection of coronary vessel boundaries in poor quality X-ray angiogram images, A
Includes: Kose, C.[Cemal] Köse, C.[Cemal] (Maybe also Koese, C.)Kose, C.

Kose, K.[Kivanc] Co Author Listing * 3D Forest Fire Propagation Simulation
* 3D Model compression using Connectivity-Guided Adaptive Wavelet Transform built into 2D SPIHT
* Connectivity-Guided Adaptive Lifting Transform for Image Like Compression of Meshes
* Content-adaptive color transform for image compression
* Delineation of Skin Strata in Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Images with Recurrent Convolutional Networks
* Denoising images corrupted by impulsive noise using projections onto the epigraph set of the total variation function (PES-TV)
* Denoising using projections onto the epigraph set of convex cost functions
* Entropy-Functional-Based Online Adaptive Decision Fusion Framework With Application to Wildfire Detection in Video
* Marked Poisson Process Driven Latent Shape Model for 3D Segmentation of Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Image Stacks of Human Skin, A
* Special issue on microscopic image processing
* Two-Dimensional Compressed Sensing Using the Cross-sampling Approach for Low-Field MRI Systems
Includes: Kose, K.[Kivanc] Kose, K.
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Kose, N.[Neslihan] Co Author Listing * Countermeasure for the protection of face recognition systems against mask attacks
* Facial makeup detection technique based on texture and shape analysis
* KinectFaceDB: A Kinect Database for Face Recognition
* Mask spoofing in face recognition and countermeasures
* Shape and Texture Based Countermeasure to Protect Face Recognition Systems against Mask Attacks
Includes: Kose, N.[Neslihan] Kose, N.

Kosecka, J.[Jana] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kosecka, J.[Jana]: kosecka AT cs gmu edu
* 3D Bounding Box Estimation Using Deep Learning and Geometry
* Adaptive RGB-D Localization
* Cooperation of visually guided behaviors
* Creating compact architectural models by geo-registering image collections
* Detecting Changes in Images of Street Scenes
* Detection and matching of rectilinear structures
* Discrete-Event Modeling of Visually Guided Behaviors
* Ensemble Method for Robust Motion Estimation
* Estimating Planar Surface Orientation Using Bispectral Analysis
* Euclidean Reconstruction and Reprojection Up to Subgroups
* Extraction, matching, and pose recovery based on dominant rectangular structures
* Fast Single Shot Detection and Pose Estimation
* Generalized RANSAC Framework for Relaxed Correspondence Problems
* Global localization and relative pose estimation based on scale-invariant features
* Hierarchical building recognition
* Image Based Localization in Urban Environments
* Introspective semantic segmentation
* Invitation to 3-D Vision: From Images to Geometric Models, An
* Kruppa Equation Revisited: its Renormalization and Degeneracy
* Linear Differential Algorithm for Motion Recovery: A Geometric Approach
* Localization Based on Building Recognition
* Mosaic construction from a sparse set of views
* Motion bias and structure distortion induced by calibration errors
* Motion bias and structure distortion induced by intrinsic calibration errors
* Motion Recovery from Image Sequences: Discrete Viewpoint vs. Differential Viewpoint
* Multi-view image and ToF sensor fusion for dense 3D reconstruction
* Multi-view Superpixel Stereo in Urban Environments
* Nonparametric Estimation of Multiple Structures with Outliers
* Nonparametric Scene Parsing with Adaptive Feature Relevance and Semantic Context
* Optimization Criteria and Geometric Algorithms for Motion and Structure Estimation
* Piecewise planar city 3D modeling from street view panoramic sequences
* Qualitative image based localization in indoors environments
* Rank Conditions on the Multiple-View Matrix
* Recognizing manipulation actions in arts and crafts shows using domain-specific visual and textual cues
* Semantic segmentation of street scenes by superpixel co-occurrence and 3D geometry
* Special issue on Virtual Representations and Modeling of Large-scale environments (VRML)
* Video Compass
* Visual Navigation for Mobile Devices
* Weakly supervised labeling of dominant image regions in indoor sequences
Includes: Kosecka, J.[Jana] Košecká, J. Kosecka, J. Košecka, J.[Jana] Kosecká, J.[Jana] Košecká, J.[Jana] Kosecká, J.
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KoseckZa, J. Co Author Listing * Joint Semantic Segmentation and Depth Estimation with Deep Convolutional Networks
* Multiview RGB-D Dataset for Object Instance Detection
Includes: KoseckZa, J. KošeckŽá, J.

Kosel, F.[Franc] Co Author Listing * Digital Curve Length Calculation by Using B-spline
* Numerical calculation of digital curve length by using anchored discrete convolution

Koser, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * email: Koser, K.[Kevin]:
* Automatic Registration of RGB-D Scans via Salient Directions
* City-scale landmark identification on mobile devices
* Dense 3D Reconstruction of Symmetric Scenes from a Single Image
* Differential Spatial Resection: Pose Estimation Using a Single Local Image Feature
* Handling Urban Location Recognition as a 2D Homothetic Problem
* Image Based Geo-localization in the Alps
* Large Scale Visual Geo-Localization of Images in Mountainous Terrain
* Leveraging 3D City Models for Rotation Invariant Place-of-Interest Recognition
* Leveraging Topographic Maps for Image to Terrain Alignment
* MixIn3D: 3D Mixed Reality with ToF-Camera
* Pose Estimation for Multi-camera Systems
* Radial Distortion Self-Calibration
* Real-World Normal Map Capture for Nearly Flat Reflective Surfaces
* Rolling Shutter Stereo
* Unknown Radial Distortion Centers in Multiple View Geometry Problems
* Viewpoint Invariant Matching via Developable Surfaces
Includes: Koser, K.[Kevin] Köser, K.[Kevin] (Maybe also Koeser, K.)
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Kosheleva, O.M. Co Author Listing * Application of task-specific metrics in JPEG2000 ROI compression
* On the optimal choice of quality metric in image compression
* Rate Distortion Optimal Bit Allocation Methods for Volumetric Data Using JPEG 2000

Koshev, N. Co Author Listing * Backprojection Slice Theorem for Tomographic Reconstruction, A

Koshikawa, K. Co Author Listing * Human motion analysis based on a robot arm model
* Polarimetric Approach to Shape Understanding of Glossy Objects, A

Koshimizu, H. Co Author Listing * 3D modeling system of human face and full 3D facial caricaturing
* 3D Precise Inspection of Terminal Lead for Electronic Devices by Single Camera Stereo Vision
* Age and gender estimation based on wrinkle texture and color of facial images
* algorithm to extract convex hull on thetas Hough transform space, An
* Application of Co-Occurrence Frequency Image
* Defect detection of terminal lead by single stereo vision
* Detection of 3D-Flow by Characteristic of Convex-concave and Color
* Dynamic Facial Caricaturing System Based on the Gaze Direction of Gallery
* Estimation of human motion from multiple cameras for gesture recognition
* Fast and robust visual inspection system for tire surface thin defect
* fast hough transform based on C3TR using shift operation, A
* Firefly capturing method: Motion capturing by monocular camera with large spherical aberration of lens and Hough-transform-based image processing
* From Coarse to Fine Correspondence of 3D Facial Images
* Ghost removal method for image morphing using co-occurrence frequency image
* Hierarchical face tracking by using PTZ camera
* Interactive Facial Caricaturing System Based on the Gaze Direction of Gallery, An
* Iris Tracking and Regeneration for Improving Nonverbal Interface
* KIZUKI Processing for Visual Inspection: A Smart Pattern Pop-Out Algorithm Based on Human Visual Architecture
* Multiple straight line detection based on labeling of pixels by Genetic Algorithm
* OK-Quantization Theory and Its Relationship to Sampling Theorem
* OK-Quantization Theory: A Mathematical Theory of Quantization
* On a High-speed Hough Transform Algorithm MRHT
* On the Extensive Reconstruction of Hough Transforms
* Proposal of Exaggeration Method Based on Shape and Positional Relations of Automotive Parts
* Proposal of recordable pointer: Pointed position measurement by projecting interference concentric circle pattern with a pointing device
* proposal of The Rareness Measure of pixel blocks and its application to region extraction, A
* Realization of an Efficient Line Detection by Askant Glance Camera Vision System Using Extended Hough Transform
* Sharpening of CT images by cubic interpolation using B-spline
* Super-resolution in gray value based on OK quantization theory
* Theoretical and Experimental Consideration on Interference in Resolutions between Sampling Theorem and OK-Quantization Theory, A
* Worker Behavior and Intension Modeling in Production Process
Includes: Koshimizu, H. Koshimizu, H.[Hiroyasu]
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Koshimizu, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Privacy protecting visual processing for secure video surveillance

Koshimura, S.[Shunichi] Co Author Listing * Disaster debris estimation using high-resolution polarimetric stereo-SAR

Koshinaka, T. Co Author Listing * stochastic model for handwritten word recognition using context dependency between character patterns, A

Koshirnizu, H. Co Author Listing * On the detection of feature points of 3D facial image and its application to 3D facial caricature

Koshita, S.[Shunsuke] Co Author Listing * High-Accuracy and Area-Efficient Stochastic FIR Digital Filters Based on Hybrid Computation
* State-Space Formulation of Frequency Transformation for 2-D Digital Filters
Includes: Koshita, S.[Shunsuke] Koshita, S.

Koshizen, T.[Takamasa] Co Author Listing * Adaptive habituation detection to build human computer interactive systems using a real-time cross-modal computation
* Components for face recognition
Includes: Koshizen, T.[Takamasa] Koshizen, T.

Koshy, M. Co Author Listing * On the Application of Discrete Tomography to CT-Assisted Engineering and Design

Kosiba, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic Invoice Interpretation: Invoice Structure Analysis
* Robust and Efficient Algorithm for Bilevel Document Block Classification, A

Kosiba, D.A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Jigsaw Puzzle Solver, An

Kosinka, J. Co Author Listing * Cluster-Based Point Set Saliency

Kosinov, S.[Serhiy] Co Author Listing * Eigenspace Projection Clustering Method for Inexact Graph Matching, An
* Spatially consistent partial matching for intra- and inter-image prototype selection
* Visual Object Categorization using Distance-Based Discriminant Analysis
Includes: Kosinov, S.[Serhiy] Kosinov, S.

Kosinski, K.C. Co Author Listing * Combining Remotely Sensed Environmental Characteristics With Social And Behavioral Conditions That Affect Surface Water Use In Spatiotemporal Modelling Of Schistosomiasis In Ghana
* Linking Satellite Remote Sensing Based Environmental Predictors To Disease: An Application To The Spatiotemporal Modelling Of Schistosomiasis In Ghana

Kosinski, R.A. Co Author Listing * Vision safety system based on cellular neural networks

Kosir, A. Co Author Listing * Affective Labeling in a Content-Based Recommender System for Images
* Video Post-Processing with Adaptive 3-D Filters for Wavelet Ringing Artifact Removal
Includes: Kosir, A. Kosir, A.[Andrej]

Kositsky, M. Co Author Listing * Learning Class Regions by the Union of Ellipsoids

Koska, B. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Airship Equipped by Multi-Sensor Mapping Platform
* Combination of Laser Scanning and Structure from Motion Technology for Creation of Accurate Exterior and Interior Orthophotos of St. Nicholas Baroque Church, The
* Combination of Laser Scanning and Structure from Motion Technology for Creation of Accurate Exterior and Interior Orthophotos of St. Nicholas Baroque Church, The

Koskas, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Linear Time and Space Algorithm for Detecting Path Intersection, A

Koskela, J.M. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Techniques for Content-based Image Retrieval
* empirical study of inter-concept similarities in multimedia ontologies, An
* Entropy-based measures for clustering and SOM topology preservation applied to content-based image indexing and retrieval
* Improving Automatic Video Retrieval with Semantic Concept Detection
* PicSOM Experiments in ImageCLEF RobotVision
* PicSOM: A Framework for Content-Based Image Database Retrieval Using Self-Organizing Maps
* PicSOM: Content-Based Image Retrieval with Self-Organizing Maps
* Real-time large-scale visual concept detection with linear classifiers
* Self-Organising Maps as a Relevance Feedback Technique in Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Semantic Annotation of Image Groups with Self-organizing Maps
* Task-Based User Evaluation of Content-Based Image Database Browsing Systems
* Use of Image Subset Features in Image Retrieval with Self-Organizing Maps
* Using MPEG-7 Descriptors in Image Retrieval with Self-Organizing Maps
Includes: Koskela, J.M. Koskela, J.M.[J. Markus]
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Koskela, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Best of 18th Scandinavian Conference On Image Analysis 2013
* Classification of RGB-D and Motion Capture Sequences Using Extreme Learning Machine
* Foveated Path Tracing: A Literature Review and a Performance Gain Analysis
* Mobile Visual Search from Dynamic Image Databases
* Sequence Alignment for RGB-D and Motion Capture Skeletons
* Using Appearance-Based Hand Features for Dynamic RGB-D Gesture Recognition
Includes: Koskela, M.[Markus] Koskela, M.[Matias]

Koskenkorva, P.[Pekka] Co Author Listing * Quasi-dense Wide Baseline Matching for Three Views
* Quasi-Dense Wide Baseline Matching Using Match Propagation
* Uncalibrated non-rigid factorisation with automatic shape basis selection

Koski, A. Co Author Listing * Primitive Coding of Structural ECG Features
* Syntactic Recognition of ECG Signals by Attributed Finite Automata

Koski, W.R. Co Author Listing * Development of the Brican TD100 Small UAS and Payload Trials

Koskimaki, H.[Heli] Co Author Listing * Improving the classification accuracy of streaming data using SAX similarity features
Includes: Koskimaki, H.[Heli] Koskimäki, H.[Heli] (Maybe also Koskimaeki, H.)

Koskinen, I.[Ilkka] Co Author Listing * Positioning of Flexible Boom Structure Using Neural Networks

Koskinen, J. Co Author Listing * Advances in Forest Inventory Using Airborne Laser Scanning
* Comparison of Precise Leveling and Persistent Scatterer SAR Interferometry for Building Subsidence Rate Measurement, A
Includes: Koskinen, J. Koskinen, J.[Jarkko]

Koskinen, L.[Lauri] Co Author Listing * Architecture for Analog Variable Block-Size Motion Estimation
* Asymptotic Behavior of Morphological Filters
* CNN-type algorithms for H.264 variable block-size partitioning
* Detail preserving morphological filtering
* Motion Estimation Computational Complexity Reduction With CNN Shape Segmentation
Includes: Koskinen, L.[Lauri] Koskinen, L.

Koskinen, M. Co Author Listing * Small-Footprint Discrete-Return LIDAR in Tree Species Recognition

Koskinen, P.E.[Perttu E.] Co Author Listing * Towards the experimental evaluation of novel supervised fuzzy adaptive resonance theory for pattern classification

Koslicki, D. Co Author Listing * Sparse Recovery by Means of Nonnegative Least Squares

Koslosky, J.[Joshua] Co Author Listing * Image Fusion using Gaussian Mixture Models

Kosmala, A. Co Author Listing * Comparing adaptation techniques for on-line handwriting recognition
* Comparing normalization and adaptation techniques for on-line handwriting recognition
* Comparison Between Continuous and Discrete Density Hidden Markov Models for Cursive Handwriting Recognition, A
* Evaluation of Confidence Measures for On-Line Handwriting Recognition
* Improved On-Line Handwriting Recognition Using Context Dependent Hidden Markov Models
* Multi-branch and two-pass HMM modeling approaches for off-line cursive handwriting recognition
* New Approach to Video Sequence Recognition Based On Statistical Methods, A
* New Hybrid Approach to Large Vocabulary Cursive Handwriting Recognition, A
* On-Line Handwritten Formula Recognition Using Statistical Methods
* On-line Handwritten Formula Recognition with Integrated Correction Recognition and Execution
* Systematic Comparison Between On-Line and Off-Line Methods for Signature Verification with Hidden Markov Models, A
* Tree-Based State Clustering Using Self-Organizing Principles for Large Vocabulary On-Line Handwriting Recognition
Includes: Kosmala, A. Kosmala, A.[Andreas]
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Kosmala, M.[Margaret] Co Author Listing * Season Spotter: Using Citizen Science to Validate and Scale Plant Phenology from Near-Surface Remote Sensing
* Snapshot Serengeti, high-frequency annotated camera trap images of 40 mammalian species in an African savanna

Kosmale, M.[Miriam] Co Author Listing * Development, Production and Evaluation of Aerosol Climate Data Records from European Satellite Observations (Aerosol_cci)

Kosman, D. Co Author Listing * Fast Redundant Dyadic Wavelet Transform in Application to Spatial Registration of the Expression Patterns of Drosophila Segmentation Genes

Kosmanos, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * cooperative protocol for video streaming in dense small cell wireless relay networks, A
* Joint Time-Domain Resource Partitioning, Rate Allocation, and Video Quality Adaptation in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
Includes: Kosmanos, D.[Dimitrios] Kosmanos, D.

Kosmas, P. Co Author Listing * Microwave Medical Imaging Based on Sparsity and an Iterative Method With Adaptive Thresholding
* Three-Dimensional Microwave Breast Imaging: Dispersive Dielectric Properties Estimation Using Patient-Specific Basis Functions

Kosmatin Fras, M. Co Author Listing * Assessment Of The Quality Of Digital Terrain Model Produced From Unmanned Aerial System Imagery
* Simplified Analytical Model for a-priori Lidar Pointpositioning Error Estimation and a Review of Lidar Error Sources, A
Includes: Kosmatin Fras, M. Kosmatin-Fras, M.[Mojca]

Kosmatopoulos, E.B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Performance Optimization for Large-Scale Traffic Control Systems
* Convergence Properties of a Class of Learning Vector Quantization Algorithms
* Hybrid Strategy for Real-Time Traffic Signal Control of Urban Road Networks, A
* Local Ramp Metering in the Presence of a Distant Downstream Bottleneck: Theoretical Analysis and Simulation Study
* Misapplication of the Local Ramp Metering Strategy ALINEA, A

Kosmerlj, M.[Marijana] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Issues in a Border Control Environment

Kosmides, P.[Pavlos] Co Author Listing * Robust and cost-efficient experimental design for technical tests of information and communication technology-based solutions in the automotive sector

Kosmidis, T. Co Author Listing * Frontal Face Detection Using Support Vector Machines and Back-Propagation Neural Networks

Kosmidou, V.[Vasiliki] Co Author Listing * rule-based classification methodology to handle uncertainty in habitat mapping employing evidential reasoning and fuzzy logic, A

Kosmidou, V.E. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Sign Language Recognition Using Weighted Intrinsic-Mode Entropy and Signer's Level of Deafness

Kosmopoulos, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Framework for Online Segmentation and Classification of Modeled Actions Performed in the Context of Unmodeled Ones, A
* Hand Shape and 3d Pose Estimation Using Depth Data from a Single Cluttered Frame
* Nonparametric Bayesian Approach toward Stacked Convolutional Independent Component Analysis, A
* Segmentation and classification of modeled actions in the context of unmodeled ones
* Tools for semi-automatic monitoring of industrial workflows
Includes: Kosmopoulos, D.[Dimitrios] Kosmopoulos, D.

Kosmopoulos, D.I.[Dimitrios I.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian filter based behavior recognition in workflows allowing for user feedback
* Box-like Superquadric Recovery in Range Images by Fusing Region and Boundary Information
* conditional random field-based model for joint sequence segmentation and classification, A
* dataset for workflow recognition in industrial scenes, A
* Enhanced human behavior recognition using HMM and evaluative rectification
* Gesture-Based Video Summarization
* Hierarchical Feature Fusion for Visual Tracking
* hierarchical feature fusion framework for adaptive visual tracking, A
* Method for Online Analysis of Structured Processes Using Bayesian Filters and Echo State Networks, A
* Nonstationary Hidden Markov Model with Approximately Infinitely-Long Time-Dependencies, A
* Robust Human Behavior Modeling from Multiple Cameras
* Robust Sequential Data Modeling Using an Outlier Tolerant Hidden Markov Model
* Robust Visual Behavior Recognition
* Superquadric Segmentation in Range Images via Fusion of Region and Boundary Information
* Threefold Dataset for Activity and Workflow Recognition in Complex Industrial Environments, A
* variational Bayesian methodology for hidden Markov models utilizing Student's-t mixtures, A
* Video summarization guiding evaluative rectification for industrial activity recognition
* Vision-based production of personalized video
* Visual Workflow Recognition Using a Variational Bayesian Treatment of Multistream Fused Hidden Markov Models
Includes: Kosmopoulos, D.I.[Dimitrios I.] Kosmopoulos, D.I.
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Kosnar, K.[Karel] Co Author Listing * Combining Multiple Shape Matching Techniques with Application to Place Recognition Task
Includes: Kosnar, K.[Karel] Košnar, K.[Karel]

Kosonen, I. Co Author Listing * Road Environment Mapping System of the Finnish Geodetic Institute: FGI Roamer

Kosov, S.[Sergey] Co Author Listing * 3d Classification Of Crossroads From Multiple Aerial Images Using Markov Random Fields
* Accurate Real-Time Disparity Estimation with Variational Methods
* Rapid stereo-vision enhanced face detection
* Rapid stereo-vision enhanced face recognition
* Sequential Gaussian Mixture Models for Two-Level Conditional Random Fields
* Using Active Illumination for Accurate Variational Space-Time Stereo

Kosovic, D.[Douglas] Co Author Listing * TV-trawler project, The

Koss, J.E. Co Author Listing * Abdominal organ segmentation using texture transforms and a Hopfield neural network

Koss, L.G.[Leopold G.] Co Author Listing * method of boundary determination in digital images of urothelial cells, A

Kossaifi, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * AFEW-VA database for valence and arousal estimation in-the-wild
* Fast and exact bi-directional fitting of active appearance models
* Fast and Exact Newton and Bidirectional Fitting of Active Appearance Models
* Fast Newton active appearance models
* First Facial Landmark Tracking in-the-Wild Challenge: Benchmark and Results, The
* Tensor Contraction Layers for Parsimonious Deep Nets
Includes: Kossaifi, J.[Jean] Kossaifi, J.

Kosse, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Extended dynamic texture prediction for H.264/AVC inter coding
* Model-based intra coding for depth maps in 3D video using a depth lookup table

Kossentini, F. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Optimization of UB Video's H.264 Baseline Encoder Implementation on Texas Instruments' TMS320DM642 DSP
* Class of EZW Image Coders for Noisy Channels, A
* Computation-Constrained Fast MPEG-2 Encoding
* Conditional Entropy-Constrained Residual VQ with Application to Image-Coding
* Content-Based Retrieval of Video Sequences Under Partial Occlusion
* Efficient Coding and Mapping Algorithms for Software-Only Real-Time Video Coding at Low Bit Rates
* Efficient Computation-Constrained Block-Based Motion Estimation Algorithm for Low Bit Rate Video Coding, An
* Efficient High-order Image Subsampling Using FANNS
* Efficient Motion Estimation Using Spatial and Temporal Motion Vector Prediction
* Efficient RD Optimized Macroblock Coding Mode Selection for MPEG-2 Video Encoding
* Efficient Scalable DCT-Based Video Coding at Low Bit Rates
* Efficient, Similarity-based Error Concealment Method for Block-based Coded Images, An
* Emerging JBIG2 Standard, The
* Error Resilience Support in H.263+
* Evaluation of Reversible Integer-to Integer Wavelet Transforms for Image Compression
* Family of Efficient and Channel Error Resilient Wavelet/Subband Image Coders
* Fast and High Performance Image Subsampling Using Feedforward Neural Networks
* Fast PNN Design Algorithm for Entropy Constrained Residual Vector Quantization, A
* Fast Segmentation Algorithm for Bi-Level Image Compression using JBIG2, A
* H.263+: Video Coding at Low Bit Rates
* H.264/AVC baseline profile decoder complexity analysis
* High-order image subsampling using feedforward artificial neural networks
* Image coding using entropy-constrained residual vector quantization
* Image coding using high-order conditional entropy-constrained residual VQ
* Jasper: A Software-based JPEG-2000 Codec Implementation
* Jointly Optimized Subband Coder, A
* Lossy Compression of Stochastic Halftones with JBIG2
* Object reconstruction and pose indexing by volume feedback
* On RD Optimized Progressive Image Coding Using JPEG
* Optimal intra coding of blocks for robust video communication over the internet
* Partitioning of Video Objects Into Temporal Segments Using Local Motion Information
* Performance Comparison of Video Coding Standards Using Lagrangian Coder Control
* Performance evaluation of different filter banks in the JPEG-2000 baseline system
* quantized DCT and its application to DCT-based video coding, The
* Rate-Constrained Coder Control and Comparison of Video Coding Standards
* Rate-distortion Optimal Joint Source/channel Coding for Robust and Efficient Low Bit Rate Packet Video Communications
* Rate-distortion optimized layered coding with unequal error protection for robust internet video
* Rate-Distortion-Constrained Statistical Motion Estimation for Video Coding
* Rate-Distortion-Constrained Subband Video Coding
* Reconstruction of Baseline JPEG Coded Images in Error Prone Environments
* Reconstruction of motion vector missing macroblocks in H.263 encoded video transmission over lossy networks
* Region-based stereo image coding
* Retrieval by Local Motion
* Reversible Integer-to-Integer Wavelet Transforms for Image Compression: Performance Evaluation and Analysis
* robust distance measure for the retrieval of video objects, A
* Robust H.263 Video Communication over Mobile Channels
* Robust Sub-Band Image Coding for Wireless Transmission
* Semi-Fixed-Length Motion Vector Coding for H.263-Based Low Bit Rate Video Compression
* Similarity Matching of Arbitrarily Shaped Video by Still Shape Features and Shape Deformations
* Standard-compliant Multiple Description Video Coding
* Towards MPEG4: An improved H.263-based video coder
* Very Low Rate DCT-Based Video Coding Using Dynamic VQ
* Z-shaped nonlinear transform for image segmentation and classification in intelligent debris analysis, A
Includes: Kossentini, F. Kossentini, F.[Faouzi]
53 for Kossentini, F.

Kossida, S. Co Author Listing * Applying Graph Theory on Protein-Protein Interaction Data
* Interpretation of Coherence Phase and Rhythmic Cumulant Results: A Simulation Study
* Spot Segmentation Approach for 2D Gel Electrophoresis Images Based on 2D Histograms, A
Includes: Kossida, S. Kossida, S.[Sophia]

Kosslyn, S.M.[Stephen M.] Co Author Listing * Image and Brain: The Resolution of the Imagery Debate

Kossowski, T. Co Author Listing * Multi-wavelength analysis of substances levels in human blood
* Robust IR attenuation measurement for non-invasive glucose level analysis

Kossyfidis, C. Co Author Listing * Anchoring Theory of Lightness Perception, An

Kossyk, I. Co Author Listing * Automated high resolution 3D reconstruction of cultural heritage using multi-scale sensor systems and semi-global matching

Kost, H.[Henning] Co Author Listing * Combined Categorization and Localization of Logistic Goods Using Superquadrics

Kosta, G. Co Author Listing * Group Behavior Recognition for Gesture Analysis
* Modelization of Limb Coordination for Human Action Analysis

Kosta, Y.P. Co Author Listing * seeded region growing algorithm for spot detection in medical image segmentation, A

Kostadinov, D.[Dimche] Co Author Listing * Local Active Content Fingerprint: Solutions for general linear feature maps
* Local active content fingerprinting: Optimal solution under linear modulation

Kostadinov, I. Co Author Listing * Vertical Distribution of Lower Tropospheric NO2 Derived From Diffuse Solar Radiation Measurements: A Geometrical Retrieval Approach

Kostamo, P. Co Author Listing * New Approach to Land-Based Cloud Classification, A

Kostavelis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Robot's Workspace Enhancement with Dynamic Human Presence for Socially-Aware Navigation
* SPARTAN system: Towards a low-cost and high-performance vision architecture for space exploratory rovers

Kostek, B.[Bozena] Co Author Listing * Music Genre Recognition in the Rough Set-Based Environment
* Reversible video stream anonymization for video surveillance systems based on pixels relocation and watermarking
* Rough Set Based Modeling and Visualization of the Acoustic Field Around the Human Head
* Visual Data Encryption for Privacy Enhancement in Surveillance Systems

Kostelecky, J. Co Author Listing * New knowledge in determining the astronomical orientation of Incas object in Ollantaytambo, Peru
Includes: Kostelecky, J. Kostelecký, J.

Koster, A.[Arian] Co Author Listing * MUPCOS: A multi-purpose coding scheme

Koster, A.S.E.[Andre S.E.] Co Author Listing * email: Koster, A.S.E.[Andre S.E.]: Andre Koster AT machtech com
* Comparison of Multiscale Image Representations for Image Segmentation, A
* Heuristic Linking Models In Multiscale Image Segmentation
* Linking Models for Multiscale Image Segmentation
* Probabilistic Hyperstack Segmentation of MR Brain Data
* Probabilistic Multiscale Image Segmentation
* Probabilistic Multiscale Image Segmentation: Setup and First Results
* Probabilistic Segmentation of Partial Volume Voxels
* Task-directed evaluation of image segmentation methods
Includes: Koster, A.S.E.[Andre S.E.] Koster, A.S.E.
9 for Koster, A.S.E.

Koster, F. Co Author Listing * Concept of controlling the usage of nomadic devices in highly automated vehicles
* Image And Laser Scanner Processing As Confident Cues For Object Detection In Driving Situations
Includes: Koster, F. Köster, F. (Maybe also Koester, F.)

Koster, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * MIR: An Approach to Robust Clustering-Application to Range Image Segmentation
* Unsupervised Segmentation of 3D and 2D Seismic Reflection Data
Includes: Koster, K.[Klaus] Köster, K.[Klaus] (Maybe also Koester, K.)

Koster, U. Co Author Listing * Adaptive application of spatial filters on raw CT images
* Natural image statistics: Energy-based models estimated by score matching

Kosters, W. Co Author Listing * Selection of DNA Markers

Kosters, W.A.[Walter A.] Co Author Listing * Neural Network Approach to Real-Time Discrete Tomography, A
* Reasoning Framework for Solving Nonograms, A
* Solving Nonograms by combining relaxations

Kosti, R. Co Author Listing * EMOTIC: Emotions in Context Dataset
* Emotion Recognition in Context

Kostiainen, T. Co Author Listing * Efficient proposal distributions for MCMC image segmentation

Kostic, B. Co Author Listing * Embedding Data into Pictures by Modulo Masking

Kostic, D. Co Author Listing * Motion in human and machine: a virtual fatigue approach

Kostic, T. Co Author Listing * MBO Scheme on Graphs for Classification and Image Processing, An

Kostin, A. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Automatic Face Verification Algorithms on the BANCA Database, A
* Edge Preserving in Generalized Smoothing of Signals and Images
* Elastic transformation of the image pixel grid for similarity based face identification
* Face authentication test on the BANCA database
* Memory Architecture and Contextual Reasoning Framework for Cognitive Vision, A
* Novel Data Association Algorithm for Object Tracking in Clutter with Application to Tennis Video Analysis, A
* Object recognition by symmetrised graph matching using relaxation labelling with an inhibitory mechanism
* simple and fast multi-class piecewise linear pattern classifier, A
* Support object classifiers with rigid and elastic kernel functions for face identification
* Variational Methods in Signal and Image Analysis
Includes: Kostin, A. Kostin, A.[Alexey] Kostin, A.[Alexander]
10 for Kostin, A.

Kostinger, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Annotated Facial Landmarks in the Wild: A large-scale, real-world database for facial landmark localization
* Automatic Detection and Reading of Dangerous Goods Plates
* Dense appearance modeling and efficient learning of camera transitions for person re-identification
* Discriminative Hough Forests for Object Detection
* Efficient Retrieval for Large Scale Metric Learning
* Joint Learning of Discriminative Prototypes and Large Margin Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
* Large scale metric learning from equivalence constraints
* Learning to recognize faces from videos and weakly related information cues
* Multiple Instance Boosting for Face Recognition in Videos
* Optimizing 1-Nearest Prototype Classifiers
* Relaxed Pairwise Learned Metric for Person Re-identification
* Synergy-based Learning of Facial Identity
Includes: Kostinger, M.[Martin] Kostinger, M. Köstinger, M.[Martin] (Maybe also Koestinger, M.)
12 for Kostinger, M.

Kostis, W.J. Co Author Listing * On Measuring the Change in Size of Pulmonary Nodules
* Three-dimensional segmentation and growth-rate estimation of small pulmonary nodules in helical CT images

Kostka, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Dhamek Stupa: Documentation of a Cultural Heritage in India

Kostkova, J. Co Author Listing * 3D Geometry from Uncalibrated Images
* Dense Stereomatching Algorithm Performance for View Prediction and Structure Reconstruction
* Rotation invariants of vector fields from orthogonal moments
* Stratified Dense Matching for Stereopsis in Complex Scenes
Includes: Kostkova, J. Kostková, J. Kostková, J.[Jana] Kostková, J.[Jitka]

Kostler, H.[Harald] Co Author Listing * 3D optical flow computation using a parallel variational multigrid scheme with application to cardiac C-arm CT motion
* Adaptive variational sinogram interpolation of sparsely sampled CT data
* Development of Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Mouse Hearts at 9.4 Tesla: Simulations and First Application
* Gauss-Seidel Iteration Scheme for Reference-Free 3-D Histological Image Reconstruction, A
* Geometric Multigrid Solver on Tsubame 2.0, A
* matrix-free approach to efficient affine-linear image registration on CPU and GPU, A
* Performance engineering to achieve real-time high dynamic range imaging
Includes: Kostler, H.[Harald] Kostler, H. Köstler, H. (Maybe also Koestler, H.)Köstler, H.[Harald] (Maybe also Koestler, H.)
7 for Kostler, H.

Kostliva, J.[Jana] Co Author Listing * Fairing of Discrete Surfaces with Boundary That Preserves Size and Qualitative Shape
* Feasibility Boundary in Dense and Semi-Dense Stereo Matching
Includes: Kostliva, J.[Jana] Kostlivá, J.[Jana]

Kostopoulos, A.[Alexandros] Co Author Listing * New Measure for Analyzing and Fusing Sequences of Objects, A

Kostopoulos, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Automated detection and classification of nuclei in PAX5 and H&E-stained tissue sections of follicular lymphoma
* Automated Evaluation of Her-2/neu Status in Breast Tissue From Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization Images
* model for the assessment of watermark quality with regard to fidelity, A
* Using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems for the detection of centroblasts in microscopic images of follicular lymphoma
Includes: Kostopoulos, I.[Ioannis] Kostopoulos, I.

Kostopoulos, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * Haptic Access to Conventional 2D Maps for the Visually Impaired

Kostopoulos, S.[Spiros] Co Author Listing * Assessing Estrogen Receptors' Status by Texture Analysis of Breast Tissue Specimens and Pattern Recognition Methods
* Biomarker Selection System, Employing an Iterative Peak Selection Method, for Identifying Biomarkers Related to Prostate Cancer
* Development of a Cascade Processing Method for Microarray Spot Segmentation

Kostopoulou, E.[Eirini] Co Author Listing * 2D-GE image analysis focusing on elimination of spurious spots
* Spot Segmentation Approach for 2D Gel Electrophoresis Images Based on 2D Histograms, A

Kostousov, V.B.[Victor B.] Co Author Listing * Flexible Net Approach for Stereo Matching

Kostrikov, I.[Ilya] Co Author Listing * Depth Sweep Regression Forests for Estimating 3D Human Pose from Images
* PlaNet: Photo Geolocation with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Probabilistic Labeling Cost for High-Accuracy Multi-view Reconstruction

Kostromov, N. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Face Identification via CNN and Boosted Hashing Forest

Kostyn, A.[Alexey] Co Author Listing * Face Authentication Competition on the BANCA Database

Kosuge, E.[Eiko] Co Author Listing * Medical image registration using Phase-Only Correlation for distorted dental radiographs
* Phase-Based Image Registration Algorithm for Dental Radiograph Identification, A

Kosuge, K. Co Author Listing * iCART: Intelligent Cooperative Autonomous Robot Transporters

Kosugi, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Line Drawing Recognition of Large-Scale Maps
* Drawing Scene Perception Model Based On The Human Visual System, A
* interpretative model of overlapped figures, An
* Person identification system based on a trapezoid pyramid architecture of a gray-level image
Includes: Kosugi, M. Kosugi, M.[Makoto]

Kosugi, T.[Tomoaki] Co Author Listing * Shoulder-Surfing Resistant Authentication Using Pass Pattern of Pattern Lock

Kosugi, Y. Co Author Listing * CCE-based index selection for neuro assisted MR-image segmentation
* Constructive Relaxation Matching Involving Dynamical Model Switching And Its Application To Shape Matching
* Image Segmentation by Neural-net Classifiers with Genetic Selection of Feature Indices
* Image Storage System Using Complex-valued Associative Memories, An
* Integrating Vision and Language: Semantic Description of Traffic Events from Image Sequences
* neural network for fusing the MR information into PET images to improve spatial resolution, A
* Prediction of sweetness and amino acid content in soybean crops from hyperspectral imagery
* Segmentation of Arteries in Minimally Invasive Surgery Using Change Detection
Includes: Kosugi, Y. Kosugi, Y.[Yukio]
8 for Kosugi, Y.

Kosut, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Co Author Listing * Optimal and Linear F-Measure Classifiers Applied to Non-technical Losses Detection

Koswatte, S. Co Author Listing * Semantic Location Extraction From Crowdsourced Data

Koszewski, K.[Krzysztof] Co Author Listing * Map Portal as a Tool to Share Information on Cultural Heritage Illustrated by the National Heritage Board Geoportal

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