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Krichen, E.[Emine] Co Author Listing * Active Differential CMOS Imaging Device for Human Face Recognition
* Color-Based Iris Verification
* Iris Identification Using Wavelet Packet for Images in Visible Light Illumination
* Iris identification using wavelet packets
* IV2 Multimodal Biometric Database (Including Iris, 2D, 3D, Stereoscopic, and Talking Face Data), and the IV2-2007 Evaluation Campaign, The
* new probabilistic Iris Quality Measure for comprehensive noise detection, A
* Specific Sensors for Face Recognition
* Specific Texture Analysis for Iris Recognition
Includes: Krichen, E.[Emine] Krichen, E.
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Kricke, R.[Ralph] Co Author Listing * Local binary patterns for lip motion analysis
* Real Time Lip Motion Analysis for a Person Authentication System using Near Infrared Illumination
Includes: Kricke, R.[Ralph] Kricke, R.

Kriebel, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Revc: Computationally Reliable Video Coding on unreliable hardware platforms: A case study on error-tolerant H.264/AVC CAVLC entropy coding

Kriechbaum Zabini, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of face recognition technologies for identity verification in an eGate based on operational data of an airport
Includes: Kriechbaum Zabini, A. Kriechbaum-Zabini, A.

Kriechbaum, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * GPU-based non-parametric background subtraction for a practical surveillance system
* multisensor surveillance system for Automated Border Control (eGate), A
* Tracking Persons in Ultra-HD Panoramic Video

Kriechbaum, W.[Werner] Co Author Listing * Representation and linking mechanisms for audio in MPEG-7

Krieg, R. Co Author Listing * Semi-Automatic Lymph Node Segmentation in LN-MRI

Krieg, V. Co Author Listing * Classification-Based Record Linkage With Pseudonymized Data for Epidemiological Cancer Registries

Kriegel, H.P.[Hans Peter] Co Author Listing * Approximation-Based Similarity Search for 3-D Surface Segments
* On reverse-k-nearest-neighbor joins
* Robust segmentation of relevant regions in low depth of field images
* Spatial inverse query processing
* State-of-the-Art in Content-Based Image and Video Retrieval
Includes: Kriegel, H.P.[Hans Peter] Kriegel, H.P.[Hans-Peter]

Kriegel, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Appearance learning for 3D pose detection of a satellite at close-range
* Efficient next-best-scan planning for autonomous 3D surface reconstruction of unknown objects
* Information-Gain View Planning for Free-Form Object Reconstruction with a 3D ToF Camera
* Streaming Monte Carlo Pose Estimation for Autonomous Object Modeling

Krieger, E.[Evan] Co Author Listing * Directional ringlet intensity feature transform for tracking
* fast single-image super-resolution via directional edge-guided regularized extreme learning regression, A

Krieger, G. Co Author Listing * Air- and spaceborne monitoring of road traffic using SAR moving target indication: Project TRAMRAD
* Bidirectional SAR Imaging Mode
* Bistatic system and baseline calibration in TanDEM-X to ensure the global digital elevation model quality
* Coherence evaluation of TanDEM-X interferometric data
* Correlating Synthetic Aperture Radar (CoSAR)
* Development of the TanDEM-X Calibration Concept: Analysis of Systematic Errors
* Dual-Platform Large Along-Track Baseline GMTI
* Fast GMTI Algorithm For Traffic Monitoring Based On A Priori Knowledge
* First Spaceborne Demonstration of Digital Beamforming for Azimuth Ambiguity Suppression
* Generation and performance assessment of the global TanDEM-X digital elevation model
* Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Missions Employing Formation Flying
* MIMO-SAR: Opportunities and Pitfalls
* Multichannel Azimuth Processing in ScanSAR and TOPS Mode Operation
* Multidimensional Waveform Encoding: A New Digital Beamforming Technique for Synthetic Aperture Radar Remote Sensing
* New Insights Into Ambiguities in Quad-Pol SAR
* Nonlinear Image Operators for the Evaluation of Local Intrinsic Dimensionality
* Quantization Effects in TanDEM-X Data
* Reconstruction of Coherent Pairs of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Acquired in Interrupted Mode
* Relative height error analysis of TanDEM-X elevation data
* Relativistic Effects in Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Spaceborne Polarimetric SAR Interferometry: Performance Analysis and Mission Concepts
* Spectral-Based Estimation of the Local Azimuth Ambiguity-to-Signal Ratio in SAR Images
* Staggered SAR: High-Resolution Wide-Swath Imaging by Continuous PRI Variation
* Staggered SAR: Performance Analysis and Experiments With Real Data
* Tandem-X Mission: Overview, Status and Outlook
* TanDEM-X: A Satellite Formation for High-Resolution SAR Interferometry
* Wrapped Staring Spotlight SAR
Includes: Krieger, G. Krieger, G.[Gerhard]
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Krieger, L.[Lauren] Co Author Listing * Emotion Mirror: A Novel Intervention for Autism Based on Real-Time Expression Recognition

Krieger, T. Co Author Listing * Summary of The Validation of The Second Version of The Aster Gdem

Kriegeskorte, N.[Nikolaus] Co Author Listing * Artifactual time-course correlations in echo-planar fMRI with implications for studies of brain function
* Pattern-information fMRI: New questions which it opens up and challenges which face it

Kriegman, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Automated annotation of coral reef survey images
* Depth and Image Restoration from Light Field in a Scattering Medium
* Learning Concept Embeddings with Combined Human-Machine Expertise
* Leveraging temporal, contextual and ordering constraints for recognizing complex activities in video
* Moving in stereo: Efficient structure and motion using lines
* Photometric stereo with non-parametric and spatially-varying reflectance
* Tracking humans using prior and learned representations of shape and appearance
* Video-based face recognition using probabilistic appearance manifolds
* Visual tracking and recognition using probabilistic appearance manifolds
Includes: Kriegman, D.[David] Kriegman, D.
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Kriegman, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kriegman, D.J.[David J.]: kriegman AT cs ucsd edu
* Acquiring Linear Subspaces for Face Recognition under Variable Lighting
* Appearance-based eye gaze estimation
* Autocalibration via Rank-Constrained Estimation of the Absolute Quadric
* Bas-Relief Ambiguity, The
* Beyond Lambert: Reconstructing Specular Surfaces Using Color
* Beyond Lambert: Reconstructing Surfaces with Arbitrary BRDFs
* Beyond Pairwise Clustering
* Binocular Helmholtz Stereopsis
* Camera Distance from Face Images
* Clustering appearances of objects under varying illumination conditions
* Color Subspaces as Photometric Invariants
* Computing Exact Aspect Graphs of Curved Objects: Algebraic Surfaces
* Computing Exact Aspect Graphs of Curved Objects: Parametric Patches
* Computing Exact Aspect Graphs of Curved Objects: Solids of Revolution
* Computing Stable Poses of Piecewise Smooth Objects
* Constraints for Recognizing and Locating Curved 3D Objects from Monocular Image Features
* Curve and Surface Duals and the Recognition of Curved 3D Objects from their Silhouettes
* Detecting Faces in Images: A Survey
* Duals, Invariants, and the Recognition of Smooth Objects from their Occluding Contour
* Eigenfaces vs. Fisherfaces: Recognition Using Class-Specific Linear Projection
* Face Box Shape and Verification
* Face Detection using a Mixture of Factor Analyzers
* Face Detection Using Mixtures of Linear Subspaces
* Face Detection Using Multimodal Density Models
* Face Recognition Using 3-D Models: Pose and Illumination
* Face Recognition Using Kernel Eigenfaces
* From Bikers to Surfers: Visual Recognition of Urban Tribes
* From Few to Many: Generative Models for Recognition Under Variable Pose and Illumination
* From Few to Many: Illumination Cone Models for Face Recognition under Variable Lighting and Pose
* Generic Models for Robot Navigation
* Geometric Modelling with Generalized Cylinders
* Globally Optimal Affine and Metric Upgrades in Stratified Autocalibration
* Globally Optimal Algorithms for Stratified Autocalibration
* Globally optimal bilinear programming for computer vision applications
* Helmholtz Stereopsis: Exploiting Reciprocity for Surface Reconstruction
* HOT Curves for Modeling and Recognition of Smooth Curved 3D Objects
* Illumination Cones for Recognition under Variable Lighting: Faces
* Illumination-Based Image Synthesis: Creating Novel Images of Human Faces Under Differing Pose and Lighting
* Image Clustering with Metric, Local Linear Structure, and Affine Symmetry
* Image deblurring and denoising using color priors
* Image-based Modeling and Rendering of Surfaces with Arbitrary BRDFs
* Integrating Surface Normal Vectors Using Fast Marching Method
* Introduction to the Special Section on Real-World Face Recognition
* Invariant-Based Recognition of Complex Curved 3-D Objects from Image Contours
* Isotropy, Reciprocity and the Generalized Bas-Relief Ambiguity
* Let Them Fall Where They May: Capture Regions of Curved Objects and Polyhedra
* Localizing Parts of Faces Using a Consensus of Exemplars
* Match-time covariance for descriptors
* mobile robot: Sensing, planning and locomotion, A
* Nine Points of Light: Acquiring Subspaces for Face Recognition under Variable Lighting
* On Pencils of Tangent Planes and the Recognition of Smooth 3D Shapes from Silhouettes
* On Recognizing and Positioning Curved 3-D Objects from Image Contours
* On Refractive Optical Flow
* On Using CAD Models to Compute the Pose of Curved 3D Objects
* Online Learning of Probabilistic Appearance Manifolds for Video-Based Recognition and Tracking
* Parameterized Families of Polynomials for Bounded Algebraic Curve and Surface Fitting
* Parameterizing and Fitting Bounded Algebraic Curves and Surfaces
* Passive Photometric Stereo from Motion
* Photometric Stereo in a Scattering Medium
* Photometric Stereo in a Scattering Medium
* Planar Light Probe, A
* Pose, illumination and expression invariant pairwise face-similarity measure via Doppelgänger list comparison
* Practical Global Optimization for Multiview Geometry
* PSF estimation using sharp edge prediction
* Real-Time Approach to the Spotting, Representation, and Recognition of Hand Gestures for Human-Computer Interaction, A
* Reconstruction of HOT Curves from Image Sequences
* Reflections on the Generalized Bas-Relief Ambiguity
* Representations for recognizing complex curved 3D objects
* Resolving the Generalized Bas-Relief Ambiguity by Entropy Minimization
* Robust Structure and Motion from Outlines of Smooth Curved Surfaces
* ShadowCuts: Photometric Stereo with Shadows
* Shape from Fluorescence
* Shape from Varying Illumination and Viewpoint
* Special issue on face recognition
* Specularity Removal in Images and Videos: A PDE Approach
* Stereo Vision and Navigation in Buildings for Mobile Robots
* Structure and Motion from Images of Smooth Textureless Objects
* Structure and Motion from Line Segments in Multiple Images
* Structure and Motion in Two Dimensions from Multiple Images: A Least Squares Approach
* Structure and Motion of Curved 3D Objects from Monocular Silhouettes
* Structure and View Estimation for Tomographic Reconstruction: A Bayesian Approach
* Synthetic Aperture Tracking: Tracking through Occlusions
* Toward a stratification of Helmholtz stereopsis
* Toward Reconstructing Surfaces With Arbitrary Isotropic Reflectance: A Stratified Photometric Stereo Approach
* Urban tribes: Analyzing group photos from a social perspective
* Vision and Visual Exploration for the Stanford Mobile Robot
* Vision Based Motion Planning and Exploration Algorithms for Mobile Robots
* Vision in the Small: Reconstructing the Structure of Protein Macromolecules from Cryo-Electron Micrographs
* Visual tracking using learned linear subspaces
* What is the Set of Images of an Object Under All Possible Lighting Conditions
* What Is the Set of Images of an Object Under All Possible Illumination Conditions
* What shadows reveal about object structure
Includes: Kriegman, D.J.[David J.] Kriegman, D.J.
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Kriegsfeld, L.J. Co Author Listing * Wearable Sensor System with Circadian Rhythm Stability Estimation for Prototyping Biomedical Studies, A

Kriener, S.[Sven] Co Author Listing * Temporally consistent soccer field registration

Kriesel, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * Capturing 3D hyperspectral image cubes for dynamic events

Kriete, A. Co Author Listing * On-Line Processing of Transmission Electron Microscopic Images
* Preprocessing Method for the Contrast Enhancement of TV-Scanned Electron Microscopic Images, A

Krieter, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Integrated Spatio-Temporal Segmentation of Longitudinal Brain Tumor Imaging Studies

Kriewald, S.[Steffen] Co Author Listing * Size Distribution, Scaling Properties and Spatial Organization of Urban Clusters: A Global and Regional Percolation Perspective, The

Kriewel, S.[Sascha] Co Author Listing * Visual Information Retrieval System for Radiology Reports and the Medical Literature, A

Kriezis, G.A. Co Author Listing * Topological and differentialequation methods for surface intersections

Krigger, A.[Amali] Co Author Listing * Guided Structure-Aligned Segmentation of Volumetric Data

Krighnapuran, R.[Raghu] Co Author Listing * Determination of Three Dimensional Object Location and Orientation from Range Data

Krijgsman, W. Co Author Listing * Modelling Uncertainty in ESATS by Classification Inference

Krijnders, J.D. Co Author Listing * CASSANDRA: audio-video sensor fusion for aggression detection
* Multi-modal human aggression detection

Krijnen, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Enrichment and Preservation of Architectural Knowledge

Krijnen, T.F.[Thomas F.] Co Author Listing * Working with Open BIM Standards to Source Legal Spaces for a 3D Cadastre

Krijthe, J.H.[Jesse H.] Co Author Listing * Improving cross-validation based classifier selection using meta-learning
* Optimistic semi-supervised least squares classification
* Peaking Phenomenon in Semi-supervised Learning, The
* Robust semi-supervised least squares classification by implicit constraints

Krikelis, A. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial: Very-Low Bit-Rate Video Coding: II
* Implementing the Abingdon Cross benchmark on the ASP
* Modular Massively-Parallel Computing Approach to Image-Related Processing, A
* MPEG-2 streaming of full interactive content

Krikidis, I. Co Author Listing * Diversity Fairness in Tomlinson-Harashima Precoded Multiuser MIMO Through Retransmission
* Fairness for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in 5G Systems
* Opportunistic Beamforming with Wireless Powered 1-bit Feedback Through Rectenna Array
* Secrecy Sum-Rate for Orthogonal Random Beamforming With Opportunistic Scheduling

Krile, T. Co Author Listing * Digital stereo image analyzer for generating automated 3-D measures of optic disc deformation in glaucoma

Krile, T.F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Point Estimation in Signal-Dependent Noise
* Dense Depth Maps from 2-D Cepstrum Matching of Image Sequences
* Image Restoration by Transformation of Signal-Dependent Noise to Signal-Independent Noise
* Image Restoration in Signal-Dependent Noise Using a Markovian Covariance Model
Includes: Krile, T.F. Krile, T.F.[Thomas F.]

Krill, B. Co Author Listing * efficient FPGA-based dynamic partial reconfiguration design flow and environment for image and signal processing IP cores, An
* FPGA-based IP cores implementation for face recognition using dynamic partial reconfiguration
* new FPGA-based dynamic partial reconfiguration design flow and environment for image processing applications, A
Includes: Krill, B. Krill, B.[Benjamin]

Krim, H. Co Author Listing * 3D Curve Interpolation and Object Reconstruction
* 3D Surface Reconstruction Using Structured Circular Light Patterns
* Abandoned object detection using operator-space pursuit
* Active polygon for object tracking
* Bi-sparsity pursuit for robust subspace recovery
* Capturing human activity by a curve
* Edge detection and processing using shearlets
* entropy-based persistence barcode, An
* estimation-theoretic technique for motion-compensated synthetic-aperture array imaging, An
* Facial feature extraction using topological methods
* Fast Incorporation of Optical Flow Into Active Polygons
* Feature-preserving Flows: A Stochastic Differential Equation's View
* Flexible Skew-Symmetric Shape Model for Shape Representation, Classification, and Sampling
* Geodesic Matching of Triangulated Surfaces
* Geometric modeling of rigid and non-rigid 3D shapes using the global geodesic function
* Human Activity as a Manifold-Valued Random Process
* Human Activity Modeling as Brownian Motion on Shape Manifold
* Human Activity Modeling On Shape Manifold
* Identification of a Discrete Planar Symmetric Shape From a Single Noisy View
* Image Segmentation and Edge Enhancement with Stabilized Inverse Diffusion Equations
* Information-Theoretic Active Polygons for Unsupervised Texture Segmentation
* Invariant object recognition by shape space analysis
* invertible dimension reduction of curves on a manifold, A
* Mahalanobis-based Adaptive Nonlinear Dimension Reduction
* Meaningful 3D shape partitioning using Morse functions
* Multi-level scene understanding via hierarchical classification
* Multiphase Joint Segmentation-Registration and Object Tracking for Layered Images
* Multiscale Segmentation and Anomaly Enhancement of SAR Imagery
* Multiscale Signal Enhancement: Beyond the Normality and Independence Assumption
* Non-parametric bounds on the nearest neighbor classification accuracy based on the Henze-Penrose metric
* nonlinear diffusion-based three-band filter bank, A
* Nonlinear diffusion: A probabilistic view
* Nonlinear Image Filtering: Trade-off Between Optimality and Practicality
* Novel Framework for Pulse Pressure Wave Analysis Using Persistent Homology, A
* Object Recognition Through Topo-Geometric Shape Models Using Error-Tolerant Subgraph Isomorphisms
* Object representation and recognition in shape spaces
* Optimal Operator Space Pursuit: A Framework for Video Sequence Data Analysis
* Persistent Homology of Delay Embeddings and its Application to Wheeze Detection
* Probabilistic graph matching by canonical decomposition
* Probabilistic Shape Descriptor for Triangulated Surfaces
* Robust influence functionals for image filtering
* Rotation Invariant Topology Coding of 2D and 3D Objects Using Morse Theory
* Sampling Theorem for a 2D Surface, A
* Scale-Based Robust Image Segmentation
* Segmentation and Compression of SAR Imagery via Hierarchical Stochastic Modeling
* Shearlet Approach to Edge Analysis and Detection, A
* Smart Nonlinear Diffusion: A Probabilistic Approach
* Sparsity and Nullity: Paradigms for Analysis Dictionary Learning
* Squigraphs for Fine and Compact Modeling of 3-D Shapes
* Stabilized inverse diffusion equations and segmentation of vector-valued images
* Statistics and Analysis of Shapes
* Stochastic differential equations and geometric flows
* Subspace Learning of Dynamics on a Shape Manifold: A Generative Modeling Approach
* System Identification: 3D Measurement Using Structured Light System
* Topological modeling of illuminated surfaces using REEB graph
* topological variational model for image singularities, A
* Towards a Unified View of Estimation: Variational vs Statistical
* Variational Approach to Maximum a Posteriori Estimation for Image Denoising, A
* vertex-based representation of objects in an image, A
Includes: Krim, H. Krim, H.[Hamid]
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Kriman, A. Co Author Listing * Range-speed imaging with FM-CW signaling

Krimmer, C. Co Author Listing * Portable 3-D Imaging FMCW MIMO Radar Demonstrator With a 24X24 Antenna Array for Medium-Range Applications, A

Krings, T. Co Author Listing * Novel Satellite Mission Concept for Upper Air Water Vapour, Aerosol and Cloud Observations Using Integrated Path Differential Absorption LiDAR Limb Sounding, A
* Reduced Methane Emissions from Santa Barbara Marine Seeps
Includes: Krings, T. Krings, T.[Thomas]

Krinidis, M.[Michail] Co Author Listing * 2-D Feature-Point Selection and Tracking Using 3-D Physics-Based Deformable Surfaces
* 3-D Head Pose Estimation in Monocular Video Sequences Using Deformable Surfaces and Radial Basis Functions
* Color Texture Segmentation Based on the Modal Energy of Deformable Surfaces
* discrete modal transform and its application to lossy image compression, The
* Empirical mode decomposition on skeletonization pruning
* Visual Lip Activity Detection and Speaker Detection Using Mouth Region Intensities
* Workspace for image clustering based on empirical mode decomposition
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Krinidis, S.[Stelios] Co Author Listing * Empirical mode decomposition on skeletonization pruning
* Fast 2-D Distance Transformations
* Fast Free-Vibration Modal Analysis of 2-D Physics-Based Deformable Objects
* Fuzzy Energy-Based Active Contours
* Human tracking & visual spatio-temporal statistical analysis
* Principal Axes Estimation Using the Vibration Modes of Physics-Based Deformable Models
* Robust Fuzzy Local Information C-Means Clustering Algorithm, A
* Scene Change Detection Based on Audio-Visual Analysis and Interaction
* Skeleton Family Generator via Physics-Based Deformable Models, A
* Workspace for image clustering based on empirical mode decomposition
Includes: Krinidis, S.[Stelios] Krinidis, S.
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Krinninger, S. Co Author Listing * Online Signature Verification with New Time Series Kernels for Support Vector Machines
* Online Signature Verification With Support Vector Machines Based on LCSS Kernel Functions

Kripasundar, V. Co Author Listing * Generalizing Edit Distance to Incorporate Domain Information: Handwritten Text Recognition as a Case-Study

Krips, M. Co Author Listing * AdTM tracking for blind spot collision avoidance

Krish, K.[Karthik] Co Author Listing * Global registration of overlapping images using accumulative image features
* New Accumulator-Based Approach to Shape Recognition, A

Krish, R.P.[Ram P.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of AFIS-Ranked Latent Fingerprint Matched Templates
* Mobile signature verification: feature robustness and performance comparison
* Pre-registration for Improved Latent Fingerprint Identification
* Pre-registration of latent fingerprints based on orientation field
Includes: Krish, R.P.[Ram P.] Krish, R.P. Krish, R.P.[R. Prasad]

Krishen, K. Co Author Listing * Formulation and Error Analysis for a Generalized Image Point Correspondence Algorithm

Krishna Bahadur, K.C. Co Author Listing * Improving Landsat and IRS Image Classification: Evaluation of Unsupervised and Supervised Classification through Band Ratios and DEM in a Mountainous Landscape in Nepal

Krishna Moorthy, K. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Boundary Layer Characterization Using Multiyear Ground-Based Microwave Radiometric Observations Over a Tropical Coastal Station
* Tropical Convective Cloud Characterization Using Ground-Based Microwave Radiometric Observations

Krishna Murthy, Y.V.N. Co Author Listing * Risk Zone Modelling And Early Warning System For Visceral Leishmaniasis (kala-azar) Disease In Bihar, India Using Remote Sensing And Gis
* Texture Analysis for Classification of RISAT-II Images

Krishna, A.[Ankit] Co Author Listing * Character Segmentation of Hindi Unconstrained Handwritten Words
* MCF Model: Utilizing Multiple Colors for Face Recognition, The
* Tensor based robust color face recognition
* Using Kinect for face recognition under varying poses, expressions, illumination and disguise
Includes: Krishna, A.[Ankit] Krishna, A.[Aneesh] Krishna, A.

Krishna, B. Co Author Listing * OCR system for Telugu, An

Krishna, B.G.[B. Gopala] Co Author Listing * DEM Generation from High Resolution Multi-View Data product
* In-flight Geometric Calibration: An experience with CARTOSAT-1 and CARTOSAT-2
* Long Strip Modelling for CARTOSAT-1 with Minimum Control
* Rational Polynomial Modelling for CARTOSAT-1 data
* Region growing stereo matching method for 3D building reconstruction
* Robust Stereo Image Matching for Spaceborne Imagery
Includes: Krishna, B.G.[B. Gopala] Krishna, B.G.

Krishna, G. Co Author Listing * Agglomerative clustering using the concept of mutual nearest neighbourhood
* algorithm to detect linearly separable clusters of binary patterns, An
* computationally efficient technique for data-clustering, A
* Effective Clustering Technique for Feature-Extraction, An
* heuristic clustering algorithm using union of overlapping pattern-cells, A
* knowledge-based approach to pattern generation, A
* Learning with a mutualistic teacher
* Structural aspects of semantic-directed clusters
* Time-normalization techniques for speaker-independent isolated word recognition
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Krishna, I.M.[IV. Murali] Co Author Listing * Brain Tumor Classification using Discrete Cosine Transform and Probabilistic Neural Network

Krishna, I.V.M.[I.V. Murali] Co Author Listing * Face image classification using combined classifier

Krishna, K.M.[K. Madhava] Co Author Listing * Realtime motion segmentation based multibody visual SLAM
* Realtime multibody visual SLAM with a smoothly moving monocular camera
* Small Object Discovery and Recognition Using Actively Guided Robot

Krishna, M.[Madhava] Co Author Listing * Fast and Spatially-Smooth Terrain Classification Using Monocular Camera

Krishna, M.C.[Murali C.] Co Author Listing * Feature Identification System for Electron Magnetic Resonance Tomography: Fusion of Principal Components Transform, Color Quantization and Boundary Information, A

Krishna, M.S.V.[M.S. Vamsi] Co Author Listing * Implementation of low power Successive Approximation ADC for MAV's

Krishna, M.T.G.[M. T. Gopala] Co Author Listing * SiMOR: Single Moving Object Recognition

Krishna, M.V.[Mahesh Venkata] Co Author Listing * combination of generative and discriminative models for fast unsupervised activity recognition from traffic scene videos, A
* Hierarchical Bayesian Approach for Unsupervised Cell Phenotype Clustering, A
* Regularized Geometric Hulls for Bio-medical Image Segmentation
Includes: Krishna, M.V.[Mahesh Venkata] Krishna, M.V.[Mahesh V.]

Krishna, P.R.[P. Radha] Co Author Listing * Hybrid feature to encode shape and texture for Content Based Image Retrieval
* Unbalanced Data Classification Model Using Hybrid Sampling Technique for Fraud Detection, An

Krishna, R.[Ranjay] Co Author Listing * email: Krishna, R.[Ranjay]: ranjaykrishna AT cs stanford edu
* Dense-Captioning Events in Videos
* Hierarchical Approach for Generating Descriptive Image Paragraphs, A
* Image retrieval using scene graphs
* Optimising resource allocation for background modeling using algorithm switching
* Visual Genome: Connecting Language and Vision Using Crowdsourced Dense Image Annotations
* Visual Relationship Detection with Language Priors
Includes: Krishna, R.[Ranjay] Krishna, R. Krishna, R.[Radha]
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Krishna, R.S.A.[R.S. Amritha] Co Author Listing * Conservative Approximation-Based Full-Search Block Matching Algorithm Architecture for QCIF Digital Video Employing Systolic Array Architecture

Krishna, S.[Sheila] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Laplace-Beltrami eigenmaps: Bridging Reeb graphs and skeletons
* Canonical Correlation Feature Selection for Sensors With Overlapping Bands: Theory and Application
* Combining Skin-Color Detector and Evidence Aggregated Random Field Models towards Validating Face Detection Results
* Efficient MEG signal decoding of direction in wrist movement using curve fitting (EMDC)
* Model-Based Edge Detector for Spectral Imagery Using Sparse Spatiospectral Masks
* Parametric Spectral Model for Texture-Based Salience, A
* Potential of High-resolution Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Imagery for Large Scale Mapping
* Systematic Requirements Analysis and Development of an Assistive Device to Enhance the Social Interaction of People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired, A
* Texture features for object salience
* Using Genetic Algorithms to Find Person-Specific Gabor Feature Detectors for Face Indexing and Recognition
Includes: Krishna, S.[Sheila] Krishna, S. Krishna, S.[Sreekar] Krishna, S.[Sai]
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Krishna, V.J.H. Co Author Listing * Intrusive and non-intrusive watermarking

Krishnadas, S.R. Co Author Listing * Colour Retinal Image Enhancement Based on Domain Knowledge
* Detection of Peri-Papillary Atrophy and RNFL Defect from Retinal Images
* Optic Disk and Cup Segmentation From Monocular Color Retinal Images for Glaucoma Assessment
* Robust optic disk segmentation from colour retinal images
* Vessel Bend-Based Cup Segmentation in Retinal Images

Krishnaiah, P.R. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of the Left Ventricle from Two Orthogonal Projections

Krishnakumar, A.S. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Methods in 3-D Motion Estimation from Two-View Point Correspondences

Krishnakumar, K. Co Author Listing * Intelligent control for near-autonomous aircraft missions

Krishnakumar, N. Co Author Listing * Feature labelling in infrared oceanographic images
* Topographic-Based Feature Labeling for Infrared Oceanographic Images

Krishnamachari, S. Co Author Listing * Delineating Buildings by Grouping Lines with MRFs
* GMRF models and wavelet decomposition for texture segmentation
* Multiresolution Gauss-Markov Random-Field Models for Texture Segmentation
* Multiresolution GMRF Models for Image Segmentation
* Performance Evaluation of Clustering Algorithms for Scalable Image Retrieval
* scalable algorithm for image retrieval by color, A
* System for retrieving images using a database
Includes: Krishnamachari, S. Krishnamachari, S.[Santhana]
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Krishnamoorthi, R. Co Author Listing * multiresolution approach for rotation invariant texture image retrieval with orthogonal polynomials model, A
* new integer image coding technique based on orthogonal polynomials, A
* simple boundary extraction technique for irregular pupil localization with orthogonal polynomials, A
* statistical framework based on a family of full range autoregressive models for edge extraction, A
* Transform coding of monochrome images with a statistical design of experiments approach to separate noise

Krishnamoorthi, V. Co Author Listing * Optimized Adaptive Streaming of Multi-video Stream Bundles

Krishnamoorthy, A.[Aswin] Co Author Listing * Brain Imaging Registration by Correlation of First Order Geometry

Krishnamoorthy, M.[Mukkai] Co Author Listing * Data Extraction from Web Tables: The Devil is in the Details
* Syntatic Segmentation and Labeling of Digitized Pages from Technical Journals
* Two Complementary Techniques for Digitized Document Analysis
Includes: Krishnamoorthy, M.[Mukkai] Krishnamoorthy, M.

Krishnamoorthy, M.S.[Mukkai S.] Co Author Listing * Converting heterogeneous statistical tables on the web to searchable databases
* N-Tuple Features for OCR Revisited
Includes: Krishnamoorthy, M.S.[Mukkai S.] Krishnamoorthy, M.S.

Krishnamoorthy, N.[Niveda] Co Author Listing * YouTube2Text: Recognizing and Describing Arbitrary Activities Using Semantic Hierarchies and Zero-Shot Recognition

Krishnamoorthy, P. Co Author Listing * Robust detection of buildings in digital surface models

Krishnamoorthy, R. Co Author Listing * new adaptive search strategy for fast block based motion estimation algorithms, A
* Orthogonal polynomials based low bit rate image coding
* orthogonal polynomials transform-based variable block size adaptive vector quantisation for colour image coding, An
* simple computational framework for defect detection system with orthogonal polynomials transcoded coefficients, A
Includes: Krishnamoorthy, R. Krishnamoorthy, R.[Ramasamy]

Krishnamoorthy, S.G. Co Author Listing * Recognition of handprinted Tamil characters

Krishnamurthi, G. Co Author Listing * Functional imaging in small animals using X-ray computed Tomography: Study of physiologic measurement reproducibility

Krishnamurthi, K. Co Author Listing * Language Identification for Printed Text Independent of Segmentation

Krishnamurthy, A. Co Author Listing * Fast Video Classification via Adaptive Cascading of Deep Models
* Framework for Estimating Driver Decisions Near Intersections, A
* MATLAB for Signal Processing on Multiprocessors and Multicores

Krishnamurthy, B.[Balaji] Co Author Listing * Localized Hierarchical Graph Cuts

Krishnamurthy, C. Co Author Listing * Snake-based liver lesion segmentation

Krishnamurthy, E. Co Author Listing * Relaxation Processes for Scene Labeling: Convergence, Speed, and Stability

Krishnamurthy, E.V. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Testing Convexity of Digital Polygons
* High-Order Tensor Product Approximation for Two- and Three-Dimensional Image Blocks with Application to Multiresolution Image Representation
* On the Compactness of Subsets of Digital Pictures
* Reconstruction of objects from their projections using generalized inverses
* Relaxation: Application to the Matrix Reconstruction Problem

Krishnamurthy, G.[Gaplan] Co Author Listing * Kalman Filter Formulation of Low-Level Television Image Motion Estimation

Krishnamurthy, K.[Kalyani] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral target detection from incoherent projections: Nonequiprobable targets and inhomogeneous SNR
* Level Set Estimation from Projection Measurements: Performance Guarantees and Fast Computation
* Multiscale Photon-Limited Spectral Image Reconstruction
* Signal Recovery and System Calibration from Multiple Compressive Poisson Measurements
Includes: Krishnamurthy, K.[Kalyani] Krishnamurthy, K.

Krishnamurthy, P.[Panchapagesan] Co Author Listing * Detecting and matching repeated patterns for automatic geo-tagging in urban environments
* Line-Based Structure from Motion for Urban Environments
* Spatio-temporal object relationships in image sequences using adjacency matrices
* statistical model for writer verification, A
Includes: Krishnamurthy, P.[Panchapagesan] Krishnamurthy, P.[Preethi] Krishnamurthy, P.

Krishnamurthy, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Restoration of Textured Images with Mixed Spectra
* Compression and Transmission of Depth Maps for Image-based Rendering
* Frame Interpolation and Bidirectional Prediction of Video Using Compactly Encoded Optical-Flow Fields and Label Fields
* Intra-frame quantizer selection for video compression
* Multiscale Modeling and Estimation of Motion Fields for Video Coding
* Multiscale Motion Estimation for Scalable Video Coding
* Optical flow techniques applied to video coding
* Syntax based error concealment
Includes: Krishnamurthy, R. Krishnamurthy, R.[Ravi] Krishnamurthy, R.[Rajesh]
8 for Krishnamurthy, R.

Krishnamurthy, R.K. Co Author Listing * Holistic Handwritten Word Recognition Using Temporal Features Derived from Off-Line Images

Krishnamurthy, S.[Srinivasan] Co Author Listing * Classification of Ultrasound Medical Images Using Distance Based Feature Selection and Fuzzy-SVM
* Image-guided depth map upsampling using normalized cuts-based segmentation and smoothness priors
* Virtual View Synthesis by Non-Local Means Filtering using temporal data
Includes: Krishnamurthy, S.[Srinivasan] Krishnamurthy, S.

Krishnamurthy, V. Co Author Listing * Afriat's Test for Detecting Malicious Agents
* Asymptotically Efficient Identification of Known-Sensor Hidden Markov Models
* Bayesian EM algorithm for optimal tracking of a maneuvering target in clutter, A
* Channel Aware Multiuser Scalable Video Streaming Over Lossy Under-Provisioned Channels: Modeling and Analysis
* distributed context-free grammars learning algorithm and its application in video classification, A
* Dynamic Resource Allocation for MGS H.264/AVC Video Transmission Over Link-Adaptive Networks
* new context-sensitive grammars learning algorithm and its application in trajectory classification, A
* Rate and Distortion Modeling of CGS Coded Scalable Video Content
* Rate and distortion modeling of medium grain scalable video coding
Includes: Krishnamurthy, V. Krishnamurthy, V.[Vikram]
9 for Krishnamurthy, V.

Krishnamurti, R.[Ramesh] Co Author Listing * ASDMCon Project: The Challenge of Detecting Defects on Construction Sites, The
* Energy-Efficient Multicasting of Scalable Video Streams Over WiMAX Networks
Includes: Krishnamurti, R.[Ramesh] Krishnamurti, R.

Krishnan, A.[Arun] Co Author Listing * Blob Segmentation Using Joint Space-Intensity Likelihood Ratio Test: Application to 3D Tumor Segmentation
* Conditional feature sensitivity: a unifying view on active recognition and feature selection
* Hierarchical learning for tubular structure parsing in medical imaging: A study on coronary arteries using 3D CT Angiography
* Obtaining Focused Images Using a Non-frontal Imaging Camera
* Panoramic Image Acquisition
* Range Estimation from Focus Using a Non-Frontal Imaging Camera
* Range Estimation from Focus Using an Active Non-Frontal Imaging Camera
* Robust Algorithm for Characterizing Anisotropic Local Structures, A
* Robust Anisotropic Gaussian Fitting for Volumetric Characterization of Pulmonary Nodules in Multislice CT
* Robust Automatic Knee MR Slice Positioning Through Redundant and Hierarchical Anatomy Detection
* Robust Learning-Based Parsing and Annotation of Medical Radiographs
* Scale Selection for Anisotropic Scale-Space: Application to Volumetric Tumor Characterization
* Semantics and CBIR: a medical imaging perspective
* Stratified learning of local anatomical context for lung nodules in CT images
Includes: Krishnan, A.[Arun] Krishnan, A.
14 for Krishnan, A.

Krishnan, D.[Dilip] Co Author Listing * Blind deconvolution using a normalized sparsity measure
* Crisp Boundary Detection Using Pointwise Mutual Information
* Deconvolutional networks
* Edge-Preserving MRF Model for the Detection of Missing Data in Image Sequences, An
* Learning Ordinal Relationships for Mid-Level Vision
* MRF Model Based Scheme for Accurate Detection and Adaptive Interpolation of Missing Data in Highly Corrupted Image Sequences, A
* On the Computational Aspects of Gibbs-Markov Random Field Modeling of Missing-Data in Image Sequences
* Primal-Dual Active-Set Method for Non-Negativity Constrained Total Variation Deblurring Problems, A
* Reflection removal using ghosting cues
* Restoring an Image Taken through a Window Covered with Dirt or Rain
* Synthesizing Normalized Faces from Facial Identity Features
* Unsupervised Pixel-Level Domain Adaptation with Generative Adversarial Networks
Includes: Krishnan, D.[Dilip] Krishnan, D.
12 for Krishnan, D.

Krishnan, G.[Gurunandan] Co Author Listing * Cata-Fisheye Camera for Panoramic Imaging
* Perceptual Significance Hierarchy: A Computer Vision Theory for Color Separation
Includes: Krishnan, G.[Gurunandan] Krishnan, G.

Krishnan, G.S.S.[G. Sai Sundara] Co Author Listing * Algorithm on tracing the boundary of medical images using abstract cellular complex

Krishnan, H. Co Author Listing * Intervehicle Transmission Rate Control for Cooperative Active Safety System
* Ultrascale Visualization of Climate Data
Includes: Krishnan, H. Krishnan, H.[Harinarayan]

Krishnan, J.[Jayalakshmi] Co Author Listing * Assessing Habitat Quality of Forest-Corridors through NDVI Analysis in Dry Tropical Forests of South India: Implications for Conservation

Krishnan, K. Co Author Listing * Efficient transmission of compressed data for remote volume visualization
* Object Matching for Inter-Vehicle Communication Systems: An IMM-Based Track Association Approach With Sequential Multiple Hypothesis Test

Krishnan, K.B. Co Author Listing * Dual-modality imager based on ultrasonic modulation of incoherent light in turbid medium
* Model-Based Detection of Acoustically Dense Objects in Ultrasound
Includes: Krishnan, K.B. Krishnan, K.B.[Kajoli B.]

Krishnan, K.M. Co Author Listing * Detection and Compensation of Periodic Motion in Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Magnetic Particle Imaging With Tailored Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Tracers

Krishnan, K.R.[K. Raghesh] Co Author Listing * Focal and diffused liver disease classification from ultrasound images based on isocontour segmentation
* Hybrid approach to classification of focal and diffused liver disorders using ultrasound images with wavelets and texture features

Krishnan, L. Co Author Listing * Statistically Robust Approach to Acoustic Impulse Response Shaping, A

Krishnan, N.C. Co Author Listing * Activity Discovery and Activity Recognition: A New Partnership

Krishnan, P. Co Author Listing * Bringing Semantics in Word Image Retrieval
* Matching Handwritten Document Images
Includes: Krishnan, P. Krishnan, P.[Praveen]

Krishnan, R.[Radha] Co Author Listing * email: Krishnan, R.[Radha]: radha AT utdallas edu
* Conditional distance based matching for one-shot gesture recognition
* Detection of Linear Features in Satellite Imagery Using Robust Estimation
* Efficient Algorithm for Detection of Road-Like Structures in Satellite Images, An
* Extracting Decision Trees from Trained Neural Networks
* Modeling of palm leaf character recognition system using transform based techniques
* Monitoring and reporting of fingerprint image quality and match accuracy for a large user application
* Monocular Pose of a Rigid Body Using Point Landmarks
* Search Technique for Rule Extraction from Trained Neural Networks, A
* Similarity and Affine Normalization of Partially Occluded Planar Curves Using First and 2nd Derivatives
* Structure from Multiple 2D Affine Correspondences without Camera Calibration
* VAIT: A Visual Analytics System for Metropolitan Transportation
Includes: Krishnan, R.[Radha] Krishnan, R.[Ravikiran] Krishnan, R. Krishnan, R.[Rama_Krishnan] Krishnan, R.[Ranganathan]
12 for Krishnan, R.

Krishnan, R.K.[Ravi Kiran] Co Author Listing * Detecting Group Turn Patterns in Conversations Using Audio-Video Change Scale-Space
* Similarity Measure between Two Gestures Using Triplets
Includes: Krishnan, R.K.[Ravi Kiran] Krishnan, R.K.[Ravi-Kiran]

Krishnan, S.[Srivatsan] Co Author Listing * 2D Feature Tracking Algorithm for Motion Analysis
* Accelerated Bilateral Filtering With Block Skipping
* Advanced K-means clustering algorithm for large ECG data sets based on a collaboration of compressed sensing theory and K-SVD approach
* Camera motion estimation via optimization-on-a-manifold
* combined just noticeable distortion model-guided image watermarking, A
* Coupled-Contour Tracking through Non-orthogonal Projections and Fusion for Echocardiography
* Database-Guided Simultaneous Multi-slice 3D Segmentation for Volumetric Data
* Efficient Surface Intersection Algorithm-Based on Lower-Dimensional Formulation, An
* Feature identification in the time-frequency plane by using the Hough-Radon transform
* Feature-Selection for Pattern-Classification with Gaussian Mixture-Models: A New Objective Criterion
* Guided image upsampling using bitmap tracing
* Hierarchical decomposition based on a variation of empirical mode decomposition
* Low sampling rate algorithm for wireless ECG systems based on compressed sensing theory
* Matrix-Based Ramanujan-Sums Transforms
* Non-stationary signal feature characterization using adaptive dictionaries and non-negative matrix factorization
* Partitioning Trimmed Spline Surfaces into NonSelf-Occluding Regions for Visibility Computation
* Region, Lesion and Border-Based Multiresolution Analysis of Mammogram Lesions
* Robust image watermarking using a chirp detection-based technique
* Robust Real-Time Myocardial Border Tracking for Echocardiography: An Information Fusion Approach
* Time-Frequency Analysis via Ramanujan Sums
* Visual saliency's modulatory effect on just noticeable distortion profile and its application in image watermarking
Includes: Krishnan, S.[Srivatsan] Krishnan, S. Krishnan, S.[Sridhar] Krishnan, S.[Sriram] Krishnan, S.[Shankar]
21 for Krishnan, S.

Krishnan, S.M. Co Author Listing * Detecting abnormal regions in colonoscopic images by patch-based classifier ensemble
* Image segmentation using finite mixtures and spatial information
* Learning a Multi-Size Patch-Based Hybrid Kernel Machine Ensemble for Abnormal Region Detection in Colonoscopic Images
* Perceptual model based data embedding in medical images
* Transparent information hiding with automatic embedding range selection for ownership verification
Includes: Krishnan, S.M. Krishnan, S.M.[Shankar M.]

Krishnan, S.R.[Sunder Ram] Co Author Listing * Ridge detection using Savitzky-Golay filtering and steerable second-order Gaussian derivatives
* Savitzky-Golay Filtering Perspective of Dynamic Feature Computation, A
* Spatially Adaptive Kernel Regression Using Risk Estimation
Includes: Krishnan, S.R.[Sunder Ram] Krishnan, S.R.

Krishnan, T. Co Author Listing * Discriminant analysis with a stochastic supervisor
* Efficiency of discriminant analysis when initial samples are classified stochastically
* Efficiency of learning with imperfect supervision
* Efficiency of logistic-normal stochastic supervision
* EM Algorithm and Extensions, The
* Lossless color medical image compression using adaptive block-based encoding for human computed tomographic images
* Pattern recognition with an imperfect supervisor
Includes: Krishnan, T. Krishnan, T.[Thiyagarajan]
7 for Krishnan, T.

Krishnan, V. Co Author Listing * Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Image Template Matching on Hypercube SIMD Machines
* model-based adaptive motion estimation scheme using Renyi's entropy for wireless video, A
* Multistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Formation
Includes: Krishnan, V. Krishnan, V.[Vignesh]

Krishnan, V.P.[Venkateswaran P.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Numerical Algorithm for the Inversion of an Integral Transform Arising in Ultrasound Imaging, An

Krishnanand, K.R. Co Author Listing * Classification of Power Quality Disturbances Using GA Based Optimal Feature Selection

Krishnappa, D.K. Co Author Listing * Watching user generated videos with prefetching

Krishnaprasad, P.S. Co Author Listing * Boundary following using gyroscopic control

Krishnapuram, B.[Balaji] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Joint Feature Selection and Classifier Design, A
* Fast Algorithm for Learning a Ranking Function from Large-Scale Data Sets, A
* On Classification with Incomplete Data
* Sparse Multinomial Logistic Regression: Fast Algorithms and Generalization Bounds
* Variational Bayes for Continuous Hidden Markov Models and Its Application to Active Learning

Krishnapuram, R. Co Author Listing * Application of the Least Trimmed Squares Technique to Prototype-Based Clustering
* Are Fuzzy Definitions of Basic Attributes of Image Objects Really Useful?
* Categorization of Image Databases for Efficient Retrieval Using Robust Mixture Decomposition
* Clustering by Competitive Agglomeration
* Comparison of Gaussian and Pearson Mixture Modeling for Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Applications, A
* Curved Object Location by Hough Transformations and Inversions
* Edge detection in range images through morphological residue analysis
* Fitting An Unknown Number of Lines and Planes to Image Data Through Compatible Cluster Merging
* Fuzzy Algorithms to Find Linear and Planar Clusters and Their Application
* Graph Matching by Relaxation of Fuzzy Assignments
* Hough Space Transformations for Discrimination and Distortion Estimation
* Image enhancement based on fuzzy logic
* Morphological Methods for Detection and Classification of Edges in Range Images
* Neural and Fuzzy Methods in Handwriting Recognition
* Possibilistic Approach to Clustering, A
* Quantative Analysis of Properties and Spatial Relations of Fuzzy Image Regions
* Relevance Feedback for Content-Based Retrieval Based on Choquet Integral
* Reply to David A. Pintsov
* Robust Algorithm for Automatic Extraction of an Unknown Number of Clusters from Noisy Data, A
* Robust Approach to Image-Enhancement Based on Fuzzy-Logic, A
* Robust Clustering Algorithm Based on Competitive Agglomeration and Soft Rejection of Outliers, A
* Robust Competitive Clustering Algorithm with Applications in Computer Vision, A
* Uncertainty Management for Rule-Based Systems with Applications to Image Analysis
* Vehicular Traffic Density State Estimation Based on Cumulative Road Acoustics
Includes: Krishnapuram, R. Krishnapuram, R.[Raghu] Krishnapuram, R.[Raghuram]
24 for Krishnapuram, R.

Krishnarajah, N.[Naomi] Co Author Listing * hybrid approach for a vision based driver assistance system with de-weathering, A

Krishnasamy, K. Co Author Listing * Identification of Textured Region Boundaries, The

Krishnaswamy, A. Co Author Listing * Discriminant Analysis of Principal Components for Face Recognition

Krishnaswamy, H. Co Author Listing * Analog and RF Interference Mitigation for Integrated MIMO Receiver Arrays

Krishnaswamy, R. Co Author Listing * Digital Parallelism, Perpendicularity, and Rectangles

Krishnaswamy, S.[Shonali] Co Author Listing * Reasoning about Context in Uncertain Pervasive Computing Environments

Krishnaswamy, V. Co Author Listing * Directional Kernel Density Estimation for Classification of Breast Tissue Spectra

Krishnaveni, V Co Author Listing * Neutrosophic approach of MRI denoising, A

Krishnaveni, V. Co Author Listing * Certain investigation on iris image recognition using hybrid approach of Fourier transform and Bernstein polynomials
* High density impulse noise removal in RGB images using Lone Diagonal Sorting algorithm

Krishraj, S.P. Co Author Listing * Forensic video solution using facial feature-based synoptic Video Footage Record

Krismann, A.[Alfons] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Non-forest Trees for Biomass Assessment Based on Airborne and Terrestrial LiDAR Data
* Multisensoral, object- and GIS-based classification of grassland habitats in the Bio sphere Reserve Schwäbische Alb

Krisnapuram, R.[Raghu] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Models and Algorithms for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

Krisp, J.M. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Point Matching Techniques for Road Network Matching
* Visual Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Density Maps
Includes: Krisp, J.M. Krisp, J.M.[Jukka M.]

Krispel, U. Co Author Listing * Automatic Texture and Orthophoto Generation from Registered Panoramic Views
* Built by Algorithms: State of the Art Report on Procedural Modeling
* CityFit: High-quality urban reconstructions by fitting shape grammars to images and derived textured point clouds
* Creating Procedural Windowbuilding Blocks Using the Generative Fact Labeling Method
* Developing Parametric Building Models: The Gandis Use Case
* Irregular lattices for complex shape grammar facade parsing
* Procedural architecture using deformation-aware split grammars
* Survey of Algorithmic Shapes, A
Includes: Krispel, U. Krispel, U.[Ulrich]
8 for Krispel, U.

Krispin, K. Co Author Listing * HCI Benchmark Suite: Stereo and Flow Ground Truth with Uncertainties for Urban Autonomous Driving, The

Kriss, M.A.[Michael A.] Co Author Listing * Color Filter Arrays Based on Mutually Exclusive Blue Noise Patterns

Krissian, K.[Karl] Co Author Listing * Accurate subpixel edge location based on partial area effect
* AMILab, a 2D/3D Image Processing Software
* Directional Anisotropic Diffusion Applied to Segmentation of Vessels in 3D Images
* Fast sub-voxel re-initialization of the distance map for level set methods
* Flux-based anisotropic diffusion applied to enhancement of 3-D angiogram
* Model-Based Detection of Tubular Structures in 3D Images
* Model-based Multiscale Detection of 3D Vessels
* new energy-based method for 3D motion estimation of incompressible PIV flows, A
* New Variational Image Restoration Applied to 3D Angiographies, A
* Noise-Driven Anisotropic Diffusion Filtering of MRI
* Oriented Speckle Reducing Anisotropic Diffusion
* Restoration of retinal images using anisotropic diffusion like algorithms
* Speckle-Constrained Filtering of Ultrasound Images
* Variational Approach for 3D Motion Estimation of Incompressible PIV Flows, A
Includes: Krissian, K.[Karl] Krissian, K.
14 for Krissian, K.

Kristal, A.[Alan] Co Author Listing * mobile structured light system for food volume estimation, A

Kristan, M.[Matej] Co Author Listing * adaptive coupled-layer visual model for robust visual tracking, An
* Adding discriminative power to a generative hierarchical compositional model using histograms of compositions
* Adding Discriminative Power to Hierarchical Compositional Models for Object Class Detection
* Analysis of multi-agent activity using petri nets
* Bayes-spectral-entropy-based measure of camera focus using a discrete cosine transform, A
* Beyond Standard Benchmarks: Parameterizing Performance Evaluation in Visual Object Tracking
* Closed-world tracking of multiple interacting targets for indoor-sports applications
* Dana36: A Multi-camera Image Dataset for Object Identification in Surveillance Scenarios
* Dimensionality Reduction for Distributed Vision Systems Using Random Projection
* Discriminative Correlation Filter with Channel and Spatial Reliability
* Efficient Feature Distribution for Object Matching in Visual-Sensor Networks
* Fast Image-Based Obstacle Detection From Unmanned Surface Vehicles
* Graphical Model for Rapid Obstacle Image-Map Estimation from Unmanned Surface Vehicles, A
* Histograms of optical flow for efficient representation of body motion
* Is my new tracker really better than yours?
* Learning statistically relevant edge structure improves low-level visual descriptors
* local-motion-based probabilistic model for visual tracking, A
* Multivariate online kernel density estimation with Gaussian kernels
* Non-sequential Multi-view Detection, Localization and Identification of People Using Multi-modal Feature Maps
* Novel Performance Evaluation Methodology for Single-Target Trackers, A
* Online Discriminative Kernel Density Estimation
* Online kernel density estimation for interactive learning
* Robust Visual Tracking Using an Adaptive Coupled-Layer Visual Model
* Robust visual tracking using template anchors
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2015 Challenge Results, The
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Towards deep compositional networks
* trajectory-based analysis of coordinated team activity in a basketball game, A
* Two-Stage Dynamic Model for Visual Tracking, A
* Visual Object Tracking Performance Measures Revisited
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2014 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2015 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
* Visual re-identification across large, distributed camera networks
Includes: Kristan, M.[Matej] Kristan, M.
36 for Kristan, M.

Kristensen, F.[Fredrik] Co Author Listing * Background Segmentation Beyond RGB

Kristensen, G.K. Co Author Listing * Prognosis of Cervical Cancer Using Image Analysis of Cell Nuclei

Kristensen, L.[Lene] Co Author Listing * Space-Borne and Ground-Based InSAR Data Integration: The Ĺknes Test Site

Kristensson, P.O.[Per Ola] Co Author Listing * Word-Gesture Keyboard: Reimagining Keyboard Interaction, The

Kristian, H. Co Author Listing * Hybrid short-term prediction of traffic volume at ferry terminal based on data fusion

Kristiansen, S.M.[Soren Munch] Co Author Listing * Improved Geoarchaeological Mapping with Electromagnetic Induction Instruments from Dedicated Processing and Inversion
Includes: Kristiansen, S.M.[Soren Munch] Kristiansen, S.M.[Sřren Munch]

Kristiansson, P. Co Author Listing * Finding Colour Pigment by Neural Network in Half Tone Colour Prints

Kristinsson, J.G. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Trip Modeling for the Prediction of an Origin: Destination Traveling Speed Profile

Kristjansson, A.[Arni] Co Author Listing * Dynamic coding of temporal luminance variation
Includes: Kristjansson, A.[Arni] Kristjánsson, Á.[Árni]

Kristjansson, T. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic multimedia objects (multijects): a novel approach to video indexing and retrieval in multimedia systems

Kristo Co Author Listing * Cost effective window arrangement for spatial pyramid matching
* Image representation for object recognition: Utilizing overlapping windows in Spatial Pyramid Matching

Kristo, K. Co Author Listing * Optimized Window Arrangement for Spatial Pyramid Matching Scheme

Kristof, D. Co Author Listing * alternative representation of coarse-resolution remote sensing images for time-series processing, An
* IQPC 2015 TRACK: Water Detection and Classification on Multisource Remote Sensing and Terrain Data
* Retrospective analysis of long-term landscape evolution based on archive satellite imagery and historical maps
Includes: Kristof, D. Kristóf, D.

Kristoffersen, E. Co Author Listing * Dense Motion Field Estimation Using Spatial Filtering and Quasi Eigenfunction Approximations

Kristoffersen, M.S. Co Author Listing * Towards Semantic Understanding of Surrounding Vehicular Maneuvers: A Panoramic Vision-Based Framework for Real-World Highway Studies

Kristoffersson, A.[Annica] Co Author Listing * Combining Semi-autonomous Navigation with Manned Behaviour in a Cooperative Driving System for Mobile Robotic Telepresence

Krithara, A.[Anastasia] Co Author Listing * Learning aspect models with partially labeled data

Krithivasan, K.[Kamala] Co Author Listing * Abstract families of matrices and picture languages
* Array Grammars and Kolam
* Efficient Algorithms for Reconstruction of 2D-Arrays from Extended Parikh Images
* Efficient Reconstruction of 2D-Tiling with t1,2, t2,1, t1,1 Tiles, An
* Hexagonal Pattern Languages
* Min-Cost-Max-Flow Based Algorithm for Reconstructing Binary Image from Two Projections Using Similar Images, A
* Systolic Pyramid Automata, Cellular Automata and Array Languages
* Terminal Weighted Grammars and Picture Description
Includes: Krithivasan, K.[Kamala] Krithivasan, K.
8 for Krithivasan, K.

Kritikos, G. Co Author Listing * Ontological Standardization for Historical Map Collections: Studying The Greek Borderlines of 1881

Kritis, L.A. Co Author Listing * Supporting Remote Sensing Research with Small Unmanned Aerial Systems

Kritsotaki, A. Co Author Listing * Analysing User Needs for a Unified 3D Metadata Recording and Exploitation of Cultural Heritage Monuments System

Kritzinger, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Detecting Paper Fibre Cross Sections in Microtomy Images
* probabilistic approach for tracking fibers, A

Kriva, Z.[Zuzana] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Finite Volume Scheme for Solving Nonlinear Diffusion Equations in Image Processing, An
Includes: Kriva, Z.[Zuzana] Krivá, Z.[Zuzana]

Krivanek, M. Co Author Listing * Simulated Annealing: A Proof of Convergence

Krivanek, R. Co Author Listing * Application of geophysical methods for monitoring of surface and subsurface changes of origin archaeological terrains: Case studies of sites in the Czech Republic
Includes: Krivanek, R. Krivánek, R.

Krivanek, Z.[Zbynek] Co Author Listing * Disaster Risk Reduction in Agriculture through Geospatial (Big) Data Processing
* Monitoring Of In-field Variability For Site Specific Crop Management Through Open Geospatial Information
Includes: Krivanek, Z.[Zbynek] Krivánek, Z.[Zbynek] Krivánek, Z.

Krivenko, S.S. Co Author Listing * Lossy compression of images corrupted by mixed Poisson and additive Gaussian noise

Krivic, J.[Jaka] Co Author Listing * Part-level object recognition using superquadrics
* Superquadric-Based Object Recognition

Krivka, Z.[Zbynek] Co Author Listing * Variant of Pure Two-Dimensional Context-Free Grammars Generating Picture Languages, A

Krivobokova, T.[Tatyana] Co Author Listing * Justifying Tensor-Driven Diffusion from Structure-Adaptive Statistics of Natural Images

Krivokuca, M. Co Author Listing * Compression of 3-D point clouds using hierarchical patch fitting
* Progressive Compression of 3D Mesh Geometry Using Sparse Approximations from Redundant Frame Dictionaries
* Sparse Approximations of 3D Mesh Geometry Using Frames as Overcomplete Dictionaries
Includes: Krivokuca, M. Krivokuca, M.[Maja]

Krivonogov, A.I. Co Author Listing * Solving of optimization and identification problems by the committee methods

Krivosheev, G. Co Author Listing * Multi-Valued and Universal Binary Neurons: Mathematical Model, Learning, Networks, Application to Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

Krivoulets, A. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical modeling via optimal context quantization
* method for progressive near-lossless image compression, A
* On Optimality of Context Modeling for Bit-Plane Entropy Coding in the JPEG2000 Standard
Includes: Krivoulets, A. Krivoulets, A.[Alexandre]

Krivovyaz, G.[Gleb] Co Author Listing * Robust matching of aerial images with low overlap

Kriz, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Pervasive Game Utilizing WiFi Fingerprinting-based Localization

Krizaj, J.[Janez] Co Author Listing * Adaptation of SIFT Features for Robust Face Recognition
* Combining 3D face representations using region covariance descriptors and statistical models
* Feasibility Study on the Use of Binary Keypoint Descriptors for 3D Face Recognition, A
* Report on the FG 2015 Video Person Recognition Evaluation
Includes: Krizaj, J.[Janez] Križaj, J.[Janez] Krizaj, J.

Krizek, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Feature condensing algorithm for feature selection
* Feature selection based on the training set manipulation
* Improving Stability of Feature Selection Methods
Includes: Krizek, P.[Pavel] Krížek, P.[Pavel]

Krizhevsky, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * ImageNet Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Real-Time Pedestrian Detection with Deep Network Cascades

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