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Krober, C.[Cindy] Co Author Listing * First Experiences of Applying a Model Classification for Digital 3D Reconstruction in the Context of Humanities Research
* Model Classification for Digital 3D Reconstruction in the Context of Humanities Research, A
* Researching Knowledge Concerns in Virtual Historical Architecture
Includes: Krober, C.[Cindy] Kröber, C.[Cindy] (Maybe also Kroeber, C.)Kröber, C. (Maybe also Kroeber, C.)

Kroboth, S. Co Author Listing * Optimization of Coil Element Configurations for a Matrix Gradient Coil

Krochmal, R.[Rafal] Co Author Listing * Interactive Prototyping of Physical Lighting

Krodel, M. Co Author Listing * Reinforcement Learning to Drive a Car by Pattern Matching
Includes: Krodel, M. Krödel, M. (Maybe also Kroedel, M.)

Kroeger, T.[Thorben] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric Cuts: Joint Image Labeling and Partitioning
* Consensus Maximization with Linear Matrix Inequality Constraints
* Cut, Glue, & Cut: A Fast, Approximate Solver for Multicut Partitioning
* Discovery of Sets of Mutually Orthogonal Vanishing Points in Videos
* Fast Optical Flow Using Dense Inverse Search
* Globally Optimal Closed-Surface Segmentation for Connectomics
* Joint vanishing point extraction and tracking
* Metric imitation by manifold transfer for efficient vision applications
* Multi-view Tracking of Multiple Targets with Dynamic Cameras
* Video Registration to SfM Models
Includes: Kroeger, T.[Thorben] Kroeger, T. Kroeger, T.[Till]
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Kroeker, K.L.[Kirk L.] Co Author Listing * Face recognition breakthrough
* Improving Brain-Computer Interfaces
* Looking Beyond Stereoscopic 3D's Revival

Kroener, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Authentication of Free Hand Drawings by Pattern Recognition Methods

Kroenke, C. Co Author Listing * Unified Approach to Diffusion Direction Sensitive Slice Registration and 3-D DTI Reconstruction From Moving Fetal Brain Anatomy, A

Kroenke, C.D. Co Author Listing * Determination of Axonal and Dendritic Orientation Distributions Within the Developing Cerebral Cortex by Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Kroenung, G.[George] Co Author Listing * SRTM Data Finishing Process and Products, The

Kroepelien, B. Co Author Listing * Image Databases: A Case Study in Norwegian Silver Authentication

Krofcheck, D.J.[Dan J.] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Based Simple Models of GPP in Both Disturbed and Undisturbed Piñon-Juniper Woodlands in the Southwestern U.S.
* Woody Biomass Estimation in a Southwestern U.S. Juniper Savanna Using LiDAR-Derived Clumped Tree Segmentation and Existing Allometries

Krogager, E. Co Author Listing * On the estimation of radar polarization orientation shifts induced by terrain slopes

Kroger, B.J.[Bernd J.] Co Author Listing * Articulatory Speech Re-synthesis: Profiting from Natural Acoustic Speech Data
Includes: Kroger, B.J.[Bernd J.] Kröger, B.J.[Bernd J.] (Maybe also Kroeger, B.J.)

Kroger, J. Co Author Listing * Assessing cross frequency coupling in EEG collected from subjects viewing video using a modified metric
* effect of perceptual video quality on EEG power distribution, The
* Subject identification based on EEG responses to video stimuli
Includes: Kroger, J. Kroger, J.[Jim]

Kroger, P.[Peer] Co Author Listing * Minimizing the Number of Keypoint Matching Queries for Object Retrieval
* On reverse-k-nearest-neighbor joins
Includes: Kroger, P.[Peer] Kröger, P.[Peer] (Maybe also Kroeger, P.)

Kroger, R.[Ronald] Co Author Listing * Optical advantages and function of multifocal spherical fish lenses
Includes: Kroger, R.[Ronald] Kröger, R.[Ronald] (Maybe also Kroeger, R.)

Kroger, T.[Thorben] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Modern Inference Techniques for Discrete Energy Minimization Problems, A
* Comparative Study of Modern Inference Techniques for Structured Discrete Energy Minimization Problems, A
* Matching of anatomical tree structures for registration of medical images
* Matching of Tree Structures for Registration of Medical Images
Includes: Kroger, T.[Thorben] Kröger, T.[Thorben] (Maybe also Kroeger, T.)Kröger, T.[Tim] (Maybe also Kroeger, T.)

Krogh, A. Co Author Listing * Hidden Markov models for labeled sequences

Krogmeier, J.V. Co Author Listing * Maximum-Likelihood Acceleration Estimation From Existing Roadway Vehicle Detectors
* Recursive Multiscale Correlation-Averaging Algorithm for an Automated Distributed Road-Condition-Monitoring System, A
* Sensing and Signal Processing for Vehicle Reidentification and Travel Time Estimation

Krogstad, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Digital image interpolator using a plurality of interpolation kernals

Krohn Grimberghe, A.[Artus] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision for Head Pose Estimation: Review of a Competition
Includes: Krohn Grimberghe, A.[Artus] Krohn-Grimberghe, A.[Artus]

Krohn, K.A. Co Author Listing * Kinetic Quantitation of Cerebral PET-FDG Studies Without Concurrent Blood Sampling: Statistical Recovery of the Arterial Input Function

Krohnert, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Waterline Extraction From Smartphone Images
* Brute Force Matching Between Camera Shots And Synthetic Images From Point Clouds
Includes: Krohnert, M. Kröhnert, M. (Maybe also Kroehnert, M.)

Krois, I. Co Author Listing * Sequence-to-sequence alignment using a pendulum

Kroisleitner, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Mapping in Northern High Latitude Permafrost Regions with Satellite Data: Achievements and Remaining Challenges

Krok, G. Co Author Listing * UAV and GIS Based Tool For Collection And Propagation Of Seeds Material: First Results

Krokowski, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * Reducing State Changes with a Pipeline Buffer

Krol, A.[Andrzej] Co Author Listing * Classification of small lesions in dynamic breast MRI: eliminating the need for precise lesion segmentation through spatio-temporal analysis of contrast enhancement
* Classifying Small Lesions on Breast MRI through Dynamic Enhancement Pattern Characterization
* EM algorithm for estimating SPECT emission and transmission parameters from emission data only, An
* Localization of fiducial skin markers in MR images using correlation pattern recognition for PET/MRI nonrigid breast image registration
* Modeling the axial extension of a transmission line source within iterative reconstruction via multiple transmission sources
* Techniques for Fusion of Multimodal Images: Application to Breast Imaging
Includes: Krol, A.[Andrzej] Krol, A.

Krol, M.S.[Maarten S.] Co Author Listing * Application of a Remote Sensing Method for Estimating Monthly Blue Water Evapotranspiration in Irrigated Agriculture
* Towards the Improvement of Blue Water Evapotranspiration Estimates by Combining Remote Sensing and Model Simulation

Krolak, P. Co Author Listing * generalized Gabor transform, The

Krolik, J.[Jeffrey] Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Target Detection in Uncertain Media: Time-Reversal and Minimum-Variance Algorithms

Krolik, J.L.[Jeffrey L.] Co Author Listing * Improved Motion Correction of fMRI Time-Series Corrupted with Major Head Movement Using Extended Motion-Corrected Independent Component Analysis
* information-theoretic criterion for intrasubject alignment of FMRI time series: motion corrected independent component analysis, An

Kroll, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Coupling Convolutional Neural Networks and Hough Voting for Robust Segmentation of Ultrasound Volumes
* Hough-CNN: Deep learning for segmentation of deep brain regions in MRI and ultrasound

Kroll, C.N.[Charles N.] Co Author Listing * Quantifying DEM Uncertainty and Its Effect on Topographic Parameters

Kroll, J.M. Co Author Listing * Source-Channel Optimized Trellis Codes for Bitonal Image Transmission over AWGN Channels

Krolla, B.[Bernd] Co Author Listing * Light Field from Smartphone-Based Dual Video
* Spherical Light Fields

Krolupper, F.[Filip] Co Author Listing * Polygonal shape description for recognition of partially occluded objects

Kromer, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Weakly-Paired Maximum Covariance Analysis for Multimodal Dimensionality Reduction and Transfer Learning
Includes: Kromer, O.[Oliver] Krömer, O.[Oliver] (Maybe also Kroemer, O.)

Kromer, R.A.[Ryan A.] Co Author Listing * 4D Filtering and Calibration Technique for Small-Scale Point Cloud Change Detection with a Terrestrial Laser Scanner, A

Kromker, D.[Detlef] Co Author Listing * Three Dimensional Saliency Calculation Using Splatting

Kromker, S. Co Author Listing * Modular modeling of temple columns of the Angkor period
* Vectorization of 3D-Characters by Integral Invariant Filtering of High-Resolution Triangular Meshes

Krommenacker, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Energy-Efficient Transmission of Wavelet-Based Images in Wireless Sensor Networks

Krommweh, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * Tetrolet transform: A new adaptive Haar wavelet algorithm for sparse image representation

Krommydas, S. Co Author Listing * Gabor Transform Domain Watermarking

Kromp, F. Co Author Listing * Machine learning framework incorporating expert knowledge in tissue image annotation

Krompiec, P.[Przemyslaw] Co Author Listing * Deformable strokes towards temporally coherent video painting

Kromwijk, S.[Sander] Co Author Listing * High-performance 3D deconvolution of fluorescence micrographs

Kronander, J.[Joel] Co Author Listing * Adaptive dualISO HDR reconstruction
* unified framework for multi-sensor HDR video reconstruction, A

Kronander, T. Co Author Listing * Phase-based multidimensional volume registration

Kronberg, H.[Harald] Co Author Listing * Improvements in microphotometry by digital signal processing

Krone, K.[Kristin] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Statistical Study on Daytime Surface Urban Heat Island during Summer in Urban Areas, Case Study: Cairo and Its New Towns, A

Krone, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Interactive GPU-based generation of solvent-excluded surfaces

Kronenberg, H. Co Author Listing * Text Extraction from Colored Book and Journal Covers

Kroner, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * structured neural network invariant to cyclic shifts and rotations, A
Includes: Kroner, S.[Sabine] Kröner, S.[Sabine] (Maybe also Kroener, S.)

Krongold, B. Co Author Listing * Frequency-Shift-Invariant Orthonormal Wavelet Packet Representations

Kronland Martinet, R. Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Sonification Strategies for Guidance Tasks
Includes: Kronland Martinet, R. Kronland-Martinet, R.

Kronlof, K. Co Author Listing * Viewing Pipeline for Discrete Solid Modeling, A

Kronrod, B. Co Author Listing * Optimized compression of triangle mesh geometry using prediction trees

Kroodsma, R.A. Co Author Listing * Extension of Vicarious Cold Calibration to 85-92 GHz for Spaceborne Microwave Radiometers
* Vicarious Cold Calibration for Conical Scanning Microwave Imagers

Krooks, A.[Anssi] Co Author Listing * Accuracy in estimation of timber assortments and stem distribution: A comparison of airborne and terrestrial laser scanning techniques
* Automated 3D Scene Reconstruction from Open Geospatial Data Sources: Airborne Laser Scanning and a 2D Topographic Database
* Change Detection of Tree Biomass with Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Quantitative Structure Modelling
* Monitoring Changes in Rice Cultivated Area from SAR and Optical Satellite Images in Ben Tre and Tra Vinh Provinces in Mekong Delta, Vietnam
* Radiometric Calibration of Terrestrial Laser Scanners with External Reference Targets
* Radiometric Calibration of TLS Intensity: Application To Snow Cover Change Detection
* Seamless Mapping of River Channels at High Resolution Using Mobile LiDAR and UAV-Photography
* Topographic and Distance Effects in Laser Scanner Intensity Correction
* Using Stationary And Mobile Laser Scanner To Detect Forest Defoliation
* Using Stationary And Mobile Laser Scanner To Detect Forest Defoliation
* WebGL Visualisation of 3D Environmental Models Based on Finnish Open Geospatial Data Sets
Includes: Krooks, A.[Anssi] Krooks, A.
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Kroon, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Accurate eye localization in low and standard definition content
* Comparison of face matching techniques under pose variation
* Eye localization for face matching: is it always useful and under what conditions?
* Eye localization in low and standard definition content with application to face matching

Kroon, H.M. Co Author Listing * Interactive Histogram Equalization

Kroon, L. Co Author Listing * Deduction of Passengers' Route Choices From Smart Card Data

Kroon, W.[Wilco] Co Author Listing * Constitutive Modeling of Cardiac Tissue Growth
* How to Choose Myofiber Orientation in a Biventricular Finite Element Model?

Kropac, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * Multi-Resolution Spin-Images

Kropacek, J. Co Author Listing * Analysis by Wavelet Frames of Spatial Statistics in SAR Data for Characterizing Structural Properties of Forests
* Estimation of Mass Balance of the Grosser Aletschgletscher, Swiss Alps, from ICESat Laser Altimetry Data and Digital Elevation Models
* Object-oriented wavelet multi-resolution image analysis of the Siberian GBFM radar mosaic combined with MERIS imagery for continental scale land cover mapping
* Remote Sensing for Characterisation and Kinematic Analysis of Large Slope Failures: Debre Sina Landslide, Main Ethiopian Rift Escarpment
Includes: Kropacek, J. Kropácek, J.[Jan]

Kropatsch, V.G. Co Author Listing * Dual graph contraction for irregular pyramids

Kropatsch, W.[Walter] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Facial Reconstructive Surgery on Patients with Facial Palsy Using Optical Strain
* Special issue Advances in graph-based pattern recognition
* Train Detection and Tracking in Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) Signals

Kropatsch, W.G.[Walter G.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kropatsch, W.G.[Walter G.]: krw AT prip tuwien ac at
* 3D shape matching by geodesic eccentricity
* Adaptive stereo matching in correlation scale-space
* Advances in Computer Vision
* Application constraints in the design of an automatic reading device for analog display instruments
* Approximating TSP Solution by MST Based Graph Pyramid
* Approximative graph pyramid solution of the E-TSP
* Automatic reading of analog display instruments
* Background Mosaic from Egomotion
* Building Irregular Pyramids by Dual-Graph Contraction
* Characterizing Obstacle-Avoiding Paths Using Cohomology Theory
* Coarse-to-Fine Tracking of Articulated Objects Using a Hierarchical Spring System
* Combinatorial pyramids
* Combining pyramidal and fractal image coding
* Computing Homology Group Generators of Images Using Irregular Graph Pyramids
* Computing the Eccentricity Transform of a Polygonal Shape
* Considerations Regarding the Minimum Spanning Tree Pyramid Segmentation Method (Why Does it Always Find the Lady?)
* Contains and inside relationships within combinatorial pyramids
* Content Based Image Retrieval Using Interest Points and Texture Features
* Contraction kernels and combinatorial maps
* coordinate system for articulated 2D shape point correspondences, A
* Crypts detection in microscopic images using hierarchical structures
* Curve Representations in Multiple Resolutions
* Data Graph Formulation as the Minimum-Weight Maximum-Entropy Problem
* Decomposition for Efficient Eccentricity Transform of Convex Shapes
* Delineating Homology Generators in Graph Pyramids
* Describing When and Where in Vision
* Detecting Ellipses in Elongated Shapes Using the Thickness Profile
* Detecting the Straightness of Digital Curves in O(n) Steps
* Directly computing the generators of image homology using graph pyramids
* Distortion-tolerance curve of the neocognitron with various structures, including pyramid
* dual irregular pyramid, The
* Euclidean and Geodesic Distance Profiles
* Euclidean Eccentricity Transform by Discrete Arc Paving
* Evaluating Hierarchical Graph-based Segmentation
* Evaluating Minimum Spanning Tree Based Segmentation Algorithms
* Expanding Irregular Graph Pyramid for an Approaching Object
* framework for the extraction of quantitative traits from 2D images of mature Arabidopsis thaliana, A
* Fuzzy curve pyramid
* Global Method for Reducing Multidimensional Size Graphs, A
* Graph-based point drift: Graph centrality on the registration of point-sets
* Grouping of Non-connected Structures by an Irregular Graph Pyramid
* Head Detection and Localization from Sparse 3D Data
* Hierarchical curve representation
* Hierarchical Interactive Image Segmentation Using Irregular Pyramids
* Hierarchical spatio-temporal extraction of models for moving rigid parts
* Hierarchies Relating Topology and Geometry
* Hierarchy of Partitions with Dual Graph Contraction
* Homological Tree-Based Strategies for Image Analysis
* Image-Based Phenotyping of the Mature Arabidopsis Shoot System
* Impact of Topology-Related Attributes from Local Binary Patterns on Texture Classification
* Improved Coordinate System for Point Correspondences of 2D Articulated Shapes, An
* Integral Trees: Subtree Depth and Diameter
* Invariant Representative Cocycles of Cohomology Generators Using Irregular Graph Pyramids
* Irregular Curve Pyramids
* Irregular Graph Pyramids and Representative Cocycles of Cohomology Generators
* Irregular Pyramid Segmentations with Stochastic Graph Decimation Strategies
* LBP and Irregular Graph Pyramids
* Logarithmic Tapering Graph Pyramid
* Matching 2D and 3D articulated shapes using the eccentricity transform
* Memory-efficient Fingerprint Verification
* Multi-scale 2D tracking of articulated objects using hierarchical spring systems
* Multiresolution Shape Description by Corners
* Object Matching on Irregular Pyramid
* On the search of optimal reconstruction resolution
* Parallel Line Grouping in Irregular Curve Pyramids
* Persistence Based on LBP Scale Space
* Preserving Contours in Dual Pyramids
* Pyramid That Grows by Powers of 2, A
* Receptive fields within the Combinatorial Pyramid framework
* Redundancy Pyramid and Its Application to Segmentation on an Image Sequence, The
* Reeb Graphs Through Local Binary Patterns
* Representations for Cognitive Vision: A Review of Appearance-Based, Spatio-Temporal, and Graph-Based Approaches
* Representing Roots on the Basis of Reeb Graphs in Plant Phenotyping
* Revision of Pyramid Segmentation, A
* Rigid Part Decomposition in a Graph Pyramid
* Robust and efficient analysis of signals and images
* Segmentation of Digital Images Using a Priori Information about the Expected Image Contents
* Semantic Segmentation of Microscopic Images Using a Morphological Hierarchy
* Semi-automatic tracking of markers in facial palsy
* Shape Classification According to LBP Persistence of Critical Points
* Shape Normalizing and Tracking Dancing Worms
* Skeletons in the Framework of Graph Pyramids
* Spatio-Temporal Extraction of Articulated Models in a Graph Pyramid
* Special issue on computer analysis of images and patterns
* Structural Cues in 2D Tracking: Edge Lengths vs. Barycentric Coordinates
* Syntactic Approach to Scale-Space-Based Corner Description, A
* Top-Down Tracking and Estimating 3D Pose of a Die
* Topological Attribute Patterns for texture recognition
* Topology-based image segmentation using LBP pyramids
* Towards higher decimation ratios
* Tracking by Hierarchical Representation of Target Structure
* Tracking Objects beyond Rigid Motion
* Universal Pyramid Segmentation Algorithm, A
* Video Analysis of a Snooker Footage Based on a Kinematic Model
* Video Object Segmentation Using Graphs
* Vision pyramids that do not grow too high
* Visualization methods for neural networks
* When Pyramids Learned Walking
Includes: Kropatsch, W.G.[Walter G.] Kropatsch, W.G.
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Kropfl, J.M. Co Author Listing * Image statistics and data mining of anal intraepithelial neoplasia

Kropfl, M. Co Author Listing * Online Maps and Cloud-Supported Location-Based Services Across a Manifold of Devices
Includes: Kropfl, M. Kröpfl, M. (Maybe also Kroepfl, M.)

Kropidlowski, K.[Karol] Co Author Listing * Blue Whitish Veil, Atypical Vascular Pattern and Regression Structures Detection in Skin Lesions Images
* Model Based Approach for Melanoma Segmentation

Kropotov, D.[Dmitry] Co Author Listing * On Kernel Selection in Relevance Vector Machines Using Stability Principle

Kropp, A. Co Author Listing * Acquiring and Rendering High-Resolution Spherical Mosaics

Kropp, J.P.[Jurgen P.] Co Author Listing * Size Distribution, Scaling Properties and Spatial Organization of Urban Clusters: A Global and Regional Percolation Perspective, The
Includes: Kropp, J.P.[Jurgen P.] Kropp, J.P.[Jürgen P.]

Kroschel, K.[Kristian] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Sensor Selection for Single Target Tracking in Large Video Surveillance Networks
* Multilevel Collision Mitigation Approach: Its Situation Assessment, Decision Making, and Performance Tradeoffs, A
* Noise Adaptive Stream Weighting in Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
* Object- and Task-Oriented Architecture for Automated Video Surveillance in Distributed Sensor Networks, An
* Performance prediction of vehicle detection algorithms
* Robust and Efficient Approach for Human Tracking in Multi-camera Systems, A
* Task-Oriented Object Tracking in Large Distributed Camera Networks
Includes: Kroschel, K.[Kristian] Kroschel, K.
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Krose, B.J.A.[Ben J.A.] Co Author Listing * Approximate Bayesian methods for kernel-based object tracking
* Behavior Analysis for Elderly
* Constrained Mixture Modeling of Intrinsically Low-dimensional Distributions
* Distributed EM Learning for Appearance Based Multi-Camera Tracking
* EM-like algorithm for color-histogram-based object tracking, An
* Heading direction of a mobile robot from the optical flow
* How Are You Doing? Enabling Older Adults to Enrich Sensor Data with Subjective Input
* Hybrid Graphical Model for Robust Feature Extraction from Video, A
* k-segments algorithm for finding principal curves, A
* Learning to Recognize Human Activities Using Soft Labels
* Multimodal Speaker Diarization
* On Matching Interest Regions Using Local Descriptors: Can an Information Theoretic Approach Help?
* Online multicamera tracking with a switching state-space model
* Person re-identification using height-based gait in colour depth camera
* probabilistic model for appearance-based robot localization, A
* RARE: people detection in crowded passages by range image reconstruction
* Relative Camera Localisation in Non-overlapping Camera Networks Using Multiple Trajectories
* smart camera for face recognition, A
* Solving Person Re-identification in Non-overlapping Camera using Efficient Gibbs Sampling
* Structure Description of Visual Information, A
Includes: Krose, B.J.A.[Ben J.A.] Kröse, B.J.A.[Ben J.A.] (Maybe also Kroese, B.J.A.)Kröse, B.J.A. (Maybe also Kroese, B.J.A.)Krose, B.J.A.[Ben J. A.] Krose, B.J.A.
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Krothapalli, U.[Ujwal] Co Author Listing * Predicting User Annoyance Using Visual Attributes

Krotkov, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * 3D Measurements from Imaging Laser Radars: How Good Are They?
* AMBLER: A Hexapod Planatary Rover
* AMBLER: An Autonomous Rover for Planetary Exploration
* Analysis and synthesis of the sounds of impact based on shape-invariant properties of materials
* Computing Range with an Active Camera System
* Depth from Scattering
* Evolution of a Prototype Lunar Rover: Addition of Laser-Based Hazard Detection, and Results from Field Trials in Lunar Analogue Terrain
* Fractal Modeling of Natural Terrain: Analysis and Surface Reconstruction with Range Data
* Fractal surface reconstruction for modeling natural terrain
* Fractal Surface Reconstruction with Uncertainty Estimation: Modeling Natural Terrain
* Mobile Robot Localization Using a Computer Vision Sextant
* Perception, Planning, and Control for Autonomous Walking with the Ambler Planetary Rover
* Performance Evaluation of Neuromorphic-Vision Object Recognition Algorithms
* Position Estimation from Outdoor Visual Landmarks for Teleoperation of Lunar Rovers
* Range From Focus
* Terrain Mapping for a Walking Planetary Rover
Includes: Krotkov, E.[Eric] Krotkov, E.
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Krotkov, E.P. Co Author Listing * Active Computer Vision by Cooperative Focusing and Stereo
* Active Vision for Reliable Ranging: Cooperating Focus, Stereo, and Vergence
* Exploratory Visual Sensing for Determining Spatial Layout with an Agile Stereo Camera System
* Focusing
* Models of Errors and Mistakes in Machine Perception, Part 1. First Results for Computer Vision Range Measurements
* Stereo Ranging with Verging Cameras
* Visual Hyperacuity: Representation and Computation of High Precision Position Information
Includes: Krotkov, E.P. Krotkov, E.P.[Eric P.]
7 for Krotkov, E.P.

Krotosky, S. Co Author Listing * Registration of Multimodal Stereo Images Using Disparity Voting from Correspondence Windows

Krotosky, S.J.[Stephen J.] Co Author Listing * Mutual information based registration of multimodal stereo videos for person tracking
* Occupant posture analysis using reflectance and stereo image for smart airbag deployment
* On Color-, Infrared-, and Multimodal-Stereo Approaches to Pedestrian Detection
* Person Surveillance Using Visual and Infrared Imagery

Krotzsch, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Unitary rotations in two-, three-, and D-dimensional Cartesian data arrays

Krouglicof, N. Co Author Listing * Efficient Camera Calibration Technique Offering Robustness and Accuracy Over a Wide Range of Lens Distortion, An
* Optical position and orientation measurement techniques
Includes: Krouglicof, N. Krouglicof, N.[Nicholas]

Kroupa, R.F.[Richard F.] Co Author Listing * Passive ranging system especially for use with an electro-optical imaging system

Kroupi, E.[Eleni] Co Author Listing * Prediction of asynchronous dimensional emotion ratings from audiovisual and physiological data
* Subject-Independent Odor Pleasantness Classification Using Brain and Peripheral Signals
Includes: Kroupi, E.[Eleni] Kroupi, E.

Kroupis, N. Co Author Listing * Colour quantisation technique based on image decomposition and its embedded system implementation
* Data memory power optimization and performance exploration of embedded systems for implementing motion estimation algorithms
* Power, Performance and Area Exploration of Block Matching Algorithms Mapped on Programmable Processors
* window-based color quantization technique and its embedded implementation, A

Krouse, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Automated Thematic Registration of NOAA, CoastWatch, and AVHRR Images

Krouskop, T.A. Co Author Listing * Effect of Permeability on the Performance of Elastographic Imaging Techniques
* Performance Analysis of a New Real-Time Elastographic Time Constant Estimator

Krout, D.[David] Co Author Listing * algorithm using length-r paths to approximate subgraph isomorphism, An

Krovetz, R. Co Author Listing * CLUE: cluster-based retrieval of images by unsupervised learning

Krovi, V.N.[Venkat N.] Co Author Listing * Combining Skeletal Pose with Local Motion for Human Activity Recognition
* Optimization Based Framework for Human Pose Estimation in Monocular Videos, An

Krozel, J. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Path Prediction For Vehicular Travel

Krozer, V.[Viktor] Co Author Listing * Random bounce algorithm: Real-time image processing for the detection of bats and birds

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