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Ku, B.[Bonhwa] Co Author Listing * Accurate Target Motion Analysis from a Small Measurement Set Using RANSAC
* Combining Infrared and Visible Images Using Novel Transform and Statistical Information
* Image enhancement for extremely low light conditions
* Key Frame Extraction Based on Chaos Theory and Color Information for Video Summarization
* License Plate Detection and Character Segmentation Using Adaptive Binarization Based on Superpixels under Illumination Change
* License Plate Detection Using Local Structure Patterns
* Online Multi-object Tracking Based on Hierarchical Association Framework
* Online multi-object tracking with efficient track drift and fragmentation handling
* Online multi-person tracking with two-stage data association and online appearance model learning
* Robust Dynamic Super Resolution under Inaccurate Motion Estimation
* Side Scan Sonar Image Super Resolution via Region-Selective Sparse Coding
Includes: Ku, B.[Bonhwa] Ku, B.[Bonwha] Ku, B.
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Ku, B.H.[Bon Hwa] Co Author Listing * Crowd Density Estimation Using Multi-class Adaboost
Includes: Ku, B.H.[Bon Hwa] Ku, B.H.[Bon-Hwa]

Ku, B.W.[Bon Woo] Co Author Listing * Efficient Beam-Training Technique for Millimeter-Wave Cellular Communications

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