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Kulpa, K. Co Author Listing * Detection of Moving Targets With Continuous-Wave Noise Radar: Theory and Measurements

Kulpa, K.S. Co Author Listing * Advanced SAR Simulator of Three-Dimensional Structures Combining Geometrical Optics and Full-Wave Electromagnetic Methods, An

Kulpa, R. Co Author Listing * 3D Multistroke Mapping (3DMM): Transfer of Hand-Drawn Pattern Representation for Skeleton-Based Gesture Recognition
* Automatic evaluation of sports motion: A generic computation of spatial and temporal errors
* CuDi3D: Curvilinear displacement based approach for online 3D action detection
* Dynamic Control of Captured Motions to Verify New Constraints
* Dynamic hand gesture recognition based on 3D pattern assembled trajectories
* HIF3D: Handwriting-Inspired Features for 3D skeleton-based action recognition
* Time-series averaging using constrained dynamic time warping with tolerance
* Velocity-Curvature Space Approach for Walking Motions Analysis, A
Includes: Kulpa, R. Kulpa, R.[Richard]
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Kulpa, Z.[Zenon] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Circular Propagation in Discrete Images
* Are Impossible Figures Possible?
* Area and Perimeter Measurement of Blobs in Discrete Binary Pictures
* Freeman Digitization of Integer Circles Minimizes the Radial Error
* More About Areas and Perimeters of Quantized Objects
* Note On Circle Generator for Display Devices, A
* On the Properties of Discrete Circles, Rings, and Disks
Includes: Kulpa, Z.[Zenon] Kulpa, Z.
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