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Kun, Q.[Qian] Co Author Listing * Nonuniformity correction for an infrared focal plane array based on diamond search block matching

Kun, S.[Sun] Co Author Listing * Computer Aided Reconstruction and Motion Analysis of 3D Mitral Annulus
* Segmentation in Echocardiographic Sequences Using Shape-Based Snake Model
* Total Variation-Based Speckle Reduction Using Multi-grid Algorithm for Ultrasound Images

Kun, W.[Wang] Co Author Listing * Natural Image Matting with Non-Negative Matrix Factorization

Kun, Z.K. Co Author Listing * Multi-Spectral Imaging Filters

Kunaraj, K. Co Author Listing * Implementation of computation-reduced DCT using a novel method

Kunchev, R. Co Author Listing * Three Dimensional Computer Vision for Computer Design and Manufacturing Applications

Kuncheva, L.I.[Ludmila I.] Co Author Listing * email: Kuncheva, L.I.[Ludmila I.]: l i kuncheva AT bangor ac uk
* Adaptive Learning Rate for Online Linear Discriminant Classifiers
* case-study on naive labelling for the nearest mean and the linear discriminant classifiers, A
* Combining Online Classification Approaches for Changing Environments
* critical comment on the paper designing of classification procedures with the use of equality and difference operators, A
* Decision templates for multiple classifier fusion: An Experimental Comparison
* Error-Dependency Relationships for the Naďve Bayes Classifier with Binary Features
* Evaluation Measure of Image Segmentation Based on Object Centres, An
* Evaluation of Stability of k-Means Cluster Ensembles with Respect to Random Initialization
* Experimental investigation on editing for the k-NN rule through a genetic algorithm
* Fitness Functions in Editing K-NN Reference Set by Genetic Algorithms
* Generating classifier outputs of fixed accuracy and diversity
* Is Independence Good for Combining Classifiers?
* Learn++.MF: A random subspace approach for the missing feature problem
* Limits on the Majority Vote Accuracy in Classifier Fusion
* Linear Discriminant Classifier (LDC) for Streaming Data with Concept Drift
* Measures of Diversity in Classifier Ensembles and Their Relationship with the Ensemble Accuracy
* Naive random subspace ensemble with linear classifiers for real-time classification of fMRI data
* Nearest neighbor classifier: Simultaneous editing and feature selection
* Occlusion Handling via Random Subspace Classifiers for Human Detection
* On feature selection via rough sets
* On Optimum Thresholding of Multivariate Change Detectors
* On the optimality of Naďve Bayes with dependent binary features
* On-Line fMRI Data Classification Using Linear and Ensemble Classifiers
* PCA feature extraction for change detection in multidimensional unlabelled streaming data
* Random Subspace Ensembles for fMRI Classification
* RBF Network with Tunable Function Shape, An
* Restricted set classification: Who is there?
* ROC curves and video analysis optimization in intestinal capsule endoscopy
* Rotation Forest: A New Classifier Ensemble Method
* spatial discrepancy measure between voxel sets in brain imaging, A
* Switching between selection and fusion in combining classifiers: An Experiment
* Theoretical Study on Six Classifier Fusion Strategies, A
* two-level classification scheme trained by a fuzzy neural network, A
* Using diversity measures for generating error-correcting output codes in classifier ensembles
* Who Is Missing? A New Pattern Recognition Puzzle
Includes: Kuncheva, L.I.[Ludmila I.] Kuncheva, L.I. Kuncheva, L.I.[Ludmilla I.]
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Kunda, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Utilization of Variable Duration Information in HMM Based HWR Systems

Kunda, M.[Maithilee] Co Author Listing * Fractals and Ravens
* Object is Worth Six Thousand Pictures: The Egocentric, Manual, Multi-image (EMMI) Dataset, An

Kunde, G.J. Co Author Listing * Combining multiple visual processing streams for locating and classifying objects in video

Kundegorski, M.E. Co Author Listing * Transfer learning using convolutional neural networks for object classification within X-ray baggage security imagery

Kundel, H. Co Author Listing * Model Driven Visualization of Coronary Arteries

Kundel, H.L. Co Author Listing * Enhancing Recognition of Lesions in Radiographic Images Using Perceptual Feedback
* perception of breast cancers: A spatial frequency analysis of what differentiates missed from reported cancers, The

Kundra, H.[Harsh] Co Author Listing * Face as an index: Knowing who is who using a PDA
* PDA-based face recognition system, A

Kundu, A.[Amlan] Co Author Listing * email: Kundu, A.[Amlan]: akundu AT advtech uswest com
* 2-D Shape Classification Using Hidden Markov Model
* Alternatives to Variable Duration HMM in Handwriting Recognition
* Application of Two-Dimensional Generalized Mean Filtering for Removal of Impulse Noises from Images
* Arabic Handwriting Recognition Using Variable Duration HMM
* Automatic Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Using Hidden Markov Model
* Combination Median Filter
* complement to variable duration hidden Markov model in handwritten word recognition, A
* Enhancement of JPEG coded images by adaptive spatial filtering
* Feature Space Optimization for Semantic Video Segmentation
* Joint Semantic Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction from Monocular Video
* Machine reading of handwritten text information in field technician's maps
* Motion Estimation by Image Content Matching and Application to Video Processing
* New Algorithm for Image Edge Extraction Using a Statistical Classifier Approach, A
* Off-line handwritten word recognition (HWR) using a single contextual hidden Markov model
* Off-Line Handwritten Word Recognition Using a Hidden Markov Model Type Stochastic Network
* Off-line handwritten word recognition using HMM with adaptive length Viterbi algorithm
* On optimal order in modeling sequence of letters in words of common language as a Markov chain
* Planar Shape Classification Using Hidden Markov Model
* Quantization Approach to Image Segmentation, A
* Realtime motion segmentation based multibody visual SLAM
* Realtime multibody visual SLAM with a smoothly moving monocular camera
* Recognition of Handwritten Words: First and Second Order Hidden Markov Model Based Approach
* Recognizing conic shape: a nonlinear iterative approach
* Robust edge detection
* Robust Edge Detection
* Rotation and gray scale transform invariant texture identification using wavelet decomposition and hidden Markov model
* Texture Classification Using QMF Bank-Based Subband Decomposition
* Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Using Multichannel Decomposition and Hidden Markov-Models
* Variable Duration Hidden Markov Model and Morphological Segmentation for Handwritten Word Recognition
Includes: Kundu, A.[Amlan] Kundu, A. Kundu, A.[Abhijit]
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Kundu, D.[Debapriya] Co Author Listing * Finding Shortest Isothetic Path Inside a 3D Digital Object
* Full-reference visual quality assessment for synthetic images: A subjective study
* Large-Scale Crowdsourced Study for Tone-Mapped HDR Pictures
* No-Reference Quality Assessment of Tone-Mapped HDR Pictures
* Perceptual quality evaluation of synthetic pictures distorted by compression and transmission
* Visual attention guided quality assessment of Tone-Mapped images using scene statistics
Includes: Kundu, D.[Debapriya] Kundu, D.[Debarati] Kundu, D.

Kundu, K.[Kaustav] Co Author Listing * Annotating Object Instances with a Polygon-RNN
* Exploiting Semantic Information and Deep Matching for Optical Flow
* Monocular 3D Object Detection for Autonomous Driving
* Rent3D: Floor-plan priors for monocular layout estimation

Kundu, M.[Mahantapas] Co Author Listing * benchmark image database of isolated Bangla handwritten compound characters, A
* CMATERdb1: A database of unconstrained handwritten Bangla and Bangla-English mixed script document image
* Handwritten Bangla character recognition using a soft computing paradigm embedded in two pass approach
* Handwritten isolated Bangla compound character recognition: A new benchmark using a novel deep learning approach
* hierarchical approach to recognition of handwritten Bangla characters, A
* Knowledge-based ECG interpretation: a critical review
* multi-scale deep quad tree based feature extraction method for the recognition of isolated handwritten characters of popular indic scripts, A
* novel framework for automatic sorting of postal documents with multi-script address blocks, A
* PDP-RF: Protein Domain Boundary Prediction Using Random Forest Classifier
* Prediction of Thyroid Cancer Genes Using an Ensemble of Post Translational Modification, Semantic and Structural Similarity Based Clustering Results
* Recognition of Numeric Postal Codes from Multi-script Postal Address Blocks
* Self-adaptive RBF Neural Networks for Face Recognition
* Suppression of non-text components in handwritten document images
* Text line extraction from multi-skewed handwritten documents
Includes: Kundu, M.[Mahantapas] Kundu, M.
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Kundu, M.K.[Malay K.] Co Author Listing * adaptive approach to unsupervised texture segmentation using M-Band wavelet transform, An
* Adaptive Basis Selection for Multi Texture Segmentation by M-Band Wavelet Packet Frames
* Automatic Selection of Object Enhancement Operator with Quantitative Justification Based on Fuzzy Set Theoretic Measures
* Blind CDMA Image Watermarking Scheme in Wavelet Domain, A
* Content Based Image Retrieval: Related Issues Using Euler Vector
* Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Wavelet Packets and Fuzzy Spatial Relations
* Corner detection using support vector machines
* Determination Of Minutiae Scores For Fingerprint Image Applications
* Document image segmentation using wavelet scale-space features
* Edge Based Features for Content Based Image Retrieval
* Efficient Foreground Extraction From HEVC Compressed Video for Application to Real-Time Analysis of Surveillance Big Data
* efficient radiographic Image Retrieval system using Convolutional Neural Network, An
* Euler vector for search and retrieval of gray-tone images
* Extraction of features using M-band wavelet packet frame and their neuro-fuzzy evaluation for multitexture segmentation
* Fusion of multimodality Medical Images using combined Activity Level Measurement and Contourlet Transform
* Generalised Digital Contour Coding Scheme, A
* Image Retrieval Using Fuzzy Relevance Feedback and Validation with MPEG-7 Content Descriptors
* image watermarking scheme using HVS characteristics and spread transform, An
* Lossless ROI Medical Image Watermarking Technique with Enhanced Security and High Payload Embedding
* Method of compressing an image
* Multiscale Morphologic Edge Detector, A
* Multiscale Segmentation of Document Images Using M-Band Wavelets
* Noisy Fingerprints Classification with Directional FFT Based Features Using MLP
* Note on Grey Level-Intensity Transformation: Effect on HVS Thresholding, A
* Novel CBIR system based on Ripplet Transform using interactive Neuro-Fuzzy technique
* On-chip Computation of Euler Number of a Binary Image for Efficient Database Search
* Parallel Greytone Thinning Algorithm, A
* Quantization Based Data Hiding Scheme for Efficient Quality Access Control of Images Using DWT via Lifting
* Ripplet Transform Based Statistical Framework for Natural Color Image Retrieval, A
* Robust Background Subtraction for Network Surveillance in H.264 Streaming Video
* Robust SS watermarking with improved capacity
* Segmentation of remotely sensed images using wavelet features and their evaluation in soft computing framework
* Technique for Fractal Image Compression Using Genetic Algorithm
* technique for image magnification using partitioned iterative function system, A
* Thresholding for Edge Detection Using Human Psychovisual Phenomena
* Two Texture Segmentation Using M-band Wavelet Transform
* Wavelet-based texture segmentation of remotely sensed images
Includes: Kundu, M.K.[Malay K.] Kundu, M.K. Kundu, M.K.[Malay Kumar]
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Kundu, P. Co Author Listing * Detection and Gradation of Oriented Texture
* Fuzzy Geometric Feature-Based Texture Classification
* Improved Fractal Geometry Based Texture Segmentation Technique
* Optimum Circular Fit to Weighted Data in Multi-Dimensional Space

Kundu, P.K. Co Author Listing * OCR error correction of an Inflectional Indian language using morphological parsing

Kundu, P.P.[Partha Pratim] Co Author Listing * Multi-objective Evolutionary Feature Selection

Kundu, S.[Sukhamay] Co Author Listing * better fitness measure of a text-document for a given set of keywords, A
* class of linear maps for error corrective dimensionality reduction of binary templates, A
* Conflating two polygonal lines
* Equivalence of the Subregion Representation and the Wall Representation for a Certain Class of Rectangular Dissections, The
* Fuzzy-rough community in social networks
* Gravitational clustering: a new approach based on the spatial distribution of the points
* L1-fusion: Robust linear-time image recovery from few severely corrupted copies
* Linear Mapping Technique for Optimizing Binary Templates in Noise-Free Pattern Matching, A
* New O(Nlogn) Algorithm for Computing the Intersection of Convex Polygons, A
* O(kN.log N) algorithm for decomposing a set of polygons into d-separable components, An
* On a Class of Linear Maps for Data Compression
* Solution to Histogram-Equalization and Other Related Problems by Shortest-Path Methods, A
* Spatially Informative Optic Flow Model of Bee Colony With Saccadic Flight Strategy for Global Optimization, A
Includes: Kundu, S.[Sukhamay] Kundu, S.[Shovonlal] Kundu, S.[Suman] Kundu, S.[Sandipan] Kundu, S.
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Kundu, S.J. Co Author Listing * Elastic face, an anatomy-based biometrics beyond visible cue

Kundu, S.S. Co Author Listing * Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services

Kundur, D. Co Author Listing * Analysis and design of watermarking algorithms for improved resistance to compression
* Attack Characterization for Effective Watermarking
* Blind Image Deconvolution
* Blind Image Deconvolution Revisited
* Compressive Data Hiding: An Unconventional Approach for Improved Color Image Coding
* Content-dependent Spatially Localized Video Watermark for Resistance to Collusion and Interpolation Attacks, A
* Digital watermarking for telltale tamper proofing and authentication
* Dual Domain Watermarking for Authentication and Compression of Cultural Heritage Images
* Energy Allocation for High-capacity Watermarking in the Presence of Compression
* Event-Driven Visual Sensor Networks: Issues in Reliability
* Novel Approach to Robust Blind Classification of Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Novel Blind Deconvolution Scheme for Image Restoration Using Recursive Filtering, A
* On privacy and security in distributed visual sensor networks
* On the Global Asymptotic Stability of the NAS-RIF Algorithm for Blind Image Restoration
* Robust Classification of Blurred Imagery
* Robust Digital Image Watermarking Scheme Using Wavelet Based Fusion, A
* Robust Digital Watermarking in the Ridgelet Domain
* Security and Privacy for Distributed Multimedia Sensor Networks
* Towards a telltale watermarking technique for tamper-proofing
Includes: Kundur, D. Kundur, D.[Deepa]
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Kundur, S.R.[Sridhar R.] Co Author Listing * Active vision-based control schemes for autonomous navigation tasks
* Image Based Visual Motion Cue for Autonomous Navigation, An
* Image-Based Visual Threat Cue for Autonomous Navigation, An
* Novel Active Vision-Based Visual Threat Cue for Autonomous Navigation Tasks
* Vision-Based Fuzzy Controllers for Navigation Tasks
* Vision-Based Pragmatic Strategy for Autonomous Navigation, A

Kunegis, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Alternative similarity functions for graph kernels

Kuner, P. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition by Graph Matching Combinatorial Versus Continuous Optimization

Kunert, M. Co Author Listing * Hardware acceleration of Maximum-Likelihood angle estimation for automotive MIMO radars

Kung, C.S. Co Author Listing * Simple Processor Core Design for DCT/IDCT, A

Kung, F.K.[Fu K.] Co Author Listing * Industrial part recognition using a component-index

Kung, H.T. Co Author Listing * BranchyNet: Fast inference via early exiting from deep neural networks
* Deep Sparse-coded Network (DSN)
* Lambda means clustering: Automatic parameter search and distributed computing implementation
* Sparse Coding Trees with application to emotion classification
* Synchronizing Large VLSI Processor Arrays
* Systolic Algorithms for the CMU Warp Processor
* Two-Level Pipelined Systolic Array for Multidimensional Convolution
* Warp Computer: Architecture, Implementation and Performance, The
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Kung, L.S. Co Author Listing * procedure of reading mechanical engineering drawings for CAD applications, A

Kung, M.C.[Man Cheung] Co Author Listing * Highly Parallel Rate-Distortion Optimized Intra-Mode Decision on Multicore Graphics Processors
* Parallel rate-distortion optimized intra mode decision on multi-core graphics processors using greedy-based encoding orders
* Video Coding on Multicore Graphics Processors
Includes: Kung, M.C.[Man Cheung] Kung, M.C.[Man-Cheung]

Kung, N.[Nina] Co Author Listing * Grayscale image connected components segmentation

Kung, S. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Resource Allocation Via Video Content and Short-term Traffic Statistics

Kung, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Analytical model of a three-dimensional integral image recording system that uses circular- and hexagonal-based spherical surface microlenses
* Applications of Artificial Neural Networks to Image Processing
* Biomedical Imaging
* Cluster-Dependent Feature Transformation for Telephone-Based Speaker Verification
* Decision-based neural network for face recognition system
* Face Recognition/Detection by Probabilistic Decision-Based Neural-Network
* Fast Rate-Optimized Motion Estimation Algorithm for Low-Bit-Rate Video Coding, A
* Feature Tracking Algorithm Using Neighborhood Relaxation with Multi-Candidate Pre-Screening, A
* Feature-based registration of confocal fluorescence endomicroscopy images
* Hidden Markov Models For Character Recognition
* Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion Based on Local Low Rank and Coupled Spectral Unmixing
* Image Restoration via Multi-prior Collaboration
* Linear Systolic Array for Real Time Morphological Image Processing, A
* Maximum Likelihood and Maximum a Posteriori Adaptation for Distributed Speaker Recognition Systems
* Multi-level pixel difference classification methods
* Neural network for locating and recognizing a deformable object
* object recognition system using stochastic knowledge source and VLSI parallel architecture, An
* Object-Based Scene Segmentation Combining Motion and Image Cues
* On Two-Dimensional Markov Spectral Estimation
* Principal Component Clustering Approach to Object Oriented Motion Segmentation and Estimation, A
* Probabilistic DBNN via expectation-maximization with multi-sensor classification applications
* Quantification and Segmentation of Brain Tissues from MR-Images: A Probabilistic Neural Network Approach
* Quantitative-Analysis of MR Brain Image Sequences by Adaptive Self-Organizing Finite Mixtures
* Special Section on Computational Intelligence in Image Processing
* SVD approach to multi-camera-multi-target 3-D motion-shape analysis, An
* Video shot classification using human faces
* Viewpoint-independent hand gesture recognition with Kinect
Includes: Kung, S.Y. Kung, S.Y.[Sun-Yuan]
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Kung, W.Y. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Multihypothesis Motion Compensated Prediction (MHMCP) for Robust Visual Communication
* Error resilience analysis of multi-hypothesis motion compensated prediction for video coding
* Packet video transmission over wireless channels with adaptive channel rate allocation
* Spatial and Temporal Error Concealment Techniques for Video Transmission Over Noisy Channels
Includes: Kung, W.Y. Kung, W.Y.[Wei-Ying]

Kuni, A.[Asahiro] Co Author Listing * Method of inspecting pattern and apparatus thereof with a differential brightness image detection

Kunieda, H. Co Author Listing * Bits Truncation Adaptive Pyramid Algorithm for Motion Estimation of MPEG2
* Dedicated Design of Motion Estimator with Bits Truncation Fast Algorithm
* Hybrid Minutiae Descriptor for Narrow Fingerprint Verification
* Narrow Fingerprint Template Synthesis by Clustering Minutiae Descriptors
* Orientation Field Estimation for Embedded Fingerprint Authentication System
* Practical Orientation Field Estimation for Embedded Fingerprint Recognition Systems
Includes: Kunieda, H. Kunieda, H.[Hiroaki]

Kunieda, T.[Takayuki] Co Author Listing * Image retrieval using spatial intensity features

Kunigami, G.[Guilherme] Co Author Listing * Generating optimal drawings of physically realizable symbol maps with integer programming

Kunihiro, M.[Mamoru] Co Author Listing * Film Comic Reflecting Camera-Works

Kunihisa, M. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Kidney by Using a Deformable Model

Kunii, T.L.[Tosiyasu L.] Co Author Listing * Definition of Neighborhood of a Region for Picture Processing, A
* G-Quadtree: A Hierarchical Representation of Gray-Scale Digital Images
* Hierarchical Method of Recognizing Plant Species by Leaf Shapes, A
* Model-Based Analysis of Hand Posture
* Pictorial Data-Base Systems
* Recognizing Plant Species by Leaf Shapes: A Case Study of the Acer Family
* Relational Data Base Schema for Describing Complex Pictures with Color and Texture, A
* Top-Down Construction of 3-D Mechanical Object Shapes from Engineering Drawings
* Topology Matching for Fully Automatic Similarity Estimation of 3D Shapes
* Unconstrained Automatic Image Matching Using Multiresolutional Critical Point Filters
Includes: Kunii, T.L.[Tosiyasu L.] Kunii, T.L.
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Kunii, Y. Co Author Listing * 3d Modeling Of Components Of A Garden By Using Point Cloud Data
* Acquisition Of 3d Information For Vanished Structure By Using Only An Ancient Picture
* Drawing and Landscape Simulation for Japanese Garden by Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Kunimoto, T. Co Author Listing * ARMA digital filter design method for audio and musical purposes

Kunin, M. Co Author Listing * Demonstration of a Remote Optical Measurement Configuration That Correlates With Breathing, Heart Rate, Pulse Pressure, Blood Coagulation, and Blood Oxygenation

Kunisaki, O. Co Author Listing * Document Understanding System Incorporating with Character Recognition, A

Kunisch, K.[Karl] Co Author Listing * Bilevel Optimization Approach for Parameter Learning in Variational Models, A
* On Infimal Convolution of TV-Type Functionals and Applications to Video and Image Reconstruction
* Robust L1 Approaches to Computing the Geometric Median and Principal and Independent Components
* Semismooth Newton Method for L^1 Data Fitting with Automatic Choice of Regularization Parameters and Noise Calibration, A
* Total Generalized Variation
* Tube Methods for BV Regularization
Includes: Kunisch, K.[Karl] Kunisch, K.

Kunishige, Y.[Yasuhiro] Co Author Listing * Keypoint-Based Approach toward Scenery Character Detection, A
* Scenery Character Detection with Environmental Context

Kunita, Y. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Rendering System of Moving Objects

Kunitake, S.[Setsu] Co Author Listing * Moving picture scene detection system

Kuniyoshi, Y.[Yasuo] Co Author Listing * AI Goggles: Real-time Description and Retrieval in the Real World with Online Learning
* Calibration of a Foveated Wide Angle Lens on an Active Vision Head
* Causal Flow
* Dense Sampling Low-Level Statistics of Local Features
* Detecting and Tracking Human Face and Eye using Space-Varying Sensor and an Active Vision Head
* Discriminative spatial pyramid
* Efficient Shape Matching using Vector Extrapolation
* Elastic Net Constraints for Shape Matching
* Evaluation of dimensionality reduction methods for image auto-annotation
* Global Gaussian approach for scene categorization using information geometry
* Improving image similarity measures for image browsing and retrieval through latent space learning between images and long texts
* Improving Local Descriptors by Embedding Global and Local Spatial Information
* Indexicality and dynamic attention control in qualitative recognition of assembly actions
* Learning by Watching: Extracting Reusable Task Knowledge from Visual Observation of Human Performance
* Partial Matching For Real Textured 3d Objects Using Color Cubic Higher-Order Local Auto-Correlation Features
* Partial matching of real textured 3D objects using color cubic higher-order local auto-correlation features
* Qualitative Recognition of Ongoing Human Action Sequences
* Scale and rotation invariant color features for weakly-supervised object Learning in 3D space
* Scene Classification Using Generalized Local Correlation
* Velocity And Disparity Cues For Robust Real-Time Binocular Tracking
Includes: Kuniyoshi, Y.[Yasuo] Kuniyoshi, Y.
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Kunkee, D. Co Author Listing * Foreword to the Special Issue on Radio Frequency Interference: Identification, Mitigation, and Impact Assessment
* Stabilization of the Brightness Temperature of a Calibration Warm Load for Spaceborne Microwave Radiometers

Kunkel, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * Conception and Implementation of an OGC-Compliant Sensor Observation Service for a Standardized Access to Raster Data
* Q-SOS: A Sensor Observation Service for Accessing Quality Descriptions of Environmental Data

Kunkel, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * neurophysiology-inspired steady-state color appearance model, A

Kunnasranta, M.[Mervi] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Saimaa Ringed Seals for Identification Purposes

Kunnemeyer, R. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Hadamard imaging and compressed sensing for low resolution hyperspectral imaging
* Computer vision and image processing at the University of Waikato

Kuno, S.[So] Co Author Listing * Assisting system of visually impaired in touch panel operation using stereo camera

Kuno, Y.[Yoshinori] Co Author Listing * 3D human interface apparatus using motion recognition based on dynamic image processing
* Animal body identifying device and body identifying system
* Automated Detection of Human for Visual Surveillance System
* Combination of active sensing and sensor fusion for collision avoidance in mobile robots
* Designing robot eyes for gaze communication
* Detecting Persons on Changing Background
* Display monitoring system for detecting and tracking an intruder in a monitor area
* Efficient Hypothesis Generation through Sub-categorization for Multiple Object Detection
* Empirical Framework to Control Human Attention by Robot, An
* Evaluating freshness of produce using transfer learning
* Geometric and Photometric Analysis for Interactively Recognizing Multicolor or Partially Occluded Objects
* Hand Gesture Estimation and Model Refinement Using Monocular Camera: Ambiguity Limitation by Inequality Constraints
* Hand Posture Estimation by Combining 2-d Appearance-based and 3-d Model-based Approaches
* Helping Computer Vision by Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
* Human-robot eye contact through observations and actions
* Hybrid Model for Multiple Object Category Detection and Localization, A
* Improving Recognition through Object Sub-categorization
* Integrated Method for Multiple Object Detection and Localization, An
* Integration of Multiple Methods for Class and Specific Object Recognition
* Intelligent Wheelchair Looking at Its User
* Intelligent Wheelchair Remotely Controlled by Interactive Gestures
* Interactive Object Recognition through Hypothesis Generation and Confirmation
* Manipulative Hand Gesture Recognition Using Task Knowledge for Human Computer Interaction
* Material Information Acquisition Using a ToF Range Sensor for Interactive Object Recognition
* Method and apparatus for identifying individuals
* Mobile care robot accepting requests through nonverbal interaction
* Motion Analysis of Traditional Dances and Its Applications
* Multi-view Head Detection and Tracking with Long Range Capability for Social Navigation Planning
* Multimodal Dance Training System based on Motion Analysis
* Multiple Object Category Detection and Localization Using Generative and Discriminative Models
* Multiple Object Tracking System with Three Level Continuous Processes
* Multiple Robotic Wheelchair System Considering Group Communication
* Object Detection and Localization in Clutter Range Images Using Edge Features
* Object Material Classification by Surface Reflection Analysis with a Time-of-Flight Range Sensor
* Object pose estimation using category information from a single image
* Object Recognition for Service Robots through Verbal Interaction about Multiple Attribute Information
* Object Recognition for Service Robots through Verbal Interaction Based on Ontology
* Object recognition in service robots: Conducting verbal interaction on color and spatial relationship
* Object Recognition Using a Feature Search Strategy Generated from a 3-D Model
* Object Recognition Using Multiple View Invariance Based on Complex Features
* Object Tracking in Cluttered Background Based on Optical Flow and Edges
* Real-Time Surveillance System Detecting Persons in Complex Scenes
* Recognition of Household Objects by Service Robots Through Interactive and Autonomous Methods
* Recognition of Plain Objects Using Local Region Matching
* Recognition of shape-changing hand gestures based on switching linear model
* Robot vision using a feature search strategy generated from a 3D object model
* Robotic wheelchair observing its inside and outside
* Robust Heart Rate Measurement from Video Using Select Random Patches
* Robust Structure from Motion using Motion Parallax
* Situation-driven control of a robotic wheelchair to follow a caregiver
* Spatial-based Approach for Groups of Objects, A
* Special Section on Machine Vision Applications
* Specific and Class Object Recognition for Service Robots through Autonomous and Interactive Methods
* Sub-Category Optimization for Multi-view Multi-pose Object Detection
* Sub-Category Optimization through Cluster Performance Analysis for Multi-View Multi-Pose Object Detection
* Supporting Human-Robot Interaction Based on the Level of Visual Focus of Attention
* Surveillance system based on spatio-temporal information
* System for identifying individuals
* Towards Estimating Heart Rates from Video Under Low Light
* Tracking a robot and visitors in a museum using sensor poles
* Two-hand gesture recognition using coupled switching linear model
* Understanding inexplicit utterances using vision for helper robots
* Use of Spatial Reference Systems in Interactive Object Recognition
* Vision Processor System for Moving-Object Analysis
* Wide Field of View Kinect Undistortion for Social Navigation Implementation
Includes: Kuno, Y.[Yoshinori] Kuno, Y.[Yuji] Kuno, Y.
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Kunoth, A. Co Author Listing * Robust Regression of Scattered Data With Adaptive Spline-Wavelets

Kunsberg, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * differential geometry of shape from shading: Biology reveals curvature structure, The
* How Shading Constrains Surface Patches without Knowledge of Light Sources

Kunstner, M. Co Author Listing * Power aware HEVC streaming for mobile

Kunt, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * email: Kunt, M.[Murat]: murat kunt AT epfl ch
* Advanced imaging systems curricula at EPFL
* Block Coding of Graphics: A Tutorial Review
* Cascade of descriptors to detect and track objects across any network of cameras
* Characterization of Human Visual Sensitivity for Video Imaging Applications
* Comments on Dialogue, A Series of Articles Generated by the Paper Entitled Ignorance, Myopia, and Naivete in Computer Vision
* Content-based Retrieval from Image Databases: Current Solutions and Future Directions
* Contour Simplification and Motion Compensated Coding
* Contour Simplification and Motion Compensation for Very Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
* Dynamic Approach To Visual Data-Compression
* Dynamic Coding of Visual Information
* Dynamic Video Coding: An Overview
* Embedded zerotree based lossless image coding
* High Compression Image Coding via Directional Filtering
* High Compression Image-Coding Using An Adaptive Morphological Subband Decomposition
* High-performance compression of visual information: A tutorial review. I. Still pictures
* High-Quality Visual Experience: Creation, Processing and Interactivity of High-Resolution and High-Dimensional Video Signals
* Image Coding Scheme Based on Perceptually Classified Vector Quantization for High Compression Ratios, An
* Image compression by Gabor expansion
* Image sequence coding using oriented edges
* Integer wavelet transform for embedded lossy to lossless image compression
* Intrusion Detection Using Extraction of Moving Edges
* master-slave approach for object detection and matching with fixed and mobile cameras, A
* Morphological contour coding using structuring functions optimized by genetic algorithms
* Morphological Segmentation Applied to Displaced Frame Difference Coding
* Morphological Shape Representation for Very Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
* Morphological shape representation of segmented images based on temporally modeled motion vectors
* Motion Compensated Generic Coding of Video Based on Multiresolution Data Structure
* Motion rendition quality metric for MPEG coded video
* Multi-Spectral Based Cell Segmentation and Analysis
* Nested-multilevel Redundancy Exploitation for Fast Block Matching, A
* new plant cell image segmentation algorithm, A
* New Results and Measurements Related to Some Tasks in Object-Oriented Dynamic Image-Coding Using GNN Universal Chips
* Object Detection and Matching with Mobile Cameras Collaborating with Fixed Cameras
* Object Tracking Based on Motion and Shape Information
* Performance comparison of masking models based on a new psychovisual test method with natural scenery stimuli
* Progress in High Compression Image Coding
* Progressive Content-Based Shape Compression for Retrieval of Binary Images
* Quality Assessment of Motion Rendition in Video Coding
* Rank-order polynomial subband decomposition for medical image compression
* Second-Generation Image Coding Techniques
* Spatiotemporal Segmentation Based on Region Merging
* statistical adaptive block-matching motion estimation, A
* Subband Image Coding Using Jointly Localized Filter Banks and Entropy Coding Based on Vector Quantization
* Very Low Bit-Rate Video Coding Using Multi-Criterion Segmentation
* Very low bit-rate video coding with DFD segmentation
* Very Low Bitrate Video Coding Using Morphological Segmentation and Contour/Texture Motion Compensation
* Video Coding: The Second Generation Approach
* Video Segmentation Based on Multiple Features for Interactive Multimedia Applications
* Visual Data Compression for Multimedia Applications
* Visually improved image compression by combining a conventional wavelet-codec with texture modeling
* Wavelet-Based Color Image Compression: Exploiting the Contrast Sensitivity Function
* What MPEG-4 means to me
Includes: Kunt, M.[Murat] Kunt, M.
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Kunt, M.R. Co Author Listing * Visual Communications and Image Processing '90

Kunter, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Extending H.264/AVC with a background sprite prediction mode
* Low Bit-Rate Object-based Multi-view Video Coding using MVC
* Object-Based Multiple Sprite Coding of Unsegmented Videos using H.264/AVC
* Robust concealment for erroneous block bursts in stereoscopic images
* Stereoscopic 3D from 2D video with super-resolution capability
* Super-Resolution Stereo- and Multi-View Synthesis from Monocular Video Sequences
* Three-Dimensional Video Postproduction and Processing
* Windowed Image Registration for Robust Mosaicing of Scenes with Large Background Occlusions
Includes: Kunter, M.[Matthias] Kunter, M.
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Kuntjoro, D.[Dwi] Co Author Listing * Towards an Operational SAR-Based Rice Monitoring System in Asia: Examples from 13 Demonstration Sites across Asia in the RIICE Project

Kunttu, I.[Iivari] Co Author Listing * Binary Co-occurrence Matrix in Image Database Indexing
* Classification method for colored natural textures using gabor filtering
* Classification of Natural Images Using Supervised and Unsupervised Classifier Combinations
* Classification of Non-Homogenous Images Using Classification Probability Vector
* Classification of non-homogenous texture images by combining classifiers
* Color Fourier Descriptor for Defect Image Retrieval
* Color-Based Classification of Natural Rock Images Using Classifier Combinations
* Effect of Motion Blur and Signal Noise on Image Quality in Low Light Imaging, The
* Enhanced Fourier Shape Descriptor Using Zero-Padding
* feature-based object tracking approach for realtime image processing on mobile devices, A
* Fourier-Based Object Description in Defect Image Retrieval
* Grain Size Measurement of Crystalline Products Using Maximum Difference Method
* Multiresolution Texture Analysis of Surface Reflection Images
* Multiscale fourier descriptor for shape classification
* Multiscale fourier descriptor for shape-based image retrieval
* Multiscale Fourier descriptors for defect image retrieval
* Real-Time Detection of Landscape Scenes
* Red eye detection using color and shape
* Rock image classification based on k-nearest neighbour voting
* Shape-based retrieval of industrial surface defects using angular radius Fourier descriptor
Includes: Kunttu, I.[Iivari] Kunttu, I.
20 for Kunttu, I.

Kuntz, S.[Steffen] Co Author Listing * Use of LUCAS LC Point Database for Validating Country-Scale Land Cover Maps

Kuntze, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Theoretical and Experimental Comparison of the EM and SEM Algorithm, A

Kuntze, G. Co Author Listing * Rigorous Geometric Self-Calibrating Bundle Adjustment for a Dual Fluoroscopic Imaging System
* Toward an Automatic Calibration of Dual Fluoroscopy Imaging Systems
Includes: Kuntze, G. Kuntze, G.[Gregor]

Kuntzsch, C. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Analysis of a Low-Cost Platform for Positioning and Navigation

Kunwar, F.[Faraz] Co Author Listing * Cellular automata based real time path planning for mobile robots
* Rendezvous-Guidance Trajectory Planning for Robotic Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance and Interception
Includes: Kunwar, F.[Faraz] Kunwar, F.

Kunwar, R.[Rituraj] Co Author Listing * Online Handwriting Recognition of Tamil Script Using Fractal Geometry
* Online Handwritten Kannada Word Recognizer with Unrestricted Vocabulary
* Semi-supervised Online Bayesian Network Learner for Handwritten Characters Recognition
* Semi-supervised Online Learning of Handwritten Characters Using a Bayesian Classifier

Kunwar, S.[Saket] Co Author Listing * Segmentation and Classification of Nepal Earthquake Induced Landslides Using Sentinel-1 Product

Kuny, S. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Suitability of Simulated SAR Signatures of Debris for the Usage In Damage Detection

Kunyansky, L.A.[Leonid A.] Co Author Listing * Dissipative Time Reversal Technique for Photoacoustic Tomography in a Cavity, A

Kunz, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * interactive whiteboard for immersive telecollaboration, An
* Planning redirection techniques for optimal free walking experience using model predictive control
* Where are you going? Using human locomotion models for target estimation
Includes: Kunz, A.[Andreas] Kunz, A.

Kunz, C.[Clayton] Co Author Listing * Flat Refractive Geometry

Kunz, D. Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Spectral Magnitude Estimation Filters for Noise Reduction and Image Enhancement
* Blur Identification Using a Spectral Inertia Tensor and Spectral Zeros
* lapped directional transform for spectral image analysis and its application to restoration and enhancement, A
* Multiscale Linear/Median Hybrid Filters for Noise Reduction in Low Dose X-Ray Images
* Orientation-Selective Orthogonal Lapped Transform, An
Includes: Kunz, D. Kunz, D.[Dietmar]

Kunz, D.W.[Dietmar W.] Co Author Listing * Directional adaptive noise reduction

Kunz, H.[Heike] Co Author Listing * Impact of Time Difference between Satellite Overpass and Ground Observation on Cloud Cover Performance Statistics, The
* Meteosat Land Surface Temperature Climate Data Record: Achievable Accuracy and Potential Uncertainties

Kunz, M. Co Author Listing * Application Of Surface Matching For Improved Measurements Of Historic Glacier Volume Change In The Antarctic Peninsula
* Pain monitoring: A dynamic and context-sensitive system
Includes: Kunz, M. Kunz, M.[Miriam]

Kunz, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * MPEG-4 natural audio coding

Kunz, S. Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Multi-Illuminant Dataset for Benchmarking of the Intrinsic Image Algorithms, A

Kunz, T.H.[Thomas H.] Co Author Listing * Efficient track linking methods for track graphs using network-flow and set-cover techniques
* Tracking a Large Number of Objects from Multiple Views
* Tracking Large Variable Numbers of Objects in Clutter
* Tracking-reconstruction or reconstruction-tracking? Comparison of two multiple hypothesis tracking approaches to interpret 3D object motion from several camera views
Includes: Kunz, T.H.[Thomas H.] Kunz, T.H.

Kunz, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Face as an index: Knowing who is who using a PDA
* PDA-based face recognition system, A

Kunze, C.[Carola] Co Author Listing * Measuring Completeness of Building Footprints in OpenStreetMap over Space and Time

Kunze, K. Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition for the Mind: Toward a Cognitive Quantified Self
* Extended-OPQ Method for User-Centered Quality of Experience Evaluation: A Study for Mobile 3D Video Broadcasting over DVB-H, The
* eye as the window of the language ability: Estimation of English skills by analyzing eye movement while reading documents, The
* Reading Activity Recognition Using an Off-the-Shelf EEG: Detecting Reading Activities and Distinguishing Genres of Documents
* Real-life Activity Recognition: Focus on Recognizing Reading Activities
* Share Me: A Digital Annotation Sharing Service for Paper Documents with Multiple Clients Support
* Simulator sickness: Five experiments using autostereoscopic mid-sized or small mobile screens
* Where Are You Looking At? - Feature-Based Eye Tracking on Unmodified Tablets
* Wordometer: Estimating the Number of Words Read Using Document Image Retrieval and Mobile Eye Tracking, The
Includes: Kunze, K. Kunze, K.[Kristina] Kunze, K.[Kai]
9 for Kunze, K.

Kunze, L. Co Author Listing * Cognition-Enabled Autonomous Robot Control for the Realization of Home Chore Task Intelligence

Kunze, R. Co Author Listing * Geodesic Voronoi Diagrams on Parametric Surfaces

Kunzer, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Regularizing method for the determination of the backscatter cross section in lidar data
Includes: Kunzer, C.[Claudia] Künzer, C.[Claudia] (Maybe also Kuenzer, C.)

Kunzler, J.A.[Jonas Augusto] Co Author Listing * Spatial Filtering Based on Differential Spectrum for Improving ML DOA Estimation Performance

Kunzmann, S.[Siegfried] Co Author Listing * Multi-lingual and Multi-modal Speech Processing and Applications

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