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Kurabayashi, K.[Kazuyo] Co Author Listing * Video signal processing and apparatus therefor

Kurahashi, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * System for distinguishing a vehicle traveling ahead based on an adjustable probability distribution

Kurahashi, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Position analyzer for vehicle drivers

Kurakake, S. Co Author Listing * Description and Tracking of Moving Articulated Objects
* Visual-tag reader: image capture by cell phone camera

Kurakin, A.[Alexey] Co Author Listing * Hand Geometry Analysis by Continuous Skeletons

Kurakina, T.[Tatiana] Co Author Listing * Detection of Curvilinear Structures by Tensor Voting Applied to Fiber Characterization

Kurami, K.[Kunihiko] Co Author Listing * System and method for calculating movement direction and position of an unmanned vehicle

Kuramoto, K.[Kanta] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Improvement of Viewpoint-Free Scene Character Recognition by Rotation Angle Estimation
* Development of image processing technique for detection of the rescue target in the marine casualty
* Efficient estimation of character normal direction for Camera-based OCR
* Efficient three dimensional rotation estimation for camera-based OCR
Includes: Kuramoto, K.[Kanta] Kuramoto, K.

Kuramura, D.Y.[Don Yamato] Co Author Listing * Multi-perspective viewer for content-based interactivity
* Towards Video-Based Immersive Environments
Includes: Kuramura, D.Y.[Don Yamato] Kuramura, D.Y.

Kuranov, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Empirical Analysis of Detection Cascades of Boosted Classifiers for Rapid Object Detection

Kurantsin Mills, J. Co Author Listing * Understanding Microvessels in Two and Three Dimensions
* Using modeling and fuzzy logic to detect and track microvessels in conjunctiva images
Includes: Kurantsin Mills, J. Kurantsin-Mills, J.

Kuranuki, Y. Co Author Listing * Minimal filtered channel features for pedestrian detection

Kurashige, M.[Masafumi] Co Author Listing * Corner detection device and corner detection method
* Video signal processing device and method employingtransformation matrix to generate composite image

Kurashima, C.[Celso] Co Author Listing * Crosscale: A 3D virtual musical instrument interface

Kurashima, C.S. Co Author Listing * Spheree: An interactive perspective-corrected spherical 3D display

Kurashov, A.V. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Two-Dimensional Light Intensity Distribution from the Data of Photo-Count Experiments

Kurashov, V.[Vitalij] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Two-Dimensional Light Intensity Distribution from the Data of Photo-Count Experiments

Kurasova, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Parameter System for Human Physiological Data Representation and Analysis

Kurat, N.[Neslihan] Co Author Listing * Discriminative common vector based finger knuckle recognition

Kurata, R. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the detection characteristics of road sensors under poor-visibility conditions

Kurata, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Affine Epipolar Geometry via Factorization Method
* Codebook-Based Background Subtraction to Generate Photorealistic Avatars in a Walkthrough Simulator
* Face recognition with consideration of aging
* Fast and Robust Approach to Recovering Structure and Motion from Live Video Frames, A
* Geometry and Texture Measures for Interactive Virtualized Reality Indoor Modeler
* Measuring and evaluating real service operations with human-behavior sensing: A case study in a Japanese cuisine restaurant
* panorama-based technique for annotation overlay and its real-time implementation, A
* Recursive Factorization Method for the Paraperspective Model Based on the Perspective Projection
* Robust Recursive Factorization Method for Recovering Structure and Motion from Live Video Frames, A
* Text scanner with text detection technology on image sequences
* Vizwear-active: Distributed monte carlo face tracking for wearable active cameras
Includes: Kurata, T.[Takeshi] Kurata, T.[Tsuyoshi] Kurata, T.
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Kuratate, T.[Takaaki] Co Author Listing * Video encoder using global motion estimation and polygonal patch motion estimation

Kurato, M. Co Author Listing * quantitive semi-fragile jpeg2000 image authentication system, A

Kurauchi, F. Co Author Listing * effect of a new intercity expressway based on travel time reliability using electronic toll collection data, The

Kurazume, R.[Ryo] Co Author Listing * 3D laser measurement system for large scale architectures using multiple mobile robots
* 3D reconstruction of a femoral shape using a parametric model and two 2D fluoroscopic images
* Angle- and volume-preserving mapping of organ volume model based on modified Self-organizing Deformable Model
* Automatic large-scale three dimensional modeling using cooperative multiple robots
* Detecting Frequent Patterns in Video Using Partly Locality Sensitive Hashing
* Early Recognition and Prediction of Gestures
* Embodied Proactive Human Interface PICO-2
* Expanding gait identification methods from straight to curved trajectories
* Fast alignment of 3D geometrical models and 2D color images using 2D distance maps
* Fast Simultaneous Alignment of Multiple Range Images
* Fast simultaneous alignment of multiple range images using index images
* Fast Simultaneous Alignment of Multiple Range Images, A
* First-Person Animal Activity Recognition from Egocentric Videos
* Flying Laser Range Sensor: A Novel Aerial Sensing System for Large-scale Heritage
* Gait identification using shadow biometrics
* Gait Recognition Robust to Speed Transition Using Mutual Subspace Method
* Gait-Based Person Identification Method Using Shadow Biometrics for Robustness to Changes in the Walking Direction
* Great Buddha Project: Digitally Archiving, Restoring, and Analyzing Cultural Heritage Objects, The
* Hole-free texture mapping based on laser reflectivity
* Identification of people walking along curved trajectories
* Iterative Refinement of Range Images with Anisotropic Error Distribution
* Levels of detail control based on correlation analysis between surface position and direction
* Logical DP Matching for Detecting Similar Subsequence
* Parallel Alignment of a Large Number of Range Images
* People identification using shadow dynamics
* Person Identification using Shadow Analysis
* Robust 2D-3D alignment based on geometrical consistency
* Segmentation of Images on Polar Coordinate Meshes
* Simultaneous Registration of 2D Images onto 3D Models for Texture Mapping
* Surface models based on face hierarchies and dynamic control of the model LODs
* Two-dimensional local ternary patterns using synchronized images for outdoor place categorization
* Volume Representation of Parenchymatous Organs by Volumetric Self-organizing Deformable Model
Includes: Kurazume, R.[Ryo] Kurazume, R.
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Kurban, A.[Alishir] Co Author Listing * Improved Atmospheric Modelling of the Oasis-Desert System in Central Asia Using WRF with Actual Satellite Products
* Uncertainties in Classification System Conversion and an Analysis of Inconsistencies in Global Land Cover Products

Kurban, R. Co Author Listing * New optimised region-based multi-scale image fusion method for thermal and visible images

Kurbiel, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Novel Preprocessing Method for Hectography Prints Based on Independent Component Analysis, A

Kurc, M.[Maciej] Co Author Listing * 3D video compression by coding of disoccluded regions
* Experiments on acquisition and processing of video for free-viewpoint television
* Fast depth estimation on mobile platforms and FPGA devices
* Football Player Detection in Video Broadcast
* High Efficiency 3D Video Coding Using New Tools Based on View Synthesis
* Vehicle dimensions estimation scheme using AAM on stereoscopic video
Includes: Kurc, M.[Maciej] Kurc, M.

Kurc, T.[Tahsin] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Semantic Querying in Large Biomedical Image Datasets

Kurc, T.M. Co Author Listing * Center-Focusing Multi-task CNN with Injected Features for Classification of Glioma Nuclear Images
* Digital Pathology: Data-Intensive Frontier in Medical Imaging
* Patch-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Whole Slide Tissue Image Classification
Includes: Kurc, T.M. Kurc, T.M.[Tahsin M.]

Kurceren, R. Co Author Listing * Joint Source-channel Coding Approach to Scalable Delivery of Digital Video Over ATM Networks, A
* Rate-distortion analysis of weighted prediction for error resilience
* SP- and SI-frames design for H.264/AVC, The
Includes: Kurceren, R. Kurceren, R.[Ragip]

Kurczynski, Z. Co Author Listing * Developing The Stabilized Mapping System For The Gyrocopter: Report From The First Tests
* Multi-criteria GIS Analyses with the Use of UAVs For The Needs Of Spatial Planning
* Possibility Of Using Images Obtained From the UAS in Cadastral Works, The
* Potential of Light Laser Scanners Developed for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: The Review and Accuracyn, The

Kurdahi, F.[Fadi] Co Author Listing * Camera-based video synchronization for a federation of mobile projectors
* hierarchical pipelining architecture and FPGA implementation for lifting-based 2-D DWT, A
* Mobile Collaborative Video

Kurdel, P.[Pavol] Co Author Listing * Sea Wind Measurement by Doppler Navigation System with X-Configured Beams in Rectilinear Flight

Kurdila, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * real-time grid map generation and object classification for ground-based 3D LIDAR data using image analysis techniques, A

Kurdoglu, E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Prioritized Random Linear Coding and Scheduling for Layered Data Delivery From Multiple Servers
* Dealing With User Heterogeneity in P2P Multi-Party Video Conferencing: Layered Distribution Versus Partitioned Simulcast

Kurdthongmee, W. Co Author Listing * hardware centric algorithm for the best matching unit searching stage of the SOM-based quantizer and its FPGA implementation, A
* novel Kohonen SOM-based image compression architecture suitable for moderate density FPGAs, A
* Utilization of a rational-based representation to improve the image quality of a hardware-based K-SOM quantizer

Kurdy, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Virtual Anastylosis And Reconstruction Of Some Buildings in the Site of Saint-Simeon, Syria

Kurecic, M.S.[Maja Strgar] Co Author Listing * Colorimetrically accurate gray component replacement using the additive model
* Model of Degradation of Color Values in a Reproduction Process, The
Includes: Kurecic, M.S.[Maja Strgar] Kurecic, M.S.

Kureeren, R. Co Author Listing * Synchronization-predictive coding for video compression: The SP frames design for JVT/H.26L

Kurek, J.[Jaroslaw] Co Author Listing * Melanoma recognition using extended set of descriptors and classifiers

Kurekin, A.A.[Andrey A.] Co Author Listing * Approaches to Classification of Multichannel Images
* Development and evaluation of fast branch-and-bound algorithm for feature matching based on line segments

Kurematsu, A. Co Author Listing * 3D modeling of real environments by autonomous mobile robot with stereo vision
* HMM-based surface reconstruction from single images

Kuremoto, T. Co Author Listing * Voice Instruction Learning System Using PL-T-SOM, A

Kurenov, S.[Sergei] Co Author Listing * Virtual Interrupted Suturing Exercise with the Endo Stitch Suturing Device

Kurfess, F. Co Author Listing * Spatial Reasoning And Connectionist Inference

Kurgan, L.[Lukasz] Co Author Listing * Consensus-Based Prediction of RNA and DNA Binding Residues from Protein Sequences

Kurgan, L.A.[Lukasz A.] Co Author Listing * Impact of imputation of missing values on classification error for discrete data
* Prediction of structural classes for protein sequences and domains--Impact of prediction algorithms, sequence representation and homology, and test procedures on accuracy

Kurhanewicz, J. Co Author Listing * Generating Super Stimulated-Echoes in MRI and Their Application to Hyperpolarized C-13 Diffusion Metabolic Imaging
* High Resolution ^13 C MRI With Hyperpolarized Urea: In Vivo T_2 Mapping and ^15 N Labeling Effects

Kuri Morales, A.[Angel] Co Author Listing * Application of Neural Networks for Image Reconstruction in Electrical Capacitance Tomography Applied to Oil Industry, An
* Experimental Validation of an Evolutionary Method to Identify a Mobile Robot's Position
* Improved Performance of Computer Networks by Embedded Pattern Detection
* MP-Polynomial Kernel for Training Support Vector Machines
* Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Pattern Recognition in Mixed Databases, A
Includes: Kuri Morales, A.[Angel] Kuri-Morales, Á.[Ángel] Kuri-Morales, A.[Angel]

Kuri, J. Co Author Listing * Secure Transmission in Cooperative Networks with Weak Eavesdroppers

Kuria, D.N. Co Author Listing * Use of UAS for Assessing Agricultural Systems in an Wetland in Tanzania in the Dry- and Wet-Season for Sustainable Agriculture and Providing Ground Truth For TERRA-SAR X Data, The

Kuriakose, M.K.[Maya K.] Co Author Listing * hierarchical algorithm with fast convergence spiral search pattern for block matching in motion estimation, A

Kurian, A. Co Author Listing * Fast And Flexible Method For Meta-map Building for ICP Based SLAM, A

Kurianski, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Hidden MRF detection of motion of objects with uniform brightness

Kuribayashi, M.[Minoru] Co Author Listing * Aesthetic QR Code Based on Modified Systematic Encoding Function
* Fingerprinting Protocol for Images Based on Additive Homomorphic Property
* Image fingerprinting system based on collusion secure code and watermarking method
* Information Hiding and Its Criteria for Evaluation
* Simple Countermeasure to Non-Linear Collusion Attacks Targeted for Spread-Spectrum Fingerprinting Scheme
* Watermarking Scheme Applicable for Fingerprinting Protocol, A
* Watermarking with Fixed Decoder for Aesthetic 2D Barcode
Includes: Kuribayashi, M.[Minoru] Kuribayashi, M.
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Kurihara, K.[Kenta] Co Author Listing * Encryption-then-Compression System for Lossless Image Compression Standards, An
* On the Security of Block Scrambling-Based EtC Systems against Extended Jigsaw Puzzle Solver Attacks

Kurihara, S.[Shin] Co Author Listing * New Scheme of Distributed Video Coding Based on Compressive Sensing and Intra-Predictive Coding, A

Kurihara, T. Co Author Listing * Bilinear Interpolation for Facial Expression and Metamorphosis in Real-Time Animation
* Method of displaying continuous tone picture using limited number of different colors or black-and-white levels, and display system therefor
* Motion blur free photometric stereo using correlation image sensor
* Quantitative Vascular Shape Analysis for 3D MR-Angiography Using Mathematical Morphology
Includes: Kurihara, T. Kurihara, T.[Tsuneya] Kurihara, T.[Toru]

Kurihara, Y.[Yousuke] Co Author Listing * Automatic Appropriate Segment Extraction from Shots Based on Learning from Example Videos
* Estimation of Walking Exercise Intensity Using 3-D Acceleration Sensor
* Measurement of Angular Motion in Golf Swing by a Local Sensor at the Grip End of a Golf Club
* Sleep-Stage Decision Algorithm by Using Heartbeat and Body-Movement Signals
Includes: Kurihara, Y.[Yousuke] Kurihara, Y.

Kuriki, I. Co Author Listing * Considerations of Self-Motion in Motion Saliency
* Dissociation of equilibrium points for color-discrimination and color-appearance mechanisms in incomplete chromatic adaptation
* Limitations of Surface-Color and Apparent-Color Constancy
Includes: Kuriki, I. Kuriki, I.[Ichiro]

Kurillo, G.[Gregorij] Co Author Listing * Augmented Telemedicine Platform for Real-Time Remote Medical Consultation
* Berkeley MHAD: A comprehensive Multimodal Human Action Database
* Bio-inspired Dynamic 3D Discriminative Skeletal Features for Human Action Recognition
* Calculating Reachable Workspace Volume for Use in Quantitative Medicine
* Camera Networks for Healthcare, Teleimmersion, and Surveillance
* Capture considerations for multiview panoramic cameras
* Classification and Analysis of 3D Teleimmersive Activities
* Geometric and Color Calibration of Multiview Panoramic Cameras for Life-Size 3D Immersive Video
* High-Quality Visualization for Geographically Distributed 3-D Teleimmersive Applications
* Multi-camera tele-immersion system with real-time model driven data compression: A new model-based compression method for massive dynamic point data
* New Emergency Medicine Paradigm via Augmented Telemedicine
* Projective Epipolar Rectification for a Linear Multi-imager Array
* Real-Time Tele-Monitoring of Patients with Chronic Heart-Failure Using a Smartphone: Lessons Learned
* Sequence of the most informative joints (SMIJ): A new representation for human skeletal action recognition
* Skeleton-Based Compression of 3-D Tele-Immersion Data
* Skeleton-Based Data Compression for Multi-camera Tele-Immersion System
* Teleimmersive 3D collaborative environment for cyberarchaeology
* Wide-area external multi-camera calibration using vision graphs and virtual calibration object
Includes: Kurillo, G.[Gregorij] Kurillo, G.
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Kurilova, V. Co Author Listing * Optic disc localization in fundus images
* Retinal blood vessels extraction using morphological operations
Includes: Kurilova, V. Kurilová, V.

Kurimo, E.[Eero] Co Author Listing * Effect of Motion Blur and Signal Noise on Image Quality in Low Light Imaging, The

Kurimo, M. Co Author Listing * Missing-Feature Reconstruction With a Bounded Nonlinear State-Space Model

Kurin, V. Co Author Listing * Towards a Principled Integration of Multi-camera Re-identification and Tracking Through Optimal Bayes Filters

Kurino, K. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Methods for Character Recognition: From Segmentation to Document Structure Analysis

Kurioka, S. Co Author Listing * Application of Knowledge Base for Image Analysis, An

Kurisu, K.[Kosei] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation Using a Spatially Correlated Mixture Model with Gaussian Process Priors
* Spatially Correlated Mixture Model for Image Segmentation, A

Kurita, K.[Kunio] Co Author Listing * Method and system for determining shape in plane to be determined in atmosphere of scattering materials

Kurita, N. Co Author Listing * Saliency Detection Based on Multiscale Extrema of Local Perceptual Color Differences

Kurita, T.[Taiichiro] Co Author Listing * 3D visual system using electronic holography: Towards ultra-realistic communication
* Action Recognition Using Three-Way Cross-Correlations Feature of Local Moton Attributes
* Adapting SVM Image Classifiers to Changes in Imaging Conditions Using Incremental SVM: An Application to Car Detection
* Appearance-Based Smile Intensity Estimation by Cascaded Support Vector Machines
* Author's reply to comments
* Automatic Detection of Good/Bad Colonies of iPS Cells Using Local Features
* Classification of Spectators' State in Video Sequences by Voting of Facial Expressions and Face Directions
* Complex Autoregressive Model for Shape Recognition
* Deep CNN with Graph Laplacian Regularization for Multi-label Image Annotation
* Development of electronic holography toward ultra-realistic communication
* Discriminative Subtree Selection for NBI Endoscopic Image Labeling
* Dynamic Attention Map by Ising Model for Human Face Detection
* efficient agglomerative clustering algorithm using a heap, An
* Efficient Face Detection from News Images by Adaptive Estimation of Prior Probabilities and Ising Search
* Efficient Search Method Based on Dynamic Attention Map by Ising Model, An
* Extraction of Combined Features from Global/Local Statistics of Visual Words Using Relevant Operations
* Face Matching through Information Theoretical Attention Points and Its Applications to Face Detection and Classification
* Face Recognition Method Using Higher Order Local Autocorrelation and Multivariate Analysis, A
* Face Tracking by Maximizing Classification Score of Face Detector Based on Rectangle Features
* Gesture Recognition Using HLAC Features of PARCOR Images and HMM Based Recognizer
* Higher Order Local Autocorrelation Features of PARCOR Images for Gesture Recognition
* Holographic stereogram using camera array in dense arrangement
* Image Classification Using Probability Higher-Order Local Auto-Correlations
* Image representation for generic object recognition using higher-order local autocorrelation features on posterior probability images
* Image Understanding Via Representation of the Projected Motion Group
* Improvements of Local Descriptor in HOG/SIFT by BOF Approach
* Improvements to the Descriptor of SIFT by BOF Approaches
* Invariant distance measures for planar shapes based on complex autoregressive model
* kernel logic approach for face and non-face classification, A
* Locality preserving multi-nominal logistic regression
* Marker based simple non-overlapping camera calibration
* Maximum Likelihood Thresholding Based on Population Mixture Models
* Mixture of Subspaces Image Representation and Compact Coding for Large-Scale Image Retrieval
* Modification of Kernel-Based Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Face Detection, A
* Motion estimation and compensation technologies for standards conversion
* Multiple Random Subset-Kernel Learning
* neural network classifier for occluded images, A
* Non-Neighboring Rectangular Feature selection using Particle Swarm Optimization
* Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis Based on Probability Estimation by Gaussian Mixture Model
* Nonlinear discriminant analysis using K nearest neighbor estimation
* Object Tracking by Maximizing Classification Score of Detector Based on Rectangle Features
* Pixel-Pair Features Selection for Vehicle Tracking
* Principal Component Analysis of Multi-view Images for Viewpoint-Independent Face Recognition
* RANSAC-SVM for large-scale datasets
* Recognition and detection of occluded faces by a neural network classifier with recursive data reconstruction
* Reliability index of optical flow that considers error margin of matches and stabilizes camera movement estimation
* Scale Invariant Face Detection Method Using Higher-Order Local Autocorrelation Features Extracted from Log-Polar Image
* Self-training with unlabeled regions for NBI image recognition
* Sketch Retrieval Method for Full Color Image Database Query by Visual Example, A
* Sparse Discriminant Analysis Based on the Bayesian Posterior Probability Obtained by L1 Regression
* Viewpoint independent face recognition by competition of the viewpoint dependent classifiers
* Visual complexity assessment of painting images
* Visual Tracking Algorithm Using Pixel-Pair Feature
Includes: Kurita, T.[Taiichiro] Kurita, T.[Takio] Kurita, T.
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Kurita, Y.[Yukinori] Co Author Listing * comparison of methods for non-rigid 3D shape retrieval, A
* SHREC'11 Track: Generic Shape Retrieval
* SHREC'11 Track: Shape Retrieval On Non-Rigid 3d Watertight Meshes
* Unpowered Sensorimotor-Enhancing Suit Reduces Muscle Activation and Improves Force Perception
Includes: Kurita, Y.[Yukinori] Kurita, Y.

Kuriyama, S.[Shigeru] Co Author Listing * Mimetic Code Using Successive Additive Color Mixture

Kurkela, M.[Matti] Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of Coarse Fluvial Sediments Based on Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Comparison of the Selected State-Of-The-Art 3D Indoor Scanning and Point Cloud Generation Methods
* Fusion of Mobile Laser Scanning and Panoramic Images for Studying River Environment Topography And Changes
* Long focal length panoramic imaging for photogrammetric reconstruction
* Luminance-Corrected 3D Point Clouds for Road and Street Environments
* Rapid Prototyping: A Tool for Presenting 3-Dimensional Digital Models Produced by Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Includes: Kurkela, M.[Matti] Kurkela, M.

Kurkoski, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Watermarking-based image authentication with recovery capability using halftoning technique

Kurkowski, T.A.[Thomas A.] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of 2000-2016 Alpine Spring Snowline Elevation in Dall Sheep Mountain Ranges of Alaska and Western Canada

Kurkure, U. Co Author Listing * Challenges and Opportunities for Extracting Cardiovascular Risk Biomarkers from Imaging Data
* Fuzzy-Cuts: A knowledge-driven graph-based method for medical image segmentation
* Landmark/image-based deformable registration of gene expression data
* Markov Random Field-based fitting of a subdivision-based geometric atlas
* Patch-cuts: A Graph-based Image Segmentation Method Using Patch Features and Spatial Relations
* PDM-ENLOR: Learning Ensemble of Local PDM-Based Regressions
Includes: Kurkure, U. Kurkure, U.[Uday]

Kurland, J.[Justin] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Spatial Distribution of Crime Events around a Football Stadium from Georeferenced Tweets

Kurland, M. Co Author Listing * Ordered Dither Patterns for Coarse Quantization of Pictures

Kurlin, V.[Vitaliy] Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust Algorithm to Count Topologically Persistent Holes in Noisy Clouds, A
* fast persistence-based segmentation of noisy 2D clouds with provable guarantees, A
* Homologically Persistent Skeleton is a Fast and Robust Descriptor of Interest Points in 2D Images, A
* Resolution-Independent Superpixels Based on Convex Constrained Meshes Without Small Angles

Kurmankhojayev, D.[Daniyar] Co Author Listing * Monocular Pose Capture with a Depth Camera Using a Sums-of-Gaussians Body Model

Kurmann, U. Co Author Listing * iGesture: A General Gesture Recognition Framework

Kurmyshev, E.V.[Evguenii V.] Co Author Listing * Comparative experiment with colour texture classifiers using the CCR feature space
* framework for texture classification using the coordinated clusters representation, A
* One-class texture classifier in the CCR feature space

Kurnaz, M.N.[Mehmet Nadir] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of remote-sensing images by incremental neural network

Kurner, D. Co Author Listing * Facilitating Integrated Spatio-temporal Visualization and Analysis Of Heterogeneous Archaeological and Palaeoenvironmental Research Data
Includes: Kurner, D. Kürner, D. (Maybe also Kuerner, D.)

Kurner, T. Co Author Listing * Challenges Toward Wireless Communications for High-Speed Railway
* Excess Propagation Loss Modeling of Semiclosed Obstacles for Intelligent Transportation System
Includes: Kurner, T. Kürner, T. (Maybe also Kuerner, T.)

Kurnia, R.[Rahmadi] Co Author Listing * Geometric and Photometric Analysis for Interactively Recognizing Multicolor or Partially Occluded Objects
* Interactive Object Recognition through Hypothesis Generation and Confirmation
* Use of Spatial Reference Systems in Interactive Object Recognition

Kurnianggoro, L. Co Author Listing * Utilization of optimally selected features for car detection in calibrated camera and LRF system

Kurniawan, I.H.[Iput Heri] Co Author Listing * Low-Power Channel-Adaptive Reconfigurable 4X4 QRM-MLD MIMO Detector

Kurniawati, R. Co Author Listing * Scheme for Intelligent Image Retrieval in Multimedia Databases, A
* Using Browsing to Improve Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Varying similarity metrics in visual information retrieval
Includes: Kurniawati, R. Kurniawati, R.[Ruth]

Kuroczynski, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * 3D Models on Triple Paths: New Pathways for Documenting and Visualizing Virtual Reconstructions
* Virtual Reconstruction 3.0: New Approach of Web-based Visualisation and Documentation of Lost Cultural Heritage

Kuroda, H. Co Author Listing * Globally Adaptive Pixel-Decimation Algorithm for Block-Motion Estimation, A
* Handwritten Chinese Character Segmentation Using Local Potential Threshold and Minimum Potential Search
* Hilbert Scanning Search Algorithm for Motion Estimation
* Interframe coding method and apparatus therefor
* Interframe Coding System for Video Teleconferencing Signal Transmission at a 1.5 Mbit/S Rate, An
* Novel Block Matching Algorithm for Motion Estimation, A
* Novel Image Compression Method Using Watermarking Technique in JPEG Coding Process, A
* Pattern Vector Quantization Scheme for Midrange Frequency DCT Coefficients, A
* Uncovered Background Prediction in Interframe Coding
Includes: Kuroda, H. Kuroda, H.[Hideo]
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Kuroda, I.[Ichiro] Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of the AV CODEC on a Low-Power SPXK5SC DSP Core
* Two-dimensional discrete cosine transformation circuit

Kuroda, K.[Kazuhiro] Co Author Listing * Large scale on-line handwritten Chinese character recognition using successor method based on stochastic regular grammar
* Optical image indexed document filer
* Reconstruction of Realistic 3d Surface Model and 3d Animation from Range Images Obtained by Real Time 3d Measurement System
Includes: Kuroda, K.[Kazuhiro] Kuroda, K.[Ken] Kuroda, K.

Kuroda, S. Co Author Listing * Detection of small moving object by optical flow
* SVD Inversion of Zero-Offset Profiling Data Obtained in the Vadose Zone Using Cross-Borehole Radar
* Understanding a Simple Cartoon Film by a Computer Vision System

Kuroda, T.[Tadahiro] Co Author Listing * Adaptive window search using semantic texton forests for real-time object detection
* Face collation apparatus and biometrics data collation apparatus
* Face detection through compact classifier using Adaptive Look-Up-Table
* Hand-Area Extraction by Sensor Fusion using Two Cameras for Input Interface of Wearable Computers
* Imperceptible On-Screen Markers for Mobile Interaction on Public Large Displays
* Improved Discrimination of Subsurface Targets Using a Polarization-Sensitive Directional Borehole Radar
* real-time multi face detection technique using positive-negative lines-of-face template, A
* Video signal processing apparatus for separating an image of a moving object from video signals
Includes: Kuroda, T.[Tadahiro] Kuroda, T.[Takuya] Kuroda, T. Kuroda, T.[Tomohiro] Kuroda, T.[Toshihisa]
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Kuroda, Y.[Yasuto] Co Author Listing * Acceleration of DCT Processing with Massive-Parallel Memory-Embedded SIMD Matrix Processor
* Light Field Convergency: Implicit Photometric Consistency on Transparent Surface
* Real-Time Huffman Encoder with Pipelined CAM-Based Data Path and Code-Word-Table Optimizer
Includes: Kuroda, Y.[Yasuto] Kuroda, Y.

Kuroe, S.[Shigeru] Co Author Listing * 3D MOSAIC Scene Understanding System, The
* Incremental Acquisition of a Three-Dimensional Scene Model from Images

Kurogane, T.[Toshio] Co Author Listing * Method of detecting an internal point within a closed area

Kurohashi, S. Co Author Listing * Discourse Structure Analysis for News Video by Checking Surface Information in the Transcript

Kuroiwa, K.[Keijiro] Co Author Listing * Codestream Domain Scrambling of Moving Objects Based on DCT Sign-only Correlation for Motion JPEG Movies
* scrambling method for Motion JPEG videos enabling moving objects detection from scrambled videos, A

Kurokawa, F.[Fujio] Co Author Listing * Image based smoke detection with local Hurst exponent

Kurokawa, K.[Koji] Co Author Listing * Learning Pseudo Bayes Discriminant Method Based on Difference Distribution of Feature Vectors, A
* Multi-Stage Strategy to Perspective Rectification for Mobile Phone Camera-Based Document Images, A
Includes: Kurokawa, K.[Koji] Kurokawa, K.

Kurokawa, M. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Motion Vectors And Their Application To Scene Retrieval
* Method and device for describing video contents
* Picture query system using abstract exemplary motions of a pointing device
* Representation and Retrieval of Video Scene by Using Object Actions and Their Spatio-temporal Relationships
* Video contents access method that uses trajectories of objects and apparatus therefor
* Visual Tracking System for Sports Video Annotation in Unconstrained Environments, A
Includes: Kurokawa, M. Kurokawa, M.[Masato]

Kurokawa, N. Co Author Listing * Method of Counting the Passing People by Using the Method of the Template Matching, A

Kurokawa, S.[Syuhei] Co Author Listing * Application of machine vision in improving safety and reliability for gear profile measurement

Kurokawa, T.[Takato] Co Author Listing * Fast discrimination by early judgment using linear classifier
* Human pose estimation using patch-based candidate generation and model-based verification
* Integrated Visual System for Solder Inspection, An
Includes: Kurokawa, T.[Takato] Kurokawa, T.[Takaharu] Kurokawa, T.

Kuroki, K.[Kenro] Co Author Listing * CCD Fingerprint Method: Identification of a video camera from videotaped images
* Study on Height Measurement from a Single View, A

Kuroki, Y. Co Author Listing * estimation of the fundamental matrix using hybrid statistics, An
* Estimation of the Predictors Implemented by Shift Operation, Addition, and/or Subtraction, An
* Fast Implementation of PCA-L1 Using Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization, A
* Illumination-robust face recognition via sparse representation
* Linear Manifold Color Descriptor for Medicine Package Recognition, A
* Local intensity compensation using sparse representation
* Local variance image-based for scene text binarization under illumination effects
* New Statistical Models of the JPEG Lossless Mode Subject to the Super High Definition Images
* Redesigning of JPEG Statistical Model in the Lossy Mode Fitting Distribution of Dct Coefficients
Includes: Kuroki, Y. Kuroki, Y.[Yoshimitsu]
9 for Kuroki, Y.

Kuroko, T. Co Author Listing * Linear-phase Paraunitary Filter Banks with Unequal Length

Kuronen, T.[Toni] Co Author Listing * High-Speed Hand Tracking for Studying Human-Computer Interaction
* Multi-camera Finger Tracking and 3D Trajectory Reconstruction for HCI Studies

Kurosaka, M.[Masahiro] Co Author Listing * Robust Estimation of Knee Kinematics After Total Knee Arthroplasty with Evolutional Computing Approach

Kurosaka, S.[Shinichi] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Measurement of Spectral Distribution and Shape

Kurosaki, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient packet loss protection for JPEG2000 images enabling backward compatibility with a standard decoder
* Error correction using data hiding technique for JPEG2000 images

Kurosawa, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * CCD Fingerprint Method: Identification of a video camera from videotaped images
* Deep CNN with Graph Laplacian Regularization for Multi-label Image Annotation
* Study on Height Measurement from a Single View, A
Includes: Kurosawa, K.[Kenji] Kurosawa, K.[Keiichi]

Kurosawa, T. Co Author Listing * High Quality Color Correction Method Combining Neural Networks with Genetic Algorithms

Kurosawa, Y. Co Author Listing * Attributed String Matching with Statistical Constraints for Character Recognition
* discriminative learning criterion for the overall optimization of error and reject, A
* Method and device for handwritten letter recognition
* Similar Pattern Discrimination by Filter Mask Learning with Probabilistic Descent
Includes: Kurosawa, Y. Kurosawa, Y.[Yoshiaki]

Kurose, M.[Morisumi] Co Author Listing * Document image processing system

Kurosh, M.[Madani] Co Author Listing * Special session on image processing for natural risks (IPNR)

Kurosu, H. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Cracks In Paved Road Surface Using Laser Scan Image Data

Kurosu, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * Neural network vowel-recognition jointly using voice features and mouth shape image

Kurosu, T. Co Author Listing * Texture Statistics for Classification of Land Use with Multitemporal JERS-1 SAR Single-Look Imagery

Kurosu, Y.[Yasuo] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for representing continuous tone and high contrast images on a bilevel display
* Rotation processing method of image and system therefor

Kuroyanagi, S.[Susumu] Co Author Listing * Design of a Compact Sound Localization Device on a Stand-Alone FPGA-Based Platform

Kuroyanagi, Y. Co Author Listing * Self-Coaching System Based on Recorded Driving Data: Learning From One's Experiences

Kurozumi, M. Co Author Listing * method of estimating coding PSNR using quantized DCT coefficients, A
* Super Hi-Vision Codec, The
Includes: Kurozumi, M. Kurozumi, M.[Masaaki]

Kurozumi, T. Co Author Listing * 3D object recognition from large-scale point clouds with global descriptor and sliding window
* Facial Individuality and Expression Analysis by Eigenspace Method based on Class Features or Multiple discriminant Analysis
* fast template matching algorithm with adaptive skipping using inner-subtemplates' distances, A
* Feature fluctuation absorption for a quick audio retrieval from long recordings
* Joint object discovery and segmentation with image-wise reconstruction error
* Local Multi-Coordinate System for Object Retrieval
* Method for Robust and Quick Video Searching Using Probabilistic Dither-voting, A
* quick video search method based on local and global feature clustering, A
* robust audio searching method for cellular-phone-based music information retrieval, A
* Spatial People Density Estimation from Multiple Viewpoints by Memory Based Regression
* Video Content Detection with Single Frame Level Accuracy Using Dynamic Thresholding Technique
Includes: Kurozumi, T. Kurozumi, T.[Takayuki]
11 for Kurozumi, T.

Kurozumi, Y.[Yoshisuke] Co Author Listing * Polygonal Approximation by the Minimax Method

Kursinski, E.R. Co Author Listing * Sensitivity of PAZ LEO Polarimetric GNSS Radio-Occultation Experiment to Precipitation Events

Kursun, O.[Olcay] Co Author Listing * Canonical correlation analysis using within-class coupling
* Hybrid Method for Feature Selection Based on Mutual Information and Canonical Correlation Analysis, A
* Prediction of Protein Sub-nuclear Location by Clustering mRMR Ensemble Feature Selection
* Single-frame super-resolution by a cortex based mechanism using high level visual features in natural images
Includes: Kursun, O.[Olcay] Kursun, O.

Kurt, A. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Implementation of Team Mekar at the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge
* Discrete-State Encoding in Hybrid-State Systems for Intelligent Vehicle Control and Estimation

Kurt, B.[Binnur] Co Author Listing * Concurrent Segmentation and Recognition with Shape-Driven Fast Marching Methods
* Gradient-based shape descriptors
* Image compression based on Centipede Model
* Robust Face Alignment for Illumination and Pose Invariant Face Recognition
* Two dimensional generalized edge detector
Includes: Kurt, B.[Binnur] Kurt, B.

Kurt, C.E.[Carl E.] Co Author Listing * Towards Temporal Dynamic Segmentation

Kurt, G.K.[Gunes Karabulut] Co Author Listing * novel perceptual feature set for audio emotion recognition, A

Kurt, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Efficient BRDF Sampling Using Projected Deviation Vector Parameterization
* Local Binary Pattern Based Fast Digital Image Stabilization
Includes: Kurt, M.[Murat] Kurt, M.

Kurt, M.C.[Mehmet Can] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Human Actions Using Key Poses

Kurtek, S. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Model-Based Automatic Landmark Detection for Planar Curves
* elastic functional data analysis framework for preoperative evaluation of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, An
* Elastic Geodesic Paths in Shape Space of Parameterized Surfaces
* Elastic reflection symmetry based shape descriptors
* Elastic Shape Analysis of Boundaries of Planar Objects with Multiple Components and Arbitrary Topologies
* Elastic Shape Analysis of Cylindrical Surfaces for 3D/2D Registration in Endometrial Tissue Characterization
* Elastic Shape Matching of Parameterized Surfaces Using Square Root Normal Fields
* Elastic symmetry analysis of anatomical structures
* Generation of 3D Canonical Anatomical Models: An Experience on Carpal Bones
* Handwritten Text Segmentation Using Elastic Shape Analysis
* Metric-Based Pairwise and Multiple Image Registration
* Novel Framework for Metric-Based Image Registration, A
* novel riemannian framework for shape analysis of 3D objects, A
* Novel Riemannian Framework for Shape Analysis of Annotated Surfaces, A
* Numerical Inversion of SRNFs for Efficient Elastic Shape Analysis of Star-Shaped Objects
* On advances in differential-geometric approaches for 2D and 3D shape analyses and activity recognition
* Parallel Transport of Deformations in Shape Space of Elastic Surfaces
* Parameterization-Invariant Shape Comparisons of Anatomical Surfaces
* Riemannian Elastic Metric for Shape-Based Plant Leaf Classification, A
* Statistical analysis of manual segmentations of structures in medical images
* Statistical Framework for Elastic Shape Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Evolutions of Planar Closed Curves, A
* Statistical shape models of plant leaves
* SUPIR: Surface Uncertainty-Penalized, Non-rigid Image Registration for Pelvic CT Imaging
* Surface Shape Morphometry for Hippocampal Modeling in Alzheimer's Disease
Includes: Kurtek, S. Kurtek, S.[Sebastian]
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Kurtenbach, G.[Gordon] Co Author Listing * Sampling, synthesis, and input devices

Kurth, T. Co Author Listing * OpenMP parallelization and optimization of graph-based machine learning algorithms

Kurths, J. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Methods in Signal Processing and Digital Image Analysis

Kurtz, C.[Camille] Co Author Listing * Bags of spatial relations and shapes features for structural object description
* Connected Filtering Based on Multivalued Component-Trees
* Directional Enlacement Histograms for the Description of Complex Spatial Configurations between Objects
* Extraction of complex patterns from multiresolution remote sensing images: A hierarchical top-down methodology
* Fuzzy Directional Enlacement Landscapes
* Hierarchical extraction of landslides from multiresolution remotely sensed optical images
* histogram semantic-based distance for multiresolution image classification, A
* Implicit Component-Graph: A Discussion
* Multi-image Segmentation: A Collaborative Approach Based on Binary Partition Trees
* Multivalued Component-Tree Filtering
* Predicting Visual Semantic Descriptive Terms From Radiological Image Data: Preliminary Results With Liver Lesions in CT
* semantic framework for the retrieval of similar radiological images based on medical annotations, A
* Spatio-temporal reasoning for the classification of satellite image time series
* Tree Leaves Extraction in Natural Images: Comparative Study of Preprocessing Tools and Segmentation Methods
Includes: Kurtz, C.[Camille] Kurtz, C.
14 for Kurtz, C.

Kurtz, J.[Joe] Co Author Listing * Methane Isotopologues by Solar Occultation (MISO) Nanosatellite Mission: Spectral Channel Optimization and Early Performance Analysis, The

Kurtz, N.T. Co Author Listing * Arctic Sea Ice Freeboard Retrieval With Waveform Characteristics for NASA's Airborne Topographic Mapper (ATM) and Land, Vegetation, and Ice Sensor (LVI
* First Assessment of IceBridge Snow and Ice Thickness Data Over Arctic Sea Ice, A
* Sea-Ice Lead Detection Algorithm for Use With High-Resolution Airborne Visible Imagery, A

Kuru, S. Co Author Listing * Improved filtering for the QSIM algorithm

Kurucu, Y. Co Author Listing * Crop Type Classification Using Vegetation Indices of RapidEye Imagery

Kurugol, S.[Sila] Co Author Listing * Locally Deformable Shape Model to Improve 3D Level Set Based Esophagus Segmentation
* Motion-Robust Spatially Constrained Parameter Estimation in Renal Diffusion-Weighted MRI by 3D Motion Tracking and Correction of Sequential Slices

Kurugollu, F. Co Author Listing * Accelerating the Computation of GLCM and Haralick Texture Features on Reconfigurable Hardware
* Cascaded multimodal biometric recognition framework
* Color Cell Image Segmentation Using Pyramidal Constraint Satisfaction Neural Network
* Color image segmentation using histogram multithresholding and fusion
* corner strength based Fingerprint segmentation algorithm with dynamic thresholding, A
* Degraded partial palmprint recognition for forensic investigations
* evolutionary snake algorithm for the segmentation of nuclei in histopathological images, An
* Feature selection using tabu search for improving the classification rate of prostate needle biopsies
* Image segmentation by relaxation using constraint satisfaction neural network
* Improved Palmprint Recognition System Using Iris Features, An
* improved wavelet-based image watermarking technique, An
* Joined Spectral Trees for Scalable SPIHT-Based Multispectral Image Compression
* MAP Segmentation of Color Images Using Constraint Satisfaction Neural Network
* Novel Prostate Cancer Classification Technique Using Intermediate Memory Tabu Search, A
* novel universal steganalyser design: LogSv, A
* On the Optimum Multiplicative Watermark Detection in the Transform Domain
* Privacy region protection for H.264/AVC with enhanced scrambling effect and a low bitrate overhead
* Robust motion detection by fusion of 6D feature space decompositions
* Robust Motion Detection via the Fuzzy Fusion of 6D Feature Space Decompositions
* Simultaneous feature selection and feature weighting using Hybrid Tabu Search/K-nearest neighbor classifier
* Spatio-Temporal Rich Model-Based Video Steganalysis on Cross Sections of Motion Vector Planes
* SPECK-Based Lossless Multispectral Image Coding
* SVD based image manipulation detection
* Tunable Encryption Scheme and Analysis of Fast Selective Encryption for CAVLC and CABAC in H.264/AVC, A
* Unsupervised segmentation of multispectral images using edge progression and cost function
Includes: Kurugollu, F. Kurugollu, F.[Fatih]
25 for Kurugollu, F.

Kurugullu, F. Co Author Listing * Watermarking for Palmprint Image Protection

Kurum, H. Co Author Listing * Road-Geometry-Based Risk Estimation Model for Horizontal Curves

Kuruma, T. Co Author Listing * Planning Focus of Attention for Multifingered Hand with Consideration of Time-Varying Aspects

Kurumi, S.[Satoshi] Co Author Listing * Bidirectional Optimization for Reconstructing 3D shape from an Image Sequence with Missing Data

Kurumi, Y.[Yoshimasa] Co Author Listing * MR-CT Image Registration in Liver Cancer Treatment with an Open Configuration MR Scanner
* Semiautomatic non-rigid 3-D image registration for MR-Guided Liver Cancer Surgery
* Temporal-spatial validation of knot-tying procedures using RGB-D sensor for training of surgical operation

Kurumida, K. Co Author Listing * Self-Coaching System Based on Recorded Driving Data: Learning From One's Experiences

Kuruoglu, E.E.[Ercan E.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Langevin Sampler for Separation of t-Distribution Modelled Astrophysical Maps
* Astrophysical image denoising using bivariate isotropic Cauchy distributions in the undecimated wavelet domain
* Bayesian MAP detection of extragalactic point sources in microwave astronomical images
* Bayesian Separation of Images Modeled With MRFs Using MCMC
* Comments on A closed-form nonparametric Bayesian estimator in the wavelet domain of images using an approximate [alpha]-stable prior
* Fast MCMC separation for MRF modelled astrophysical components
* Image denoising using bivariate alpha-stable distributions in the complex wavelet domain
* Modeling SAR Images With a Generalization of the Rayleigh Distribution
* SAR Image Filtering Based on the Heavy-Tailed Rayleigh Model
* Skewed alpha-stable distributions for modelling textures
* Source separation in noisy astrophysical images modelled by markov random fields
* Time-varying ARMA stable process estimation using sequential Monte Carlo
Includes: Kuruoglu, E.E.[Ercan E.] Kuruoglu, E.E.
12 for Kuruoglu, E.E.

Kuruppu, N.R. Co Author Listing * Development of a BAM System Using a Delta-Rule Based Algorithm (The DBAM System), The

Kurushima, N. Co Author Listing * Character Shape Restoration of Binarized Historical Documents by Smoothing via Geodesic Morphology

Kurutach, W.[Werasak] Co Author Listing * Combination of Shape and Texture Classifiers for a Face Verification System, A
* Face authentication using the trace transform
* Face Verification Competition on the XM2VTS Database
* hybrid method for facial recognition systems, A
* new robust face detection in color images, A
* New Robust Hausdorff Distance-based Face Detection
* taxonomy of mutual information in medical image registration, A
Includes: Kurutach, W.[Werasak] Kurutach, W.
7 for Kurutach, W.

Kurutepe, E.[Engin] Co Author Listing * Client-Driven Selective Streaming of Multiview Video for Interactive 3DTV
* End-to-end stereoscopic video streaming with content-adaptive rate and format control
* Feasibility of Multi-View Video Streaming Over P2P Networks
* Multi-view video streaming over P2P networks with low start-up delay
* Selective Streaming of Multi-View Video for Head-Tracking 3D Displays

Kuruvilla, A.[Anupama] Co Author Listing * Otitis media vocabulary and grammar

Kuryllo, M.[Marcin] Co Author Listing * Robust Pose Estimation of Moving Objects Using Laser Camera Data for Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking

Kuryloski, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Distributed segmentation and classification of human actions using a wearable motion sensor network
* Enabling Effective Programming and Flexible Management of Efficient Body Sensor Network Applications
Includes: Kuryloski, P.[Philip] Kuryloski, P.

Kurz, A. Co Author Listing * Constructing Maps for Mobile Robot Navigation Based on Ultrasonic Range Data

Kurz, B.J. Co Author Listing * Optimal Color Quantization for Color Display

Kurz, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Bundle Adjustment for Stereoscopic 3D
* Exploiting global connectivity constraints for reconstruction of 3D line segments from images
* Exploiting Mutual Camera Visibility in Multi-camera Motion Estimation

Kurz, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Color invariant chroma keying and color spill neutralization for dynamic scenes and cameras
* Fast and robust CAMShift tracking
* Inertial sensor-aligned visual feature descriptors

Kurz, F. Co Author Listing * Automatic Building Extraction And Roof Reconstruction In 3k Imagery Based On Line Segments
* Automatic Traffic Monitoring from an Airborne Wide Angle Camera System
* Automatic Traffic Monitoring with Airborne Wide-Angle Digital Camera System for Estimation of Travel Times
* Automatic UAV Image Geo-Registration by Matching UAV Images to Georeferenced Image Data
* Efficient image data processing based on an airborne distributed system architecture
* Fusion of Multi-View and Multi-Scale Aerial Imagery for Real-Time Situation Awareness Applications
* Long-term Tracking Of A Specific Vehicle Using Airborne Optical Camera Systems
* Low-cost Optical Camera System for Disaster Monitoring
* Low-cost optical Camera Systems for real-time Mapping Applications
* Near real time airborne monitoring system for disaster and traffic applications
* new software/hardware architecture for real time image processing of wide area airborne camera images, A
* Operational System for Estimating Road Traffic Information from Aerial Images, An
* Performance of a real-time sensor and processing system on a helicopter
* Pose Estimation Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based On A Vision-aided Multi-sensor Fusion
* Relative Pose Estimation From Airborne Image Sequences
* Spatio-Temporal Matching of Moving Objects in Optical and SAR Data
* Traffic Congestion Parameters Estimation in Time Series of Airborne Optical Remote Sensing Images
* TUM-DLR Multimodal Earth Observation Evaluation Benchmark, The
* Using Airborne Remote Sensing To Increase Situational Awareness In Civil Protection And Humanitarian Relief: The Importance Of User Involvement
Includes: Kurz, F. Kurz, F.[Franz]
19 for Kurz, F.

Kurz, G. Co Author Listing * Unscented von Mises: Fisher Filtering

Kurz, H.[Haymo] Co Author Listing * Self-learning Segmentation and Classification of Cell-Nuclei in 3D Volumetric Data Using Voxel-Wise Gray Scale Invariants

Kurz, J.[Julian] Co Author Listing * Realistic Modeling of Water Droplets for Monocular Adherent Raindrop Recognition Using Bézier Curves

Kurz, L.[Ludwik] Co Author Listing * Class of Robust Edge Detectors Based on Latin Squares, A
* Class of Robust Image-Processors, A
* Class of Three-Dimensional Recursive Parallelpiped Masks, A
* Computer Picture Processing and Enhancement by Localized Operations
* Contrast Techniques for Line Detection in a Correlated Noise Environment
* Edge Detection in Correlated Noise Using Latin Square Masks
* Feature Detection via Linear Contrast Techniques
* Image enhancement using the modified ICM method
* Line Detection in Noisy and Structured Backgrounds Using Graeco-Latin Squares
* Object Detection and Experimental Designs
* On Classification of Multispectral Infrared Image Data
* Statistical Theory for Optimal Detection of Moving Objects in Variable Corruptive Noise, A
* Trajectory Detection and Experimental Designs
* Two-Dimensional Object Detection in Correlated Noise
Includes: Kurz, L.[Ludwik] Kurz, L.
14 for Kurz, L.

Kurz, T.H. Co Author Listing * Close Range Hyperspectral Imaging Integrated With Terrestrial Lidar Scanning Applied To Rock Characterisation At Centimetre Scale
* Integration of terrestrial laserscanning, digital photogrammetry and geostatistical methods for high-resolution modelling of geological outcrops
* Review Of Hyperspectral Imaging In Close Range Applications, A
* Semi-automatic Integration of Panoramic Hyperspectral Imagery with Photorealistic Lidar Models
Includes: Kurz, T.H. Kurz, T.H.[Tobias H.]

Kurzdorfer, U.[Udo] Co Author Listing * Abstract of PRIMA-S for AVSS-Demo 2011

Kurzendorfer, T. Co Author Listing * Cryo-Balloon Catheter Localization Based on a Support-Vector-Machine Approach
* Random Forest Based Left Ventricle Segmentation in LGE-MRI
Includes: Kurzendorfer, T. Kurzendorfer, T.[Tanja]

Kurzhals, K. Co Author Listing * Visual Movie Analytics

Kurzidim, K. Co Author Listing * Constrained Registration for Motion Compensation in Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Procedures
* Cryo-balloon reconstruction from two views
* Electrophysiology Catheter Detection and Reconstruction From Two Views in Fluoroscopic Images

Kurzynski, M.[Marek] Co Author Listing * Combining Character Level Classifier and Probabilistic Lexicons in Handwritten Word Recognition: Comparative Analysis of Methods
* Computer Recognition Systems 3
* Measure of Competence Based on Randomized Reference Classifier for Dynamic Ensemble Selection, A
* On a New Measure of Classifier Competence Applied to the Design of Multiclassifier Systems
* probabilistic model of classifier competence for dynamic ensemble selection, A
* Weighting scheme for a pairwise multi-label classifier based on the fuzzy confusion matrix

Kurzynski, M.W. Co Author Listing * Algorithms of the multiperspective pattern recognition
* branch-and-bound algorithm for optimization of multiperspective classifier, A
* On the Identity of Optimal Strategies for Multistage Classifiers
* On the multistage Bayes classifier
* optimal strategy of a tree classifier, The
Includes: Kurzynski, M.W. Kurzynski, M.W.[Marek W.]

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