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Law To, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Labelling the Behaviour of Local Descriptors for Selective Video Content Retrieval
* Local Behaviours Labelling for Content Based Video Copy Detection
* Video and image copy detection demo
* Video copy detection: a comparative study
Includes: Law To, J.[Julien] Law-To, J.[Julien]

Law, A. Co Author Listing * Matrix Cubic Splines for Progressive 3D Imaging

Law, A.J.[Alvin J.] Co Author Listing * Single viewpoint model completion of symmetric objects for digital inspection

Law, A.N.R. Co Author Listing * Automating the Analysis of Remotely Sensed Data

Law, B.[Beverly] Co Author Listing * Estimating Aboveground Biomass in Tropical Forests: Field Methods and Error Analysis for the Calibration of Remote Sensing Observations

Law, B.E.[Beverly E.] Co Author Listing * Performance of Linear and Nonlinear Two-Leaf Light Use Efficiency Models at Different Temporal Scales

Law, I. Co Author Listing * Enhancing the multivariate signal of O15 water PET studies with a new nonlinear neuroanatomical registration algorithm

Law, J.[Jane] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Local Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Police Calls-for-Service Using Bayesian Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation
* How Do Vegetation Density and Transportation Network Density Affect Crime across an Urban Central-Peripheral Gradient? A Case Study in Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario
* Mapping Ontario's Wind Turbines: Challenges and Limitations
* Web GIS-Based Public Health Surveillance Systems: A Systematic Review

Law, K.[Kathy] Co Author Listing * MERLIN: A French-German Space Lidar Mission Dedicated to Atmospheric Methane

Law, K.L.[Ka Lung] Co Author Listing * Multidimensional Filter Bank Signal Reconstruction From Multichannel Acquisition

Law, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Automatic Fax Routing
* Hybrid Pooling Fusion in the BoW Pipeline
* Regional Assessment of Cardiac Left Ventricular Myocardial Function via MRI Statistical Features
Includes: Law, M.[Martin] Law, M.[Marc] Law, M.

Law, M.H. Co Author Listing * Rival Penalized Competitive Learning for Model-based Sequence Clustering

Law, M.H.C.[Martin H.C.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Feedback in Data Clustering
* Incremental Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction by Manifold Learning
* Landscape of clustering algorithms
* Learning with Constrained and Unlabelled Data
* Multiobjective data clustering
* Simultaneous Feature Selection and Clustering Using Mixture Models
Includes: Law, M.H.C.[Martin H.C.] Law, M.H.C.

Law, M.T. Co Author Listing * Closed-Form Training of Mahalanobis Distance for Supervised Clustering
* Efficient Multiple Instance Metric Learning Using Weakly Supervised Data
* Fantope Regularization in Metric Learning
* Learning a Distance Metric from Relative Comparisons between Quadruplets of Images
* Quadruplet-Wise Image Similarity Learning
Includes: Law, M.T. Law, M.T.[Marc T.]

Law, M.W.K. Co Author Listing * Combining Microscopic and Macroscopic Information for Rotation and Histogram Equalization Invariant Texture Classification
* Dilated Divergence Based Scale-Space Representation for Curve Analysis
* Dominant Local Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
* Efficient Implementation for Spherical Flux Computation and Its Application to Vascular Segmentation
* Minimal Weighted Local Variance as Edge Detector for Active Contour Models
* Non-rigid image registration using electric current flow
* Oriented Flux Symmetry Based Active Contour Model for Three Dimensional Vessel Segmentation, An
* Segmentation of Intracranial Vessels and Aneurysms in Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Angiography Using Multirange Filters and Local Variances
* Segmentation of Vessels Using Weighted Local Variances and an Active contour Model
* Three Dimensional Curvilinear Structure Detection Using Optimally Oriented Flux
* Tubular anisotropy for 2D vessel segmentation
* Weighted Local Variance-Based Edge Detection and Its Application to Vascular Segmentation in Magnetic Resonance Angiography
Includes: Law, M.W.K. Law, M.W.K.[Max W.K.] Law, M.W.K.[Max W. K.]
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Law, N.F.[Ngai Fong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Shrinkage Algorithm for Ringing Suppression with Smoothness Constraint
* Direct Image Retrieval in JPEG and JPEG2000
* Direct Reconstruction Method for Wavelet Transform Extrema Representation
* Fast Algorithm for Binary Field Wavelet Transform for Image Processing
* fast and low memory image coding algorithm based on lifting wavelet transform and modified SPIHT, A
* Fast extraction of wavelet-based features from JPEG images for joint retrieval with JPEG2000 images
* Fast video object detection via multiple background modeling
* Iterative bicluster-based least square framework for estimation of missing values in microarray gene expression data
* Lossless image compression using binary wavelet transform
* Multiple Resolution Image Restoration
* Multiresolution discontinuity-preserving surface reconstruction
* Multiscale directional filter bank with applications to structured and random texture retrieval
* Novel Fast and Reduced Redundancy Structure for Multiscale Directional Filter Banks, A
* Patch based image denoising using the finite ridgelet transform for less artifacts
* POCS-Based Blocking Artifacts Suppression Using a Smoothness Constraint Set With Explicit Region Modeling
* Progressive Image Coding based on Visually Important Features
* Reconstruction from 2-D wavelet transform modulus maxima using projection
* Statistical power of Fisher test for the detection of short periodic gene expression profiles
* Successive structural analysis using wavelet transform for blocking artifacts suppression
* Surface Reconstruction with Multiresolution Discontinuity Analysis
* Unified feature analysis in JPEG and JPEG 2000-compressed domains
Includes: Law, N.F.[Ngai Fong] Law, N.F.[Ngai-Fong] Law, N.F.
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Law, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Ultrasound Volume Projection Imaging for Assessment of Scoliosis

Law, T.[Todd] Co Author Listing * Image Filtering, Edge-Detection, and Edge Tracing Using Fuzzy-Reasoning
* neural network energy minimization approach to approximation of 2-dimensional shapes, A

Law, W.K. Co Author Listing * Elastic Interaction Models for Active Contours and Surfaces

Law, Y.C.[Yuen C.] Co Author Listing * Cirque des bouteilles: The art of blowing on bottles

Law, Y.L.[Yee L.] Co Author Listing * Motion wavelet difference reduction (MWDR) video codec
* Wavelet difference reduction with region-of-interest priority in multispectral video: Small Target Detection
Includes: Law, Y.L.[Yee L.] Law, Y.L.[Yee Louise]

Law, Y.N.[Yan Nei] Co Author Listing * Learning Dynamical Shape Prior for Level Set based Cell Tracking
* Multiresolution Stochastic Level Set Method for Mumford-Shah Image Segmentation, A
* Semisupervised Segmentation Model for Collections of Images, A
* Variational Model for Segmentation of Overlapping Objects With Additive Intensity Value, A
Includes: Law, Y.N.[Yan Nei] Law, Y.N.

Lawahni, A.E. Co Author Listing * improved error control paradigm for multimedia transmission over wireless networks, An

Lawal, I.A.[Isah A.] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Handwritten Arabic (Indian) Numerals Using Freeman's Chain Codes and Abductive Network Classifiers
* Support Vector Motion Clustering
Includes: Lawal, I.A.[Isah A.] Lawal, I.A.

Lawal, N. Co Author Listing * Energy-Efficient SRAM FPGA-Based Wireless Vision Sensor Node: SENTIOF-CAM
* Implementation of Wireless Vision Sensor Node for Characterization of Particles in Fluids

Lawawirojwong, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling from Multi-views Images for Cultural Heritage in Wat-Pho, Thailand
* Road Segmentation of Remotely-Sensed Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Landscape Metrics and Conditional Random Fields
Includes: Lawawirojwong, S. Lawawirojwong, S.[Siam]

Lawgali, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation for Arabic characters in handwriting documents

Lawgaly, A.[Ashref] Co Author Listing * novel image filtering approach for sensor fingerprint estimation in source camera identification, A
* Weighted averaging-based sensor pattern noise estimation for source camera identification

Lawhorn, S.[Seraphim] Co Author Listing * Noise Sensitive Trajectory Planning for MR Guided TAVI

Lawin, F.J.[Felix Jaremo] Co Author Listing * Deep Projective 3D Semantic Segmentation
* Efficient Multi-frequency Phase Unwrapping Using Kernel Density Estimation
Includes: Lawin, F.J.[Felix Jaremo] Lawin, F.J.[Felix Järemo]

Lawitzky, A. Co Author Listing * Combined Model- and Learning-Based Framework for Interaction-Aware Maneuver Prediction, A

Lawlor, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Distance Images and Intermediate-Level Vision

Lawlor, M.A. Co Author Listing * Real-time synthetic aperture sonar imaging using a parallel architecture

Lawn, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Camera Motion Determination from Dymanic Perceptual Grouping of Line Segments

Lawn, J.M.[Jonathan M.] Co Author Listing * Epipole Estimation Using Affine Motion-Parallax
* Reliable Extraction of the Camera Motion Using Constraints on the Epipole
* Robust Egomotion Estimation from Affine Motion Parallax
Includes: Lawn, J.M.[Jonathan M.] Lawn, J.M.

Lawo, M.[Mathias] Co Author Listing * Towards the interactive transcription of handwritings: Anytime anywhere document analysis

Lawoko, C.R.O. Co Author Listing * Asymptotic error rates of the W and Z statistics when the training observations are dependent
* Bias associated with the discriminant analysis approach to the estimation of mixing proportions
* Discrimination with autocorrelated observations
* Further results on discrimination with autocorrelated observations
* Some asymptotic results on the effect of autocorrelation on the error rates of the sample linear discriminant function

Lawrance Owen, A.J. Co Author Listing * Counterphase modulation flicker photometry: Phenotypic and genotypic associations
* Individual differences provide psychophysical evidence for separate on- and off-pathways deriving from short-wave cones
* No difference in variability of unique hue selections and binary hue selections
Includes: Lawrance Owen, A.J. Lawrance-Owen, A.J. Lawrance-Owen, A.J.[Adam J.]

Lawrence, D.E. Co Author Listing * Identification of metallic mine-like objects using low frequency magnetic fields

Lawrence, D.H. Co Author Listing * Low-Cost Remote Sensing Experinments within an Educational Environment

Lawrence, G.W.[Gary W.] Co Author Listing * hyperspectral reflectance data based model inversion methodology to detect reniform nematodes in cotton, A

Lawrence, H. Co Author Listing * Correction to Evaluating an improved parameterization of the soil emission in L-MEB [Apr 11 1177-1189]
* Evaluating the Semiempirical H-Q Model Used to Calculate the L-Band Emissivity of a Rough Bare Soil

Lawrence, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * analysis of using high-frequency sinusoidal illumination to measure the 3D shape of translucent objects, An
* Principles of Appearance Acquisition and Representation

Lawrence, M.J.[Maryruth J.] Co Author Listing * Computer Assisted Detection of Polycystic Ovary Morphology in Ultrasound Images

Lawrence, N.D.[Neil D.] Co Author Listing * Backing Off: Hierarchical Decomposition of Activity for 3d Novel Pose Recovery
* Fast Nonparametric Clustering of Structured Time-Series
* Linear Latent Force Models Using Gaussian Processes
* Modeling Human Locomotion with Topologically Constrained Latent Variable Models
* Overlapping Mixtures of Gaussian Processes for the data association problem
* Transferring Nonlinear Representations using Gaussian Processes with a Shared Latent Space
* Variational inference for visual tracking
Includes: Lawrence, N.D.[Neil D.] Lawrence, N.D.
7 for Lawrence, N.D.

Lawrence, N.E. Co Author Listing * Differential phase calibration of linearly polarized weather radars with simultaneous transmission/reception for estimation of circular depolarization ratio

Lawrence, P. Co Author Listing * Audio Surveillance Eye, The
* Investigation of Methods for Determining Depth from Focus, An
* Matrix Based Method for Determining Depth from Focus, A

Lawrence, P.D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Error in the Reconstruction of N-Dimensional Stochastic Processes
* Fixation Precision in High-Speed Noncontact Eye-Gaze Tracking
* non-contact device for tracking gaze in a human computer interface, A
* Robust outdoor stereo vision SLAM for heavy machine rotation sensing
* Theoretical Basis for Diffrequency Stereo, A
Includes: Lawrence, P.D. Lawrence, P.D.[Peter D.]

Lawrence, R.[Rick] Co Author Listing * Multi-temporal mesoscale hyperspectral data of mixed agricultural and grassland regions for anomaly detection

Lawrence, R.L. Co Author Listing * Automated-Method for Digitizing Color Thematic Maps, An
* Effect of Alternative Splitting Rules on Image Processing Using Classification Tree Analysis
* Rule-Based Classification Systems Using Classification and Regression Tree (CART) Analysis
* Using Landsat Surface Reflectance Data as a Reference Target for Multiswath Hyperspectral Data Collected Over Mixed Agricultural Rangeland Areas
* Using NDVI and EVI to Map Spatiotemporal Variation in the Biomass and Quality of Forage for Migratory Elk in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Includes: Lawrence, R.L. Lawrence, R.L.[Rick L.]

Lawrence, S.[Steve] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Networks for Face Recognition
* Face Recognition: A Convolutional Neural-Network Approach
* Face Recognition: A Hybrid Neural Network Approach

Laws, A.N.[Angela N.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Canopy Nitrogen Content in a Heterogeneous Grassland with Varying Fire and Grazing Treatments: Konza Prairie, Kansas, USA

Laws, K.I. Co Author Listing * On the Evaluation of Scene Analysis Algorithms
* Phoenix Image Segmentation System: Description and Evaluation, The
* Rapid Texture Identification
* Texture Energy Measures
* Textured Image Segmentation
Includes: Laws, K.I. Laws, K.I.[Kenneth I.]

Lawson, A. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Application of Cloud-Shadow Atmospheric Correction Algorithm on HICO
* Impact of Aerosol Model Selection on Water-Leaving Radiance Retrievals from Satellite Ocean Color Imagery
* Inter-Comparison between VIIRS and MODIS Radiances and Ocean Color Data Products over the Chesapeake Bay
* Large scale address recognition systems: Truthing, testing, tools, and other evaluation issues
* Spotting Audio-Visual Inconsistencies (SAVI) in Manipulated Video
* Truthing, testing and evaluation issues in complex systems
Includes: Lawson, A. Lawson, A.[Adam] Lawson, A.[Alfred]

Lawson, C.T.[Catherine T.] Co Author Listing * Compression of Trajectory Data: A Comprehensive Evaluation and New Approach

Lawson, E.[Everett] Co Author Listing * Estimating Motion and size of moving non-line-of-sight objects in cluttered environments
* Imaging the Propagation of Light Through Scenes at Picosecond Resolution
* Toward a Human-Like Approach to Face Recognition
Includes: Lawson, E.[Everett] Lawson, E.

Lawson, G. Co Author Listing * New hypothesis test: a repropagation method to test the applicability of linear ICA to a given problem (highlighted by an EEG case study applied to epilepsy)
* Telling the difference between deceiving and truth telling: An experiment in a public space

Lawson, J.[Joshua] Co Author Listing * Implementing Elements of Fear Invoking Anxiety Using a Game Platform

Lawson, M.[Merlin] Co Author Listing * Characterizing the vertical diffuse attenuation coefficient for downwelling irradiance in coastal waters: Implications for water penetration by high resolution satellite data
* Generalized Linear Least Squares Method for Fast Generation of Myocardial Blood Flow Parametric Images with N-13 Ammonia PET
Includes: Lawson, M.[Merlin] Lawson, M.

Lawson, S.[Shaun] Co Author Listing * Automatic nesting seabird detection based on boosted HOG-LBP descriptors

Lawson, S.S. Co Author Listing * Design of doubly complementary filters with approximate linear phase
* Technique for design of two-channel approximately linear phase QMF filter bank and its application to image compression

Lawson, T.S.[Thomas S.] Co Author Listing * Luminescent Microspheres Resolved from Strong Background on an Automated Time-Gated Luminescence Microscopy Workstation

Lawson, W.[Wallace] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Human Gait Using Patterns of Translation and Rotation
* Comparative Assessment of ICA Architectures for Gait Recognition
* Detecting Anomalous Objects on Mobile Platforms
* Finding Anomalies with Generative Adversarial Networks for a Patrolbot
* Gait Analysis using Independent Components of image motion
* Improving superpixel boundaries using information beyond the visual spectrum
* Leveraging Cognitive Context for Object Recognition
* Multi-attribute Residual Network (MAResNet) for Soft-Biometrics Recognition in Surveillance Scenarios
Includes: Lawson, W.[Wallace] Lawson, W.
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Lawson, W.E.[Wallace E.] Co Author Listing * Integrating vision for human-robot interaction
* Multimodal identification using Markov logic networks
* Recognizing faces like humans: A new approach to facial identification makes automated surveillance easier
* Toward Development of a Face Recognition System for Watchlist Surveillance

Lawton, D.T.[Daryl T.] Co Author Listing * email: Lawton, D.T.[Daryl T.]: daryll AT microsoft com
* Constraint-Based Inference from Image Motion
* Content Addressable Array Parallel Processor and Some Applications, A
* Determination of Rotational and Translational Components of a Flow Field using a Content Addressable Parallel Processor
* Determining the Instantaneous Axis of Translation from Optic Flow Generated by Arbitrary Sensor Motion
* Environmental Modeling and Recognition for an Autonomous Land Vehicle
* Iconic and Symbolic Processing Using a Content Addressable Array Parallel Processor
* Image Understanding Environments
* Image Understanding Environments Program, The
* Interactive Model-Based Vehicle Tracking
* IU Software Environments
* IUE User Interface, The
* Knowledge Based Vision for Terrestrial Robots
* Modular Object Oriented Image Understanding Environment, A
* Motion Analysis By Translational Decomposition
* Motion Analysis via Local Translational Processing
* Optic Flow Field Structure and Processing Image Motion
* Perceptual Organization Using Interestingness
* Processing Differential Image Motion
* Processing Dynamic Image Sequences from a Moving Sensor
* Processing Restricted Sensor Motion
* Processing Translational Motion Sequences
* Qualitative Landmark-Based Path Planning and Following
* Qualitative Navigation
* Qualitative Navigation II
* Range-Free Qualitative Navigation
* Sensor Motion and Relative Depth from Difference Fields of Optic Flows
* Shape and Motion from Linear Features
* Translational Decomposition of Flow Fields
* Use of Difference Fields in Processing Sensor Motion, The
* Visual Memory Structure for a Mobile Robot
* Visual Re-Acquisition of Geographic Locations
Includes: Lawton, D.T.[Daryl T.] Lawton, D.T.
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Lawton, G.[George] Co Author Listing * 3D Displays without Glasses: Coming to a Screen near You
* Biometrics: A New Era in Security
* Cloud Streaming Brings Video to Mobile Devices
* Making virtual reality more accessible
Includes: Lawton, G.[George] Lawton, G.

Lawton, T.B.[Teri B.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for predicting the direction of movement in machine vision

Lawton, W. Co Author Listing * Information-Theory, Wavelets, and Image Compression

Lawton, W.M. Co Author Listing * Complete Spectral Characterization of Quarter-Plane Autoregressive Models, A
* Image coding apparatus and method utilizing separable transformations
* Image compression method and apparatus
* Multidimensional chirp algorithms for computing Fourier transforms
Includes: Lawton, W.M. Lawton, W.M.[Wayne M.]

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