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Lebanon, G.[Guy] Co Author Listing * Chebyshev approximations to the histogram X^2 kernel
* Composite Statistical Inference for Semantic Segmentation
* Designing Moiré Patterns
* Metric Learning for Text Documents

Lebart, K. Co Author Listing * Optical flow using textures
* Physical optics modelling of millimetre-wave personnel scanners
* stochastic optimization approach for parameter tuning of support vector machines, A
Includes: Lebart, K. Lebart, K.[Katia]

Lebbah, M.[Mustapha] Co Author Listing * Nearest neighbour estimators of density derivatives, with application to mean shift clustering

Lebbe, J. Co Author Listing * Growing a tree classifier with imprecise data

Lebeau, C.J.[Christopher J.] Co Author Listing * Method for automatic semiconductor wafer inspection

Lebed, E. Co Author Listing * Novel Surface-Smoothing Based Local Gyrification Index

Lebeda, K.[Karel] Co Author Listing * 2D or Not 2D: Bridging the Gap Between Tracking and Structure from Motion
* Dense Rigid Reconstruction from Unstructured Discontinuous Video
* Direct-from-Video: Unsupervised NRSfM
* Exploring Causal Relationships in Visual Object Tracking
* Fixing the Locally Optimized RANSAC
* Hollywood 3D: Recognizing Actions in 3D Natural Scenes
* Hollywood 3D: What are the Best 3D Features for Action Recognition?
* Long-Term Tracking through Failure Cases
* Natural Action Recognition Using Invariant 3D Motion Encoding
* Stereo reconstruction using top-down cues
* Texture-Independent Long-Term Tracking Using Virtual Corners
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* TMAGIC: A Model-Free 3D Tracker
* Tracking the Untrackable: How to Track When Your Object Is Featureless
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2014 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Lebeda, K.[Karel] Lebeda, K.
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Lebedev, A.[Alexei] Co Author Listing * Portable 3-D scanning system and method for rapid shape digitizing and adaptive mesh generation
* Structured-light, triangulation-based three-dimensional digitizer
* System and method for rapid shape digitizing and adaptive mesh generation
* System and method of three-dimensional image capture and modeling

Lebedev, D.S. Co Author Listing * Impulse Noise Cleaning by Iterative Threshold Median Filtering

Lebedev, M.A. Co Author Listing * real-time photogrammetric algorithm for sensor and synthetic image fusion with application to aviation combined vision, A

Lebedev, V. Co Author Listing * Fast ConvNets Using Group-Wise Brain Damage

Lebedeva, O. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection of Subpixel Targets With Hypothesis Dependent Background Power

Lebedinsky, Y. Co Author Listing * Super-resolution image restoration from several blurred images formed in various conditions

Lebegue, L. Co Author Listing * Attitude Assessment Using Pleiades-HR Capabilities
* Pleiades Absolute Calibration: Inflight Calibration Sites And Methodology
* Pleiades HR in Flight Geometrical Calibration: Location and Mapping of The Focal Plane
* Pleiades-HR Image Quality Commissioning
* Star-based Methods For Pleiades HR Commissioning
* Using Exotic Guidance for PLEIADES-HR Image Quality Calibration
Includes: Lebegue, L. Lebègue, L.

Lebegue, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Calibrating a Mobile Camera's Parameters
* Detecting 3D Parallel Lines for Perceptual Organization
* Significant Line Segments for an Indoor Mobile Robot
Includes: Lebegue, X.[Xavier] Lebegue, X.

Lebel, O. Co Author Listing * ARCHI: An Expert System for Biological Objects Recognition

Lebenberg, J. Co Author Listing * mutual reference shape based on information theory, A
* Nonsupervised Ranking of Different Segmentation Approaches: Application to the Estimation of the Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction From Cardiac Cine MRI Sequences

Lebeque, L. Co Author Listing * Pleiades-HR Innovative Techniques For Radiometric Image Quality Commissioning

Leberl, F. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Building Details from Aerial Photography for Internet Maps
* 3D roof details by 3D aerial vision
* Aerial Computer Vision for a 3D Virtual Habitat
* Automatic Fusion of Partial Reconstructions
* Building FaÇade Separation In Vertical Aerial Images
* Characterizing building façades from vertical aerial images
* Microsoft Global Ortho Program, The
* Multi-photo Combined Adjustment with Airborne SAR Images Based on Ortho-rectification Model
* Online Maps and Cloud-Supported Location-Based Services Across a Manifold of Devices
* Robust Active Appearance Models and Their Application to Medical Image Analysis
* Shape- and Appearance-based Segmentation of Volumetric Medical Images
* Ultracam Story, The
* Window detection in complex facades
Includes: Leberl, F. Leberl, F.[Franz]
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Leberl, F.W. Co Author Listing * Building Reconstruction from Synthetic Aperature Radar Images and Interferometry
* Detection and Reconstruction of Human Scale Features from High Resolution Interferometic SAR Data
* Detection ellipses by finding lines of symmetry in the images via an hough transform applied to straight lines
* Extraction of Man-Made Objects from Aerial and Satellite Images: Foreword
* Façade Segmentation in a Multi-view Scenario
* Geometric versus Texture Detail in 3-D Models of Real World Buildings
* Locational Awareness on the Internet
* Managing Large 3D Urban Database Contents Supporting Phototexture and Levels of Detail
* Models of Urban Areas for Line-of-Sight Analyses
* Parallel Image Processing Applied to Radar Shape-from-Shading
* Raster Scanning for Operational Digitizing of Graphical Data
* Virtual Habitat: Models of the Urban Outdoors
* Windows Detection Using K-means in CIE-Lab Color Space
Includes: Leberl, F.W. Leberl, F.W.[Franz W.]
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LeBlanc, A. Co Author Listing * Fractal Analysis of Bone Images

LeBlanc, A.R.[A. Robert] Co Author Listing * New Set of Fast Algorithms for Mathematical Morphology: I. Idempotent Geodesic Transforms, A
* New Set of Fast Algorithms for Mathematical Morphology: II. Identification of Topographic Features on Grayscale Images, A

LeBlanc, D.J. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Evaluation of Automated Vehicles Safety in Lane-Change Scenarios Based on Importance Sampling Techniques
* Gap Acceptance During Lane Changes by Large-Truck Drivers: An Image-Based Analysis

LeBlanc, E. Co Author Listing * Towards Automating the Selection of Ground Control Points in Radarsat Images Using a Topographic Database and Vector-Based Data Matching

Leblanc, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Spectral Reflectance of Polar Bear and Other Large Arctic Mammal Pelts; Potential Applications to Remote Sensing Surveys

LeBlanc, J.P. Co Author Listing * Online Adaptive Blind Deconvolution Based on Third-Order Moments

Leblanc, K.[Kathryn] Co Author Listing * Flood-risk Mapping from Storm Surges and Future Sea-level Rise in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, Canada
* Multirobot Object Localization: A Fuzzy Fusion Approach
Includes: Leblanc, K.[Kathryn] LeBlanc, K.

Leblanc, L.[Luc] Co Author Listing * Modeling with blocks

Leblanc, S.G. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of National and Global LAI Products Derived From Optical Remote Sensing Instruments Over Canada

LeBlanc, T. Co Author Listing * Rochester Checkers Player: Multimodal Parallel Programming for Animate Vision, The

Leblebici, Y. Co Author Listing * FPGA-Based Hardware Implementation of Real-Time Optical Flow Calculation
* Hardware implementation of an omnidirectional camerawith real-time 3D imaging capability
* low-power 490 mpixels/s hardware accelerator for pyramidal decomposition of images, A
* Multi-camera platform for panoramic real-time HDR video construction and rendering
* Real-Time Multiaperture Omnidirectional Visual Sensor Based on an Interconnected Network of Smart Cameras, A
Includes: Leblebici, Y. Leblebici, Y.[Yusuf]

Leblebicioglu, K.[Kemal] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection and Activity Perception Using Covariance Descriptor for Trajectories

Leblon, B.[Brigitte] Co Author Listing * Savannah woody structure modelling and mapping using multi-frequency (X-, C- and L-band) Synthetic Aperture Radar data

Leblond, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Information loss and reconstruction in diffuse fluorescence tomography

Leboeuf, K.[Karl] Co Author Listing * Wavelet Domain Blur Invariants for 1D Discrete Signals

Lebonvallet, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Fusion and classification of multi-source images by SVM with selected features in a kernel space
* Kernel feature selection to fuse multi-spectral MRI images for brain tumor segmentation
* Multi-kernel SVM based classification for brain tumor segmentation of MRI multi-sequence

Leboran, V. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Whitening Saliency
* Integrating prior shape models into level-set approaches
Includes: Leboran, V. Leborán, V.

Leborgne, A.[Aurelie] Co Author Listing * Extracting Noise-Resistant Skeleton on Digital Shapes for Graph Matching
* Hierarchical skeleton for shape matching
* Noise-resistant Digital Euclidean Connected Skeleton for graph-based shape matching
* Robust Computations of Reeb Graphs in 2-D Binary Images
* Similarity between Hypergraphs Based on Mathematical Morphology
Includes: Leborgne, A.[Aurelie] Leborgne, A.[Aurélie] Leborgne, A.

Leborne, R.C. Co Author Listing * Tracking Ill-Conditioning for the RLS-Lattice Algorithms

Lebosse, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Robust Audio Fingerprint's Based Identification Method, A
Includes: Lebosse, J.[Jerome] Lebossé, J.[Jérôme]

Leboucher, G. Co Author Listing * What a Histogram Can Really Tell the Classifier

Leboucher, J. Co Author Listing * Initialized Iterative Closest Point for bone recognition in ultrasound volumes

Leboulleux, O. Co Author Listing * Analytic Solution for the Perspective 4-Point Problem, An

Leboulluec, P. Co Author Listing * Classification of ex-vivo breast cancer positive margins measured by hyperspectral imaging

Lebouregois, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Arabic characters recognition in natural scenes using sparse coding for feature representations

Lebourgeois, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Adaptative Smart-Binarization Method: For Images of Business Documents
* Classification of business documents for real-time application
* Fast Integral MeanShift: Application to Color Segmentation of Document Images
* Joint denoising and magnification of noisy Low-Resolution textual images
* Multiple Learned Dictionaries Based Clustered Sparse Coding for the Super-Resolution of Single Text Image
* Resolution enhancement of textual images via multiple coupled dictionaries and adaptive sparse representation selection
* Resolution enhancement of textual images: a survey of single image-based methods
* Single Textual Image Super-Resolution Using Multiple Learned Dictionaries Based Sparse Coding
* Sparse Coding with a Coupled Dictionary Learning Approach for Textual Image Super-resolution
Includes: Lebourgeois, F.[Frank] Lebourgeois, F. Lebourgeois, F.[Franck]
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Lebourgeois, V.[Valentine] Co Author Listing * Building a Data Set over 12 Globally Distributed Sites to Support the Development of Agriculture Monitoring Applications with Sentinel-2
* Combined Random Forest and OBIA Classification Scheme for Mapping Smallholder Agriculture at Different Nomenclature Levels Using Multisource Data (Simulated Sentinel-2 Time Series, VHRS and DEM), A

Lebourque, T. Co Author Listing * Complete System for the Specification and the Generation of Sign Language Gestures, A

Leboyer, M.[Marion] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Short Association Bundles in Massive Tractography Datasets Using a Multi-subject Bundle Atlas

Lebraly, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Calibration of Non-Overlapping Cameras: Application to Vision-Based Robotics

Lebram, M. Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection for Road Traffic: A Visual Analytics Framework

LeBras Mehlman, E. Co Author Listing * How the Delaunay Triangulation Can Be Used for Representing Stereo Data
* Representing Stereo Data with the Delaunay Triangulation
Includes: LeBras Mehlman, E. LeBras-Mehlman, E.

Lebrecht, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Evolving Tree Structures in Time Lapse Sequences

Lebruchec, J.F. Co Author Listing * Automated Registration of Dissimilar Images: Application to Medical Imagery
* New Class of Similarity Measures for Robust Image Registration, A

Lebrun, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Digital in-line particle holography: Twin-image suppression using sparse blind source separation

Lebrun, G. Co Author Listing * Fast Pixel Classification by SVM Using Vector Quantization, Tabu Search and Hybrid Color Space
* Machine learning to design full-reference image quality assessment algorithm
* SVM training time reduction using vector quantization
Includes: Lebrun, G. Lebrun, G.[Gilles]

Lebrun, J.[Justine] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Windows in Facade Using Kernel on Graph of Contours
* Image retrieval with graph kernel on regions
* Inexact graph matching based on kernels for object retrieval in image databases
* Significance tree image coding using balanced multiwavelets
Includes: Lebrun, J.[Justine] Lebrun, J.

Lebrun, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Implementation of the BM3D Image Denoising Method, Image Processing, An
* implementation and detailed analysis of the K-SVD image denoising algorithm, An
* Implementation of the Non-Local Bayes (NL-Bayes) Image Denoising Algorithm
* Multiscale Image Blind Denoising
* Noise Clinic: a Blind Image Denoising Algorithm, The
* noise clinic: A universal blind denoising algorithm, The
* Non-local dual image denoising
* non-parametric approach for the estimation of intensity-frequency dependent noise, A
* Nonlocal Bayesian Image Denoising Algorithm, A
* Nonparametric Multiscale Blind Estimation of Intensity-Frequency-Dependent Noise
* Secrets of Image Denoising cuisine
Includes: Lebrun, M.[Marc] Lebrun, M.
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Lebsock, M. Co Author Listing * Correcting Biased Evaporation in CloudSat Warm Rain

LeBuhan, C. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Approach To Visual Data-Compression
* Dynamic Video Coding: An Overview

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