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Lelah, A. Co Author Listing * Light Adaptive 4000 Pixels Analog Silicon Retina for Edge Extraction and Motion Detection, A

Leland, H.R. Co Author Listing * Design of a Photo Interpretation Automaton

Leland, K.J. Co Author Listing * Wound status evaluation using color image processing

Lelandais, S.[Sylvie] Co Author Listing * 2D Face Recognition in the IV2 Evaluation Campaign
* 3D Anthropometric Signatures for Face Verification
* Adaptive filtering and hypothesis testing: Application to cancerous cells detection
* Alzheimer's disease early detection from sparse data using brain importance maps
* Bio-inspired image enhancement derived from a rank order coding model
* combining approach for 2D face recognition application on IV2 database, A
* Defect Detection on Inclined Textured Planes Using the Shape from Texture Method and the Delaunay Triangulation
* Detection and Counting of in vivo cells to predict cell migratory potential
* Face localization by neural networks trained with Zernike moments and Eigenfaces feature vectors. A comparison
* Implementation of the watershed method in the HSI color space for the face extraction
* IV2 Multimodal Biometric Database (Including Iris, 2D, 3D, Stereoscopic, and Talking Face Data), and the IV2-2007 Evaluation Campaign, The
* New Clustering Approach for Face Identification, A
* Online Quality measurement of face localization obtained by neural networks trained with Zernike moments feature vectors
* Orientation computation of an inclined textured plane: Study of results for regular macro textures
* Poor Man Vote with M-ary Classifiers. Application to Iris Recognition
* Pruning Approach Improving Face Identification Systems, A
* Quality dependent multimodal fusion of face and iris biometrics
* Shape from Texture Method Based on Local Scales Extraction: Precision and Results, A
* Shape From Texture: Local Scales And Vanishing Line Computation To Improve Results For Macrotextures
* Statistics for Image Processing
* Texel Extraction on Inclined Textures by Adaptive Thresholding of Local Scales
* Wavelets And High Order Statistics For Texture Classification
Includes: Lelandais, S.[Sylvie] Lelandais, S.
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Lelardeux, C.P.[Catherine Pons] Co Author Listing * Communication system and team situation awareness in a multiplayer real-time learning environment: application to a virtual operating room

Lelas, M. Co Author Listing * Sequence-to-sequence alignment using a pendulum

LeLeannec, F. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Sender and Receiver Driven Rate Control in Multicast Layered Video Transmission
* Packet loss resilient MPEG-4 compliant video coding for the Internet
Includes: LeLeannec, F. LeLéannec, F.

Lelegard, L.[Laman] Co Author Listing * Detecting And Correcting Motion Blur from Images Shot with Channel-Dependent Exposure Time
* EuroSDR project Radiometric aspects of digital photogrammetric images: Results of empirical phase
* Motion blur detection in aerial images shot with channel-dependent exposure time
* Partial iterates for symmetrizing non-parametric color correction
* Reconstruction of Sky Illumination Domes From Ground-based Panoramas
Includes: Lelegard, L.[Laman] Lelégard, L.[Lâmân] Lelegard, L. Lelégard, L.

Lelescu, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Scene Change Detection on Compressed Multimedia Bitstream Based on Statistical Sequential Analysis
* VORTEX: video retrieval and tracking from compressed multimedia databases
* VORTEX: Video Retrieval and Tracking from Compressed Multimedia Databases: Multiple Object Tracking from MPEG-2 Bit Stream

Leleu Merviel, S.[Sylvie] Co Author Listing * Scenarizing CADastre Exquisse: A Crossover between Snoezeling in Hospitals/Domes, and Authoring/Experiencing Soundful Comic Strips
* Scenarizing Metropolitan Views: FlanoGraphing the Urban Spaces
Includes: Leleu Merviel, S.[Sylvie] Leleu-Merviel, S.[Sylvie]

Leleu, P. Co Author Listing * Distributed Intrusion Detection System for Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks: The AWISSENET Distributed Intrusion Detection System, A

Lelewer, D.A. Co Author Listing * Data Compression

Lelieveldt, B. Co Author Listing * Regression-Based Cardiac Motion Prediction From Single-Phase CTA

Lelieveldt, B.P.F. Co Author Listing * 3-D active appearance models: segmentation of cardiac MR and ultrasound images
* Anatomical model matching with fuzzy implicit surfaces for segmentation of thoracic volume scans
* Anatomical Modeling with Fuzzy Implicit Surface Templates: Application to Automated Localization of the Heart and Lungs in Thoracic MR Volumes
* Automated contour detection in X-ray left ventricular angiograms using multiview active appearance models and dynamic programming
* Automated Detection of Regional Wall Motion Abnormalities Based on a Statistical Model Applied to Multislice Short-Axis Cardiac MR Images
* Automatic segmentation of echocardiographic sequences by active appearance motion models
* Fast Automatic Step Size Estimation for Gradient Descent Optimization of Image Registration
* Fully Automated Attenuation Measurement and Motion Correction in FLIP Image Sequences
* Fully Automated Motion Correction in First-Pass Myocardial Perfusion MR Image Sequences
* Fuzzy feature selection
* Guest Editorial Functional Imaging of the Heart
* Multiresolution Image Segmentation Technique Based on Pyramidal Segmentation and Fuzzy Clustering, A
* Multistage hybrid active appearance model matching: segmentation of left and right ventricles in cardiac MR images
* Neuro-fuzzy systems for computer-aided myocardial viability assessment
* New Cluster Validity Index for the Fuzzy C-Mean, A
* Optimal design of radial basis function neural networks for fuzzy-rule extraction in high dimensional data
* Slice-Based Combination of Rest and Dobutamine: Stress Cardiac MRI Using a Statistical Motion Model to Identify Myocardial Infarction: Validation against Contrast-Enhanced MRI
* Statistical Shape Model-Based Femur Kinematics From Biplane Fluoroscopy
Includes: Lelieveldt, B.P.F. Lelieveldt, B.P.F.[Boudewijn P. F.]
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Leligou, H.C. Co Author Listing * Efficient Detection of Routing Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks

Leligou, N. Co Author Listing * PoRaC-Positioning Systems by Radio Communication: A Students' Search for New Applications

Lelli, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Development, Production and Evaluation of Aerosol Climate Data Records from European Satellite Observations (Aerosol_cci)

Lellis, L.S.[Lucas Santana] Co Author Listing * Edge Detection Robust to Intensity Inhomogeneity: A 7T MRI Case Study

Lellmann, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * Discrete and Continuous Models for Partitioning Problems
Includes: Lellmann, B.[Bjorn] Lellmann, B.[Björn]

Lellmann, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Second-Order Total Variation: An Approach Aware of Slope Discontinuities
* Analysis and Application of a Nonlocal Hessian
* Anisotropic Third-Order Regularization for Sparse Digital Elevation Models
* Comparative Study of Modern Inference Techniques for Discrete Energy Minimization Problems, A
* Comparative Study of Modern Inference Techniques for Structured Discrete Energy Minimization Problems, A
* Continuous Multiclass Labeling Approaches and Algorithms
* Convex Multi-class Image Labeling by Simplex-Constrained Total Variation
* Convex optimization for multi-class image labeling with a novel family of total variation based regularizers
* Discrete and Continuous Models for Partitioning Problems
* Fast and Exact Primal-Dual Iterations for Variational Problems in Computer Vision
* Imaging with Kantorovich-Rubinstein Discrepancy
* Optimal Transport-Based Restoration Method for Q-Ball Imaging, An
* Optimality Bounds for a Variational Relaxation of the Image Partitioning Problem
* Shape from Specular Reflection and Optical Flow
* Solving Quasi-Variational Inequalities for Image Restoration with Adaptive Constraint Sets
* Sublabel-Accurate Convex Relaxation of Vectorial Multilabel Energies
* Sublabel-Accurate Relaxation of Nonconvex Energies
* Total Variation Regularization for Functions with Values in a Manifold
* Variational Image Denoising with Adaptive Constraint Sets
Includes: Lellmann, J.[Jan] Lellmann, J.
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Lelo, K.[Keti] Co Author Listing * GIS Approach to Urban History: Rome in the 18th Century, A

Leloglu, U.M. Co Author Listing * Characterisation of tool marks on cartridge cases by combining multiple images
* Multi-image Region Growing for Integrating Disparity Maps
* Surface Reconstruction from Multiple Aerial Images in Dense Urban Areas
* Tuz Gölü: New Absolute Radiometric Calibration Test Site
Includes: Leloglu, U.M. Leloglu, U.M.[Ugur M.]

Lelong, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Image processing method and device for constructing an image from adjacent images
* Method and device for processing an image in order to construct a target image from a plurality of contiguous source images
* Method and device for processing an image in order to construct from a source image a target image with charge of perspective

Lelore, T.[Thibault] Co Author Listing * COnfusion REduction (CORE) algorithm for local descriptors, floating-point and binary cases
* Document Image Binarisation Using Markov Field Model
* FAIR: A Fast Algorithm for Document Image Restoration
* Object segmentation from a dynamic background using a pixelwise rigidity criterion and application to maritime target recognition
* Super-Resolved Binarization of Text Based on the FAIR Algorithm
* unsupervised approach to automatic object extraction from a maritime video scene, An
Includes: Lelore, T.[Thibault] Lelore, T.

Leloup, F.B.[Frederic B.] Co Author Listing * Overall gloss evaluation in the presence of multiple cues to surface glossiness
Includes: Leloup, F.B.[Frederic B.] Leloup, F.B.[Frédéric B.]

Leloup, T. Co Author Listing * Novel Technique for Distal Locking of Intramedullary Nail Based on Two Non-constrained Fluoroscopic Images and Navigation, A

Lelyveld, V.S.[Victor S.] Co Author Listing * Challenges for molecular neuroimaging with MRI

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