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Leo, C.S. Co Author Listing * Fast processing of medical images using a new parallel architecture, the hybrid system

Leo, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Mapping Contact Force during Catheter Ablation for the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation: New Insights into Ablation Therapy

Leo, M. Co Author Listing * Abandoned/Removed Objects Detection Algorithm and Its Evaluation on PETS Datasets, An
* Accurate ball detection in soccer images using probabilistic analysis of salient regions
* Advances in Background Updating and Shadow Removing for Motion Detection Algorithms
* algorithm for real time eye detection in face images, An
* Analysis of HOG Suitability for Facial Traits Description in FER Problems
* Analysis of Image Sequences for Defect Detection in Composite Materials
* Assessment of deep learning for gender classification on traditional datasets
* Automatic Emotion Recognition in Robot-Children Interaction for ASD Treatment
* Circularity and self-similarity analysis for the precise location of the pupils
* Complex human activity recognition for monitoring wide outdoor environments
* Computer Vision Based Approach for Understanding Emotional Involvements in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, A
* Computer vision for assistive technologies
* Detection of objects carried by people
* Eye detection in face images for a driver vigilance system
* Facial feature extraction by kernel independent component analysis
* Football Players Classification in a Multi-camera Environment
* Foreground Segmentation by Combining Color and Depth Images
* Fully Automatic Approach for the Accurate Localization of the Pupils, A
* Highly Usable and Accurate Iris Segmentation
* HSV and RGB color histograms comparing for objects tracking among non overlapping FOVs, using CBTF
* Improved Performance in Facial Expression Recognition Using 32 Geometric Features
* Intelligent Vision System for ASD Diagnosis and Assessment
* Investigation Into the Feasibility of Real-Time Soccer Offside Detection From a Multiple Camera System, An
* low-cost and calibration-free gaze estimator for soft biometrics: An explorative study, A
* Moving object segmentation by background subtraction and temporal analysis
* Multi-branch CNN for Multi-scale Age Estimation
* Multi-view Player Action Recognition in Soccer Games
* new algorithm for ball recognition using circle Hough transform and neural classifier, A
* Non-invasive Soccer Goal Line Technology: A Real Case Study
* Novel Histogram-Based Feature Representation and Its Application in Sport Players Classification, A
* On the Estimation of Children's Poses
* Panoramic Video Generation by Multi View Data Synthesis
* Pervasive Retail Strategy Using a Low-Cost Free Gaze Estimation System
* Posture estimation in visual surveillance of archaeological sites
* Randomized circle detection with isophotes curvature analysis
* Real-time multi-view event detection in soccer games
* Real-time multiview analysis of soccer matches for understanding interactions between ball and players
* review of vision-based systems for soccer video analysis, A
* Semi-automatic System for Ground Truth Generation of Soccer Video Sequences, A
* Shadows Removal by Edges Matching
* Shape Based People Detection for Visual Surveillance Systems
* SIFT Based Ball Recognition in Soccer Images
* Soccer Ball Detection with Isophotes Curvature Analysis
* Soccer Player Activity Recognition by a Multivariate Features Integration
* Special Issue on Assistive Computer Vision and Robotics: Assistive Solutions for Mobility, Communication and HMI
* Special issue on Assistive Computer Vision and Robotics: Part I
* study on different experimental configurations for age, race, and gender estimation problems, A
* Supervised Approach in Background Modelling for Visual Surveillance, A
* system to automatically monitor forbidden areas, A
* Technological Framework to Support Standardized Protocols for the Diagnosis and Assessment of ASD, A
* visual approach for driver inattention detection, A
* Visual Interaction Including Biometrics Information for a Socially Assistive Robotic Platform
* Visual Players Detection and Tracking in Soccer Matches
* visual system for real time detection of goal events during soccer matches, A
Includes: Leo, M. Leo, M.[Marco]
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Leo, O. Co Author Listing * Evaluating NDVI Data Continuity Between SPOT-VEGETATION and PROBA-V Missions for Operational Yield Forecasting in North African Countries
* Evaluation of Agreement Between Space Remote Sensing SPOT-VEGETATION fAPAR Time Series
* Remote Sensing Based Yield Estimation in a Stochastic Framework: Case Study of Durum Wheat in Tunisia

Leo, T. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to the Hough Transform for Line Detection, A

Leodolter, M. Co Author Listing * Personalized and Situation-Aware Multimodal Route Recommendations: The FAVOUR Algorithm

Leon Garcia, A. Co Author Listing * Comment on Estimation of shape parameter for generalized Gaussian distribution in subband decompositions of video
* Efficient Run-Lenght Encodings
* Estimation of shape parameter for generalized Gaussian distributions in subband decompositions of video
* Information loss recovery for block-based image coding techniques: A fuzzy logic approach
* Integrated Framework for Efficient Transport of Real-Time MPEG Video over ATM Best Effort Service, An
* Noiseless Coding of Binary Finite Order Markov Sources
Includes: Leon Garcia, A. Leon-Garcia, A. Leon-Garcia, A.[Alberto]

Leon Mecias, A.[Angela] Co Author Listing * Modeling Deformable Filament Bundles by Means of Mass-Spring Systems for the Design of Carbon Reinforced Materials
Includes: Leon Mecias, A.[Angela] León-Mecías, A.[Angela]

Leon Salas, W.D. Co Author Listing * Low-Cost, Tiled Embedded Smart Camera System for Computer Vision Applications, A
Includes: Leon Salas, W.D. Leon-Salas, W.D.

Leon Tavares, J. Co Author Listing * Angular normalisation of PROBA-V 300m NDVI
Includes: Leon Tavares, J. León-Tavares, J.

Leon, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Teaching a Robot to Perform Task through Imitation and On-line Feedback
Includes: Leon, A.[Adrian] León, A.[Adrián]

Leon, A.A.S.[Alexander A. Suarez] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Classifiers Architectures for Electrocardiogram Artefacts Recognition, A
Includes: Leon, A.A.S.[Alexander A. Suarez] León, A.A.S.[Alexander A. Suárez]

Leon, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Estimating Horizontal Displacement between DEMs by Means of Particle Image Velocimetry Techniques
* Precise Electrical Disturbance Generator for Neural Network Training with Real Level Output, A
Includes: Leon, C.[Carlos] León, C.[Carlos]

Leon, D. Co Author Listing * Evolution of 3GPP Streaming for Improving QOS Over Mobile Networks

Leon, F.P. Co Author Listing * Accelerating spectral unmixing by using clustered images
* Adaptive Separation of Random Lines and Background
* Combining isophote and cascade classifier information for precise pupil localization
* Hyperspectral fluorescence imaging for mineral classification
* Imaging and analysis of forensic striation marks
* Integration of precise iris localization into active appearance models for automatic initialization and robust deformable face tracking
* Robustness Improvement of Hyperspectral Image Unmixing by Spatial Second-Order Regularization
Includes: Leon, F.P. León, F.P. León, F.P.[Fernando Puente]
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Leon, G.[Gustavo] Co Author Listing * 3D Video Quality Evaluation with Depth Quality Variations

Leon, J.[Julio] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Utility Poles Using the Bag of Visual Words Method for Different Feature Extractors
* Unsupervised domain adaptation for early detection of drought stress in hyperspectral images
* Using MODIS-NDVI for the Modeling of Post-Wildfire Vegetation Response as a Function of Environmental Conditions and Pre-Fire Restoration Treatments
Includes: Leon, J.[Julio] León, J.[Julio] Léon, J. Leon, J.

Leon, J.C.[Jean Claude] Co Author Listing * Automated Contextual Annotation of B-Rep CAD Mechanical Components Deriving Technology And Symmetry Information To Support Partial Retrieval
* Static Polyhedron Simplification Using Error Measurements
Includes: Leon, J.C.[Jean Claude] Léon, J.C.[Jean-Claude] Leon, J.C.

Leon, J.G.[Juan Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Surface Freshwater Storage Variations in the Orinoco Floodplains Using Multi-Satellite Observations
Includes: Leon, J.G.[Juan Gabriel] León, J.G.[Juan Gabriel]

Leon, J.X.[Javier X.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of UAV and Ground-Based Structure from Motion with Multi-View Stereo Photogrammetry in a Gullied Savanna Catchment

Leon, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Airborne UAV Imagery to Assess Olive Tree Crown Parameters Using 3D Photo Reconstruction: Application in Breeding Trials
Includes: Leon, L.[Lorenzo] León, L.[Lorenzo]

Leon, L.C.[Leissi Castaneda] Co Author Listing * Car detection in sequences of images of urban environments using mixture of deformable part models
Includes: Leon, L.C.[Leissi Castaneda] León, L.C.[Leissi Castañeda]

Leon, L.J.[L. Joshua] Co Author Listing * Watershed-Based Segmentation and Region Merging

Leon, M.[Miriam] Co Author Listing * Caption text extraction for indexing purposes using a hierarchical region-based image model
* Object detection and segmentation on a hierarchical region-based image representation

Leon, S.[Saul] Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Textual Entailment Method Aware of Real-World Knowledge, A
* Machine-Translation Method for Normalization of SMS, A
Includes: Leon, S.[Saul] León, S.[Saúl] León, S.[Saul]

Leon, T. Co Author Listing * Applying logistic regression to relevance feedback in image retrieval systems
* IOWA Operators and Its Application to Image Retrieval
Includes: Leon, T. Leon, T.[Teresa]

Leonard, C.M. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised learning of an atlas from unlabeled point-sets

Leonard, J.[Joel] Co Author Listing * Discrete Modelling of Soil Fragments Transport by Runoff, A
* Team MIT Urban Challenge Technical Report
* Vanishing points and three-dimensional lines from omni-directional video
Includes: Leonard, J.[Joel] Léonard, J.[Joël] Leonard, J.[John]

Leonard, J.J.[John J.] Co Author Listing * Challenges for Autonomous Mobile Robots
* Directed Sonar Sensing for Mobile Robot Navigation
* Dynamic Map Building for an Autonomous Mobile Robot
* Manhattan Frame Model: Manhattan World Inference in the Space of Surface Normals, The
* Mixture of Manhattan Frames: Beyond the Manhattan World, A
* Mobile Robot Location by Tracking Geometric Beacons
* Mobile Robot Relocation from Echolocation Constraints
* Modeling a Dynamic Environment Using a Multiple Hypothesis Approach
Includes: Leonard, J.J.[John J.] Leonard, J.J.
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Leonard, K.[Kathryn] Co Author Listing * 2D shape structure for decomposition and part similarity, A
* Efficiency Criterion for 2D Shape Model Selection, An
* Efficient Shape Modeling: Entropy, Adaptive Coding, and Boundary Curves -vs- Blum's Medial Axis

Leonard, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Automated Assay for the Evaluation of Mortality in Fish Embryo, An
Includes: Leonard, M.[Marc] Léonard, M.[Marc]

Leonard, S. Co Author Listing * Approximating the visuomotor function for visual servoing
* Tracking the Pose of Objects through Subspace
Includes: Leonard, S. Léonard, S.[Simon]

Leonardi, A. Co Author Listing * Book Recognition as an Example of Flat and Structured Objects Classification

Leonardi, B. Co Author Listing * Statistical Model for Quantification and Prediction of Cardiac Remodelling: Application to Tetralogy of Fallot, A

Leonardi, E. Co Author Listing * Network Awareness of P2P Live Streaming Applications: A Measurement Study
* Unravelling the Impact of Temporal and Geographical Locality in Content Caching Systems

Leonardi, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Distributed video surveillance using hardware-friendly sparse large margin classifiers
* low-power wireless video sensor node for distributed object detection, A

Leonardi, G.P. Co Author Listing * Discrete Varifolds: A Unified Framework for Discrete Approximations of Surfaces and Mean Curvature

Leonardi, J. Co Author Listing * Multi-criteria evaluation method for freight logistics innovations

Leonardi, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * general framework for trajectory data warehousing and visual OLAP, A

Leonardi, M.[Mauro] Co Author Listing * Localization algorithms for multilateration (MLAT) systems in airport surface surveillance

Leonardi, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * 3D-PMDC: A parallelized morphological wavelet codec for 3D medical datasets and teleradiology applications
* Adaptive quantisation in HEVC for contouring artefacts removal in UHD content
* Affective Recommendation of Movies Based on Selected Connotative Features
* Audio-visual processing for scene change detection
* Binary Space Partitioning Tree Representation of Images
* Connotative Space for Supporting Movie Affective Recommendation, A
* Cyclostationary error analysis and filter properties in a 3D wavelet coding framework
* Design of a visual environment for evaluating and customizing medical image compression techniques
* Digital HDTV Compression Using Parallel Motion-Compensated Transform Coders
* Distributed Video Coding: Selecting the most promising application scenarios
* Efficient Digital Pre-filtering for Least-Squares Linear Approximation
* Emotional identity of movies
* Enhanced 'Optimization-on-a-Manifold' Framework for Global Registration of 3D Range Data, An
* Error Resilience in Current Distributed Video Coding Architectures
* Extraction of Significant Video Summaries by Dendrogram Analysis
* Fast dialogue indexing based on structure information
* Flexible and effective High Dynamic Range image coding
* Future-Viewer Visual Environment for Semantic Characterization of Video Sequences, The
* Gender and Expression Analysis Based on Semantic Face Segmentation
* Hierarchical structuring of video previews by Leading-Cluster-Analysis
* High-performance embedded morphological wavelet coding
* Identification of story units in audio-visual sequences by joint audio and video processing
* Identification of Successive Correlated Camera Shots Using Audio and Video Information
* Image coding with face descriptors embedding
* Image Compression Using Binary Space Partitioning Trees
* Image symmetries: The right balance between evenness and perception
* Indexing audiovisual databases through joint audio and video processing
* InnerSpec: Technical Report
* Integer Linear Programming Model for View Selection on Overlapping Camera Clusters, An
* Interactive Segmentation of Biomedical Images and Volumes Using Connected Operators
* Interactive visualization of video content and associated description for semantic annotation
* Intermedia synchronization for videoconference over IP
* L-inf Norm Based Second Generation Image Coding
* Modeling and Reduction of PSNR Fluctuations in 3d Wavelet Coding
* Multi-class semantic segmentation of faces
* new ranking approach and a revisited ratio test for improving content-based image retrieval, A
* Optimal rate adaptation with Integer Linear Programming in the scalable extension of H.264/AVC
* Overlay optimization for Peer-to-Peer scalable video streaming
* Perceptual embedded image coding using wavelet transforms
* Progressive Contour Coding in the Wavelet Domain
* robust pipeline for rapid feature-based pre-alignment of dense range scans, A
* Semantic indexing of soccer audio-visual sequences: A multimodal approach based on controlled Markov chains
* Semantic indexing of sports program sequences by audio-visual analysis
* Semantics of multimedia in MPEG-7
* State-of-the-Art and Trends in Scalable Video Compression With Wavelet-Based Approaches
* ToCAI Description Scheme for Indexing and Retrieval of Multimedia Documents, The
* ToCAI: A framework for indexing and retrieval of multimedia documents
* Toward a multi-feature approach to Content-Based Copy Detection
* Tree based motion compensated video coding
* Two-way interactive refinement of segmented medical volumes
* unified framework for content-aware view selection and planning through view importance, A
* Video coding with motion-compensated interpolation for CD-ROM applications
* Watershed segmentation of medical volumes with paint drop marking
* XKin: an open source framework for hand pose and gesture recognition using kinect
Includes: Leonardi, R.[Riccardo] Leonardi, R.
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Leonardi, S.[Salvo] Co Author Listing * Face Re-Identification for Digital Signage Applications

Leonardi, U. Co Author Listing * Remote sensing monitoring of land restoration interventions in semi-arid environments using a before-after control-impact statistical design

Leonardi, V.[Valentin] Co Author Listing * Multiple reconstruction and dynamic modeling of 3D digital objects using a morphing approach

Leonardis, A.[Ales] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Leonardis, A.[Ales]: Ales Leonardis AT fri uni-lj si
* 2-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Multiresolution Non-Information-Preserving Shape-Features
* adaptive coupled-layer visual model for robust visual tracking, An
* Adding discriminative power to a generative hierarchical compositional model using histograms of compositions
* Adding Discriminative Power to Hierarchical Compositional Models for Object Class Detection
* Automatic Selection of Reference Views for Image-Based Scene Representations
* Automatic Selection of the Optimal Local Feature Detector
* Beyond Standard Benchmarks: Parameterizing Performance Evaluation in Visual Object Tracking
* Boosting audio chord estimation using multiple classifiers
* bottom-up and top-down optimization framework for learning a compositional hierarchy of object classes, A
* Catadioptric Image-based Rendering for Mobile Robot Localization
* Categorisation of 3D Objects in Range Images Using Compositional Hierarchies of Parts Based on MDL and Entropy Selection Criteria
* Coarse-to-Fine Taxonomy of Constellations for Fast Multi-class Object Detection, A
* Color Image Segmentation with Detection of Highlights and Local Illumination Induced by Inter-Reflections
* Combining Reconstructive and Discriminative Subspace Methods for Robust Classification and Regression by Subsampling
* Complexity Optimization Of Adaptive Rbf Networks
* Compositional Hierarchical Representation of Shape Manifolds for Classification of Non-manifold Shapes
* Computational complexity reduction in eigenspace approaches
* Confluence of Computer Vision and Computer Graphics
* Conservative Visual Learning for Object Detection with Minimal Hand Labeling Effort
* Dealing with Occlusions in the Eigenspace Approach
* Deep Hierarchies in the Primate Visual Cortex: What Can We Learn for Computer Vision?
* Detection of Diffuse and Specular Interface Reflections and Inter-Reflections by Color Image Segmentation
* Direct Recovery of Superquadric Models in Range Images Using Recover-and-Select Paradigm, A
* Distractor-Supported Single Target Tracking in Extremely Cluttered Scenes
* Dynamic multi-level appearance models and adaptive clustered decision trees for single target tracking
* Editorial Special Issue ECCV 2006
* Efficient MDL-Based Construction of RBF Networks, An
* Enhanced Adaptive Coupled-Layer LGTracker++, An
* ExSel++: A general framework to extract parametric models
* Figure-Ground Segmentation Using Tabu Search
* Finding Optimal Neural Networks for Land Use Classification
* Finding Parametric Curves in an Image
* Framework for Robust and Incremental Self-Localization of a Mobile Robot, A
* framework for visual-context-aware object detection in still images, A
* From Edgels to Parametric Curves
* Fuzzy C-means in an MDL-framework
* Generic Framework for Assessing the Performance Bounds of Image Feature Detectors, A
* Graph Theoretic Approach for Object Shape Representation in Compositional Hierarchies Using a Hybrid Generative-Descriptive Model, A
* Hierarchical Compositional Representations of Object Structure
* Hierarchical Statistical Learning of Generic Parts of Object Structure
* High-Dimensional Feature Matching: Employing the Concept of Meaningful Nearest Neighbors
* Hyperlinking reality via camera phones
* Illumination Insensitive Eigenspaces
* Illumination insensitive recognition using eigenspaces
* Implicit Shape Model for Combined Object Categorization and Segmentation, An
* Incremental and robust learning of subspace representations
* Incremental LDA Learning by Combining Reconstructive and Discriminative Approaches
* Incremental PCA for on-line visual learning and recognition
* Is my new tracker really better than yours?
* Karhunen-Loeve expansion of a set of rotated templates
* Kernel and subspace methods for computer vision
* Learning a hierarchical compositional representation of multiple object classes
* Learning contextual rules for priming object categories in images
* Learning statistically relevant edge structure improves low-level visual descriptors
* LEE: A Photorealistic Virtual Environment for Assessing Driver-Vehicle Interactions in Self-driving Mode
* local-global coupled-layer puppet model for robust online human pose tracking, A
* local-motion-based probabilistic model for visual tracking, A
* Making Hough Transform More Robust and Precise
* MDL Principle for Robust Vector Quantisation
* MDL-Based Design of Vector Quantizers
* Mobile robot localization under varying illumination
* Multi-target tracking in team-sports videos via multi-level context-conditioned latent behaviour models
* Multiple eigenspaces
* Multiple Eigenspaces by MDL
* Multiresolution Approach to Biomedical Image Segmentation with Statistical Models of Appearance
* Multivariate online kernel density estimation with Gaussian kernels
* Noninformation-preserving shape features at multiple resolution
* Novel Performance Evaluation Methodology for Single-Target Trackers, A
* Object Categorization from Range Images Using a Hierarchical Compositional Representation
* On-line Conservative Learning for Person Detection
* Online Discriminative Kernel Density Estimation
* Online kernel density estimation for interactive learning
* Online pattern recognition and machine learning techniques for computer-vision: Theory and applications
* Optimization framework for learning a hierarchical shape vocabulary for object class detection
* Panoramic Eigenimages for Spatial Localisation
* Planning multiple views for 3-D object recognition and pose determination
* Planning Sequences of Views for 3-D Object Recognition and Pose Determination
* Planning the next view using the max-min principle
* Planning the Optimal Set of Views Using the Max-Min Principle
* Proper Scale for Modeling Visual Data
* Range Image Acquisition of Objects with Non-uniform Albedo Using Structured Light Range Sensor
* Recognition and pose determination of 3-D objects using multiple views
* Recognizing 2-tone images in grey-level parametric eigenspaces
* Region-sequence based six-stream CNN features for general and fine-grained human action recognition in videos
* Registration of Range Images Based on Segmented Data
* Robust Localization using Eigenspace of Spinning-Images
* Robust Localization Using Panoramic View-based Recognition
* Robust Object Detection with Interleaved Categorization and Segmentation
* Robust PCA Algorithm for Building Representations from Panoramic Images, A
* Robust recognition and pose determination of 3-D objects using range images in eigenspace approach
* Robust Recognition of Scaled Eigenimages Through a Hierarchical Approach
* Robust Recognition Using Eigenimages
* Robust Recovery of Eigneimages in the Presence of Outliers and Occlusions
* Robust Stereo on Multiple Resolutions
* Robust Subspace Classifier, A
* Robust Visual Tracking Using an Adaptive Coupled-Layer Visual Model
* Robust visual tracking using template anchors
* Rolling Shutter Correction in Manhattan World
* Segmentation and Recovery of Superquadrics
* Segmentation as the Search for the Best Description of Images in Terms of Primitives
* Segmentation of Range Images as the Search for Geometric Parametric Models
* Selecting features for object detection using an Adaboost-compatible evaluation function
* Selection Of Reference Views for image-based representation
* Selective Scene Modeling
* Similarity-based cross-layered hierarchical representation for object categorization
* Single target tracking using adaptive clustered decision trees and dynamic multi-level appearance models
* Stereo matching using M-estimators
* Superquadrics for Segmenting and Modeling Range Data
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2015 Challenge Results, The
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Towards Categorization and Pose Estimation of Sets of Occluded Objects in Cluttered Scenes from Depth Data and Generic Object Models Using Joint Parsing
* Towards correct and informative evaluation methodology for texture classification under varying viewpoint and illumination
* Towards deep compositional networks
* Towards Scalable Representations of Object Categories: Learning a Hierarchy of Parts
* Two-Stage Dynamic Model for Visual Tracking, A
* UoB highly occluded object challenge (UoB-HOOC)
* View-based object representations using RBF networks
* Visual learning and recognition of a probabilistic spatio-temporal model of cyclic human locomotion
* Visual Object Tracking Performance Measures Revisited
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2014 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2015 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
* Weighted and robust incremental method for subspace learning
* Weighted and robust learning of subspace representations
Includes: Leonardis, A.[Ales] Leonardis, A. Leonardis, A.[Aleš] Leonardis, A.[Ale]
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Leonardos, S.[Spyridon] Co Author Listing * 3D shape estimation from 2D landmarks: A convex relaxation approach
* metric parametrization for trifocal tensors with non-colinear pinholes, A
* Sparse Representation for 3D Shape Estimation: A Convex Relaxation Approach
* Sparseness Meets Deepness: 3D Human Pose Estimation from Monocular Video
Includes: Leonardos, S.[Spyridon] Leonardos, S.

Leondar, A. Co Author Listing * Visual Autonomy via 2D Matching in Rendered 3D Models

Leone, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Active Range Imaging Dataset for Indoor Surveillance
* Fingerprint minutiae extraction from skeletonized binary images
* Fuzzy-Controlled Perceptual Coding of Videophone Sequences
* Human posture recognition using active contours and radial basis function neural network
* multi-sensor approach for People Fall Detection in home environment, A
* Posture estimation in visual surveillance of archaeological sites
* Shadow detection for moving objects based on texture analysis
* shadow elimination approach in video-surveillance context, A
* Stereoscopic System for 3-D Seabed Mosaic Reconstruction
* texture-based approach for shadow detection, A
Includes: Leone, A.[Alessandro] Leone, A.[Alberto] Leone, A.
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Leone, A.J.[Anthony J.] Co Author Listing * Tile-oriented technique for collectively performing image rotation, scaling and digital halftone screening
Includes: Leone, A.J.[Anthony J.] Leone, III, A.J.[Anthony J.]

Leone, G. Co Author Listing * Detection and Visualization of Surface-Pockets to Enable Phenotyping Studies
* Fault detection in metallic grid scattering
* Kirchhoff-Based Shape Reconstruction Algorithm for the Multimonostatic Configuration: The Realistic Case of Buried Pipes, A
* Second-order iterative approach to inverse scattering: Numerical Results
* Shape Reconstruction of Perfectly Conducting Objects by Multiview Experimental Data
Includes: Leone, G. Leone, G.[Giovanni]

Leonenko, A.[Alexei] Co Author Listing * FIR/IIR cascade approximating H.264/AVC interpolation filter

Leonenko, G.[Ganna] Co Author Listing * Multiple Cost Functions and Regularization Options for Improved Retrieval of Leaf Chlorophyll Content and LAI through Inversion of the PROSAIL Model
* Optimizing LUT-Based RTM Inversion for Semiautomatic Mapping of Crop Biophysical Parameters from Sentinel-2 and -3 Data: Role of Cost Functions
* Statistical Distances and Their Applications to Biophysical Parameter Estimation: Information Measures, M-Estimates, and Minimum Contrast Methods
Includes: Leonenko, G.[Ganna] Leonenko, G.

Leonessa, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * real-time grid map generation and object classification for ground-based 3D LIDAR data using image analysis techniques, A

Leong, H.V. Co Author Listing * Identifying User-Specific Facial Affects from Spontaneous Expressions with Minimal Annotation

Leong, H.W.[Hon Wai] Co Author Listing * 3D-2D spatiotemporal registration for sports motion analysis
* Automatic camera calibration of broadcast tennis video with applications to 3D virtual content insertion and ball detection and tracking
* Detecting hubs and quasi cliques in scale-free networks
* instant semantics acquisition system of live soccer video with application to live event alert and on-the-fly language selection, An
* Interactive broadcast services for live soccer video based on instant semantics acquisition

Leong, J.H.[Jenn Hwai] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Neural Network System for Pattern Classification Tasks with Missing Features, A
Includes: Leong, J.H.[Jenn Hwai] Leong, J.H.[Jenn-Hwai]

Leong, K.P.[Khai Pang] Co Author Listing * Automated classification for HEp-2 cells based on linear local distance coding framework
* Encoding rotation invariant features in HEP-2 cell classification
* Linear Local Distance coding for classification of HEp-2 staining patterns

Leong, M.C.[Mei Chee] Co Author Listing * Identification of faces in line drawings by edge decomposition
* Search-and-Validate Method for Face Identification from Single Line Drawings, A

Leong, P.H. Co Author Listing * Gaussian-Sum Cubature Kalman Filter with Improved Robustness for Bearings-only Tracking

Leong, T.Y.[Tze Yun] Co Author Listing * Automated Prediction of Glasgow Outcome Scale for Traumatic Brain Injury
* Hemorrhage slices detection in brain CT images
* Set-based Hybrid Approach (SHA) for MRI Segmentation, A
Includes: Leong, T.Y.[Tze Yun] Leong, T.Y.[Tze-Yun]

Leonhardt, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Traffic Monitoring with Airborne Wide-Angle Digital Camera System for Estimation of Travel Times

Leoni, S. Co Author Listing * hierarchical compression engine, A

Leontaris, A.[Athanasios] Co Author Listing * Compression Efficiency and Delay Tradeoffs for Hierarchical B-Pictures and Pulsed-Quality Frames
* Drift-Resistant SNR Scalable Video Coding
* End-to-End Delay for Hierarchical B-Pictures and Pulsed Quality Dual Frame Video Coders
* low complexity architecture for video coding with overlapped block motion compensation, A
* Optimal per-pixel estimation for scalable video coding
* Quality Evaluation of Motion-Compensated Edge Artifacts in Compressed Video
* Rate control for video coding with slice type dependencies
* Video Compression for Lossy Packet Networks With Mode Switching and a Dual-Frame Buffer
* Weighted prediction methods for improved motion compensation
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Leontiadis, I. Co Author Listing * On the Effectiveness of an Opportunistic Traffic Management System for Vehicular Networks

Leopold, T. Co Author Listing * Combining Reinforcement Learning and Belief Revision: A Learning System for Active Vision

Leopoldseder, S. Co Author Listing * On Surface Approximation Using Developable Surfaces
* Recognition and Reconstruction of Special Surfaces from Point Clouds
* Registration without ICP
* Simultaneous Registration of Multiple Views of a 3D Object
Includes: Leopoldseder, S. Leopoldseder, S.[Stefan]

Leoputra, W.[Wilson] Co Author Listing * Non-overlapping Distributed Tracking using Particle Filter

Leoputra, W.S. Co Author Listing * Passenger monitoring in moving bus video
* Pedestrian detection for mobile bus surveillance
* unified 2D-3D video scene change detection framework for mobile camera platforms, A

Leordeanu, M. Co Author Listing * Automated feature-based range registration of urban scenes of large scale
* Beyond Local Appearance: Category Recognition from Pairwise Interactions of Simple Features
* Creating Roadmaps in Aerial Images with Generative Adversarial Networks and Smoothing-Based Optimization
* Discovering Texture Regularity as a Higher-Order Correspondence Problem
* Discriminative Sparse Image Models for Class-Specific Edge Detection and Image Interpretation
* Efficient Closed-Form Solution to Generalized Boundary Detection
* Efficient model creation of large structures based on range segmentation
* Generalized Boundaries from Multiple Image Interpretations
* How Hard Can It Be? Estimating the Difficulty of Visual Search in an Image
* Locally Affine Sparse-to-Dense Matching for Motion and Occlusion Estimation
* Moving Pose: An Efficient 3D Kinematics Descriptor for Low-Latency Action Recognition and Detection, The
* Multiple Frames Matching for Object Discovery in Video
* New Methods for Digital Modeling of Historic Sites
* Online Selection of Discriminative Tracking Features
* Pairwise Grouping Using Color
* Semi-supervised learning and optimization for hypergraph matching
* Smoothing-based Optimization
* Spectral Graph Matching, Learning, and Inference for Computer Vision
* Spectral Technique for Correspondence Problems Using Pairwise Constraints, A
* Unsupervised learning for graph matching
* Unsupervised Learning for Graph Matching
* Unsupervised Learning from Video to Detect Foreground Objects in Single Images
* Unsupervised Learning of Object Features from Video Sequences
* Unsupervised Object Segmentation in Video by Efficient Selection of Highly Probable Positive Features
Includes: Leordeanu, M. Leordeanu, M.[Marius]
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Leorin, S. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Two-Dimensional Affine Transformations Through Polar Curve Matching and Its Application to Image Mosaicking and Remote-Sensing Data Registration

Leotta, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Learning Approaches for Parking Lots Classification

Leotta, M.J.[Matthew J.] Co Author Listing * Epipolar Curve Tracking in 3-D
* KWIVER: An open source cross-platform video exploitation framework
* Learning Background and Shadow Appearance with 3-D Vehicle Models
* Open source structure-from-motion for aerial video
* Predicting high resolution image edges with a generic, adaptive, 3-D vehicle model
* Vehicle Class Recognition from Video-Based on 3D Curve Probes
* Vehicle Surveillance with a Generic, Adaptive, 3D Vehicle Model
Includes: Leotta, M.J.[Matthew J.] Leotta, M.J.
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Leou, F.C. Co Author Listing * Contour-Based Image Coding Technique with its Texture Information Reconstructed by Polyline Representation, A

Leou, J.J.[Jin Jang] Co Author Listing * adaptive image interpolation algorithm for image/video processing, An
* Automatic Rotational Symmetry Determination for Shape Analysis
* Background initialization and foreground segmentation for bootstrapping video sequences
* Bipartite Matching Approach to Feature Correspondence in Stereo Vision, A
* Detection and Concealment of Transmission Errors in H.261 Images
* Detection and Concealment of Transmission Errors in MPEG-2 Images--A Genetic Algorithm Approach
* Detection and Correction of Transmission Errors in DPCM Images
* Detection and Correction of Transmission Errors in JPEG Images
* Detection and Correction of Transmission Errors in Pyramid Images
* Dynamic-Programming Approach to Line Segment Matching in Stereo Vision, A
* error resilient coding scheme for H.263 video transmission based on data embedding, An
* error resilient coding scheme for H.264/AVC video transmission based on data embedding, An
* error resilient coding scheme for H.26L video transmission based on data embedding, An
* error resilient coding scheme for JPEG image transmission based on data embedding and side-match vector quantization, An
* Genetic Algorithm Approach to Chinese Handwriting Normalization, A
* Genetic Algorithm Approach to Color Image-Enhancement, A
* genetic algorithm approach to image sequence interpolation, A
* Human Behavior Analysis Using Multiple 2D Features and Multicategory Support Vector Machine
* hybrid error concealment scheme for MPEG-2 video transmission based on best neighborhood matching algorithm, A
* Image Inpainting Using Structure-Guided Priority Belief Propagation and Label Transformations
* Minimum Feature Point Set Representing a Convex Polyhedral Object, The
* Model-Based Approach to Representation and Matching of Object Shape Patterns, A
* Multiexposure image fusion using intensity enhancement and detail extraction
* New Polygonal Approximation Schemes for Object Shape Representation
* new rate control scheme for H.263 video transmission, A
* quadratic prediction based fractional-pixel motion estimation algorithm for H.264, A
* Representation and Matching of Feature Patterns for Robot Operation Monitoring
* Robot Operation Monitoring for Collision Avoidance by Image Sequence Analysis
* Saliency-directed color image interpolation using artificial neural network and particle swarm optimization
* Spatiotemporal saliency detection and salient region determination for H.264 videos
* Super-resolution Reconstruction for Binocular 3D Data
* Two error resilient coding schemes for wavelet-based image transmission based on data embedding and genetic algorithms
* Virtual view synthesis for multi-view video plus depth sequences using spatial-temporal information
* Visual attention region determination for H.264 videos
Includes: Leou, J.J.[Jin Jang] Leou, J.J.[Jin-Jang] Leou, J.J. Leou, J.J.[Jing-Jang]
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Leou, M.L.[Maw Lin] Co Author Listing * Fast exact k nearest neighbors search using an orthogonal search tree
Includes: Leou, M.L.[Maw Lin] Leou, M.L.[Maw-Lin]

Leou, M.R. Co Author Listing * Fast Codeword Search Technique for the Encoding of Variable Rate Vector Quantizers
* Multiresolution Progressive Image Transmission with Storage and Transmission Time Constraints

Leow, A. Co Author Listing * Linear and non-linear geometric object matching with implicit representation
* Probabilistic multi-tensor estimation using the Tensor Distribution Function
Includes: Leow, A. Leow, A.[Alex]

Leow, A.D.[Alex D.] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric and symmetric unbiased image registration: Statistical assessment of performance
* Fluid Registration of Diffusion Tensor Images Using Information Theory
* Multiphase Segmentation of Deformation using Logarithmic Priors
* Statistical Properties of Jacobian Maps and the Realization of Unbiased Large-Deformation Nonlinear Image Registration
* Topology Preserving Log-Unbiased Nonlinear Image Registration: Theory and Implementation
Includes: Leow, A.D.[Alex D.] Leow, A.D.

Leow, W. Co Author Listing * Color Segmentation and Figure-ground Segregation of Natural Images
* Invariant and Perceptually Consistent Texture Mapping for Content-based Image Retrieval

Leow, W.K.[Wee Kheng] Co Author Listing * 3D model retrieval with morphing-based geometric and topological feature maps
* 3D segmentation of soft organs by flipping-free mesh deformation
* 3D-2D spatiotemporal registration for sports motion analysis
* Adaptive Binning and Dissimilarity Measure for Image Retrieval and Classification
* Adaptive histograms and dissimilarity measure for texture retrieval and classification
* analysis and applications of adaptive-binning color histograms, The
* Associating text and graphics for scientific chart understanding
* Automatic Extraction of Femur Contours from Hip X-Ray Images
* Automatic identification of Frankfurt plane and mid-sagittal plane of skull
* Automatic Segmentation of Femur Bones in Anterior-Posterior Pelvis X-Ray Images
* Background Recovery by Fixed-Rank Robust Principal Component Analysis
* Combining Classifiers for Bone Fracture Detection in X-Ray Images
* Computing Neck-Shaft Angle of Femur for X-Ray Fracture Detection
* Deformation and Smooth Joining of Mesh Models for Cardiac Surgical Simulation
* Dense Correspondence of Skull Models by Automatic Detection of Anatomical Landmarks
* Detecting femur fractures by texture analysis of trabeculae
* Elliptic arc vectorization for 3d pie chart recognition
* Flip-avoiding interpolating surface registration for skull reconstruction
* Hide and seek: Uncovering facial occlusion with variable-threshold robust PCA
* Hierarchical Classifiers for Detection of Fractures in X-Ray Images
* Human Body Posture Refinement by Nonparametric Belief Propagation
* Human Posture Analysis Under Partial Self-occlusion
* Human Posture Sequence Estimation Using Two Un-calibrated Cameras
* hybrid model for invariant and perceptual texture mapping, A
* Identifying painters from color profiles of skin patches in painting images
* Incremental Fixed-Rank Robust PCA for Video Background Recovery
* Laplacian Deformation with Symmetry Constraints for Reconstruction of Defective Skulls
* Medical volume image summarization
* Modeling and Measurement of 3D Deformation of Scoliotic Spine Using 2D X-ray Images
* Multi-view Separation of Background and Reflection by Coupled Low-Rank Decomposition
* On the Essence of Unsupervised Detection of Anomalous Motion in Surveillance Videos
* Performance Analysis of Active Shape Reconstruction of Fractured, Incomplete Skulls
* Plane-Fitting Robust Registration for Complex 3D Models
* Recovery of 3D Pose of Bones in Single 2D X-ray Images
* Removal of abdominal wall for 3D visualization and segmentation of organs in CT volume
* Segmentation of 3D CT Volume Images Using a Single 2D Atlas
* Textured mesh surface reconstruction of large buildings with multi-view stereo
* Think big, solve small: Scaling up robust PCA with coupled dictionaries
Includes: Leow, W.K.[Wee Kheng] Leow, W.K.
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Leow, W.L. Co Author Listing * Sampling Theorem Approach to Traffic Sensor Optimization, A

Leow, Y.P. Co Author Listing * Geometrical Error Modeling and Compensation Using Neural Networks

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