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Li, N.[Ning] Co Author Listing * 2D Log-Gabor Wavelet Based Action Recognition
* 3D Rigid Registration of Patient Body Surface Point Clouds by Integer Linear Programming
* Accelerated Backprojection Algorithm for Monostatic and Bistatic SAR Processing, An
* ACT: an ACTNet for visual tracking
* Action Recognition Using Visual-Neuron Feature
* Active Action Proposal Method Based on Reinforcement Learning, An
* Active Learning to Extend Training Data for Large Area Airborne Lidar Classification
* Adaptive Non-linear Intensity Mapping Based Salient Region Extraction
* Affective image classification by jointly using interpretable art features and semantic annotations
* Age-invariant face verification based on Local Classifier Ensemble
* Algebraic Operations on Spatiotemporal Data Based on RDF
* Analytic Algorithm for Electromagnetic Field in Planar-Stratified Biaxial Anisotropic Formation, An
* Application of Transfer to American Football: From Observation of Raw Video to Control in a Simulated Environment, An
* Attention-Based Approach for Single Image Super Resolution, An
* AttPool: Towards Hierarchical Feature Representation in Graph Convolutional Networks via Attention Mechanism
* Audio-visual based emotion recognition-a new approach
* Autofocus Correction of Residual RCM for VHR SAR Sensors With Light-Small Aircraft
* Automated analysis of DNA hybridization images for high-throughput genomics
* B-Planner: Planning Bidirectional Night Bus Routes Using Large-Scale Taxi GPS Traces
* Benefits of Short-Distance Walking and Fast-Route Scheduling in Public Vehicle Service
* Binary Code Learning via Iterative Distance Adjustment
* Color Filter Array Demosaicking Based on the Distribution of Directional Color Differences
* Combination of global and local baseline-independent features for offline Arabic handwriting recognition
* Comparative Study of Urban Expansion in Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan from the 1970s to 2013, A
* Continuous Monitoring of Differential Reflectivity Bias for C-Band Polarimetric Radar Using Online Solar Echoes in Volume Scans
* Convolutional neural network with nonlinear competitive units
* Corner-surround Contrast for saliency detection
* Data-driven facial animation via semi-supervised local patch alignment
* Decline in Transparency of Lake Hongze from Long-Term MODIS Observations: Possible Causes and Potential Significance
* Detecting discontinuities for surface reconstruction
* Detecting Drivers' Mirror: Checking Actions and Its Application to Maneuver and Secondary Task Recognition
* Discrimination of Algal-Bloom Using Spaceborne SAR Observations of Great Lakes in China
* DUGMA: Dynamic Uncertainty-Based Gaussian Mixture Alignment
* Dynamic Fluid Surface Reconstruction Using Deep Neural Network
* Effective Data Driven Coding Unit Size Decision Approaches for HEVC INTRA Coding
* Efficient Near-Field Imaging for Single-Borehole Radar With Widely Separated Transceivers
* Efficient Optimization of Performance Measures by Classifier Adaptation
* Efficient Stolt Migration for Large Nonuniform Single Borehole Radar Surveys
* End-to-End Learnable Geometric Vision by Backpropagating PnP Optimization
* Enhanced deformable part model for pedestrian detection via joint state inference
* Extension of the virtual electric field model using bilateral-like filter for active contours
* External Groundwater Alleviates the Degradation of Closed Lakes in Semi-Arid Regions of China
* Fast action localization based on spatio-temporal path search
* Fast Block Matching Algorithm in Walsh Hadamard Domain
* Feature Extraction and Grain Segmentation of Sandstone Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Feature-guided painterly image rendering
* Fungiform Papillae Hyperplasia (fph) Identification by Tongue Texture Analysis
* Gap-Filling of a MODIS Normalized Difference Snow Index Product Based on the Similar Pixel Selecting Algorithm: A Case Study on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
* Grain segmentation of multi-angle petrographic thin section microscopic images
* Hashing With Pairwise Correlation Learning and Reconstruction
* Hierarchical Airport Detection Method Using Spatial Analysis and Deep Learning, A
* Human Activities Enhance Radiation Forcing through Surface Albedo Associated with Vegetation in Beijing
* Hybrid Method for Human Interaction Recognition Using Spatio-temporal Interest Points, A
* Hybrid-SAR Technique: Joint Analysis Using Phase-Based and Amplitude-Based Methods for the Xishancun Giant Landslide Monitoring
* iBOAT: Isolation-Based Online Anomalous Trajectory Detection
* Identity Authentication Scheme for the Distributed Centers System
* Image Analysis for High Throughput Genomics
* Image Annotation with Multiple Quantization
* Image forensic signature for content authenticity analysis
* Improved Content-Based Watermarking Using Scale-Invariant Feature Points
* Improved DS acoustic-seismic modality fusion for ground-moving target classification in wireless sensor networks
* Improving LiDAR classification accuracy by contextual label smoothing in post-processing
* Integrating image segmentation and annotation using supervised PLSA
* Intermediate shadow maps for interactive many-light rendering
* Jittered Exposures for Image Super-Resolution
* Jittered Exposures for Light Field Super-Resolution
* Land Cover Classification Using Local Softened Affine Hull
* Landslides Information Extraction Using Object-Oriented Image Analysis Paradigm Based on Deep Learning and Transfer Learning
* Learning Multiple Local Metrics: Global Consideration Helps
* Learning to Rank Proposals for Object Detection
* Legion Sementation For Building Extraction From Lidar Based Dsm Data
* Level-set Based Tracking Approach for Surveillance Video with Fusion and Occlusion, A
* line- and block-like structures extraction via ingenious snake, The
* liveness detection method for face recognition based on optical flow field, A
* Low-complexity depth map compression in HEVC-based 3D video coding
* Lyapunov Optimized Resource Management for Multiuser Mobile Video Streaming
* Machine learning based fast H.264/AVC to HEVC transcoding exploiting block partition similarity
* Malicious User Detection in Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Based on Spectrum Analysis
* Measurement study on wireless camera networks
* Mechanism of Enzyme Reaction Based on Dynamics Molecular
* MIMO Borehole Radar Imaging Based on High Degree of Freedom for Efficient Subsurface Sensing
* Modeling Bottom-Up Visual Attention for Color Images
* Modeling of Driver Behavior in Real World Scenarios Using Multiple Noninvasive Sensors
* Multi-Scale Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Face Sketch Synthesis, A
* multistage dataflow implementation of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network based on FPGA for high-speed object recognition, A
* Network Intrusion Detection Based on Neural Networks and D-S Evidence
* Novel Technique Based on the Combination of Labeled Co-Occurrence Matrix and Variogram for the Detection of Built-up Areas in High-Resolution SAR Images, A
* Novel Texture-Preceded Segmentation Algorithm for High-Resolution Imagery, A
* Optimization Performance Comparison of Three Different Group Intelligence Algorithms on a SVM for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* Patch strategy for deep face recognition
* Perception-based seam cutting for image stitching
* Pixel-Wise Classification Method for High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Deep Neural Networks
* Point set registration based on feature point constraints
* Population Spatialization in Beijing City Based on Machine Learning and Multisource Remote Sensing Data
* Precise Calibration of Channel Imbalance for Very High Resolution SAR With Stepped Frequency
* Predicting Perceived Visual and Cognitive Distractions of Drivers With Multimodal Features
* Quality Control Method of Ground-Based Weather Radar Data Based on Statistics, A
* Quasi-Homography Warps in Image Stitching
* Random Matrix Ensembles of Time Correlation Matrices to Analyze Visual Lifelogs
* Real-Time Video Object Segmentation Using HSV Space
* Realistic human action recognition by Fast HOG3D and self-organization feature map
* Regional Landslide Identification Based on Susceptibility Analysis and Change Detection
* Reinforcement learning based coding unit early termination algorithm for high efficiency video coding
* Relay Power Control for Two-Way Full-Duplex Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks
* Robust Gaussian Approximate Fixed-Interval Smoother for Nonlinear Systems With Heavy-Tailed Process and Measurement Noises, A
* Robust river boundaries extraction of dammed lakes in mountain areas after Wenchuan Earthquake from high resolution SAR images combining local connectivity and ACM
* Robust Superpixel Tracking with Weighted Multiple-Instance Learning
* SAR image despeckling using undecimated directional filter banks and mean shift
* Scene invariant crowd counting using multi-scales head detection in video surveillance
* SDF-MAN: Semi-Supervised Disparity Fusion with Multi-Scale Adversarial Networks
* Self-Supervised Adversarial Hashing Networks for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Semantic Geometric Modelling of Unstructured Indoor Point Cloud
* Sharp feature extraction in point clouds
* Single-Perspective Warps in Natural Image Stitching
* Spaceborne/Stationary Bistatic SAR Imaging With TerraSAR-X as an Illuminator in Staring-Spotlight Mode
* Spatial-Temporal Context-Aware Online Action Detection and Prediction
* Stability analysis for T-S fuzzy control systems with linear interpolations into membership functions
* Studies of General Precipitation Features with TRMM PR Data: An Extensive Overview
* Synchronization Algorithm for Spaceborne/Stationary BiSAR Imaging Based on Contrast Optimization With Direct Signal From Radar Satellite, A
* Tensor completion for on-board compression of hyperspectral images
* Tensor Modeling Based For Airborne Lidar Data Classification
* Tensor-Based Sparse Representation Classification for Urban Airborne LiDAR Points
* Text detection based on convolutional neural networks with spatial pyramid pooling
* Time-Gating-Based Time Reversal Imaging for Impulse Borehole Radar in Layered Media
* Towards a Framework to Model Intelligent Avatars in Immersive Virtual Environments for Studying Human Behavior in Building Fire Emergencies
* Transformation From Hyperspectral Radiance Data to Data of Other Sensors Based on Spectral Superresolution
* Tube ConvNets: Better exploiting motion for action recognition
* Using a Kalman Filter to Assimilate TRMM-Based Real-Time Satellite Precipitation Estimates over Jinghe Basin, China
* Variable step-size matching pursuit based on oblique projection for compressed sensing
* Video Compression with Output Traffic Conforming to Leaky-Bucket Network Access Control
* Video object extraction using extended intelligent scissors
* Vision-based position computation from in-vehicle video log images for road sign inventory
* What Is the Chance of Happening: A New Way to Predict Where People Look
Includes: Li, N.[Ning] Li, N. Li, N.[Na] Li, N.[Nan] Li, N.[Nianyi] Li, N.[Nana] Li, N.[Ngai] Li, N.[Naimin] Li, N.[Nijun] Li, N.[Nian] Li, N.[Naiwen] Li, N.[Nanbo]
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Li, N.J.[Nan Jun] Co Author Listing * Duo-graph: An efficient and robust method for large-scale mapping for visual-guided robots
Includes: Li, N.J.[Nan Jun] Li, N.J.[Nan-Jun]

Li, N.M.[Nai Min] Co Author Listing * Detection Of Tongue Crack Based On Distant Gradient And Prior Knowledge
* Gaussian ERP Kernel Classifier for Pulse Waveforms Classification
Includes: Li, N.M.[Nai Min] Li, N.M.[Nai-Min]

Li, N.N.[Nan Nan] Co Author Listing * Deep Pedestrian Detection Using Contextual Information and Multi-level Features
* Graph Convolutional Label Noise Cleaner: Train a Plug-And-Play Action Classifier for Anomaly Detection
* Hierarchical activity discovery within spatio-temporal context for video anomaly detection
* Multi-Scale Analysis of Contextual Information Within Spatio-Temporal Video Volumes for Anomaly Detection
* Searching Action Proposals via Spatial Actionness Estimation and Temporal Path Inference and Tracking
* Violence Detection Approach Based on Spatio-temporal Hypergraph Transition, A
Includes: Li, N.N.[Nan Nan] Li, N.N.[Nan-Nan]

Li, N.X.[Nan Xi] Co Author Listing * Bayesian-based method of unconstrained handwritten offline Chinese text line recognition, A
* Calibration free, user-independent gaze estimation with tensor analysis
Includes: Li, N.X.[Nan Xi] Li, N.X.[Nan-Xi] Li, N.X.[Nan-Xiang]

Li, N.Y.[Nan Ying] Co Author Listing * Classification of hyperspectral images via weighted spatial correlation representation
* Hyperspectral anomaly detection via density peak clustering
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection via Spatial Density Background Purification
* Hyperspectral image classification with a class-dependent spatial-spectral mixed metric
* Hyperspectral Image Classification with Multi-Scale Feature Extraction
* Personalized Saliency and Its Prediction
* Rotational Crossed-Slit Light Fields
* Saliency Detection on Light Field
* Saliency Detection on Light Field
* weighted sparse coding framework for saliency detection, A
Includes: Li, N.Y.[Nan Ying] Li, N.Y.[Nan-Ying] Li, N.Y.[Nian-Yi]
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