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Litago, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Temporal Stability of the Accuracy of a Time Series of Burned Area Products

Litany, O.[Or] Co Author Listing * ASIST: Automatic semantically invariant scene transformation
* Deep Functional Maps: Structured Prediction for Dense Shape Correspondence
* Putting the Pieces Together: Regularized Multi-part Shape Matching
Includes: Litany, O.[Or] Litany, O.

Litayem, S.[Saloua] Co Author Listing * Hash-Based Support Vector Machines Approximation for Large Scale Prediction

Litcher, A.[Anne] Co Author Listing * Address Location on Envelopes

Lithen, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * State-of-the-art Of 3d National Mapping In 2016

Litjens, G. Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of DCIS in Whole-Slide H E Stained Breast Histopathology Images
* Computer-Aided Detection of Prostate Cancer in MRI
* Pulmonary Nodule Detection in CT Images: False Positive Reduction Using Multi-View Convolutional Networks
* Stain Specific Standardization of Whole-Slide Histopathological Images

Litkey, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Storm Damages Using High-Altitude Photogrammetric Imaging
* Automatic Stem Mapping Using Single-Scan Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Automatic Storm Damage Detection in Forests Using High-Altitude Photogrammetric Imagery
* Automation Aspects for the Georeferencing of Photogrammetric Aerial Image Archives in Forested Scenes
* Brightness Measurements and Calibration With Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanners
* Challenge Of Automated Change Detection: Developing A Method For The Updating Of Land Parcels, The
* Comparison of the Selected State-Of-The-Art 3D Indoor Scanning and Point Cloud Generation Methods
* Individual Tree Species Classification by Illuminated: Shaded Area Separation
* Integration of Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry
* Mapping the Risk of Forest Wind Damage Using Airborne Scanning LiDAR
* Multispectral Airborne Laser Scanning For Automated Map Updating
* Object-based analysis of multispectral airborne laser scanner data for land cover classification and map updating
* Processing and Assessment of Spectrometric, Stereoscopic Imagery Collected Using a Lightweight UAV Spectral Camera for Precision Agriculture
* Radiometric Calibration of ALS Intensity
* Remote Sensing of 3-D Geometry and Surface Moisture of a Peat Production Area Using Hyperspectral Frame Cameras in Visible to Short-Wave Infrared Spectral Ranges Onboard a Small Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV)
* Single-Sensor Solution to Tree Species Classification Using Multispectral Airborne Laser Scanning
* Test field for airborne laser scanning in Finland
* Towards Automatic Single-sensor Mapping By Multispectral Airborne Laser Scanning
* UAV-Borne Profiling Radar for Forest Research
* Usability of Sunlit-Shaded Area Separation in Individual Tree Species Classification
* Using UAV-Based Photogrammetry and Hyperspectral Imaging for Mapping Bark Beetle Damage at Tree-Level
* Waveform Features for Tree Identification
Includes: Litkey, P. Litkey, P.[Paula]
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Litkouhi, B. Co Author Listing * Potential Field-Based Model Predictive Path-Planning Controller for Autonomous Road Vehicles, A
* rise of the crash-proof car, The

Litman, A.[Amelie] Co Author Listing * Polarization effects in 3D vectorial-induced current reconstructions
* Two-Step Procedure for Characterizing Obstacles Under a Rough Surface From Bistatic Measurements, A
Includes: Litman, A.[Amelie] Litman, A.[Amélie] Litman, A.

Litman, R.[Roee] Co Author Listing * Intrinsic shape context descriptors for deformable shapes
* Inverting RANSAC: Global model detection via inlier rate estimation
* Learning Spectral Descriptors for Deformable Shape Correspondence
* Product Manifold Filter: Non-rigid Shape Correspondence via Kernel Density Estimation in the Product Space
* Shape Retrieval of Non-rigid 3D Human Models
* SpectroMeter: Amortized Sublinear Spectral Approximation of Distance on Graphs
Includes: Litman, R.[Roee] Litman, R.

Litmany, R. Co Author Listing * SHREC'11: Robust Feature Detection And Description Benchmark

Litorja, M. Co Author Listing * Determining the Performance of Fluorescence Molecular Imaging Devices Using Traceable Working Standards With SI Units of Radiance

Litos, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * 3D model retrieval using accurate pose estimation and view-based similarity
* Investigating the Effects of Multiple Factors Towards More Accurate 3-D Object Retrieval
* SHREC'11 Track: Generic Shape Retrieval
* Synchronous Image Acquisition based on Network Synchronization
Includes: Litos, G.[Georgios] Litos, G.

Litster, S.[Shawn] Co Author Listing * Image Restoration of Phase Contrast Nano Scale X-ray CT Images

Litt, H.[Harold] Co Author Listing * Estimating myocardial motion by 4D image warping
* Groupwise morphometric analysis based on high dimensional clustering
* Morphological Classification: Application to Cardiac MRI of Tetralogy of Fallot
* Regional Manifold Learning for Disease Classification
Includes: Litt, H.[Harold] Litt, H.

Litt, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for inspecting surfaces for contrast variations

Littin, S. Co Author Listing * Optimization of Coil Element Configurations for a Matrix Gradient Coil

Little, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * 3D Imaging and Modeling for Crime Scene Documentation

Little, C.G. Co Author Listing * Special Issue on Remote Environmental Sensing

Little, C.Q. Co Author Listing * 2D Range Hausdorff Approach for 3D Face Recognition, A

Little, J. Co Author Listing * Flatness and Orientation Signature for Modeling and Matching 3D Objects
* LOST: Longterm Observation of Scenes (with Tracks)
* Surface Signature-Based Method for Modeling and Recognizing Free-Form Objects
* Tools for richer crowd source image annotations
Includes: Little, J. Little, J.[Joshua]

Little, J.A. Co Author Listing * Deformations Incorporating Rigid Structures
* Medical Image Registration Incorporating Deformations

Little, J.J.[James J.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Little, J.J.[James J.]: little AT cs ubc ca
* 3D Pose from Motion for Cross-View Action Recognition via Non-linear Circulant Temporal Encoding
* Algorithmic Techniques for Computer Vision on a Fine-Grained Parallel Machine
* Analysis of Differential and Matching Methods for Optical Flow
* Automated Place Classification Using Object Detection
* Automated Spatial-Semantic Modeling with Applications to Place Labeling and Informed Search
* Automatic Extraction of Irregular Network Digital Terrain Models
* Automatic Registration of Landsat MSS Images to Digital Elevation Models
* Autonomous vision-based robotic exploration and mapping using hybrid maps and particle filters
* Bank of Quantization Models: A Data-Specific Approach to Learning Binary Codes for Large-Scale Retrieval Applications
* Bayesian clustering of optical flow fields
* Bayesian Optimization with an Empirical Hardness Model for approximate Nearest Neighbour Search
* Boosted Particle Filter: Multitarget Detection and Tracking, A
* Charlie Rides the Elevator, Integrating Vision, Navigation and Manipulation towards Multi-floor Robot Locomotion
* Classification of Puck Possession Events in Ice Hockey
* CollageParsing: Nonparametric Scene Parsing by Adaptive Overlapping Windows
* Combinational Subsequence Matching for Human Identification from General Actions
* Complementary Data Fusion for Limited-Angle Tomography
* Cooperative analysis of multiple frames by visual echoes
* Curious George: An Integrated Visual Search Platform
* Decision Theoretic Modeling of Human Facial Displays
* Deforestation: Extracting 3D Bare-Earth Surface from Airborne LiDAR Data
* Deforming Surface Features Lines in Intrinsic Coordinates
* Describing Motion for Recognition
* Design and analysis of a framework for real-time vision-based SLAM using Rao-Blackwellised particle filters
* Determining Object Attitude from Extended Gaussian Images
* Direct Evidence for Occlusion in Stereo and Motion
* Efficient video-based retrieval of human motion with flexible alignment
* Explicit Occlusion Reasoning for 3D Object Detection
* Fine-Grained Categorization for 3D Scene Understanding
* Geometric and Photometric Constraints for Surface Recovery
* How to Program the Connection Machine for Computer Vision
* Hybrid Conditional Random Field for Estimating the Underlying Ground Surface From Airborne LiDAR Data, A
* Identifying players in broadcast sports videos using conditional random fields
* Improving scene attribute recognition using web-scale object detectors
* Incremental Learning for Video-Based Gait Recognition With LBP Flow
* Integrating Vision Modules on a Fine-Grained Parallel Machine
* Interative Method for Reconstructing Convex Polyhedra from Extended Gaussian Images, An
* Learning Online Smooth Predictors for Realtime Camera Planning Using Recurrent Decision Trees
* Learning to Track and Identify Players from Broadcast Sports Videos
* Linear Programming Approach for Multiple Object Tracking, A
* Multiple Viewpoint Recognition and Localization
* OpenVL: Towards A Novel Software Architecture for Computer Vision
* Optimizing Multiple Object Tracking and Best View Video Synthesis
* Ordering Points for Incremental TIN Construction from DEMs
* Parallel Algorithm for Real-time Computation of Optical Flow, A
* Parallel Algorithms for Computer Vision on the Connection Machine
* Parallel Integration of Vision Modules
* Parallel Motion Algorithm Consistent with Psychophysics and Physiology, A
* Parallel Optical Flow Computation
* Parallel Optical Flow Using Local Voting
* Patchlets: Representing Stereo Vision Data with Surface Elements
* Phase in Model-Free Perception of Gait
* Photometric Stereo via Locality Sensitive High-Dimension Hashing
* Place Classification Using Visual Object Categorization and Global Information
* Real-Time Human Motion Capture with Multiple Depth Cameras
* Recognizing People by Their Gait: The Shape of Motion
* Recursive Procedure for Finding the Intersection of Two Digital Curves, A
* Reflectance and Shape from Images Using a Collinear Light Source
* Reflectance Function Estimation and Shape Recovery from Image Sequence of a Rotating Object
* Representation and Recognition of Complex Human Motion
* Revisiting Additive Quantization
* rho-SLAM: Stereo vision SLAM using the Rao-Blackwellised particle filter and a novel mixture proposal distribution
* Robust Visual Tracking for Multiple Targets
* Scene parsing by nonparametric label transfer of content-adaptive windows
* Segmenting correlation stereo range images using surface elements
* Shape of Motion and the Perception of Human Gaits
* Silt: A distributed bit-parallel architecture for early vision
* Silt: the bit-parallel approach
* Simple Yet Effective Baseline for 3d Human Pose Estimation, A
* Simultaneous Tracking and Action Recognition using the PCA-HOG Descriptor
* Smart Buffer for Tracking Using Motion Data, A
* Solving Multi-Codebook Quantization in the GPU
* Spatial-Quefrency Approach to Optical Echo Analysis
* SRTM Data Finishing Process and Products, The
* SSP: Supervised Sparse Projections for Large-Scale Retrieval in High Dimensions
* Structural Lines for Triangulation of Terrain
* Study of the Rao-Blackwellised Particle Filter for Efficient and Accurate Vision-Based SLAM, A
* Task-based control of articulated human pose detection for OpenVL
* Tracking and recognizing actions of multiple hockey players using the boosted particle filter
* Unified Recognition and Stereo Vision System for Size Assessment of Fish, A
* Unlabelled 3D Motion Examples Improve Cross-View Action Recognition
* Using Line and Ellipse Features for Rectification of Broadcast Hockey Video
* Value directed learning of gestures and facial displays
* Value-Directed Human Behavior Analysis from Video Using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
* Vision servers and their clients
* Visual Capabilities in an Interactive Autonomous Robot
* Visual Echo Analysis
* Where should cameras look at soccer games: Improving smoothness using the overlapped hidden Markov model
Includes: Little, J.J.[James J.] Little, J.J.
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Little, M.J. Co Author Listing * VLSI Implementation of Systolic and 3-D Cellular Architectures for Image Processing

Little, S.[Suzanne] Co Author Listing * Action recognition based on sparse motion trajectories
* Action recognition in video using a spatial-temporal graph-based feature representation
* Annotation System for Egocentric Image Media, An
* Empirical Exploration of Extreme SVM-RBF Parameter Values for Visual Object Classification
* Evaluation of Local Action Descriptors for Human Action Classification in the Presence of Occlusion, An
* Holistic features for real-time crowd behaviour anomaly detection
Includes: Little, S.[Suzanne] Little, S.

Little, T.D.C. Co Author Listing * Annotation Engine for Supporting Video Database Population, An
* Detection and Summarization of Salient Events in Coastal Environments
* Phase Transition of Message Propagation Speed in Delay-Tolerant Vehicular Networks
* Spatio-Temporal Composition of Distributed Multimedia Objects for Value-Added Networks
* Survey of Technologies for Parsing and Indexing Digital Video, A
Includes: Little, T.D.C. Little, T.D.C.[Thomas D.C.]

Littlewort, G.[Gwen] Co Author Listing * discriminative parts based model approach for fiducial points free and shape constrained head pose normalisation in the wild, A
* Hand Gestures for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Dataset, Techniques and Evaluation
* Towards Automated Understanding of Student-Tutor Interactions Using Visual Deictic Gestures
Includes: Littlewort, G.[Gwen] Littlewort, G.

Littlewort, G.C. Co Author Listing * approach to automatic recognition of spontaneous facial actions, An
* Automated measurement of children's facial expressions during problem solving tasks
* Automatic coding of facial expressions displayed during posed and genuine pain
* Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox
* computer expression recognition toolbox (CERT), The
* Discrimination of Moderate and Acute Drowsiness Based on Spontaneous Facial Expressions
* Drowsy Driver Detection Through Facial Movement Analysis
* Dynamics of Facial Expression Extracted Automatically from Video
* Fully Automatic Facial Action Recognition in Spontaneous Behavior
* motion in emotion: A CERT based approach to the FERA emotion challenge, The
* Recognizing Facial Expression: Machine Learning and Application to Spontaneous Behavior
* Toward Practical Smile Detection
Includes: Littlewort, G.C. Littlewort, G.C.[Gwen C.]
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Littman, A.[Arne] Co Author Listing * Automatic Delineation of Left and Right Ventricles in Cardiac MRI Sequences Using a Joint Ventricular Model

Littman, R.[Rotem] Co Author Listing * Automatically identifying join candidates in the Cairo Genizah
* Identifying Join Candidates in the Cairo Genizah

Littmann, A.[Arne] Co Author Listing * Robust object detection using marginal space learning and ranking-based multi-detector aggregation: Application to left ventricle detection in 2D MRI images

Littmann, E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Color Segmentation: A Comparison of Neural and Statistical-Methods
* Nonlinear Interaction of on and off Data Streams for the Detection of Visual Structure

Littwin, E. Co Author Listing * Complexity of multiverse networks and their multilayer generalization
* Multiverse Loss for Robust Transfer Learning, The
* Spherical embedding of inlier silhouette dissimilarities
Includes: Littwin, E. Littwin, E.[Etai]

Litus, Y.[Yaroslav] Co Author Listing * Energy Efficient Robot Rendezvous
* Fall in! Sorting a Group of Robots with a Continuous Controller

Litva, J. Co Author Listing * Efficient Decentralized Multiradar Multitarget Tracker for Air Surveillance, An

Litvak, M.E.[Marcy E.] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Based Simple Models of GPP in Both Disturbed and Undisturbed Piñon-Juniper Woodlands in the Southwestern U.S.
* Woody Biomass Estimation in a Southwestern U.S. Juniper Savanna Using LiDAR-Derived Clumped Tree Segmentation and Existing Allometries

Litvin, A. Co Author Listing * Automated Screening of Job Candidate Based on Multimodal Video Processing

Litvinenko, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * influence of prior knowledge on the expected performance of a classifier, The

Litvinov, A.[Anatoly] Co Author Listing * Addressing Radiometric Nonidealities: A Unified Framework
* Radiometric framework for image mosaicking

Litvinov, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Development, Production and Evaluation of Aerosol Climate Data Records from European Satellite Observations (Aerosol_cci)
* GRASP: a versatile algorithm for characterizing the atmosphere

Litvinov, V. Co Author Listing * 2-manifold reconstruction from sparse visual features
* Incremental Solid Modeling from Sparse and Omnidirectional Structure-from-Motion Data
* Incremental Solid Modeling from Sparse Structure-from-Motion Data with Improved Visual Artifacts Removal
Includes: Litvinov, V. Litvinov, V.[Vadim]

Litwak, L.[Lior] Co Author Listing * Active clustering of document fragments using information derived from both images and catalogs

Litwin, D.[Dariusz] Co Author Listing * Fourier Approach to Measurements of Optical Properties of Fibers Based on Automatic Analysis of Circular Fringe Pattern
* modified dichromatic reflection model for an analysis of interreflection, A
Includes: Litwin, D.[Dariusz] Litwin, D.

Litwin, T. Co Author Listing * Sensing and Perception Research for Space Telerobotics at JPL

Litwinowicz, P.C. Co Author Listing * Semi-Automatic System for Edge Tracking with Snakes, A

Litzenberger, M. Co Author Listing * Embedded Smart Camera for High Speed Vision
* Event-driven embodied system for feature extraction and object recognition in robotic applications
* Train Detection and Tracking in Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) Signals
Includes: Litzenberger, M. Litzenberger, M.[Martin]

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