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Llacer, J. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing 3D Light-Microscopic Images Using the EM Algorithm

Llach Pinsach, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction method of the structure of a video sequence
Includes: Llach Pinsach, J.[Joan] Llach-Pinsach, J.[Joan]

Llach, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive spatio-temporal filtering for video de-noising
* Improving the quality of depth image based rendering for 3D Video systems
* method of small object detection and tracking based on particle filters, A
* Multi-Scale Probabilistic Dithering for Suppressing Banding Artifacts in Digital Images
* Multiscale Probabilistic Dithering for Suppressing Contour Artifacts in Digital Images
* Non-uniform backlighting computation for high dynamic range displays
* Players and Ball Detection in Soccer Videos Based on Color Segmentation and Shape Analysis
* Temporally consistent caption detection in videos using a spatiotemporal 3D method
* Tracking of generic objects for video object generation
* Visual segment tree creation for MPEG-7 Description Schemes
Includes: Llach, J. Llach, J.[Joan]
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Llad'o, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Homage to Professor Maria Petrou
Includes: Llad'o, X.[Xavier] Llad´o, X.[Xavier]

Llado, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Motion Segmentation Algorithm Based on the Principal Angles Configuration
* Automatic Diagnosis of Masses by Using Level set Segmentation and Shape Description
* boosting approach for the simultaneous detection and segmentation of generic objects, A
* Classification of textures seen from different distances and under varying illumination direction
* Classifying textures when seen from different distances
* collection of challenging motion segmentation benchmark datasets, A
* Colour Texture Segmentation by Region-Boundary Cooperation
* Comparison of registration methods using mamographic images
* coupled schema of probabilistic atlas and statistical shape and appearance model for 3D prostate segmentation in MR images, A
* Detecting Faint Compact Sources Using Local Features and a Boosting Approach
* Enhanced Local Subspace Affinity for feature-based motion segmentation
* Enhanced Model Selection for motion segmentation
* Euclidean Reconstruction of Deformable Structure Using a Perspective Camera with Varying Intrinsic Parameters
* False Positive Reduction in Breast Mass Detection Using Two-Dimensional PCA
* Graph cut energy minimization in a probabilistic learning framework for 3D prostate segmentation in MRI
* Joint estimation of segmentation and structure from motion
* Multimodal Prostate Registration Using Thin-Plate Splines from Automatic Correspondences
* Multiscale distilled sensing: A source detection method for infrared and radio astronomical images
* Mumford-Shah functional based variational model with contour, shape, and probability prior information for prostate segmentation, A
* New Trajectory Based Motion Segmentation Benchmark Dataset (UdG-MS15), A
* Non-Linear Diffeomorphic Framework for Prostate Multimodal Registration, A
* Non-rigid 3D Factorization for Projective Reconstruction
* Non-rigid metric reconstruction from perspective cameras
* Non-Rigid Metric Shape and Motion Recovery from Uncalibrated Images Using Priors
* One-shot segmentation of breast, pectoral muscle, and background in digitised mammograms
* Predicting Surface Texture when Seen from Different Distances
* probabilistic framework for automatic prostate segmentation with a statistical model of shape and appearance, A
* Qualitative Review on 3D Coarse Registration Methods, A
* Reconstruction of non-rigid 3D shapes from stereo-motion
* Recovering Euclidean deformable models from stereo-motion
* Segmentation of Rigid Motion from Non-rigid 2D Trajectories
* Segmenting extended structures in radio astronomical images by filtering bright compact sources and using wavelets decomposition
* Semiautomatic labeling of generic objects for enlarging annotated image databases
* Similarity Metrics for Intensity-Based Registration Using Breast Density Maps
* Simultaneous detection and segmentation for generic objects
* Simultaneous motion segmentation and Structure from Motion
* Simultaneous surface texture classification and illumination tilt angle prediction
* Spectral clustering to model deformations for fast multimodal prostate registration
* state of the art in structured light patterns for surface profilometry, A
* Statistical Shape and Probability Prior Model for Automatic Prostate Segmentation
* study on the robustness of shape descriptors to common scanning artifacts, A
* Supervised Approach for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation Using Context Features and an Outlier Map, A
* Supervised Learning Framework for Automatic Prostate Segmentation in Trans Rectal Ultrasound Images, A
* supervised micro-calcification detection approach in digitised mammograms, A
* Use of Decision Trees in Colour Feature Selection. Application to Object Recognition in Outdoor Scenes
* Weighted likelihood function of multiple statistical parameters to retrieve 2D TRUS-MR slice correspondence for prostate biopsy
Includes: Llado, X.[Xavier] Lladó, X.[Xavier] Llado, X.
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Llados Bernaus, R. Co Author Listing * Computationally efficient fixed-length entropy codec for robust video compression
* Edge-assisted upper band coding techniques
* Fixed-Length Entropy Coding for Robust Video Compression
Includes: Llados Bernaus, R. Llados-Bernaus, R. Llados-Bernaus, R.[Ramon]

Llados, J.[Josep] Co Author Listing * Adjacency Grammar to Recognize Symbols and Gestures in a Digital Pen Framework, An
* Attributed Graph Grammar for floor plan analysis
* Automatic Adjacency Grammar Generation from User Drawn Sketches
* Automatic Verification of Properly Signed Multi-page Document Images
* Bag-of-Paths Based Serialized Subgraph Matching for Symbol Spotting in Line Drawings, A
* BH2M: The Barcelona Historical, Handwritten Marriages Database
* Bidirectional Language Model for Handwriting Recognition
* Blurred Shape Model for Binary and Grey-Level Symbol Recognition
* Boosting the handwritten word spotting experience by including the user in the loop
* Boundary Shape Recognition Using Accumulated Length and Angle Information
* Browsing Heterogeneous Document Collections by a Segmentation-Free Word Spotting Method
* Camera-Based Graphical Symbol Detection
* Circular Blurred Shape Model for Multiclass Symbol Recognition
* Coarse-to-Fine Approach for Handwritten Word Spotting in Large Scale Historical Documents Collection, A
* Coarse-to-Fine Word Spotting Approach for Historical Handwritten Documents Based on Graph Embedding and Graph Edit Distance, A
* Colour Normalisation Based on Background Information
* combination of features for symbol-independent writer identification in old music scores, A
* Combination of product graph and random walk kernel for symbol spotting in graphical documents
* Compact correlated features for writer independent signature verification
* comparative study of local detectors and descriptors for mobile document classification, A
* Content Spotting System for Line Drawing Graphic Document Images, A
* Convex hull based approach for multi-oriented character recognition from graphical documents
* CVC-MUSCIMA: a ground truth of handwritten music score images for writer identification and staff removal
* Document seal detection using GHT and character proximity graphs
* Editorial preface: Special issue on ICDAR2009 selected and extended papers
* Efficient segmentation-free keyword spotting in historical document collections
* Efficient Staff Removal Approach from Printed Musical Documents, An
* Embedding Document Structure to Bag-of-Words through Pair-wise Stable Key-Regions
* Error-Tolerant Coarse-to-Fine Matching Model for Hierarchical Graphs
* ESPOSALLES database: An ancient marriage license corpus for off-line handwriting recognition, The
* Finding Rotational Symmetries by Cyclic String Matching
* Fuzzy multilevel graph embedding
* Fuzzy-Interval Based Approach for Explicit Graph Embedding, A
* Fuzzy-Spatial Descriptor for the Online Graphic Recognition: Overlapping Matrix Algorithm, The
* Graph Embedding Through Probabilistic Graphical Model Applied to Symbolic Graphs
* graph grammar to recognize textured symbols, A
* graph-based approach for segmenting touching lines in historical handwritten documents, A
* Graphological Analysis of Handwritten Text Documents for Human Resources Recruitment
* Hand Drawn Document Understanding Using the Straight Line Hough Transform and Graph Matching
* Handwritten Symbol Recognition by a Boosted Blurred Shape Model with Error Correction
* Handwritten Text Recognition for Marriage Register Books
* Handwritten Word Image Categorization with Convolutional Neural Networks and Spatial Pyramid Pooling
* Handwritten word spotting by inexact matching of grapheme graphs
* Handwritten Word Spotting in Old Manuscript Images Using a Pseudo-structural Descriptor Organized in a Hash Structure
* Hidden Markov model topology optimization for handwriting recognition
* Hierarchical Graph Representation for Symbol Spotting in Graphical Document Images
* Hybrid Grammar Language Model for Handwritten Historical Documents Recognition
* ICAR: Identity Card Automatic Reader
* ICDAR 2011 Music Scores Competition: Staff Removal and Writer Identification, The
* Improving Fuzzy Multilevel Graph Embedding through Feature Selection Technique
* Incremental On-line Parsing Algorithm for Recognizing Sketching Diagrams, An
* Indexing Historical Documents by Word Shape Signatures
* Integrating Visual and Textual Cues for Query-by-String Word Spotting
* Key-Region Detection for Document Images: Application to Administrative Document Retrieval
* Large-Scale Graph Indexing Using Binary Embeddings of Node Contexts
* Large-scale graph indexing using binary embeddings of node contexts for information spotting in document image databases
* Local Binary Pattern for Word Spotting in Handwritten Historical Document
* Logo Spotting by a Bag-of-words Approach for Document Categorization
* mean string algorithm to compute the average among a set of 2D shapes, A
* Modelling Human Segmentation Trough Color and Space Analysis
* Multi-class Binary Object Categorization Using Blurred Shape Models
* Multi-Oriented and Multi-Sized Touching Character Segmentation Using Dynamic Programming
* Multi-oriented Bangla and Devnagari text recognition
* Multi-oriented touching text character segmentation in graphical documents using dynamic programming
* Multimodal page classification in administrative document image streams
* Multipage document retrieval by textual and visual representations
* Near Convex Region Adjacency Graph and Approximate Neighborhood String Matching for Symbol Spotting in Graphical Documents
* Normalized Colour Segmentation for Human Appearance Description
* Novel line verification for multiple instance focused retrieval in document collections
* Object Image Retrieval by Shape Content in Complex Scenes Using Geometric Constraints
* On Influence of Line Segmentation in Efficient Word Segmentation in Old Manuscripts
* On the Use of Textural Features for Writer Identification in Old Handwritten Music Scores
* Pen-Based Interface for Real-Time Document Edition, A
* Perceptual Image Retrieval by Adding Color Information to the Shape Context Descriptor
* performance evaluation protocol for symbol spotting systems in terms of recognition and location indices, A
* Platform to Extract Knowledge from Graphic Documents. Application to an Architectural Sketch Understanding Scenario, A
* Recognition of Multi-oriented Touching Characters in Graphical Documents
* Rejection Strategies Involving Classifier Combination for Handwriting Recognition
* Relational indexing of vectorial primitives for symbol spotting in line-drawing images
* Role of the Users in Handwritten Word Spotting Applications: Query Fusion and Relevance Feedback, The
* Rotation invariant hand-drawn symbol recognition based on a dynamic time warping model
* Seal Detection and Recognition: An Approach for Document Indexing
* semi-automatic groundtruthing tool for mobile-captured document segmentation, A
* Show-Through Cancellation and Image Enhancement by Multiresolution Contrast Processing
* similarity measure between vector sequences with application to handwritten word image retrieval, A
* Similarity-Based Object Retrieval Using Appearance and Geometric Feature Combination
* Special issue on graphics recognition
* study of Bag-of-Visual-Words representations for handwritten keyword spotting, A
* Subgraph Spotting through Explicit Graph Embedding: An Application to Content Spotting in Graphic Document Images
* Symbol Classification Using Dynamic Aligned Shape Descriptor
* Symbol Recognition by Error-Tolerant Subgraph Matching between Region Adjacency Graphs
* Symbol recognition using graphs
* symbol spotting approach in graphical documents by hashing serialized graphs, A
* Symbol Spotting in Digital Libraries: Focused Retrieval over Graphic-rich Document Collections
* Symbol Spotting in Line Drawings through Graph Paths Hashing
* Symbol-Dependent Writer Identification Approach in Old Handwritten Music Scores, A
* syntactic approach based on distortion-tolerant Adjacency Grammars and a spatial-directed parser to interpret sketched diagrams, A
* System to Understand Hand-Drawn Floor-Plans Using Subgraph Isomorphism and Hough Transform, A
* Text line extraction in graphical documents using background and foreground information
* Towards Modelling an Attention-Based Text Localization Process
* Towards query-by-speech handwritten keyword spotting
* Unsupervised Wall Detector in Architectural Floor Plans
* Unsupervised writer adaptation of whole-word HMMs with application to word-spotting
* Unsupervised writer style adaptation for handwritten word spotting
* Use case visual Bag-of-Words techniques for camera based identity document classification
* Word searching in unconstrained layout using character pair coding
* Word Spotting in Archive Documents Using Shape Contexts
Includes: Llados, J.[Josep] Lladós, J.[Josep] Lladós, J. Llados, J. LLadós, J.[Josep]
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Llamas, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Applying Deep Learning Techniques to Cultural Heritage Images Within the INCEPTION Project
* Enhanced automatic detection of road surface cracks by combining 2D/3D image processing techniques

Llamas, J.M.[Jose M.] Co Author Listing * Parameter estimation in Bayesian reconstruction of SPECT images: An aid in nuclear medicine diagnosis
Includes: Llamas, J.M.[Jose M.] Llamas, J.M.[José M.]

Llamas, R.M.[Ricardo M.] Co Author Listing * Generation of 250m MODIS LAI time series by temporal regression

Llamazares Llamazares, A. Co Author Listing * Extended Floating Car Data System: Experimental Results and Application for a Hybrid Route Level of Service
Includes: Llamazares Llamazares, A. Llamazares Llamazares, Á.

Llamocca, D. Co Author Listing * Dynamically Reconfigurable Pixel Processor System Based on Power/Energy-Performance-Accuracy Optimization, A
* Fast 2D Convolutions and Cross-Correlations Using Scalable Architectures
* Fast and Scalable Computation of the Forward and Inverse Discrete Periodic Radon Transform
* Fast Discrete Periodic Radon Transform for prime sized images: Algorithm, architecture, and VLSI/FPGA implementation, The
* Real-time dynamically reconfigurable 2-D filterbanks
* scalable architecture for implementing the fast discrete periodic radon transform for prime sized images, A
* unified and pipelined hardware architecture for implementing intra prediction in HEVC, A
Includes: Llamocca, D. Llamocca, D.[Daniel]
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Llanes, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * New Segmentation Approach for Old Fractured Pieces, A

Llano, E.G.[Eduardo Garea] Co Author Listing * Automatic Representation of Semantic Abstraction of Geographical Data by Means of Classification
* Comparative Study of Face Representations in the Frequency Domain, A
* Consensual Iris Segmentation Fusion
* Fast Adaboosting Based Method for Iris and Pupil Contour Detection, A
* Fast Method for Localization of Local Illumination Variations and Photometric Normalization in Face Images, A
* Illumination Insensitive Representation for Face Verification in the Frequency Domain, An
* Method for Segmentation of Local Illumination Variations and Photometric Normalization in Face Images, A
* Semantic Representation of Geospatial Objects Using Multiples Knowledge Domains
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Llanza, A.[Arcadi] Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Gaze Estimation Algorithm for Natural Light Scenarios, A

Llata, J.R. Co Author Listing * similarity measure for 3D rigid registration of point clouds using image-based descriptors with low overlap, A

Llavador, A. Co Author Listing * Time-multiplexing Integral Microscopy

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