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Lo, K. Co Author Listing * Stereoview to Multiview Conversion Architecture for Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Displays

Lo, K.C. Co Author Listing * Colour quantization by three-dimensional frequency diffusion
* Contextual color quantization algorithm
* Recognition of 3D planar objects in canonical frames

Lo, K.F.[Kia Fock] Co Author Listing * probabilistic method for foreground and shadow segmentation, A
Includes: Lo, K.F.[Kia Fock] Lo, K.F.[Kia-Fock]

Lo, K.H.[Kuo Hua] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Vanishing Point-Based Line Sampling Scheme for Real-Time People Localization
* Edge-Preserving Depth Map Upsampling by Joint Trilateral Filter
* Example-Based Image Textural Style Transfer
* Exploiting Spatial-temporal Coherence in the Construction of Multiple Perspective Videos
* Extended Guided Filtering for Depth Map Upsampling
* Human activity analysis based on a torso-less representation
* Incorporating texture information into region-based unsupervised image segmentation using textural superpixels
* Joint trilateral filtering for depth map super-resolution
* Moving cast shadow detection by exploiting multiple cues
* Shadow Detection by Integrating Multiple Features
* Shadow Removal for Foreground Segmentation
* Vanishing Point-Based Image Transforms for Enhancement of Probabilistic Occupancy Map-Based People Localization
* Vanishing point-based line sampling for efficient axis-based people localization
* Vanishing Point-based Line Sampling for Real-time People Localization
* View-invariant measure of line correspondence and its application in people localization
Includes: Lo, K.H.[Kuo Hua] Lo, K.H.[Kuo-Hua] Lo, K.H.[Kai-Han] Lo, K.H.
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Lo, K.R.[Kuen Rong] Co Author Listing * Applications of Internet of Things
* High-Efficiency Method of Mobile Positioning Based on Commercial Vehicle Operation Data, A
Includes: Lo, K.R.[Kuen Rong] Lo, K.R.[Kuen-Rong]

Lo, K.S. Co Author Listing * Visual-Quality Guided Global Backlight Dimming for Video Display on Mobile Devices

Lo, K.T.[Kwok Tung] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Block Matching Algorithm for Video Compression
* Adaptive block matching motion estimation algorithm using bit-plane matching
* Content analysis based smart macroblock rearrangement for error resilience in wireless video transmission
* Content-Adaptive Joint Image Compression and Encryption Scheme, A
* Cryptanalysis of an Image Scrambling Scheme Without Bandwidth Expansion
* Determination of efficient transmission scheme for video-on-demand (VoD) services
* Dynamic Addressing Scheme for Vector Quantization of Images
* Dynamic selection and effective compression of key frames for video abstraction
* Error Concealment for MPEG Video Transmissions
* Frame interpolation scheme using inertia motion prediction
* general quantitative cryptanalysis of permutation-only multimedia ciphers against plaintext attacks, A
* hierarchical video-on-demand system with double-rate batching, A
* Image watermarking using tree-based spatial-frequency feature of wavelet transform
* Inertia-based video cut detection and its integration with video coder
* Joint image compression and encryption based on alternating transforms with quality control
* Joint image compression and encryption based on order-8 alternating transforms
* Joint image encryption and compression schemes based on 16X16 DCT
* Multiscale error diffusion technique for digital halftoning with Dot Overlap Compensation, A
* New addressing scheme for vector quantization of images
* new cut detection algorithm with constant false-alarm ratio for video segmentation, A
* New fast Search Algorithm for Block Matching Motion Estimation
* On the Design of Perceptual MPEG-Video Encryption Algorithms
* On the Security of an MPEG-Video Encryption Scheme Based on Secret Huffman Tables
* Providing VCR Functionality in Multicast Video-on-Demand Systems Using Adaptive Batching
* Scene Change Detection Algorithm for MPEG Video Sequence
* Shot reconstruction degree: a novel criterion for key frame selection
* Universal perceptual weighted zerotree coding for image and video compression
* Video-on-Demand Systems With Cooperative Clients in Multicast Environment
Includes: Lo, K.T.[Kwok Tung] Lo, K.T.[Kwok-Tung] Lo, K.T.
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Lo, K.Y.[Kuo Yen] Co Author Listing * Assessment of photo aesthetics with efficiency
* Intelligent Photographing Interface with On-Device Aesthetic Quality Assessment
Includes: Lo, K.Y.[Kuo Yen] Lo, K.Y.[Kuo-Yen]

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