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Lo, T. Co Author Listing * Detection of Concealed Explosives at a Distance Using Terahertz Technology
* Efficient Decentralized Multiradar Multitarget Tracker for Air Surveillance, An

Lo, T.H.[Tzu Hsuan] Co Author Listing * bi-directional visual stereo interface for accessing stereo matching results from a human brain, A
Includes: Lo, T.H.[Tzu Hsuan] Lo, T.H.[Tzu-Hsuan]

Lo, T.K.[Thomas K.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for tracking a target
* Moving target detection method using two-frame subtraction and a two quadrant multiplier
* Segmentation method for use against moving objects
* Signal processing for autonomous acquisition of objects in cluttered background

Lo, T.M.[Tsung Ming] Co Author Listing * Dorsal hand vein recognition based on directional filter bank
Includes: Lo, T.M.[Tsung Ming] Lo, T.M.[Tsung-Ming]

Lo, T.W.R.[Tsz Wai Rachel] Co Author Listing * Local feature extraction and matching on range images: 2.5D SIFT
* SIFT Keypoint Descriptors for Range Image Analysis
Includes: Lo, T.W.R.[Tsz Wai Rachel] Lo, T.W.R.[Tsz-Wai Rachel]

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