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Lo, Y.[Yi] Co Author Listing * simulation on grass swaying with dynamic wind force, A

Lo, Y.C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Skin Lesion Segmentation Using Deep Fully Convolutional Networks With Jaccard Distance
* novel form detection and removal scheme for document images, A
* Space-time template matching for human action detection using volume-based Generalized Hough transform
Includes: Lo, Y.C. Lo, Y.C.[Yi-Chung] Lo, Y.C.[Yung-Chi]

Lo, Y.H.[Yen Hung] Co Author Listing * Adaptive real-time reversible data hiding for JPEG images
Includes: Lo, Y.H.[Yen Hung] Lo, Y.H.[Yen-Hung]

Lo, Y.L. Co Author Listing * Optimal Use of Existing Distribution Feeders to Accommodate Transportation Electrification

Lo, Y.S.[You Shen] Co Author Listing * Color Image Compression and Limited Display Using Self-Organization Kohonen Map
* Color Image Segmentation using Local Histogram and Self-Organization of Kohonen Feature Map
Includes: Lo, Y.S.[You Shen] Lo, Y.S.[You-Shen]

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