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Loy, C.C.[Chen Change] Co Author Listing * Accelerating the Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network
* Be Your Own Prada: Fashion Synthesis with Structural Coherence
* Comparing Visual Feature Coding for Learning Disjoint Camera Dependencies
* Compression Artifacts Reduction by a Deep Convolutional Network
* Constructing Robust Affinity Graphs for Spectral Clustering
* Crowd Saliency Detection via Global Similarity Structure
* Crowded Scene Understanding by Deeply Learned Volumetric Slices
* Cumulative Attribute Space for Age and Crowd Density Estimation
* Deep Cascaded Bi-Network for Face Hallucination
* Deep Specialized Network for Illuminant Estimation
* DeepID-Net: Deformable Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection
* DeepID-Net: Object Detection with Deformable Part Based Convolutional Neural Networks
* Deeply learned attributes for crowded scene understanding
* Depth Map Super-Resolution by Deep Multi-Scale Guidance
* Detecting and discriminating behavioural anomalies
* Discover and Learn New Objects from Documentaries
* Face alignment by coarse-to-fine shape searching
* Facial Landmark Detection by Deep Multi-task Learning
* Feature Mining for Localised Crowd Counting
* From Facial Parts Responses to Face Detection: A Deep Learning Approach
* From local temporal correlation to global anomaly detection
* From Semi-supervised to Transfer Counting of Crowds
* Human Attribute Recognition by Deep Hierarchical Contexts
* Image Aesthetic Assessment: An experimental survey
* Image and Video Understanding in Big Data
* Image Super-Resolution Using Deep Convolutional Networks
* Incremental Activity Modeling in Multiple Disjoint Cameras
* Joint Face Representation Adaptation and Clustering in Videos
* large-scale car dataset for fine-grained categorization and verification, A
* Learning a Deep Convolutional Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Learning Deep Representation for Face Alignment with Auxiliary Attributes
* Learning Deep Representation for Imbalanced Classification
* Learning from Multiple Sources for Video Summarisation
* Learning Scene-Independent Group Descriptors for Crowd Understanding
* Learning Social Relation Traits from Face Images
* Learning to Disambiguate by Asking Discriminative Questions
* Modelling Activity Global Temporal Dependencies Using Time Delayed Probabilistic Graphical Model
* Modelling Multi-object Activity by Gaussian Processes
* Multi-camera activity correlation analysis
* Not All Pixels Are Equal: Difficulty-Aware Semantic Segmentation via Deep Layer Cascade
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* On-the-fly feature importance mining for person re-identification
* Pedestrian Color Naming via Convolutional Neural Network
* Person Re-Identification
* Person re-identification by manifold ranking
* Person Re-identification: What Features Are Important?
* PolyNet: A Pursuit of Structural Diversity in Very Deep Networks
* POP: Person Re-identification Post-rank Optimisation
* Scene-Independent Group Profiling in Crowd
* Semantic Image Segmentation via Deep Parsing Network
* Sketch Me That Shoe
* Slicing Convolutional Neural Network for Crowd Video Understanding
* Stream-Based Active Unusual Event Detection
* Stream-based joint exploration-exploitation active learning
* survey on heterogeneous face recognition: Sketch, infra-red, 3D and low-resolution, A
* Time-Delayed Correlation Analysis for Multi-Camera Activity Understanding
* Towards robust color recovery for high-capacity color QR codes
* Unconstrained Face Alignment via Cascaded Compositional Learning
* Unsupervised Learning of Discriminative Attributes and Visual Representations
* Video Synopsis by Heterogeneous Multi-source Correlation
* WIDER FACE: A Face Detection Benchmark
Includes: Loy, C.C.[Chen Change] Loy, C.C. Loy, C.C.[Chen-Change]
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Loy, G. Co Author Listing * adaptive fusion architecture for target tracking, An
* Detecting Bilateral Symmetry in Perspective
* Detecting Rotational Symmetry Under Affine Projection
* Detecting Symmetry and Symmetric Constellations of Features
* Efficient Symmetry Detection Using Local Affine Frames
* Fast radial symmetry for detecting points of interest
* Fast Radial Symmetry Transform for Detecting Points of Interest, A
* Fast Shape-based Road Sign Detection for a Driver Assistance System
* Monocular 3D Reconstruction of Human Motion in Long Action Sequences
* Pose-based clustering in action sequences
* Regular Polygon Detection
* regular polygon detector, The
Includes: Loy, G. Loy, G.[Gareth]
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Loy, L.Y.[Liang Yu] Co Author Listing * Artifact correction with robust statistics for non-stationary intracranial pressure signal monitoring
* Online ICP forecast for patients with traumatic brain injury

Loy, R. Co Author Listing * SMARTCLASSYSURV: A Smart Camera Network for Distributed Tracking and Activity Recognition and its Application to Assisted Living

Loy, W.W. Co Author Listing * On-Line Procedure for Recognition of Handprinted Alphanumeric Characters, An

Loya, Y. Co Author Listing * What is the Space of Attenuation Coefficients in Underwater Computer Vision?

Loyer, P. Co Author Listing * Efficient indexing method for lattice quantization applications

Loyo, E.[Estibaliz] Co Author Listing * Impact of the road network configuration on map-matching algorithms for FCD in urban environments

Loyola Gonzalez, O.[Octavio] Co Author Listing * Comparing Quality Measures for Contrast Pattern Classifiers
* Correlation of Resampling Methods for Contrast Pattern Based Classifiers
* Detecting Pneumatic Failures on Temporary Immersion Bioreactors
* Introducing an Experimental Framework in C# for Fingerprint Recognition
* Novel Contrast Pattern Selection Method for Class Imbalance Problems, A
Includes: Loyola Gonzalez, O.[Octavio] Loyola-Gonzalez, O.[Octavio] Loyola-González, O.[Octavio]

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