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Lu, B.[Bibo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Iris Recognition Method Based on the Marr Wavelet Transform Coefficients
* Aerodrome situational awareness of unmanned aircraft: an integrated self-learning approach with Bayesian network semantic segmentation
* Detection of tomato organs based on convolutional neural network under the overlap and occlusion backgrounds
* EmotionMeter: A Multimodal Framework for Recognizing Human Emotions
* Evaluating Empirical Regression, Machine Learning, and Radiative Transfer Modelling for Estimating Vegetation Chlorophyll Content Using Bi-Seasonal Hyperspectral Images
* Identifying Stable Patterns over Time for Emotion Recognition from EEG
* Image Filtering with a Fourth Order Geometry-Driven Flow
* Improved Situation Awareness for Autonomous Taxiing Through Self-Learning
* Improving the Performance of Multi-GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Ambiguity Fixing for Airborne Kinematic Positioning over Antarctica
* Incremental Dictionary Learning for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Leaf Image Classification with Shape Context and SIFT Descriptors
* Multicomponent volume reconstruction from slice data using a modified multicomponent Cahn-Hilliard system
* Pose-Robust Face Verification by Exploiting Competing Tasks
* Recent Advances of Hyperspectral Imaging Technology and Applications in Agriculture
* Regularized metric adaptation for unconstrained face verification
* Species classification using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)-acquired high spatial resolution imagery in a heterogeneous grassland
* Uncertainty Modeling of Contextual-Connections Between Tracklets for Unconstrained Video-Based Face Recognition
* Unsupervised Domain-Specific Deblurring via Disentangled Representations
* Vigilance Estimation Using a Wearable EOG Device in Real Driving Environment
Includes: Lu, B.[Bibo] Lu, B.[Bowen] Lu, B.[Bing] Lu, B. Lu, B.[Biao] Lu, B.[Boyu] Lu, B.[Bin] Lu, B.[Bingheng]
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Lu, B.B.[Bin Bin] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Wetland Flooding at a Sub-Pixel Scale Based on Random Forests and Spatial Attraction Models
* Shp2graph: Tools to Convert a Spatial Network into an Igraph Graph in R
Includes: Lu, B.B.[Bin Bin] Lu, B.B.[Bin-Bin]

Lu, B.C.[Bao Chun] Co Author Listing * Static output feedback reliable controller design of nonlinear systems with multiple constraints
Includes: Lu, B.C.[Bao Chun] Lu, B.C.[Bao-Chun]

Lu, B.F.[Bai Fang] Co Author Listing * Bio-native Shape Modeling And Virtual Reality For Bio Education
Includes: Lu, B.F.[Bai Fang] Lu, B.F.[Bai-Fang]

Lu, B.H.[Bing Heng] Co Author Listing * efficient volume repairing method by using a modified Allen-Cahn equation, An
Includes: Lu, B.H.[Bing Heng] Lu, B.H.[Bing-Heng]

Lu, B.J.[Bing Jian] Co Author Listing * method of visibility forecast based on hierarchical sparse representation, A
Includes: Lu, B.J.[Bing Jian] Lu, B.J.[Bing-Jian]

Lu, B.L.[Bao Liang] Co Author Listing * adaptive image Euclidean distance, An
* Fast Recognition of Multi-View Faces with Feature Selection
* Feature selection based on loss-margin of nearest neighbor classification
* Feature Selection for Identifying Critical Variables of Principal Components Based on K-Nearest Neighbor Rule
* Hybrid Method of Unsupervised Feature Selection Based on Ranking, A
* Max-Margin Dictionary Learning for Multiclass Image Categorization
* Online multiple instance learning with no regret
* Probabilistic models for supervised dictionary learning
* Rank-SIFT: Learning to rank repeatable local interest points
* Selecting Optimal Orientations of Gabor Wavelet Filters for Facial Image Analysis
* Time and space efficient spectral clustering via column sampling
Includes: Lu, B.L.[Bao Liang] Lu, B.L.[Bao-Liang]
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