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Lu, J. Co Author Listing * 3D Palmprint Identification Using Block-Wise Features and Collaborative Representation
* 3DCNN-DQN-RNN: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Semantic Parsing of Large-Scale 3D Point Clouds
* Abrupt motion tracking via adaptive stochastic approximation Monte Carlo sampling
* Abrupt Motion Tracking Via Intensively Adaptive Markov-Chain Monte Carlo Sampling
* Accumulating regional density dissimilarity for concept drift detection in data streams
* Action recognition in RGB-D egocentric videos
* Action Recognition in Still Images With Minimum Annotation Efforts
* Adversarial Training for Video Disentangled Representation
* Attention-based Neural Network for Traffic Sign Detection
* Attribute-Based Synthetic Network (ABS-Net): Learning more from pseudo feature representations
* Automatic Segmentation of Scaling in 2-D Psoriasis Skin Images
* Bayesian Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusions via Double Matrix Factorization
* Botnet Detection based on Fuzzy Association Rules
* Centralized and Clustered Features for Person Re-Identification
* Comparative Study of Algorithms for Realtime Panoramic Video Blending, A
* Context-aware single image super-resolution using sparse representation and cross-scale similarity
* Contrast enhancement via multiscale gradient transformation
* Cross-domain network representations
* Cryptanalyzing an Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Autoblocking and Electrocardiography
* Cryptanalyzing an Image-Scrambling Encryption Algorithm of Pixel Bits
* Cyberphysical System With Virtual Reality for Intelligent Motion Recognition and Training
* Daily Evaporative Fraction Parameterization Scheme Driven by Day-Night Differences in Surface Parameters: Improvement and Validation
* Deep Adversarial Metric Learning
* Deep Coupled Metric Learning for Cross-Modal Matching
* Deep Hashing for Scalable Image Search
* Deep Hashing via Discrepancy Minimization
* deep learning method for image super-resolution based on geometric similarity, A
* Deep Localized Metric Learning
* Dense Deconvolutional Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Depth Video Enhancement Based on Weighted Mode Filtering
* Derivation of Daily Evaporative Fraction Based on Temporal Variations in Surface Temperature, Air Temperature, and Net Radiation
* Design and ARM-Embedded Implementation of a Chaotic Map-Based Real-Time Secure Video Communication System
* Design and FPGA-Based Realization of a Chaotic Secure Video Communication System
* Direct Photometric Alignment by Mesh Deformation
* Distributed RANSAC for the robust estimation of three-dimensional reconstruction
* Earth Observations-Based Evapotranspiration in Northeastern Thailand
* Effective Improvement of Under-Modeling Frequency-Domain Kalman Filter
* Epipolar Geometry-Based Fast Disparity Estimation Algorithm for Multiview Image and Video Coding, An
* Erythema detection in digital skin images
* Evaluation and synthesis of wavelet image coders
* Extrinsic parameters and focal length calibration using rotation-symmetric patterns
* Generalizing Capacity of Face Database for Face Recognition
* Generating Adversarial Examples With Conditional Generative Adversarial Net
* Geometry-Aware GAN for Face Attribute Transfer
* GPU-based implementation on super-resolution reconstruction, A
* Graph R-CNN for Scene Graph Generation
* HBE: Hand Branch Ensemble Network for Real-Time 3D Hand Pose Estimation
* Hierarchical Image Matting Model for Blood Vessel Segmentation in Fundus Images, A
* Hierarchy Visualization for Group Recommender Systems
* Huber Fractal Image Coding Based on a Fitting Plane
* Human action segmentation with hierarchical supervoxel consistency
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising via Matrix Factorization and Deep Prior Regularization
* Identification of Key Nodes in Microblog Networks
* Improved Bilinear Interpolation Algorithm Using Center Coordinates of Pixels, An
* Improving the Accuracy of Open Source Digital Elevation Models with Multi-Scale Fusion and a Slope Position-Based Linear Regression Method
* Knowing When to Look: Adaptive Attention via a Visual Sentinel for Image Captioning
* Latent fingerprint enhancement using Gabor and minutia dictionaries
* Learning a cross-modal hashing network for multimedia search
* Learning a Discriminative Distance Metric With Label Consistency for Scene Classification
* Learning Diverse Image Colorization
* Learning Globally Optimized Object Detector via Policy Gradient
* Learning Invariant Color Features for Person Reidentification
* Learning Semantics-Preserving Attention and Contextual Interaction for Group Activity Recognition
* Local Subspace Collaborative Tracking
* Local, Global, and Multilevel Stereo Matching
* Locality constrained dictionary learning for non-linear dimensionality reduction and classification
* Locating 3D Object Proposals: A Depth-Based Online Approach
* M-SBIR: An Improved Sketch-Based Image Retrieval Method Using Visual Word Mapping
* Manhattan Distance-Based Adaptive 3D Transform-Domain Collaborative Filtering for Laser Speckle Imaging of Blood Flow
* Mediaprinting: Identifying Multimedia Content for Digital Rights Management
* Minutiae Data Synthesis for Fingerprint Identification Applications
* Mobile video transmission with efficient fading countermeasures and robust decoding
* Modeling Bayesian Estimation for Deformable Contours
* Modified two-dimensional Otsu image segmentation algorithm and fast realisation
* Multi-Channel Microstrip Transceiver Arrays Using Harmonics for High Field MR Imaging in Humans
* Multi-Label Nonlinear Matrix Completion With Transductive Multi-Task Feature Selection for Joint MGMT and IDH1 Status Prediction of Patient With High-Grade Gliomas
* Multi-Stream Deep Neural Networks for RGB-D Egocentric Action Recognition
* Multi-Task CNN Model for Attribute Prediction
* Multi-View Complementary Hash Tables for Nearest Neighbor Search
* Multilabel Image Classification With Regional Latent Semantic Dependencies
* New Clustering Algorithm for Processing GPS-Based Road Anomaly Reports With a Mahalanobis Distance, A
* New Geographical Cluster View on Passenger Vehicle Purchasing in Chinese Cities, A
* Non-contact Heart Rate Monitoring by Combining Convolutional Neural Network Skin Detection and Remote Photoplethysmography via a Low-Cost Camera
* Nonlinear Driver Parameter Estimation and Driver Steering Behavior Analysis for ADAS Using Field Test Data
* Object Co-skeletonization with Co-segmentation
* Objective Quality Assessment Measurement for Typhoon Cloud Image Enhancement
* On Combining Fractional-Pixel Interpolation and Motion Estimation: A Cost-Effective Approach
* On pinning impulsive control of complex dynamical networks
* On Uncertainties of the Priestley-Taylor/LST-Fc Feature Space Method to Estimate Evapotranspiration: Case Study in an Arid/Semiarid Region in Northwest China
* Optimization Approach for Localization Refinement of Candidate Traffic Signs, An
* Orthogonality Deficiency of Massive MIMO Channels: Distribution and Relationship With Performance
* PairedCycleGAN: Asymmetric Style Transfer for Applying and Removing Makeup
* Palmprint Recognition Based on Complete Direction Representation
* Parallelizing Mallat Algorithm for 2-D Wavelet Transforms
* Part-based Multi-stream Model for Vehicle Searching
* Pattern classification to optimize the performance of Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography-based brain machine interface
* Performance evaluation of objective video quality metrics on mixed spatiotemporal resolution content
* Performing Improved Two-step Camera Calibration With Weighted Total Least-squares
* Phase-Space Sketching for Crystal Image Analysis Based on Synchrosqueezed Transforms
* Pointing Angle Calibration of Zy3-02 Satellite Laser Altimeter Using Terrain Matching
* Preprocessing Design in Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor-Based Human-Tracking System: On Sensor Selection and Calibration
* Progressive source-channel coding of images over bursty error channels
* Quantitative Canvas Weave Analysis Using 2-D Synchrosqueezed Transforms: Application of time-frequency analysis to art investigation
* Rain Streak Removal Using Layer Priors
* Real-time coherent stylization for augmented reality
* Regularized Locality Preserving Projections and Its Extensions for Face Recognition
* Removal of Canvas Patterns in Digital Acquisitions of Paintings
* Research on the Building Shadow Extraction and Elimination Method
* Road Disturbance Estimation and Cloud-Aided Comfort-Based Route Planning
* Road Risk Modeling and Cloud-Aided Safety-Based Route Planning
* Robust Lane Detection using Two-stage Feature Extraction with Curve Fitting
* SafetyNet: Detecting and Rejecting Adversarial Examples Robustly
* Sampling with level set for pigmented skin lesion segmentation
* scattering similarity based classification scheme for land applications of polarimetric SAR image, A
* Scribbler: Controlling Deep Image Synthesis with Sketch and Color
* Semantic Perceptual Image Compression with a Laplacian Pyramid of Convolutional Networks
* Semisupervised and Weakly Supervised Road Detection Based on Generative Adversarial Networks
* Sequence Fingerprint Image Mosaic Method and Its Experimental Study Based on Phase Correlation and Gray Correlation
* Single Image Rain Streak Decomposition Using Layer Priors
* Spatial Equity of Nursing Homes in Changchun: A Multi-Trip Modes Analysis, The
* Spatial Pyramid Dilated Network for Pulmonary Nodule Malignancy Classification
* SPM-BP: Sped-Up PatchMatch Belief Propagation for Continuous MRFs
* Stochastic Delay Analysis for Train Control Services in Next-Generation High-Speed Railway Communications System
* Structural property-aware multilayer network embedding for latent factor analysis
* Study On Height Information Extraction Of Cultural Features In Remote Sensing Images Based On Shadow Areas, The
* Super-Twisting-Like Algorithm and Its Application to Train Operation Control With Optimal Utilization of Adhesion Force, A
* SwapNet: Image Based Garment Transfer
* TextureGAN: Controlling Deep Image Synthesis with Texture Patches
* Transform-Invariant PCA: A Unified Approach to Fully Automatic Face Alignment, Representation, and Recognition
* Uniform and Variational Deep Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition and Person Re-Identification
* Video super resolution based on non-local regularization and reliable motion estimation
* Virtual manipulator-based binocular stereo vision positioning system and errors modelling
* Visual Content Identification and Search
* VQA: Visual Question Answering
* VQA: Visual Question Answering
* Watermarking Mechanism With High Capacity for Three-Dimensional Mesh Objects Using Integer Planning, A
* Wavelet transform domain filters: a spatially selective noise filtration technique
* Weakly Supervised Fine-Grained Categorization With Part-Based Image Representation
Includes: Lu, J. Lu, J.[Jie] Lu, J.[Jian] Lu, J.[Jiang] Lü, J. Lu, J.[Jing] Lu, J.[Jiwen] Lu, J.[Juan] Lu, J.[Jiasen] Lu, J.[Jia] Lu, J.[Jinhu] Lu, J.[Jinyun] Lu, J.[Jin] Lu, J.[Jun] Lu, J.[Jiewei] Lu, J.[Jingwan]
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Lu, J.A.[Jun An] Co Author Listing * Compressive-Sensing-Based Structure Identification for Multilayer Networks
Includes: Lu, J.A.[Jun An] Lu, J.A.[Jun-An]

Lu, J.B.[Jiang Bo] Co Author Listing * Bilateral Functions for Global Motion Modeling
* CODE: Coherence Based Decision Boundaries for Feature Correspondence
* Constrained MPC designs for structured uncertain systems with random input delays
* Cross-based local multipoint filtering
* Cross-Based Local Stereo Matching Using Orthogonal Integral Images
* DAISY Filter Flow: A Generalized Discrete Approach to Dense Correspondences
* Direct structure estimation for 3D reconstruction
* Effective Epipolar Geometry Assisted Motion Estimation Technique for Multi-View Image and Video Coding, An
* Efficient Hybrid Tree-Based Stereo Matching With Applications to Postcapture Image Refocusing
* Fast Global Image Smoothing Based on Weighted Least Squares
* Fast Guided Global Interpolation for Depth and Motion
* Fast Variable Center-Biased Windowing for High-Speed Stereo on Programmable Graphics Hardware
* High-Speed Dense Stereo Via Directional Center-Biased Windows on Graphics Hardware
* Joint Histogram-Based Cost Aggregation for Stereo Matching
* Multiple foreground recognition and cosegmentation: An object-oriented CRF model with robust higher-order potentials
* Multiple Human Identification and Cosegmentation: A Human-Oriented CRF Approach With Poselets
* Patch Match Filter: Efficient Edge-Aware Filtering Meets Randomized Search for Fast Correspondence Field Estimation
* PatchMatch Filter: Edge-Aware Filtering Meets Randomized Search for Visual Correspondence
* PISA: Pixelwise Image Saliency by Aggregating Complementary Appearance Contrast Measures With Edge-Preserving Coherence
* PISA: Pixelwise Image Saliency by Aggregating Complementary Appearance Contrast Measures with Spatial Priors
* Poselet-based multiple human identification and cosegmentation
* Real-time accurate stereo with bitwise fast voting on CUDA
* Real-Time and Accurate Stereo: A Scalable Approach With Bitwise Fast Voting on CUDA
* Real-time stereo-based view synthesis algorithms: A unified framework and evaluation on commodity GPUs
* RepMatch: Robust Feature Matching and Pose for Reconstructing Modern Cities
* revisit to cost aggregation in stereo matching: How far can we reduce its computational redundancy?, A
* Robust Non-parametric Data Fitting for Correspondence Modeling
* Robust stereo matching with fast Normalized Cross-Correlation over shape-adaptive regions
* Robust Video Background Identification by Dominant Rigid Motion Estimation
* Scalable End-to-End Optimized Real-Time Image-Based Rendering Framework on Graphics Hardware, A
* Scalable stereo matching with Locally Adaptive Polygon Approximation
* SEAGULL: Seam-Guided Local Alignment for Parallax-Tolerant Image Stitching
* Stream-Centric Stereo Matching and View Synthesis: A High-Speed Approach on GPUs
* Teleimmersive Audio-Visual Communication Using Commodity Hardware
Includes: Lu, J.B.[Jiang Bo] Lu, J.B.[Jiang-Bo] Lu, J.B.[Jian-Bo]
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Lu, J.C.[Ji Chuan] Co Author Listing * THU multi-view face database for videoconferences, The
Includes: Lu, J.C.[Ji Chuan] Lu, J.C.[Ji-Chuan]

Lu, J.F.[Jian Feng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive kernel learning based on centered alignment for hierarchical classification
* Automated Cell Phase Classification for Zebrafish Fluorescence Microscope Images
* Automatic Detection of Defective Zebrafish Embryos via Shape Analysis
* Canonical principal angles correlation analysis for two-view data
* Density-based hierarchical clustering for streaming data
* efficient renovation on kernel Fisher discriminant analysis and face recognition experiments, An
* Feature fusion: parallel strategy vs. serial strategy
* Gait-based age progression/regression: a baseline and performance evaluation by age group classification and cross-age gait identification
* Goal-Oriented Visual Question Generation via Intermediate Rewards
* Graph attribute embedding via Riemannian submersion learning
* graph decomposition approach to least squares attributed graph matching, A
* H.264/AVC HDTV watermarking algorithm robust to camcorder recording, An
* Heritage image annotation via collective knowledge
* Hierarchical initialization approach for K-Means clustering
* Instance Annotation via Optimal BoW for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Learning arbitrary-shape object detector from bounding-box annotation by searching region-graph
* Multiple kernel clustering based on centered kernel alignment
* New Card Authentication Scheme Based on Image Watermarking and Encryption, A
* Non-concept density estimation via kernel regression for concept ranking in weakly labelled data
* Semi-supervised linear discriminant analysis for dimension reduction and classification
* Single Image Water Hazard Detection Using FCN with Reflection Attention Units
* SLNSW-UTS: A Historical Image Dataset for Image Multi-Labeling and Retrieval
* Speed Invariance vs. Stability: Cross-Speed Gait Recognition Using Single-Support Gait Energy Image
* Statistical performance of convex low-rank and sparse tensor recovery
* Street view cross-sourced point cloud matching and registration
* Unsupervised Discriminant Canonical Correlation Analysis for Feature Fusion
* Weakly supervised object localization via maximal entropy randomwalk
* Weakly supervised segment annotation via expectation kernel density estimation
* Zero-Watermarking Based on Improved ORB Features Against Print-cam Attack
Includes: Lu, J.F.[Jian Feng] Lu, J.F.[Jian-Feng] Lu, J.F.
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Lu, J.H. Co Author Listing * Classification of Invariant Image Representations Using a Neural Network
* Compressibility Constrained Sparse Representation With Learnt Dictionary for Low Bit-Rate Image Compression
* Dense Convolution for Semantic Segmentation
* Dictionary Learning for Image Coding Based on Multisample Sparse Representation
* Expectation Propagation Perspective on Approximate Message Passing, An
* Extracting Micro-Structural Gabor Features for Face Recognition
* HEMS: Hierarchical Exemplar-Based Matching-Synthesis for Object-Aware Image Reconstruction
* Hierarchical objectness network for region proposal generation and object detection
* Hybrid model-and-object-based real-time conversational video coding
* Modeling and Simulation of HF Band Transmission Loss Over China Oceans
* Object Recognition Using a Neural Network and Invariant Zernike Features
* Robust 3D Car Shape Estimation from Landmarks in Monocular Image
* Robust Monocular 3D Car Shape Estimation From 2D Landmarks
* Robust two-dimensional principal component analysis via alternating optimization
* Semantic Conditional Random Field for Object Based SAR Image Segmentation
* Simple And Efficient Search Algorithm for Block-Matching Motion Estimation, A
* Sparse representation of texture patches for low bit-rate image compression
* THU multi-view face database for videoconferences, The
Includes: Lu, J.H. Lu, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Lu, J.H.[Ji-Hua]
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Lu, J.J.[Jainn Jyh] Co Author Listing * Bezier curve-based approach to shape description for Chinese calligraphy characters, A
* Sparse depth super resolution
Includes: Lu, J.J.[Jainn Jyh] Lu, J.J.[Jainn-Jyh] Lu, J.J.[Jia-Jun]

Lu, J.M.[Jun Ming] Co Author Listing * Deliberation with fast full-search block matching
* Feature Point Clustering Approach to the Recognition of Form Documents, A
* Noise Removal For Medical X-ray Images In Multiwavelet Domain
* Semi-automatic Road Extraction from SAR images using EKF and PF
Includes: Lu, J.M.[Jun Ming] Lu, J.M.[Jun-Ming] Lu, J.M.[Jeng-Ming] Lu, J.M.[Jian-Ming] Lu, J.M.

Lu, J.P.[Ji Ping] Co Author Listing * Geometric and Photometric Constraints for Surface Recovery
* Reflectance and Shape from Images Using a Collinear Light Source
* Reflectance Function Estimation and Shape Recovery from Image Sequence of a Rotating Object
Includes: Lu, J.P.[Ji Ping] Lu, J.P.[Ji-Ping]

Lu, J.Q.[Jian Quan] Co Author Listing * Distributed filtering in sensor networks with hybrid communication constraints
* Pattern recognition and classification of two cancer cell lines by diffraction imaging at multiple pixel distances
Includes: Lu, J.Q.[Jian Quan] Lu, J.Q.[Jian-Quan] Lu, J.Q.[Jun Q.]

Lu, J.S.[Jing Shan] Co Author Listing * Estimating Leaf Area Index with a New Vegetation Index Considering the Influence of Rice Panicles
* Inversion of rice canopy chlorophyll content and leaf area index based on coupling of radiative transfer and Bayesian network models
* Neural Baby Talk
Includes: Lu, J.S.[Jing Shan] Lu, J.S.[Jing-Shan] Lu, J.S. Lu, J.S.[Jia-Sen]

Lu, J.T.[Jing Ting] Co Author Listing * Intensity-Texture model based level set method for image segmentation, An
* Local line directional pattern for palmprint recognition
Includes: Lu, J.T.[Jing Ting] Lu, J.T.[Jing-Ting]

Lu, J.W.[Ji Wen] Co Author Listing * Active appearance models using statistical characteristics of Gabor based texture representation
* Activity-Based Person Identification Using Discriminative Sparse Projections and Orthogonal Ensemble Metric Learning
* Attention-Aware Deep Reinforcement Learning for Video Face Recognition
* Boosting face recognition on a large-scale database
* Boosting linear discriminant analysis for face recognition
* Co-Learned Multi-View Spectral Clustering for Face Recognition Based on Image Sets
* Collaborative Deep Reinforcement Learning for Multi-object Tracking
* comparative study of age-invariant face recognition with different feature representations, A
* Comparative Study of Skin-Color Models, A
* Consistent-Aware Deep Learning for Person Re-identification in a Camera Network
* Context-Aware Local Binary Feature Learning for Face Recognition
* Cost-Sensitive Local Binary Feature Learning for Facial Age Estimation
* Cost-sensitive subspace learning for face recognition
* Cost-sensitive subspace learning for human age estimation
* Cross-Modal Deep Variational Hashing
* Cross-Modal Discrete Hashing
* Deep hashing for compact binary codes learning
* Deep Metric Learning for Visual Tracking
* Deep Metric Learning for Visual Understanding: An Overview of Recent Advances
* Deep Progressive Reinforcement Learning for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Deep Reinforcement Learning with Iterative Shift for Visual Tracking
* Deep transfer metric learning
* Deep Transfer Metric Learning
* Deep Variational Metric Learning
* Deep Video Hashing
* Discriminative Deep Metric Learning for Face and Kinship Verification
* Discriminative Deep Metric Learning for Face Verification in the Wild
* Discriminative Multimanifold Analysis for Face Recognition from a Single Training Sample per Person
* Distance metric learning for pattern recognition
* Dual-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Deformable Face Tracking
* efficient kernel discriminant analysis method, An
* Efficient nearest neighbor search in high dimensional hamming space
* Efficient Sparsity Estimation via Marginal-Lasso Coding
* Enhanced face recognition using tensor neighborhood preserving discriminant projections
* Enhanced gait recognition based on weighted dynamic feature
* Face Detection, Alignment, and Recognition
* Face recognition using an enhanced age simulation method
* Face Recognition: Combine Generic and Specific Solutions
* FG 2015 Kinship Verification in the Wild Evaluation, The
* Finding spatio-temporal salient paths for video objects discovery
* Gait recognition for human identification based on ICA and fuzzy SVM through multiple views fusion
* Gait-based gender classification in unconstrained environments
* Gaussian kernel optimization for pattern classification
* Global Feedforward Neural Network Learning for Classification and Regression
* Graininess-Aware Deep Feature Learning for Pedestrian Detection
* GraphBit: Bitwise Interaction Mining via Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Group-aware deep feature learning for facial age estimation
* Guest Editorial: Language in Vision
* Human-Centric Indoor Environment Modeling from Depth Videos
* Image Set Classification Using Holistic Multiple Order Statistics Features and Localized Multi-kernel Metric Learning
* Image-to-Set Face Recognition Using Locality Repulsion Projections and Sparse Reconstruction-Based Similarity Measure
* Joint Subspace Learning for View-Invariant Gait Recognition
* Kernel Machine Based Approach for Multi-View Face Recognition, A
* Kernel quadratic discriminant analysis for small sample size problem
* Large Margin Multi-metric Learning for Face and Kinship Verification in the Wild
* Large-Margin Multi-Modal Deep Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition
* Learning Cascaded Deep Auto-Encoder Networks for Face Alignment
* Learning Compact Binary Descriptors with Unsupervised Deep Neural Networks
* Learning Compact Binary Face Descriptor for Face Recognition
* Learning Deep Binary Descriptor with Multi-Quantization
* Learning Deep Sharable and Structural Detectors for Face Alignment
* Learning Discriminative Aggregation Network for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Learning Discriminative Aggregation Network for Video-Based Face Recognition and Person Re-identification
* Learning modality-invariant features for heterogeneous face recognition
* Learning principal orientations and residual descriptor for action recognition
* Learning Rotation-Invariant Local Binary Descriptor
* Local Large-Margin Multi-Metric Learning for Face and Kinship Verification
* Localized multi-kernel discriminative canonical correlation analysis for video-based person re-identification
* Localized Multifeature Metric Learning for Image-Set-Based Face Recognition
* MMSS: Multi-modal Sharable and Specific Feature Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition
* Modality and Component Aware Feature Fusion for RGB-D Scene Classification
* Multi-feature ordinal ranking for facial age estimation
* Multi-Grained Deep Feature Learning for Robust Pedestrian Detection
* Multi-manifold deep metric learning for image set classification
* Multi-manifold metric learning for face recognition based on image sets
* Multi-modal uniform deep learning for RGB-D person re-identification
* Multi-modal Unsupervised Feature Learning for RGB-D Scene Labeling
* Multi-View Geometric Mean Metric Learning for Kinship Verification
* Multiple Feature Fusion via Weighted Entropy for Visual Tracking
* Multiview discriminative learning for age-invariant face recognition
* Nearest Feature Space Analysis for Classification
* Neighborhood Repulsed Metric Learning for Kinship Verification
* Nonlinear Discrete Hashing
* Nonlinear Sparse Hashing
* Nonlinear Structural Hashing for Scalable Video Search
* Nonlinear subspace clustering
* Nonlinear subspace clustering for image clustering
* On conversion from color to gray-scale images for face detection
* On solving the face recognition problem with one training sample per subject
* Ordinal Deep Feature Learning for Facial Age Estimation
* Ordinal Deep Learning for Facial Age Estimation
* Ordinary Preserving Manifold Analysis for Human Age and Head Pose Estimation
* Ordinary preserving manifold analysis for human age estimation
* Part-Activated Deep Reinforcement Learning for Action Prediction
* PCANet: A Simple Deep Learning Baseline for Image Classification?
* Polygonal Approximation of Digital Planar Curves via Hybrid Monte Carlo Optimization
* Prototype-Based Discriminative Feature Learning for Kinship Verification
* Reconstruction-based supervised hashing
* Regularization studies of linear discriminant analysis in small sample size scenarios with application to face recognition
* Regularization studies on LDA for face recognition
* Regularization techniques for high-dimensional data analysis
* Regularized Bayesian Metric Learning for Person Re-identification
* Regularized discriminant analysis for the small sample size problem in face recognition
* Regularized local metric learning for person re-identification
* Relaxation-Free Deep Hashing via Policy Gradient
* Robust Feature Set Matching for Partial Face Recognition
* Robust gait recognition via discriminative set matching
* Robust partial face recognition using instance-to-class distance
* Robust Point Set Matching for Partial Face Recognition
* Runtime Network Routing for Efficient Image Classification
* Saliency prediction based on new deep multi-layer convolution neural network
* Salient object detection via a local and global method based on deep residual network
* Scene recognition with objectness
* Sharable and Individual Multi-View Metric Learning
* Siamese Long Short-Term Memory Architecture for Human Re-identification, A
* Simultaneous Feature and Dictionary Learning for Image Set Based Face Recognition
* Simultaneous Feature and Dictionary Learning for Image Set Based Face Recognition
* Simultaneous Local Binary Feature Learning and Encoding for Face Recognition
* Simultaneous Local Binary Feature Learning and Encoding for Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Face Recognition
* Spatial-Temporal Attention-Aware Learning for Video-Based Person Re-Identification
* Structured general and specific multi-view subspace clustering
* Training Quality-Aware Filters for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Two-Stream Transformer Networks for Video-Based Face Alignment
* Uncorrelated discriminant simplex analysis for view-invariant gait signal computing
* Unsupervised Deep Learning of Compact Binary Descriptors
* Unsupervised Joint Feature Learning and Encoding for RGB-D Scene Labeling
* View recognition of human gait sequences in videos
Includes: Lu, J.W.[Ji Wen] Lu, J.W.[Ji-Wen] Lu, J.W. Lu, J.W.[Ju-Wei] Lu, J.W.[Jian-Wei]
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Lu, J.X.[Jian Xia] Co Author Listing * Image Processing-Based Crystal Diameter Detection for Czochralski Method
* Predicting the memorability of natural-scene images
Includes: Lu, J.X.[Jian Xia] Lu, J.X.[Jian-Xia] Lu, J.X.[Jia-Xin]

Lu, J.Y.[Jian Yong] Co Author Listing * Automated Hierarchical Approach for Three-Dimensional Segmentation of Single Trees Using UAV LiDAR Data, An
* Depletion-Mode GaN HEMT Q-Spoil Switches for MRI Coils
* Fast Full Search in Motion Estimation by Hierarchical Use of Minkowski's Inequality (HUMI)
* High Accurate Predictor Based Fractional Pixel Search for H.264, A
* Image search results refinement via outlier detection using deep contexts
* Model for Simulation of Infant Cardiovascular Response to Orthostatic Stress, A
* split and merge algorithm for inter-mode decision in extended macroblocks, A
* Visual tracking using compensated motion model for mobile cameras
Includes: Lu, J.Y.[Jian Yong] Lu, J.Y.[Jian-Yong] Lu, J.Y. Lu, J.Y.[Ji-Yuan] Lu, J.Y.[Jun-Yang] Lu, J.Y.[Jian-Yin] Lu, J.Y.[Jian-Yi]
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Lu, J.Z.[Jian Zhong] Co Author Listing * Hydrodynamic and Inundation Modeling of China's Largest Freshwater Lake Aided by Remote Sensing Data
* image recognition algorithm based on thickness of ice cover of transmission line, An
Includes: Lu, J.Z.[Jian Zhong] Lu, J.Z.[Jian-Zhong] Lu, J.Z.[Jia-Zheng]

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