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Lumsdaine, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * analysis of color demosaicing in plenoptic cameras, An
* Depth estimation with cascade occlusion culling filter for light-field cameras
* focused plenoptic camera, The
* Light-field flow: A subpixel-accuracy depth flow estimation with geometric occlusion model from a single light-field image
* Line Assisted Light Field Triangulation and Stereo Matching
* Maximum likelihood parameter estimation for non-Gaussian prior signal models
* Multi-scale contrast-based saliency enhancement for salient object detection
* Nonlinear Analog Networks for Image Smoothing and Segmentation
* radon image as plenoptic function, The
* Rich image capture with plenoptic cameras
* Scale and Orientation Aware EPI-Patch Learning for Light Field Depth Estimation
* Unified Frequency Domain Analysis of Lightfield Cameras
Includes: Lumsdaine, A.[Andrew] Lumsdaine, A.
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Lumsdon, P.[Parivash] Co Author Listing * Development of Operational Applications for TerraSAR-X

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