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Lv, Z.[Zihao] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Analysis of Polynomial RFM Adjustment Models for Worldview-1 Imagery
* Bare-fingers Touch Detection by the Button's Distortion in a Projector-Camera System
* Control Double Inverted Pendulum by Reinforcement Learning with Double CMAC Network
* Efficient background picture coding for videos obtained from static cameras
* Efficient Data Scheduling Scheme for P2P Storage-Constrained IPTV System, An
* GPU-accelerated SPH fluids surface reconstruction using two-level spatial uniform grids
* Joint image registration and point spread function estimation for the super-resolution of satellite images
* Joint Multi-Criteria Utility-Based Network Selection Approach for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Networking, A
* Learn to model blurry motion via directional similarity and filtering
* novel eye movement detection algorithm for EOG driven human computer interface, A
* real-time image dehazing method considering dark channel and statistics features, A
* SENSE: A Shared Encoder Network for Scene-Flow Estimation
* Shape Similarity Based Change Detection Approach of Multi-resolution Remote Sensing Images, A
* Urban Traffic Coulomb's Law: A New Approach for Taxi Route Recommendation
Includes: Lv, Z.[Zihao] Lv, Z.[Zhong] Lv, Z.[Ziang] Lv, Z. Lv, Z.[Zehua] Lv, Z.[Zhihan] Lv, Z.[Zhen] Lv, Z.[Zhao]
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Lv, Z.G.[Zheng Guang] Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm of Coding Unit Depth Decision for HEVC Intra Coding
Includes: Lv, Z.G.[Zheng Guang] Lv, Z.G.[Zheng-Guang]

Lv, Z.H.[Zhi Han] Co Author Listing * ARGIS-based outdoor underground pipeline information system
* Assessing Essential Qualities of Urban Space with Emotional and Visual Data Based on GIS Technique
* Guest Editorial: Advances in Big Data Methods for Image Processing
* Internet cross-media retrieval based on deep learning
* Plane surface detection and reconstruction using segment-based tensor voting
* Wearable Smartphone: Wearable Hybrid Framework for Hand and Foot Gesture Interaction on Smartphone
Includes: Lv, Z.H.[Zhi Han] Lv, Z.H.[Zhi-Han]

Lv, Z.J.[Zhi Jian] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Scene Text Detection Based on Transferring Adaboost
* Coupled latent least squares regression for heterogeneous face recognition
* Modular hierarchical feature learning with deep neural networks for face verification
Includes: Lv, Z.J.[Zhi Jian] Lv, Z.J.[Zhi-Jian]

Lv, Z.W.[Zhuo Wen] Co Author Listing * Complete canonical correlation analysis with application to multi-view gait recognition
* Fusion of Gait and Facial Features using Coupled Projections for People Identification at a Distance
* Fusion of Local Manifold Learning Methods
Includes: Lv, Z.W.[Zhuo Wen] Lv, Z.W.[Zhuo-Wen]

Lv, Z.Y.[Zhi Yong] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Built-Up Areas from Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Patch-Level Spatial Features and Gestalt Laws of Perceptual Grouping
* Automatic Object-Oriented, Spectral-Spatial Feature Extraction Driven by Tobler's First Law of Geography for Very High Resolution Aerial Imagery Classification
* Continuous Optimization Approach for Efficient and Accurate Scene Flow, A
* Deep Blind Image Quality Assessment with Visual Importance Based Patch Score, A
* Delineation of Built-Up Areas from Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Multi-Scale Textures and Spatial Dependence
* Generalized Image Scene Decomposition-Based System for Supervised Classification of Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Hierarchical Multi-View Semi-Supervised Learning for Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Land Cover Change Detection Based on Adaptive Contextual Information Using Bi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images
* Land Cover Change Detection from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Multitemporal Deep Feature Collaborative Learning and a Semi-supervised Chan-Vese Model
* Learning Rigidity in Dynamic Scenes with a Moving Camera for 3D Motion Field Estimation
* Method Based on Edge Constraint and Fast Marching for Road Centerline Extraction from Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Multi-Scale Object Histogram Distance for LCCD Using Bi-Temporal Very-High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Novel Adaptive Histogram Trend Similarity Approach for Land Cover Change Detection by Using Bitemporal Very-High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Novel Multi-Scale Filter Profile-Based Framework for VHR Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Novel Object-Based Filter for Improving Land-Cover Classification of Aerial Imagery with Very High Spatial Resolution
* Post-Processing Approach for Refining Raw Land Cover Change Detection of Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Refining Land Cover Classification Maps Based on Dual-Adaptive Majority Voting Strategy for Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Semi-Automatic System for Land Cover Change Detection Using Bi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images
* Spatial-Spectral Feature Fusion Coupled with Multi-Scale Segmentation Voting Decision for Detecting Land Cover Change with VHR Remote Sensing Images
* Taking a Deeper Look at the Inverse Compositional Algorithm
* Uncertainty Assessment in Multitemporal Land Use/Cover Mapping with Classification System Semantic Heterogeneity
* Unsupervised Change Detection Using Fast Fuzzy Clustering for Landslide Mapping from Very High-Resolution Images
Includes: Lv, Z.Y.[Zhi Yong] Lv, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong] Lv, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yang] Lv, Z.Y.[Zheng-Yi]
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