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Ma, P. Co Author Listing * Aerosol Retrieval in the Autumn and Winter From the Red and 2.12~mum Bands of MODIS
* Angle Estimation with Automatic Pairing for Bistatic MIMO Radar
* Boosted pedestrian detector adaptation in specific scenes
* Coastal Wetland Mapping with Sentinel-2 MSI Imagery Based on Gravitational Optimized Multilayer Perceptron and Morphological Attribute Profiles
* Combined Lane Mapping Using a Mobile Mapping System
* Content Transformation Block for Image Style Transfer, A
* Distributed Scatterer InSAR Reveals Surface Motion of the Ancient Chaoshan Residence Cluster in the Lianjiang Plain, China
* End-to-end visual speech recognition for small-scale datasets
* Extended D-TomoSAR Displacement Monitoring for Nanjing (China) City Built Structure Using High-Resolution TerraSAR/TanDEM-X and Cosmo SkyMed SAR Data
* Face hallucination from low quality images using definition-scalable inference
* Feature-Based Cluster Segmentation of Image Sequences
* Hyperspectral band selection using crossover-based gravitational search algorithm
* Monitoring Coastal Reclamation Subsidence in Hong Kong with Distributed Scatterer Interferometry
* Ozone Profile Retrievals From the Cross-Track Infrared Sounder
* Robust Detection of Single and Double Persistent Scatterers in Urban Built Environments
* Sentinel-2A Image Fusion Using a Machine Learning Approach
* Surface Motion and Structural Instability Monitoring of Ming Dynasty City Walls by Two-Step Tomo-PSInSAR Approach in Nanjing City, China
Includes: Ma, P. Ma, P.[Peng] Ma, P.[Puhao] Ma, P.[Ping] Ma, P.[Pingchuan] Ma, P.[Peifeng] Ma, P.[Peirong]
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Ma, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * Huffman Table Index Based Approach to Detect Double MP3 Compression, A
* Mapping the Yellow River Delta land subsidence with multitemporal SAR interferometry by exploiting both persistent and distributed scatterers
* Multi-dimensional SAR tomography for monitoring the deformation of newly built concrete buildings
* Potential of Using Phase Correlation in Distributed Scatterer InSAR Applied to Built Scenarios
* tentative test for measuring the sub-millimeter settlement and uplift of a high-speed railway bridge using COSMO-SkyMed images, A
Includes: Ma, P.F.[Peng Fei] Ma, P.F.[Peng-Fei] Ma, P.F.[Pei-Feng]

Ma, P.J.[Pei Jun] Co Author Listing * Exploring MPE/MWE Training for Chinese Handwriting Recognition
* Improvements of a two-in-one image secret sharing scheme based on gray mixing model
* Scalable Prototype Learning Using GPUs
Includes: Ma, P.J.[Pei Jun] Ma, P.J.[Pei-Jun]

Ma, P.K.[Pei Kun] Co Author Listing * extraction of buildings on the basis of the prior shape, The
* Metro maps for efficient knowledge learning by summarizing massive electronic textbooks
Includes: Ma, P.K.[Pei Kun] Ma, P.K.[Pei-Kun] Ma, P.K.[Peng-Kun]

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