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Majtner, T. Co Author Listing * Combining deep learning and hand-crafted features for skin lesion classification
* Comparison of 3D Texture-Based Image Descriptors in Fluorescence Microscopy
* Comparison of Deep Learning-Based Recognition Techniques for Medical and Biomedical Images
* Efficient k-NN based HEp-2 cells classifier
* Efficient Melanoma Detection Using Texture-Based RSurf Features
* Extension of Tamura Texture Features for 3D Fluorescence Microscopy
* Generalised deep learning framework for HEp-2 cell recognition using local binary pattern maps
* On the Effectiveness of Generative Adversarial Networks as HEp-2 Image Augmentation Tool
* RSURF: The Efficient Texture-Based Descriptor for Fluorescence Microscopy Images of HEP-2 Cells
* Texture analysis using 3D Gabor features and 3D MPEG-7 Edge Histogram descriptor in fluorescence microscopy
Includes: Majtner, T. Majtner, T.[Tomáš] Majtner, T.[Toma] Majtner, T.[Tomas]
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