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Mala, C. Co Author Listing * Novel Error Resilient Temporal Adjacency Based Adaptive Multiple State Video Coding over Error Prone Channels, A

Malabanan, M.V. Co Author Listing * Mangrove Plantation Forest Assessment Using Structural Attributes Derived From Light Detection And Ranging (lidar) Data

Malach, T. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of background noise for significance level identification
* Learning of a robusted nearest neighbor classifier using multiple training data

Malafronte, D.[Damiano] Co Author Listing * Detecting Spatio-Temporally Interest Points Using the Shearlet Transform
* Investigating the Use of Space-Time Primitives to Understand Human Movements

Malagelada, C.[Carolina] Co Author Listing * Aligning endoluminal scene sequences in wireless capsule endoscopy
* Deep Learning Features for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Analysis
* Diagnostic System for Intestinal Motility Disfunctions Using Video Capsule Endoscopy
* Interactive Labeling of WCE Images
* Intestinal event segmentation for endoluminal video analysis
* Linear Radial Patterns Characterization for Automatic Detection of Tonic Intestinal Contractions
* Machine Learning Framework Using SOMs: Applications in the Intestinal Motility Assessment, A
* Semi-supervised Learning Method for Motility Disease Diagnostic, A
Includes: Malagelada, C.[Carolina] Malagelada, C.
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Malagi, V.P.[Vindhya P.] Co Author Listing * Scale weight selection for feature extraction using complex wavelets: A framework

Malagodi, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Interactive Tool for Speed up the Analysis of UV Images of Stradivari Violins, An

Malagoli, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Visual Query Specification and Interaction with Industrial Engineering Data

Malagon Borja, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Object Detection System using Image Reconstruction with PCA, An
* Object detection using image reconstruction with PCA
Includes: Malagon Borja, L.[Luis] Malagon-Borja, L.[Luis]

Malagon, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Abbreviation Detection in Medieval Medical Documents

Malagre, D. Co Author Listing * Optimized edge detection using a priori models

Malaguti, F.[Filippo] Co Author Listing * Toward Compressed 3D Descriptors

Malah, D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Partitioning for Fractal Coding Achieving Designated Rates Under a Complexity Constraint
* Change detection and texture analysis for image sequence coding
* general framework for tree-based morphology and its applications to self-dual filtering, A
* Global-motion estimation in image sequences of 3-D scenes for coding applications
* Hyperspectral Image Coding Using 3d Transforms
* Model-Based Transrating of H.264 Coded Video
* Morphological Reduction of Skeleton Redundancy
* Recognition of 3D Objects Based on Implicit Polynomials
* Robust Fitting of Implicit Polynomials with Quantized Coefficients to 2d Data
* Show-Through Cancellation in Scanned Images using Blind Source Separation Techniques
* Skeleton-based Morphological Coding of Binary Images
* Stable Fitting of 2D Curves and 3D Surfaces by Implicit Polynomials
* Study of Edge Detection Algorithms, A
Includes: Malah, D. Malah, D.[David]
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Malaia, E.[Evguenia] Co Author Listing * Seeing is Worse than Believing: Reading People's Minds Better than Computer-Vision Methods Recognize Actions

Malajner, M. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Propagation Models for Distance Measurement between WSN Nodes, The
* On Line Measurements and Visualization of Distances in WSN with RSSI Parameter
* Study of Link Quality Indicator for possible usage in angle of arrival estimation
* Target localization using dual tone frequency radio
* UWB ranging accuracy
Includes: Malajner, M. Malajner, M.[Marko]

Malaka, R.[Rainer] Co Author Listing * Proxy based 3D selection

Malakapalli, K.[Krishna] Co Author Listing * Robust Partial Shape Classification Using Invariant Breakpoints and Dynamic Alignment

Malakar, N.K. Co Author Listing * Physics-Based Algorithm for the Simultaneous Retrieval of Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity From VIIRS Thermal Infrared Data, A

Malakuti, K.[Kaveh] Co Author Listing * Towards an Intelligent Bed Sensor: Non-intrusive Monitoring of Sleep Irregularities with Computer Vision Techniques

Malamas, E.N.[Elias N.] Co Author Listing * survey on industrial vision systems, applications and tools, A

Malamas, P. Co Author Listing * Myocardial Infarct Segmentation From Magnetic Resonance Images for Personalized Modeling of Cardiac Electrophysiology

Malamateniou, C. Co Author Listing * Fast Volume Reconstruction From Motion Corrupted Stacks of 2D Slices
* Graph-Based Label Propagation in Fetal Brain MR Images
Includes: Malamateniou, C. Malamateniou, C.[Christina]

Malambo, L. Co Author Listing * Multitemporal Profile-Based Interpolation Method for Gap Filling Nonstationary Data, A

Malamos, A.G.[Athanasios G.] Co Author Listing * Spatial Indexing of Complex Virtual Reality Scenes in the Web

Malanda Trigueros, A. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm for Noisy Channel Color Quantization Design, A
Includes: Malanda Trigueros, A. Malanda-Trigueros, A.

Malandain, G.[Gregoire] Co Author Listing * 3-D chamfer distances and norms in anisotropic grids
* 3D Coronary Vessel Tracking in X-Ray Projections
* 3D Edge Detection by Separable Recursive Filtering and Edge Closing
* Anisotropic filtering for model-based segmentation of 4D cylindrical echocardiographic images
* Automated Piecewise Affine Registration of Biological Images
* Automatic calculation of chamfer mask coefficients for large masks and anisotropic images pages.
* Blockwise Processing Applied to Brain Microvascular Network Study
* Comparison and Evaluation of Retrospective Intermodality Registration Techniques
* Computing the Diameter of a Point Set
* Directional Anisotropic Diffusion Applied to Segmentation of Vessels in 3D Images
* Electronic device for automatic registration of images
* Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Extension of the ICP Algorithm to Nonrigid Intensity-Based Registration of 3D Volumes
* Fast Binary Image Processing Using Binary Decision Diagrams
* Fast characterization of 3D simple points
* Fusion of autoradiographies with an MR volume using 2-D and 3-D linear transformations
* Improving registration of 3-D medical images using a mechanical based method
* Model-Based Detection of Tubular Structures in 3D Images
* Model-based Multiscale Detection of 3D Vessels
* New Characterization of 3-Dimensional Simple Points, A
* new topological classification of points in 3D images, A
* Note on Building Skeleton Models Via 3-D Medial Surface Axis Thinning Algorithms, A
* Object Representation and Comparison Inferred from Its Medial Axis
* Realistic Simulation of the 3-D Growth of Brain Tumors in MR Images Coupling Diffusion With Biomechanical Deformation
* Reconstruction of Coronary Arteries From a Single Rotational X-Ray Projection Sequence
* Reconstruction of Coronary Arteries from One Rotational X-Ray Projection Sequence
* Recursive Filtering and Edge Closing: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
* Recursive Filtering and Edge Tracking: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
* Retrospective evaluation of intersubject brain registration
* Rigid registration of 3-D objects by motion analysis
* Rigid registration of 3-D ultrasound with MR images: A new approach combining intensity and gradient information
* Robust Registration of Multi-Modal Medical Images: Towards Real-Time Clinical Applications
* Spatio-Temporal Model-Based Statistical Approach to Detect Evolving Multiple Sclerosis Lesions, A
* Topological Segmentation of Discrete Surfaces
* Unifying maximum likelihood approaches in medical image registration
* use of super-resolution techniques to reduce slice thickness in functional MRI, The
Includes: Malandain, G.[Gregoire] Malandain, G.[Grégoire] Malandain, G.
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Malandaina, G.[Gregoire] Co Author Listing * Euclidean Skeletons
Includes: Malandaina, G.[Gregoire] Malandaina, G.[Grégoire]

Malandrakis, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * GOAALLL!: Using sentiment in the world cup to explore theories of emotion

Malandrino, D. Co Author Listing * 3WPS: A 3D web-based process visualization framework
* Immersivity and Playability Evaluation of a Game Experience in Cultural Heritage
Includes: Malandrino, D. Malandrino, D.[Delfina]

Malandrino, F. Co Author Listing * Holistic View of ITS-Enhanced Charging Markets, A

Malanik, Z.[Zdenek] Co Author Listing * Microscopy Techniques for Topography Image Acquisition of Marks on Cartridge Cases
Includes: Malanik, Z.[Zdenek] Maláník, Z.[Zdenek]

Malankar, S.[Sweta] Co Author Listing * Local manipulation of image layers using standard image processing primitives

Malano, H.M.[Hector M.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Flooded Rice Paddies Using Time Series of MODIS Imagery in the Krishna River Basin, India

Malanowski, M. Co Author Listing * Advanced SAR Simulator of Three-Dimensional Structures Combining Geometrical Optics and Full-Wave Electromagnetic Methods, An
* Detection of Moving Targets With Continuous-Wave Noise Radar: Theory and Measurements

Malapelle, F. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3DS conversion of historical aerial photographs
* data-fusion approach to motion-stereo, A
* Novel View-Synthesis from Multiple Sources for Conversion to 3DS
* Robust Global Motion Estimation with Matrix Completion
Includes: Malapelle, F. Malapelle, F.[Francesco]

Malar, E. Co Author Listing * comparative study on mammographic image denoising technique using wavelet, curvelet and contourlet transforms, A

Malar, R.S.M.[R. Suja Mani] Co Author Listing * multi-balanced hybrid optimization technique to track objects using rough set theory, A

Malarde, J.P. Co Author Listing * Improving Argos Doppler Location Using Multiple-Model Kalman Filtering

Malaret, E.R. Co Author Listing * Noise in Remote Sensing Systems: Effect on Classification Accuracy

Malaric, I. Co Author Listing * Increase Of Readability And Accuracy Of 3d Models Using Fusion Of Close Range Photogrammetry And Laser Scanning

Malartre, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * Vision Based Lidar Segmentation for Scan Matching and Camera Fusion

Malaspina, S. Co Author Listing * Using a Multibeam Echosounder to Monitor an Artificial Reef

Malassiotis, S.[Sotiris] Co Author Listing * 2D+3D face identification system for surveillance applications, A
* 3-D Time-Varying Scene Capture Technologies: A Survey
* 3D face and hand biometric system for robust user-friendly authentication, A
* 3D gait estimation from monoscopic video
* 3D Human Walking Modeling
* Active Random Forests: An Application to Autonomous Unfolding of Clothes
* Application and Evaluation of a 2D+3D Face Authentication System
* Bilinear elastically deformable models with application to 3D face and facial expression recognition
* Coding for the Storage and Communication of Visualisations of 3D Medical Data
* Coding of 3D Moving Medical Data Using a 3D Warping Technique
* Coding of Video-Conference Stereo Image Sequences Using 3D Models
* Exploitation of 3D images for face authentication under pose and illumination variations
* Expression Compensation for Face Recognition Using a Polar Geodesic Representation
* Expression-Compensated 3D Face Recognition with Geodesically Aligned Bilinear Models
* Face and Gesture Recognition System Based on an Active Stereo Sensor, A
* Face Localization and Authentication Using Color and Depth Images
* Fast Content-based Search of VRML Models Based on Shape Descriptors
* Fine-Grained Material Classification Using Micro-geometry and Reflectance
* gesture recognition system using 3D data, A
* Integration of 2D and 3D images for enhanced face authentication
* Joint Motion/Disparity Map Estimation for Stereo Image Sequences
* Matching Folded Garments to Unfolded Templates Using Robust Shape Analysis Techniques
* Model-Based Joint Motion and Structure Estimation from Stereo Images
* Modelling folded garments by fitting foldable templates
* Monocular 3D human body reconstruction towards depth augmentation of television sequences
* novel framework for retrieval and interactive visualization of multimodal data, A
* Object Based Coding of Stereo Image Sequences Using Three-Dimensional Models
* Object-based coding of stereoscopic and 3D image sequences
* Optimal Biorthogonal Wavelet Decomposition of Wire-Frame Meshes Using Box Splines, and Its Application to the Hierarchical Coding of 3-D Surfaces
* Pose and illumination compensation for 3D face recognition
* Prior Knowledge Based Motion Model Representation
* Real-time 2D+3D facial action and expression recognition
* Real-time acquisition of depth and color images using structured light and its application to 3D face recognition
* Real-time facial feature tracking from 2D+3D video streams
* Real-time hand posture recognition using range data
* Real-time head tracking and 3d pose estimation from range data
* Recognizing facial expressions from 3D video: Current results and future prospects
* Recovering 6D Object Pose and Predicting Next-Best-View in the Crowd
* Robust face recognition using 2D and 3D data: Pose and illumination compensation
* Robust facial action recognition from real-time 3D streams
* Robust real-time 3D head pose estimation from range data
* Snapshots: A Novel Local Surface Descriptor and Matching Algorithm for Robust 3D Surface Alignment
* Stereo Image Sequence Coding Based on Three-Dimensional Motion Estimation and Compensation
* Stereo vision system for precision dimensional inspection of 3D holes
* Tracking Textured Deformable Objects Using a Finite-Element Mesh
* Tracking the left ventricle in echocardiographic images by learning heart dynamics
* Unsupervised motion classification by means of efficient feature selection and tracking
Includes: Malassiotis, S.[Sotiris] Malassiotis, S.
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Malaterre, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Parameter Estimation of Trees for Forest Inventory Applications Using 3D Terrestrial LiDAR

Malathi, T. Co Author Listing * Estimation of disparity map of stereo image pairs using spatial domain local Gabor wavelet

Malavasi, E. Co Author Listing * Delay-shared N-path structures for video-rate SC FIR filters
* Design of SC Filters for Video Applications

Malave, L. Co Author Listing * Studies on silhouette quality and gait recognition

Malaviya, A.[Ashutosh] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Feature Description of Handwriting Patterns
* Fuzzy handwriting description language: FOHDEL

Malawey, P. Co Author Listing * Driver State Monitor from DELPHI
* Efficient Real-Time Algorithms for Eye State and Head Pose Tracking in Advanced Driver Support Systems
Includes: Malawey, P. Malawey, P.[Phillip]

Malaxos, D.[David] Co Author Listing * 3D Video Capture, Reconstruction, and Viewing Systems

Malayeri, A.D.[Amin Daneshmand] Co Author Listing * Sensors and Signals

Malbera, D. Co Author Listing * Automated Acquisition of Rules for Document Understanding
* Experimental Page Layout Recognition System for Office Document Automatic Classification: An Integrated Approach for Inductive Generalization, An
* Knowledge-Based Approach to the Layout Analysis, A

Malbeteau, Y.[Yoann] Co Author Listing * Performance Metrics for Soil Moisture Downscaling Methods: Application to DISPATCH Data in Central Morocco
* Surface Freshwater Storage Variations in the Orinoco Floodplains Using Multi-Satellite Observations
Includes: Malbeteau, Y.[Yoann] Malbéteau, Y.[Yoann]

Malburg, M. Co Author Listing * Comparative Evaluation of Techniques for Word Recognition Improvement by Incorporation of Syntactic Information
* Message Extraction from Printed Documents: A Complete Solution

Malcangi, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Audio Based Real-Time Speech Animation of Embodied Conversational Agents

Malchow, C. Co Author Listing * E-learning Applications for Urban Modelling and OGC Standards Using Html5 Capabilities

Malciu, M. Co Author Listing * Median filtering techniques for vector valued signals
* Robust Model-Based Approach for 3D Head Tracking in Video Sequences, A
Includes: Malciu, M. Malciu, M.[Marius]

Malcolm, G.[Graeme] Co Author Listing * Imager locates toxic liquids at stand-off distances

Malcolm, H.[Heath] Co Author Listing * Quantifying the Physical Composition of Urban Morphology throughout Wales Based on the Time Series (1989-2011) Analysis of Landsat TM/ETM+ Images and Supporting GIS Data

Malcolm, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Graph Cut Approach to Image Segmentation in Tensor Space, A
* Graph Cut Segmentation with Nonlinear Shape Priors
* Kernel-based high-dimensional histogram estimation for visual tracking
* Label Space: A Multi-object Shape Representation
* Localized statistics for DW-MRI fiber bundle segmentation
* Multi-Object Tracking Through Clutter Using Graph Cuts
* Tracking through changes in scale
* Tracking Through Clutter Using Graph Cuts
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Malcolm, J.G. Co Author Listing * Filtered Multitensor Tractography

Malcovati, P.[Piero] Co Author Listing * multi-sensor approach for People Fall Detection in home environment, A

Malczewski, K.[Krzysztof] Co Author Listing * Motion artifacts free image resolution enhancement exploiting image priors
* Toeplitz-based iterative image fusion scheme for MRI

Maldague, X. Co Author Listing * Benchmarking of wildland fire colour segmentation algorithms
* Combination of thermal and color images for accurate foreground / background segmentation in outdoor environment
* Infrared face recognition: A comprehensive review of methodologies and databases
* MONNET: Monitoring Pedestrians with a Network of Loosely-Coupled Cameras
* Unsupervised Lips Segmentation Based on ROI Optimisation and Parametric Model
Includes: Maldague, X. Maldague, X.[Xavier]

Maldjian, J.A. Co Author Listing * Multi-TI Arterial Spin Labeling MRI with Variable TR and Bolus Duration for Cerebral Blood Flow and Arterial Transit Time Mapping

Maldonado Bascon, S.[Saturnino] Co Author Listing * Algebraic-Distance Minimization of Lines and Ellipses for Traffic Sign Shape Localization
* Class Representative Visual Words for Category-Level Object Recognition
* Extracting Illumination from Images by Using the Wavelet Transform
* Extremely Overlapping Vehicle Counting
* Goal Evaluation of Segmentation Algorithms for Traffic Sign Recognition
* Heterogeneous Visual Codebook Integration Via Consensus Clustering for Visual Categorization
* Intra and Inter-band Information Evaluation in Still Image Coding by Means of the Wavelet Transform
* optimization on pictogram identification for the road-sign recognition task using SVMs, An
* Recognizing in the depth: Selective 3D Spatial Pyramid Matching Kernel for object and scene categorization
* Road-Sign Detection and Recognition Based on Support Vector Machines
* SURFing the point clouds: Selective 3D spatial pyramids for category-level object recognition
* Towards a more discriminative and semantic visual vocabulary
* Visual Word Aggregation
Includes: Maldonado Bascon, S.[Saturnino] Maldonado-Bascón, S.[Saturnino] Maldonado Bascón, S.[Saturnino] Maldonado Bascón, S. Maldonado-Bascon, S. Maldonado Bascon, S. Maldonado-Bascón, S.
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Maldonado Castillo, I.[Idalia] Co Author Listing * Classification of Bovine Reproductive Cycle Phase using Ultrasound-Detected Features
Includes: Maldonado Castillo, I.[Idalia] Maldonado-Castillo, I.[Idalia]

Maldonado Ramirez, A. Co Author Listing * bag of relevant regions for visual place recognition in challenging environments, A
Includes: Maldonado Ramirez, A. Maldonado-Ramírez, A.

Maldonado, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Embedded Feature Selection for Support Vector Machines: State-of-the-Art and Future Challenges
* Imbalanced data classification using second-order cone programming support vector machines
* multi-class SVM approach based on the L1-norm minimization of the distances between the reduced convex hulls, A
Includes: Maldonado, S.[Sebastian] Maldonado, S.[Sebastián]

Malec, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Capability of Spaceborne Hyperspectral EnMAP Mission for Mapping Fractional Cover for Soil Erosion Modeling

Maleckar, M.M.[Mary M.] Co Author Listing * Multiple Kernel Learning Framework to Investigate the Relationship Between Ventricular Fibrillation and First Myocardial Infarction, A

Malegaonkar, A. Co Author Listing * Verification effectiveness in open-set speaker identification

Malegaonkar, A.S. Co Author Listing * Enhancement of multimodal biometric segregation using unconstrained cohort normalisation
* Qualitative fusion of normalised scores in multimodal biometrics
Includes: Malegaonkar, A.S. Malegaonkar, A.S.[Amit S.]

Maleh, R. Co Author Listing * Gradient-Based Image Recovery Methods From Incomplete Fourier Measurements
* Sparse Gradient Image Reconstruction Done Faster

Maleika, W.[Wojciech] Co Author Listing * Multibeam Echosounder Simulator Applying Noise Generator for the Purpose of Sea Bottom Visualisation
* Near-Lossless PCA-Based Compression of Seabed Surface with Prediction
* Predicting the Number of DCT Coefficients in the Process of Seabed Data Compression

Malek Mohammadi, M. Co Author Listing * Consistent Change Point Detection for Piecewise Constant Signals With Normalized Fused LASSO
Includes: Malek Mohammadi, M. Malek-Mohammadi, M.

Malek, A. Co Author Listing * Enhancing the surgeons reality: Smart visualization of bolus time of arrival and blood flow anomalies from time lapse series for safety and speed of cerebrovascular surgery

Malek, A.M. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion for 3D+T Image Reconstruction in Cerebral Angiography

Malek, I.[Iwona] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Carbon Flux and Soil Moisture in Wetlands Applying Sentinel-1 Data
* Monitoring Wetlands Ecosystems Using ALOS PALSAR (L-Band, HV) Supplemented by Optical Data: A Case Study of Biebrza Wetlands in Northeast Poland

Malek, J.[Jihene] Co Author Listing * Automated optic disc detection in retinal images by applying region-based active aontour model in a variational level set formulation
* Restoration of retinal images using anisotropic diffusion like algorithms

Malek, M.R. Co Author Listing * Including Users' Semantics in Evaluating the Credibility of Crowdsourced Landscape Descriptions

Malek, S.[Salim] Co Author Listing * Detection of premature ventricular contraction arrhythmias in electrocardiogram signals with kernel methods

Maleki, A.[Arian] Co Author Listing * BM3D-AMP: A new image recovery algorithm based on BM3D denoising
* BM3D-PRGAMP: Compressive phase retrieval based on BM3D denoising
* Geodesic K-means clustering
* near optimal coder for image geometry with adaptive partitioning, A
* Rate-Distortion Analysis of Directional Wavelets
Includes: Maleki, A.[Arian] Maleki, A.

Maleki, H.R. Co Author Listing * Enhanced variable bandwidth progression optimisation model in arterial traffic signal control

Maleki, J.[Jamshid] Co Author Listing * Parcel-Level Model for Ranking and Allocating Urban Land-Uses, A

Maleki, S.[Sedigheh] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Landform Classification Approaches on Different Spatial Scales for the Iranian Loess Plateau

Malekian, A.[Arash] Co Author Listing * Effect of SRTM resolution on morphometric feature identification using neural network: self organizing map

Malekian, R. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Internet of Things and Sensors Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Method for Traffic Congestion Clustering Judgment Based on Grey Relational Analysis, A
* Physical Activity Recognition From Smartphone Accelerometer Data for User Context Awareness Sensing
Includes: Malekian, R. Malekian, R.[Reza]

Malekipirbazari, M.[Milad] Co Author Listing * Feature selection via binary simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation

Malekmohamadi, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * new reduced reference metric for color plus depth 3D video, A
* Perceptual Video Quality Metric for 3D video quality assessment
Includes: Malekmohamadi, H.[Hossein] Malekmohamadi, H.

Malema, H.K. Co Author Listing * Tweets And Facebook Posts, The Novelty Techniques In The Creation Of Origin-destination Models

Malemath, V.S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Abnormality in Endoscopic images using Combined HSI Color Space and Watershed Segmentation
* Script Identification Based on Morphological Reconstruction in Document Images
* Skew Detection in Binary Image Documents Based on Image Dilation and Region labeling Approach

Malenge, J.P. Co Author Listing * Detecting Small Variations in Shape

Malenko, O. Co Author Listing * Hybrid System for Recognition of Handwritten Symbols on the Base of Structural Methods and Neural Networks

Malenovsky, Z.[Zbynek] Co Author Listing * Discrete Anisotropic Radiative Transfer (DART 5) for Modeling Airborne and Satellite Spectroradiometer and LIDAR Acquisitions of Natural and Urban Landscapes
* Do Daily and Seasonal Trends in Leaf Solar Induced Fluorescence Reflect Changes in Photosynthesis, Growth or Light Exposure?
* Evaluation Of Various Spectral Inputs For Estimation Of Forest Biochemical And Structural Properties From Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy Data
* Spatial Co-Registration of Ultra-High Resolution Visible, Multispectral and Thermal Images Acquired with a Micro-UAV over Antarctic Moss Beds
Includes: Malenovsky, Z.[Zbynek] Malenovský, Z.[Zbynek] Malenovský, Z.

Malerba, D.[Donato] Co Author Listing * Automated discovery of dependencies between logical components in document image understanding
* Classification in Noisy Environments Using a Distance Measure Between Structural Symbolic Descriptions
* color-based layout analysis to process censorship cards of film archives, A
* Comparative-Analysis of Methods for Pruning Decision Trees, A
* Correcting the document layout: a machine learning approach
* Data Mining Approach to Reading Order Detection, A
* Flexible Matching for Noisy Structural Descriptions
* Information Capture and Semantic Indexing of Digital Libraries Through Machine Learning Techniques
* Integrated Approach for Automatic Semantic Structure Extraction in Document Images, An
* Machine learning methods for automatically processing historical documents: from paper acquisition to XML transformation
* novel spectral-spatial co-training algorithm for the transductive classification of hyperspectral imagery data, A
* Relational learning techniques for document image understanding: comparing statistical and logical approaches
* Top-down induction of model trees with regression and splitting nodes
* Transforming paper documents into XML format with WISDOM++
* Using colour information to understand censorship cards of film archives
Includes: Malerba, D.[Donato] Malerba, D.
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Malerczyk, C.[Cornelius] Co Author Listing * 3D-Reconstruction of Soccer Scenes
* Gestural Interaction Using Feature Classification
* Real-time 3D reconstruction and pose estimation for human motion analysis

Malesa, M.[Marcin] Co Author Listing * Measuring structural displacements with digital image correlation

Malesevic, L.[Ljubomir] Co Author Listing * Solving a two-colour problem by applying probabilistic approach to a full-colour multi-frame image super-resolution
Includes: Malesevic, L.[Ljubomir] Maleševic, L.[Ljubomir]

Maleshkov, S.[Stoyan] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Bidirectional Geometric Model Synchronization between CAD and VR Applications

Maleson, J.T. Co Author Listing * Understanding Natural Textures

Malet, J.P. Co Author Listing * Active Learning in the Spatial Domain for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Correlation of multi-temporal ground-based optical images for landslide monitoring: Application, potential and limitations
* Hierarchical extraction of landslides from multiresolution remotely sensed optical images
* Monitoring Landslide Displacements during a Controlled Rain Experiment Using a Long-Range Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)
* Surface reconstruction and landslide displacement measurements with Pléiades satellite images
* Towards Time-Series Processing of VHR Satellite Images for Surface Deformation Detecton and Measurements
Includes: Malet, J.P. Malet, J.P.[Jean-Philippe]

Maletti, G.[Gabriela] Co Author Listing * Illumination Correction from Psoriasis Image Data
* Initial Training Set Generation Scheme, An
Includes: Maletti, G.[Gabriela] Maletti, G.

Malewar, A.[Anant] Co Author Listing * linear rate control model for better target buffer level tracking in H.264, A

Malfait, M. Co Author Listing * Wavelet-Based Image Denoising Using a Markov Random-Field a-Priori Model

Malfait, N.[Nicole] Co Author Listing * Learning from Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Images Using Graph Kernels

Malfaz, M. Co Author Listing * New Approach to Modeling Emotions and Their Use on a Decision-Making System for Artificial Agents, A

Malgina, O. Co Author Listing * Inhomogeneity correction and fat-tissue extraction in MR images of FacioScapuloHumeral muscular Dystrophy

Malgireddy, M.R.[Manavender R.] Co Author Listing * Framework for Hand Gesture Recognition and Spotting Using Sub-gesture Modeling, A
* generative framework to investigate the underlying patterns in human activities, A
* Shared Parameter Model for Gesture and Sub-gesture Analysis, A
* temporal Bayesian model for classifying, detecting and localizing activities in video sequences, A

Malgouyres, F. Co Author Listing * Combining Total Variation and Wavelet Packet Approaches for Image Deblurring
* Edge direction preserving image zooming: A mathematical and numerical analysis
* Image Compression Through a Projection onto a Polyhedral Set
* Minimizing the total variation under a general convex constraint for image restoration
* Numerical study of an optimization problem for mosaic active imaging
* Predual Proximal Point Algorithm Solving a Non Negative Basis Pursuit Denoising Model, A
* Reducing graphs in graph cut segmentation
* Regularized Non-local Total Variation and Application in Image Restoration
* Simultaneous Segmentation and Filtering via Reduced Graph Cuts
* Total variation based oversampling of noisy images
* Toward Fast Transform Learning
Includes: Malgouyres, F. Malgouyres, F.[Francois] Malgouyres, F.[François]
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Malgouyres, R.[Remy] Co Author Listing * Binomial Convolutions and Derivatives Estimation from Noisy Discretizations
* Characterization of Simple Closed Surfaces in Z3: A New Proposition with a Graph-Theoretical Approach
* Complete Local Characterization of Strong 26-Surfaces: Continuous Analogs for Strong 26-Surfaces
* Convergence of Binomial-Based Derivative Estimation for C2 Noisy Discretized Curves
* Convergence of Level-Wise Convolution Differential Estimators
* Determining Whether a Simplicial 3-Complex Collapses to a 1-Complex Is NP-Complete
* Fast Level-Wise Convolution
* Feature-Driven Direct Non-Rigid Image Registration
* Local Characterization of Strong Surfaces within Strongly Separating Objects
* Mesh Parameterization with Generalized Discrete Conformal Maps
* Monocular Template-Based Reconstruction of Smooth and Inextensible Surfaces
* new local property of strong n-surfaces, A
* Normals and Curvature Estimation for Digital Surfaces Based on Convolutions
* Nurbs Warps
* Simple and Flexible Mesh Parameterization Method, A
* Smooth 2D Coordinate Systems on Discrete Surfaces
* Some Topological Properties of Surfaces in Z3
* Taylor Optimal Kernel for Derivative Etimation
Includes: Malgouyres, R.[Remy] Malgouyres, R.[Rémy] Malgouyres, R.
18 for Malgouyres, R.

Malhadas, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Face spoofing detection using a light field imaging framework

Malhi, A.G.[Ali Gohar] Co Author Listing * Novel Robust Laser Tracking System with Automatic Environment Adaptation and Keystone Correction, A

Malhi, Y.[Yadvinder] Co Author Listing * Airborne S-Band SAR for Forest Biophysical Retrieval in Temperate Mixed Forests of the UK
* MODIS-Based Energy Balance to Estimate Evapotranspiration for Clear-Sky Days in Brazilian Tropical-Savannas, A
Includes: Malhi, Y.[Yadvinder] Malhi, Y.

Malhotra, E. Co Author Listing * Tomographic reconstruction from projections with unknown view angles exploiting moment-based relationships

Malhotra, J. Co Author Listing * Robocodes: Towards Generative Street Addresses from Satellite Imagery

Malhotra, R. Co Author Listing * Fast Statistically Homogeneous Pixel Selection for Covariance Matrix Estimation for Multitemporal InSAR
* hybrid method for optimization of the adaptive Goldstein filter, A
* potential of more accurate InSAR covariance matrix estimation for land cover mapping, The
Includes: Malhotra, R. Malhotra, R.[Rakesh]

Mali, A. Co Author Listing * Progressive coding of stereo images using wavelets and overlapping blocks
* Still image compression with multiple overlapping local cosine bases

Mali, K.[Kalyani] Co Author Listing * Clustering and its validation in a symbolic framework
* Fuzzy-based artificial bee colony optimization for gray image segmentation

Mali, P. Co Author Listing * Data Fusion, De-noising, and Filtering to Produce Cloud-Free High Quality Temporal Composites Employing Parallel Temporal Map Algebra

Mali, P.C. Co Author Listing * Performance Bound of Walsh-Hadamard Transform for Feature Selection and Compression and Some Related Fast Algorithms
* Properties and Some Fast Algorithms of the Haar Transform in Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

Mali, W.P.T.M. Co Author Listing * Development of an intravascular impedance catheter for detection of fatty lesions in arteries

Maliakal, S.[Sanju] Co Author Listing * Local manipulation of image layers using standard image processing primitives

Maliatski, B. Co Author Listing * Hardware-Driven Adaptive K-Means Clustering for Real-Time Video Imaging

Malick, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Large-scale image classification with trace-norm regularization

Malihi, S. Co Author Listing * 3d Building Reconstruction Using Dense Photogrammetric Point Cloud
* Misalignment Calibration Of Ultracam D And Xp

Malik, A. Co Author Listing * Proposed face recognition system after plastic surgery
* Using VIIRS Day/Night Band to Measure Electricity Supply Reliability: Preliminary Results from Maharashtra, India
Includes: Malik, A. Malik, A.[Arun]

Malik, A.S.[Aamir Saeed] Co Author Listing * 3D shape from focus using LULU operators and discrete pulse transform in the presence of noise
* 3D Shape Recovery from Image Defocus Using Wavelet Analysis
* Adaptive Foreground Extraction for Crowd Analytics Surveillance on Unconstrained Environments
* Affects of illumination on 3D shape recovery
* Comparison of stochastic filtering methods for 3D tracking
* Compressed VFH descriptor for 3D object classification
* Consideration of illumination effects and optimization of window size for accurate calculation of depth map for 3D shape recovery
* Content adaptive fast motion estimation based on spatio-temporal homogeneity analysis and motion classification
* Depth Estimation by Finding Best Focused Points Using Line Fitting
* Depth map estimation based on linear regression using image focus
* Depth Map Estimation using a Robust Focus Measure
* Differentiating Honeycombed Images from Normal HRCT Lung Images
* EEG-based brain source localization using visual stimuli
* Finding best focused points using intersection of two lines
* Multiscale Segmentation of HRCT Images Using Bipolar Incoherent Filtering
* Multispectral venous images analysis for optimum illumination selection
* Noise Analysis for Depth Estimation
* Noise Robustness Analysis of Point Cloud Descriptors
* novel algorithm for estimation of depth map using image focus for 3D shape recovery in the presence of noise, A
* pre-processing approach for efficient feature matching process in extreme illumination scenario, A
* Real-time processing for shape-from-focus techniques
* Rectification of Illumination in Images Used for Shape from Focus
* Segmentation of Acne Vulgaris Lesions
* Subspace-Based Technique for Speckle Noise Reduction in SAR Images
Includes: Malik, A.S.[Aamir Saeed] Malik, A.S.[Aamir S.] Malik, A.S.
24 for Malik, A.S.

Malik, A.W.[Abdul Waheed] Co Author Listing * K-Means Based Multiple Objects Tracking with Long-Term Occlusion Handling

Malik, D.[Dariusz] Co Author Listing * Adaptive rank weighted switching filter for impulsive noise removal in color images
* Reduced Ordering Technique of Impulsive Noise Removal in Color Images

Malik, G.S. Co Author Listing * Correlation based object-specific attentional mechanism for target localization in high resolution satellite images

Malik, H.[Hafiz] Co Author Listing * Commentary Paper 2 on A Probabilistic Bayesian Framework for Model-Based Object Tracking Using Undecimated Wavelet Packet Descriptors
* Commentary Paper 3 on Visual Players Detection and Tracking in Soccer Matches
* Efficient Framework for Automatic Highlights Generation from Sports Videos, An
* Fuel consumption and gas emissions of an automatic transmission vehicle following simple eco-driving instructions on urban roads
* Fuzzy Logic to Evaluate Driving Maneuvers: An Integrated Approach to Improve Training
* Multivariate mutual information for audio video fusion
Includes: Malik, H.[Hafiz] Malik, H.

Malik, J.[Jitendra] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Malik, J.[Jitendra]: malik AT eecs berkeley edu
* Action recognition from a distributed representation of pose and appearance
* Actions and Attributes from Wholes and Parts
* Aligning 3D models to RGB-D images of cluttered scenes
* Amodal Completion and Size Constancy in Natural Scenes
* Amodal Instance Segmentation
* Analyzing the Performance of Multilayer Neural Networks for Object Recognition
* Anisotropic Diffusion
* Articulated Pose Estimation Using Discriminative Armlet Classifiers
* Biased normalized cuts
* Binocular Stereopsis and Lane Marker Flow for Vehicle Navigation: Lateral and Longitudinal Control
* Blobworld: A System for Region-Based Image Indexing and Retrieval
* Blobworld: Image Segmentation Using Expectation-Maximization and Its Application to Image Querying
* Boundary Detection Using Quadratic Filters: Performance Criteria and Experimental Assessment
* Building a Classification Cascade for Visual Identification from One Example
* Category-specific object reconstruction from a single image
* Classification using intersection kernel support vector machines is efficient
* Cognitive Mapping and Planning for Visual Navigation
* Color Constancy, Intrinsic Images, and Shape Estimation
* Color- and Texture-Based Image Segmentation Using the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm and its Application to Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Computational Framework for Determining Stereo Correspondence from a Set of Linear Spatial Filters
* Computational Model of Texture Perception, A
* Computational Model of Texture Segmentation, A
* Computing Local Surface Orientation and Shape from Texture for Curved Surfaces
* Computing the Aspect Graph for Line Drawings of Polyhedral Objects
* Context by region ancestry
* Contextual Action Recognition with R*CNN
* Contour and Texture Analysis for Image Segmentation
* Contour continuity in region-based image segmentation
* Contour Detection and Hierarchical Image Segmentation
* Cross Modal Distillation for Supervision Transfer
* Database of Human Segmented Natural Images and its Application to Evaluating Segmentation Algorithms and Measuring Ecological Statistics, A
* Database of Human Segmented Natural Images and its Application to Evaluating Segmentation Algorithms, A
* DeepBox: Learning Objectness with Convolutional Networks
* Deformable part models are convolutional neural networks
* Depth Estimation and Specular Removal for Glossy Surfaces Using Point and Line Consistency with Light-Field Cameras
* Depth Estimation for Glossy Surfaces with Light-Field Cameras
* Depth from Combining Defocus and Correspondence Using Light-Field Cameras
* Depth from shading, defocus, and correspondence using light-field angular coherence
* Describing people: A poselet-based approach to attribute classification
* Detecting and Localizing Edges Composed of Steps, Peaks and Roofs
* Detecting People in Cubist Art
* Detecting People Using Mutually Consistent Poselet Activations
* Detecting, Localizing and Grouping Repeated Scene Elements from an Image
* Determining Three-Dimensional Shape from Orientation and Spatial Frequency Disparities
* Determining Three-Dimensional Shape from Orientation and Spatial Frequency Disparities I: Using Corresponding Line Elements
* Determining Three-Dimensional Shape from Orientation and Spatial Frequency Disparities II: Using Corresponding Image Patches
* Differential Method for Computing Local Shape-from-Texture for Planar and Curved Surfaces, A
* Discriminative Decorrelation for Clustering and Classification
* Distinctive representations for the recognition of curved surfaces using outlines and markings
* Edge Detection by Diffusion
* Efficient Classification for Additive Kernel SVMs
* Efficient Shape Matching Using Shape Contexts
* Efficient Spatiotemporal Grouping Using the Nyström Method
* Estimating Human Body Configurations Using Shape Context Matching
* Fast vehicle detection with probabilistic feature grouping and its application to vehicle tracking
* Feedback Networks
* Figure/Ground Assignment in Natural Images
* Finding action tubes
* Finding Boundaries in Natural Images: A New Method Using Point Descriptors and Area Completion
* Finding Objects in Image Databases by Grouping
* Finding Pictures of Objects in Large Collections of Images
* From contours to regions: An empirical evaluation
* Generic 3D Representation via Pose Estimation and Matching
* Geometric Blur and Template Matching
* H3D Dataset
* High-frequency shape and albedo from shading using natural image statistics
* Higher order motion models and spectral clustering
* Human Pose Estimation with Iterative Error Feedback
* Hypercolumns for object segmentation and fine-grained localization
* Image and video segmentation: the normalized cut framework
* Indoor Scene Understanding with RGB-D Images: Bottom-up Segmentation, Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
* Inferring spatial layout from a single image via depth-ordered grouping
* Integrated Stereo-Based Approach to Automatic Vehicle Guidance, An
* Interpreting Line Drawings of Curved Objects
* Intrinsic Scene Properties from a Single RGB-D Image
* Inverse Global Illumination: Recovering Reflectance Models of Real Scenes from Photographs
* Iterative Instance Segmentation
* Labelling Line Drawings of Curved Objects
* Large displacement optical flow
* Large Displacement Optical Flow: Descriptor Matching in Variational Motion Estimation
* Learning a classification model for segmentation
* Learning a discriminative classifier using shape context distances
* Learning Affinity Functions for Image Segmentation: Combining Patch-Based and Gradient-Based Approaches
* Learning and Recognizing Human Dynamics in Video Sequences
* Learning Category-Specific Deformable 3D Models for Object Reconstruction
* Learning Globally-Consistent Local Distance Functions for Shape-Based Image Retrieval and Classification
* Learning Probabilistic Models for Contour Completion in Natural Images
* Learning Rich Features from RGB-D Images for Object Detection and Segmentation
* Learning Shape Abstractions by Assembling Volumetric Primitives
* Learning to detect natural image boundaries using local brightness, color, and texture cues
* Learning to Locate Informative Features for Visual Identification
* Learning to See by Moving
* Learning to segment moving objects in videos
* Matching Shapes
* Matching with shape contexts
* Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs: A Hybrid Geometry- and Image-Based Approach
* Motion Segmentation and Tracking Using Normalized Cuts
* Multi-component Models for Object Detection
* Multi-scale object detection by clustering lines
* Multi-view Supervision for Single-View Reconstruction via Differentiable Ray Consistency
* Multiscale Combinatorial Grouping
* Multiscale Combinatorial Grouping for Image Segmentation and Object Proposal Generation
* Normalized Cuts and Image Segmentation
* Object detection using a max-margin Hough transform
* Object Instance Segmentation and Fine-Grained Localization Using Hypercolumns
* Object segmentation by alignment of poselet activations to image contours
* Object Segmentation by Long Term Analysis of Point Trajectories
* Object segmentation in video: A hierarchical variational approach for turning point trajectories into dense regions
* Occlusion boundary detection and figure/ground assignment from optical flow
* On Binocularly Viewed Occlusion Junctions
* On Perpendicular Texture or: Why Do We See More Flowers in the Distance?
* Parsing Images of Architectural Scenes
* Perceptual Organization and Recognition of Indoor Scenes from RGB-D Images
* Pose Induction for Novel Object Categories
* Poselets: Body Part Detectors Trained Using 3D Human Pose Annotations
* Preattentive Texture Discrimination with Early Vision Mechanism
* Probabilistic Multi-scale Model for Contour Completion Based on Image Statistics, A
* Progress in Stereo Mapping
* Real Time Computer Vision System for Measuring Traffic Parameters, A
* Reasoning in Time and Space
* Recognition and synthesis of human actions from video
* Recognition using regions
* Recognizing action at a distance
* Recognizing Objects in Adversarial Clutter: Breaking a Visual CAPTCHA
* Recognizing Objects in Range Data Using Regional Point Descriptors
* Recognizing Surfaces using Three-Dimensional Textons
* Reconstructing Polyhedral Models of Architectural Scenes from Photographs
* Recovering 3D Human Body Configurations Using Shape Contexts
* Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs
* Recovering Human Body Configurations Using Pairwise Constraints between Parts
* Recovering Human Body Configurations: Combining Segmentation and Recognition
* Recovering Surface Curvature and Orientation from Texture Distortion: A Least Squares Algorithm and Sensitivity Analysis
* Recovering Three-Dimensional Shape from a Single Image of Curved Objects
* Recurrent Network Models for Human Dynamics
* Region-Based Convolutional Networks for Accurate Object Detection and Segmentation
* Region-Based Image Querying
* Representing and Recognizing the Visual Appearance of Materials using Three-dimensional Textons
* Rich Feature Hierarchies for Accurate Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
* Rigid-Body Segmentation and Shape-Description from Dense Optical-Flow Under Weak Perspective
* Robust Computation of Optical-Flow in a Multiscale Differential Framework
* Robust Multiple Car Tracking with Occlusion Reasoning
* Scalable Tile-Based Framework for Region-Merging Segmentation, A
* Scale Space and Edge Detection using Anisotropic Diffusion
* Scale-Invariant Contour Completion Using Conditional Random Fields
* Searching for Digital Pictures
* Segmentation of Moving Objects by Long Term Video Analysis
* Self-Inducing Relational Distance and its Application to Image Segmentation
* Semantic contours from inverse detectors
* Semantic segmentation using regions and parts
* Shape Contexts Enable Efficient Retrieval of Similar Shapes
* Shape Estimation from Shading, Defocus, and Correspondence Using Light-Field Angular Coherence
* Shape Guided Object Segmentation
* Shape Matching and Object Recognition
* Shape Matching and Object Recognition Using Low Distortion Correspondences
* Shape Matching and Object Recognition Using Shape Contexts
* Shape, albedo, and illumination from a single image of an unknown object
* Shape, Illumination, and Reflectance from Shading
* Simultaneous Detection and Segmentation
* Smart Cars and Smart Roads
* Spectral Grouping Using the Nystrom Method
* Spectral Partitioning with Indefinite Kernels Using the Nyström Extension
* Surface Orientation from Texture: Isotropy or Homogeneity (or both)?
* SVM-KNN: Discriminative Nearest Neighbor Classification for Visual Category Recognition
* Technical Perspective: What Led Computer Vision to Deep Learning?
* Textons, Contours and Regions: Cue Integration in Image Segmentation
* Theory of Line Drawing Interpretation, A
* three R's of computer vision: Recognition, reconstruction and reorganization, The
* Towards Robust Automatic Traffic Scene Analysis in Real-Time
* Tracking as Repeated Figure/Ground Segmentation
* Tracking People with Twists and Exponential Maps
* Training Deformable Part Models with Decorrelated Features
* Twist Based Acquisition and Tracking of Animal and Human Kinematics
* Understanding Gestalt Cues and Ecological Statistics Using A Database of Human Segmented Images
* Using contours to detect and localize junctions in natural images
* Using k-Poselets for Detecting People and Localizing Their Keypoints
* View Synthesis by Appearance Flow
* Viewpoints and keypoints
* Virtual view networks for object reconstruction
* Vision for Longitudinal Vehicle Control
* Visual grouping and object recognition
* Volumetric Semantic Segmentation Using Pyramid Context Features
Includes: Malik, J.[Jitendra] Malik, J.
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Malik, K.[Krystyna] Co Author Listing * Adaptive rank weighted switching filter for impulsive noise removal in color images
* Modified Bilateral Filter for the Restoration of Noisy Color Images
* Novel Approach to Noise Reduction in Ultrasound Images Based on Geodesic Paths
* Reduced Ordering Technique of Impulsive Noise Removal in Color Images

Malik, M.I.[Muhammad Imran] Co Author Listing * Deepdocclassifier: Document classification with deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Forensic Signature Verification Competition 4NSigComp2010: Detection of Simulated and Disguised Signatures
* FREAK for Real Time Forensic Signature Verification
* From Terminology to Evaluation: Performance Assessment of Automatic Signature Verification Systems
* ICDAR 2013 Competitions on Signature Verification and Writer Identification for On- and Offline Skilled Forgeries (SigWiComp 2013)
* ICDAR2015 competition on signature verification and writer identification for on- and off-line skilled forgeries (SigWIcomp2015)
* ICFHR 2012 Competition on Automatic Forensic Signature Verification (4NsigComp 2012)
* Local Features for Forensic Signature Verification
* Part-Based Automatic System in Comparison to Human Experts for Forensic Signature Verification
* Signature Segmentation from Document Images
* Signature Verification Competition for Online and Offline Skilled Forgeries (SigComp2011)
Includes: Malik, M.I.[Muhammad Imran] Malik, M.I.
11 for Malik, M.I.

Malik, N.[Nadeem] Co Author Listing * Dictionary based video compression

Malik, N.K. Co Author Listing * Attitude Estimation Using Moment Invariants

Malik, R.[Raashid] Co Author Listing * Angle Densities and Recognition of 3D Objects
* Automated Placement of Multiple Stereo Cameras for Tele-Immersive Applications
* Handwritten Musical Document Retrieval Using Music-Score Spotting
* Multi-scale segmentation for remote sensing imagery based on minimum heterogeneity rule
* Polyhedral Object Recognition Using View Density
* Using Angle Densities for 3-D Recognition
Includes: Malik, R.[Raashid] Malik, R.[Rahul] Malik, R.

Malik, S.[Shahzad] Co Author Listing * Affordable 3D Face Tracking Using Projective Vision
* Multisensor Integration for Underwater Scene Classification
* Nouse Use Your Nose as a Mouse: A New Technology for Hands-free Games and Interfaces
* Parallelizing a Face Detection and Tracking System for Multi-Core Processors
* Polynomial Time Algorithm for Inferring Subclasses of Parallel Internal Column Contextual Array Languages
* Recursive Bayesian Control of Multichannel Acoustic Echo Cancellation
* Robust Corner Tracking for Real-time Augmented Reality
Includes: Malik, S.[Shahzad] Malik, S. Malik, S.[Saleem]
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Maliki, A.A. Co Author Listing * Capabilities of Remote Sensing Hyperspectral Images for The Detection Of Lead Contamination: A Review

Malikopoulos, A.A. Co Author Listing * Automated and Cooperative Vehicle Merging at Highway On-Ramps
* Optimization Framework for Driver Feedback Systems, An
* Supervisory Power Management Control Algorithms for Hybrid Electric Vehicles: A Survey
* Survey on the Coordination of Connected and Automated Vehicles at Intersections and Merging at Highway On-Ramps, A

Malila, W. Co Author Listing * General Image Quality Equation: GIQE

Malimbwi, R.E.[Rogers Ernest] Co Author Listing * Modelling above Ground Biomass in Tanzanian Miombo Woodlands Using TanDEM-X WorldDEM and Field Data

Malin, B.[Bradley] Co Author Listing * Preserving Privacy by De-identifying Facial Images

Malin, F.[Fanny] Co Author Listing * Early adopters of emergency braking and speed alert

Malin, I. Co Author Listing * Fast Moving Objects Detection Using iLBP Background Model
* Statistical Model For Pseudo-Moving Objects Recognition In Video Surveillance Systems

Malin, J.A. Co Author Listing * Effect of Spatial Discretization of the Magnitude and Direction Response of Simple Differential Edge Operators on a Step Edge, The

Malin, J.R.[Jerald R.] Co Author Listing * Document image processing system
* System for scanning documents without loss of image data

Malin, M.[Mike] Co Author Listing * Initial Results of Rover Localization and Topographic Mapping for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Malina, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * VIGOR: Virtual Interaction with Gravitational Waves to Observe Relativity

Malina, W. Co Author Listing * On an Extended Fischer Criterion for Feature Selection

Malinas, N.P. Co Author Listing * Multispectral Bathymetry Using a Simple Physically Based Algorithm

Malinas, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * model-based approach to finding tracks in SAR CCD images, A
* Road segmentation using multipass single-pol synthetic aperture radar imagery

Malindzak, G.S.[George S.] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Line Intersection Identification, An
Includes: Malindzak, G.S.[George S.] Malindzak, Jr., G.S.[George S.]

Malinen, E. Co Author Listing * Classification of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MR Images of Cervical Cancers Using Texture Analysis and Support Vector Machines

Malinen, M.[Mikko] Co Author Listing * Fast Approximate Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm Based on K-Means

Malinen, M.I.[Mikko I.] Co Author Listing * Balanced K-Means for Clustering
* K-means: Clustering by gradual data transformation

Maliniemi, H. Co Author Listing * Vision system for turbine inspection

Malinowski, C.W.[Christopher W.] Co Author Listing * Video scaling method and device

Malinowski, E.[Elzbieta] Co Author Listing * Logical Representation of a Conceptual Model for Spatial Data Warehouses

Malinowski, M.[Mateusz] Co Author Listing * Ask Your Neurons: A Deep Learning Approach to Visual Question Answering
* Ask Your Neurons: A Neural-Based Approach to Answering Questions about Images
* Multi-cue Zero-Shot Learning with Strong Supervision
Includes: Malinowski, M.[Mateusz] Malinowski, M.

Malinowski, R.[Radoslaw] Co Author Listing * Detection and Delineation of Localized Flooding from WorldView-2 Multispectral Data
* Digital Mapping of Toxic Metals in Qatari Soils Using Remote Sensing and Ancillary Data
* Local-scale flood mapping on vegetated floodplains from radiometrically calibrated airborne LiDAR data
* Multitemporal Sentinel-2 data: remarks and observations
Includes: Malinowski, R.[Radoslaw] Malinowski, R.

Malinowski, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Overlapped Quasi-Arithmetic Codes for Distributed Video Coding

Malinska, A.[Alicja] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Carbon Flux and Soil Moisture in Wetlands Applying Sentinel-1 Data

Malinski, L.[Lukasz] Co Author Listing * Fast averaging peer group filter for the impulsive noise removal in color images

Malinverni, E.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Land Use/Land Cover Classification System with Rules Based Both on Objects Attributes and Landscape Indicators
* Documenting Architectural Heritage in Bahia, Brazil, Using Spherical Photogrammetry
* From Panoramic Photos to a Low-Cost Photogrammetric Workflow for Cultural Heritage 3D Documentation
* From TLS To HBIM. High Quality Semantically-Aware 3D Modeling of Complex Architecture
* GIS-Based Smart Cartography Using 3D Modeling
* Historic Center 3D Metric Documentation Updating by Low Cost Solution: The Lençóis Project
* Hybrid Approach to Land Cover Classification from Multi Spectral Images, A
* SIT-REM: An Interoperable and Interactive Web Geographic Information System for Fauna, Flora and Plant Landscape Data Management
* UAV Surveying For A Complete Mapping And Documentation Of Archaeological Findings. The Early Neolithic Site Of Portonovo
Includes: Malinverni, E.S. Malinverni, E.S.[Eva Savina]
9 for Malinverni, E.S.

Malioutov, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Fusion of biometric algorithms in the recognition problem

Malireddi, S.R.[Sri Raghu] Co Author Listing * Who Shot the Picture and When?

Malis, E. Co Author Listing * 2 1/2 D Visual Servoing
* 2 1/2 D Visual Servoing with Respect to Unknown Objects Through a New Estimation Scheme of Camera Displacement
* Camera Self-Calibration from Unknown Planar Structures Enforcing the Multiview Constraints between Collineations
* Collineation estimation from two unmatched views of an unknown planar contour for visual servoing
* Constrained Multiple Planar Template Tracking for Central Catadioptric Cameras
* Direct approach to the self-calibration of omnidirectional cameras
* Euclidean Bundle Adjustment Independent on Camera Intrinsic Parameters
* Multi-View Constraints between Collineations: Application to Self-Calibration from Unknown Planar Structures
* Real-time Visual Tracking under Arbitrary Illumination Changes
* Self-calibration of Zooming Cameras Observing an Unknown Planar Structure
* Spherical Image Processing for Accurate Visual Odometry with Omnidirectional Cameras
* Unified Approach to Model-Based and Model-Free Visual Servoing, An
* Unified Direct Visual Tracking of Rigid and Deformable Surfaces Under Generic Illumination Changes in Grayscale and Color Images
* Visual Servoing Invariant to Changes in Camera Intrinsic Parameters
Includes: Malis, E. Malis, E.[Ezio]
14 for Malis, E.

Malis, V.[Vadim] Co Author Listing * Pixel Based Meshfree Modeling of Skeletal Muscles

Malisia, A.R. Co Author Listing * Applying Ant Colony Optimization to Binary Thresholding
* Image Thresholding Using Ant Colony Optimization

Malisiewicz, T.[Tomasz] Co Author Listing * Ensemble of exemplar-SVMs for object detection and beyond
* Exemplar Network: A Generalized Mixture Model
* Exemplar-based Representations for Object Detection, Association and Beyond
* HOGgles: Visualizing Object Detection Features
* Improving Spatial Support for Objects via Multiple Segmentations
* Recognition by association via learning per-exemplar distances
* Registration of multiple range scans as a location recognition problem: hypothesis generation, refinement and verification
* Undoing the Damage of Dataset Bias
* Visualizing Object Detection Features
Includes: Malisiewicz, T.[Tomasz] Malisiewicz, T.
9 for Malisiewicz, T.

Malistov, A.[Alexey] Co Author Listing * Shortest Enclosing Walks with a Non-zero Winding Number in Directed Weighted Planar Graphs: A Technique for Image Segmentation

Malitsky, S.[Sofya] Co Author Listing * Multifont optical character recognition using a box connectivity approach

Malitz, S. Co Author Listing * Evaluation methods for curvilinear feature extraction

Malizia, A. Co Author Listing * 3-D Virtual Environments on Mobile Devices for Remote Surveillance
* DAN: An Automatic Segmentation and Classification Engine for Paper Documents
* Interactive model-based matching retrieval
* Light on horizontal interactive surfaces: Input space for tabletop computing
* Ontodoc: An Ontology-Based Query System for Digital Libraries
* Reports of the DAS02 working groups
* Semantic-Based System for Querying Personal Digital Libraries, A
* Shape description using cubic polynomial Bezier curves
* system for the automatic layout segmentation and classification of digital documents, A
Includes: Malizia, A. Malizia, A.[Alessio]
9 for Malizia, A.

Malk, M.I. Co Author Listing * Online Signature Analysis Based on Accelerometric and Gyroscopic Pens and Legendre Series

Malka, R.[Roy] Co Author Listing * Classification of fluorescence in situ hybridization images using belief networks
* Learning Bayesian Networks for Cytogenetic Image Classification

Malkani, M.[Mohan] Co Author Listing * Image registration for sequence of visual images captured by UAV
* novel method for real-time multiple moving targets detection from moving IR camera, A
* Real-Time Multiple Moving Targets Detection from Airborne IR Imagery by Dynamic Gabor Filter and Dynamic Gaussian Detector

Malkarnenkar, G.[Girish] Co Author Listing * YouTube2Text: Recognizing and Describing Arbitrary Activities Using Semantic Hierarchies and Zero-Shot Recognition

Malkewitz, R. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Surgery: Vision and Feasibility of an Advanced Operation Theater

Malki, J.[Jamal] Co Author Listing * Directional Relations Composition by Orientation Histogram Fusion

Malki, M. Co Author Listing * Data Mining for Knowledge Discovery from Object-Based Segmentation of VHR Remotely Sensed Imagery

Malkin, M.[Mike] Co Author Listing * Secure Quantization Index Modulation Watermark Detection

Malkin, T.[Tal] Co Author Listing * Privacy Preserving Pattern Classification

Malkova, D.[Daria] Co Author Listing * classification of endoscopy images with persistent homology, The

Malkova, M.[Martina] Co Author Listing * intuitive polygon morphing, An
* New Visibility Walk Algorithm for Point Location in Planar Triangulation, A
Includes: Malkova, M.[Martina] Málková, M.[Martina] Malková, M.[Martina]

Mall, H.B.[Howard B.] Co Author Listing * Determining Wet Surfaces from Dry

Mall, R.[Raghvendra] Co Author Listing * Identifying intervals for hierarchical clustering using the Gershgorin circle theorem

Mall, U. Co Author Listing * Refinement Of Stereo Image Analysis Using Photometric Shape Recovery As An Alternative To Bundle Adjustment

Mall, V. Co Author Listing * Digital image tampering detection and localization using singular value decomposition technique

Malla, P.[Pukar] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Vision Module for Interactive Perceptual Agents, A

Malla, R. Co Author Listing * Landsat 4 Thematic Mapper Calibration Update
* Updated Radiometric Calibration for the Landsat-5 Thematic Mapper Reflective Bands

Malladi, R. Co Author Listing * Construction Intrinsic Parameters with Active Models for Invariant Surface Reconstruction
* Deformable Models: Canonical Parameters for Surface Representation and Multiple View Integration
* Evolutionary Fronts for Topology-Independent Shape Modeling and Recovery
* Fast Difference Schemes for Edge Enhancing Beltrami Flow
* Fast Level Set Based Algorithm For Topology-Independent Shape Modeling, A
* Flows under Min/Max Curvature Flow and Mean Curvature: Applications in Image Processing
* From High Energy Physics to Low Level Vision
* General Framework for Low-Level Vision, A
* Geometric Approach to Segmentation and Analysis of 3D Medical Images, A
* High-Throughput Analysis of Multispectral Images of Breast Cancer Tissue
* Image-Processing: Flows under Min/Max Curvature and Mean-Curvature
* Images as Embedded Maps and Minimal Surfaces: Movies, Color, Texture, and Volumetric Medical Images
* Images as Embedding Maps and Minimal Surfaces: A Unified Approach for Image Diffusion
* Images as Embedding Maps and Minimal Surfaces: Movies, Color, and Volumetric Medical Images
* Intrinsic Parameters for Surface Representation Using Deformable Models
* Level Set and Fast Marching Methods in Image Processing and Computer Vision
* Real-Time Algorithm for Medical Shape Recovery, A
* Shape Modeling with Front Propagation: A Level Set Approach
* Subjective Surfaces: A Geometric Model for Boundary Completion
* Surface Griding with Intrinsic Parameters
* Unified Approach to Noise Removal, Image-Enhancement, and Shape Recovery, A
Includes: Malladi, R. Malladi, R.[Raul]
21 for Malladi, R.

Malladi, S.P.K.[Sai Phani Kumar] Co Author Listing * Automated Measurement of Translational Margins and Rotational Shifts in Pelvic Structures Using CBCT Images of Rectal Cancer Patients

Malladi, S.R.S.P. Co Author Listing * Superpixels using morphology for rock image segmentation

Mallahi, M.E. Co Author Listing * Radial Meixner moments for rotational invariant pattern recognition

Mallaiah, M. Co Author Listing * role of local scale and orientation in feature location using neural nets, The

Mallant, J.P. Co Author Listing * Visual Inspection in the Food Industry

Mallapragada, P.[Pavan] Co Author Listing * Clustering Face Carvings: Exploring the Devatas of Angkor Wat

Mallapragada, P.K.[Pavan Kumar] Co Author Listing * Active query selection for semi-supervised clustering
* Bayesian Feedback in Data Clustering
* Efficient multi-label ranking for multi-class learning: Application to object recognition
* Online visual vocabulary pruning using pairwise constraints
* SemiBoost: Boosting for Semi-Supervised Learning
Includes: Mallapragada, P.K.[Pavan Kumar] Mallapragada, P.K.[Pavan K.]

Mallast, U.[Ulf] Co Author Listing * Airborne Thermal Data Identifies Groundwater Discharge at the North-Western Coast of the Dead Sea

Mallat, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive morphological closing based on inertia tensor for structuring element estimation

Mallat, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Classification with scattering operators
* Deep roto-translation scattering for object classification
* Invariant Scattering Convolution Networks
* Rotation, Scaling and Deformation Invariant Scattering for Texture Discrimination
* Structured pursuits for geometric super-resolution
* Super-Resolution With Sparse Mixing Estimators

Mallat, S.G.[Stephane G.] Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Low Bit-Rate Image Transform Coding
* Bandelet Representations for Image Compression
* Characterization of Signals for Multiscale Edges
* Compact Image Representation from Multiscale Edges
* Compact Multiresolution Representation: The Wavelet Model, A
* Deconvolution by thresholding in mirror wavelet bases
* Discrete Bandelets with Geometric Orthogonal Filters
* Image Compression with Geometrical Wavelets
* Image deconvolution in mirror wavelet bases
* Image modeling and enhancement via structured sparse model selection
* Low Bit Rate Image Coding over Bases
* Matching pursuit of images
* Matching Pursuits with Time-Frequency Dictionaries
* Multifrequency Channel Decompositions of Images and Wavelet Models
* Multiresolution Approximation and Wavelet Orthogonal Bases of L2(R)
* Multiresolution Representations and Wavelets
* Multiscale geometrical feature extraction and object recognition with wavelets and morphology
* Scale Change Versus Scale Space Representation
* Shape from Texture through Deformations
* Signal Characterization from Multiscale Edges
* Silhouette recognition using high-resolution pursuit
* Singularity Detection and Processing with Wavelets
* Solving Inverse Problems With Piecewise Linear Estimators: From Gaussian Mixture Models to Structured Sparsity
* Sparse Geometric Image Representations With Bandelets
* Special Issue on Wavelet Transformations and Multiresolution Signal Analysis
* Texture Gradient Equation for Recovering Shape from Texture, The
* Theory for Multiresolution Signal Decomposition: The Wavelet Representation, A
* Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing, A
* Wavelets for a Vision
* Zero-Crossings of a Wavelet Transform
Includes: Mallat, S.G.[Stephane G.] Mallat, S.G.
30 for Mallat, S.G.

Mallegowda, P.[Paramesha] Co Author Listing * Assessing Habitat Quality of Forest-Corridors through NDVI Analysis in Dry Tropical Forests of South India: Implications for Conservation

Mallek, S.[Sabrine] Co Author Listing * Community detection for graph-based similarity: Application to protein binding pockets classification

Mallem, M. Co Author Listing * 2D/3D automatic matching technique for 3D recovering of free form objects
* Augmented Reality: Issues, trends and challenges
* discrete Hidden Markov models recognition module for temporal series: Application to real-time 3D hand gestures, A
* Groupware Design for Online Diagnosis Support
* Handling Occlusions for Robust Augmented Reality Systems
* Hybrid Camera Pose Estimation Combining Square Fiducials Localization Technique And Orthogonal Iteration Algorithm
* Hybrid Localization System for Mobile Outdoor Augmented Reality Applications
* Hybrid tracking system for robust fiducials registration in augmented reality
* Markerless Vision-Based Tracking of Partially Known 3D Scenes for Outdoor Augmented Reality Applications
* performance study for camera pose estimation using visual marker based tracking, A
* Photometric Aspects: A New Approach For 3D Free Form Object Recognition Using a Single Luminance Image
* Robust camera pose tracking for augmented reality using particle filtering framework
* SPIDAR calibration using Support Vector Regression
* Towards a biophysical 3D model of the DNA
* Vision-inertial tracking system for robust fiducials registration in augmented reality
Includes: Mallem, M. Mallem, M.[Malik]
15 for Mallem, M.

Mallenby, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Applying Spatial Reasoning to Topographical Data with a Grounded Geographical Ontology
* Architecture for a Grounded Ontology of Geographic Information

Mallepudi, S.A. Co Author Listing * Emotion Recognition in Text for 3-D Facial Expression Rendering

Malleron, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Decomposition of Handwritten Manuscripts Layouts
* Mixed Approach for Handwritten Documents Structural Analysis, A
* Text Lines and Snippets Extraction for 19th Century Handwriting Documents Layout Analysis

Malleson, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * FaceDirector: Continuous Control of Facial Performance in Video
* Single-View RGBD-Based Reconstruction of Dynamic Human Geometry
* Structured Representation of Non-Rigid Surfaces from Single View 3D Point Tracks
* Virtual Volumetric Graphics on Commodity Displays Using 3D Viewer Tracking
* Volumetric 3D graphics on commodity displays using active gaze tracking
Includes: Malleson, C.[Charles] Malleson, C.

Malleswara Rao, J. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Data Fusion Using Temporal High-Pass Modulation and Edge Primitives

Mallet, A. Co Author Listing * KaRIn on SWOT: Characteristics of Near-Nadir Ka-Band Interferometric SAR Imagery

Mallet, C.[Clement] Co Author Listing * Airborne Lidar Estimation of Aboveground Forest Biomass in the Absence of Field Inventory
* Airborne Lidar feature Selection for urban classification using random forests
* Analysis of Full-Waveform LIDAR Data for an Accurate Classification of Urban Areas
* Building Edge Detection Using Small-footprint Airborne Full-waveform Lidar Data
* Building large urban environments from unstructured point data
* Canopy Density Model: A New ALS-Derived Product to Generate Multilayer Crown Cover Maps
* Classification of Water Surfaces Using Airborne Topographic LIDAR Data
* Classification-Segmentation Framework for the Detection of Individual Trees in Dense MMS Point Cloud Data Acquired in Urban Areas, A
* Conditional Random Fields for the Classification of LiDAR Point Clouds
* Conditional Random Fields for Urban Scene Classification with Full Waveform LiDAR Data
* Contribution of airborne full-waveform lidar and image data for urban scene classification
* Creating Large-Scale City Models from 3D-Point Clouds: A Robust Approach with Hybrid Representation
* Detecting blind building façades from highly overlapping wide angle aerial imagery
* Dimensionality Based Scale Selection in 3D LIDAR Point Clouds
* Forest Stand Segmentation Using Airborne Lidar Data And Very High Resolution Multispectral Imagery
* Full-waveform topographic lidar: State-of-the-art
* Improving 3D Lidar Point Cloud Registration Using Optimal Neighborhood Knowledge
* International Benchmarking of the Individual Tree Detection Methods for Modeling 3-D Canopy Structure for Silviculture and Forest Ecology Using Airborne Laser Scanning
* Large-scale road detection in forested mountainous areas using airborne topographic lidar data
* Lidar waveform modeling using a marked point process
* Managing Full Waveform LIDAR Data: A Challenging Task for the Forthcoming Years
* Mapping and Characterization of Hydrological Dynamics in a Coastal Marsh Using High Temporal Resolution Sentinel-1A Images
* Marked Point Process for Modeling Lidar Waveforms, A
* Pathway detection and geometrical description from ALS data in forested mountaneous area
* Processing Full-Waveform Lidar Data: Modelling Raw signals
* Quality evaluation of 3D city building Models with automatic error diagnosis
* Relevance of airborne lidar and multispectral image data for urban scene classification using Random Forests
* Semantic Approach in Image Change Detection
* Semantic point cloud interpretation based on optimal neighborhoods, relevant features and efficient classifiers
* Semantic segmentation of forest stands of pure species combining airborne lidar data and very high resolution multispectral imagery
* stochastic approach for modelling airborne lidar waveforms, A
* structured regularization framework for spatially smoothing semantic labelings of 3D point clouds, A
* Theme Issue: Multitemporal remote sensing data analysis
* Towards 3D lidar point cloud registration improvement using optimal neighborhood knowledge
* Trajectory-based Registration of 3d Lidar Point Clouds Acquired With A Mobile Mapping System
* two-pass random forests classification of airborne lidar and image data on urban scenes, A
* unified framework for land-cover database update and enrichment using satellite imagery, A
Includes: Mallet, C.[Clement] Mallet, C.[Clément] Mallet, C.
37 for Mallet, C.

Mallet, J.L. Co Author Listing * Flexible Iterative Method for Three-Dimensional Reconstruction from X-Ray Projections, A

Mallet, P. Co Author Listing * Texture feature characterization for logical pre-labeling

Mallet, Y.[Yvette] Co Author Listing * email: Mallet, Y.[Yvette]: yvette mallet AT jcu edu au
* Classification Using Adaptive Wavelets for Feature-Extraction

Mallett, B. Co Author Listing * pose space for squash and stretch deformation, A

Mallett, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * PIST: An Efficient and Practical Indexing Technique for Historical Spatio-Temporal Point Data

Malley, J.D.[James D.] Co Author Listing * Method for segmenting medical images and detecting surface anomalies in anatomical structures

Mallgren, W.R. Co Author Listing * Graphical transformations and hierarchic picture structures

Malli, R.C. Co Author Listing * Apparent Age Estimation Using Ensemble of Deep Learning Models

Mallick, B.K. Co Author Listing * Bayesian transformation model for wavelet shrinkage, A
* Bayesian wavelet shrinkage in transformation based normal models

Mallick, D.K.[Dheeresh K.] Co Author Listing * Parallel Construction of Conflict Graph for Phylogenetic Network Problem

Mallick, I.[Indranil] Co Author Listing * Automated Measurement of Translational Margins and Rotational Shifts in Pelvic Structures Using CBCT Images of Rectal Cancer Patients

Mallick, K. Co Author Listing * Assessing Urban Droughts In A Smart City Framework
* Global Surface Net-Radiation at 5 km from MODIS Terra
* Low-complexity feedback-channel-free distributed video coding using local rank transform
Includes: Mallick, K. Mallick, K.[Kaniska] Mallick, K.[Kallol]

Mallick, P.K.[Pradeep Kumar] Co Author Listing * Object tracking using parallel local colour histogram method

Mallick, S.P.[Satya P.] Co Author Listing * Beyond Lambert: Reconstructing Specular Surfaces Using Color
* Color Subspaces as Photometric Invariants
* Isotropy, Reciprocity and the Generalized Bas-Relief Ambiguity
* On Refractive Optical Flow
* Resolving the Generalized Bas-Relief Ambiguity by Entropy Minimization
* Specularity Removal in Images and Videos: A PDE Approach
* Structure and View Estimation for Tomographic Reconstruction: A Bayesian Approach
* Vision in the Small: Reconstructing the Structure of Protein Macromolecules from Cryo-Electron Micrographs
8 for Mallick, S.P.

Mallick, T. Co Author Listing * Estimation of the orientation and distance of a mirror from Kinect depth data

Mallidi, S.H. Co Author Listing * new efficient measure for accuracy prediction and its application to multistream-based unsupervised adaptation, A
* Regularized Auto-Associative Neural Networks for Speaker Verification

Mallik, A.[Anupama] Co Author Listing * Acquisition of Multimedia Ontology: An Application in Preservation of Cultural Heritage
* Archiving Mural Paintings Using an Ontology Based Approach
* Human Action Recognition Using Dominant Motion Pattern
* Intellectual Journey in History: Preserving Indian Cultural Heritage, An
* Using Concept Recognition to Annotate a Video Collection
Includes: Mallik, A.[Anupama] Mallik, A.[Apurbaa]

Mallik, A.S.[Aamir Saeed] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape from Focus Using LULU Operators

Mallik, J.[Joyita] Co Author Listing * content based image retrieval system for a biological specimen collection, A

Mallikarachchi, T.[Thanuja] Co Author Listing * Effective coding unit size decision based on motion homogeneity classification for HEVC inter prediction

Mallikarjun, B.R. Co Author Listing * Face fiducial detection by consensus of exemplars

Mallikarjuna, H.S. Co Author Listing * Iterative Composite Filtering for Image Restoration

Mallikarjuna, P. Co Author Listing * Class-Specific Material Categorisation

Mallinis, G.[Giorgos] Co Author Listing * Canopy Fuel Load Mapping of Mediterranean Pine Sites Based on Individual Tree-Crown Delineation
* Comparative Analysis of EO-1 Hyperion, Quickbird and Landsat TM Imagery for Fuel Type Mapping of a Typical Mediterranean Landscape, A
* forward/backward principal component analysis of Landsat-7 ETM+ data to enhance the spectral signal of burnt surfaces, A
* Hidden Markov Models Approach for Crop Classification: Linking Crop Phenology to Time Series of Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Data, A
* object oriented approach for the discrimination of forest areas under the criteria of forest legislation in Greece using very high resolution data, An
* Object-based classification using Quickbird imagery for delineating forest vegetation polygons in a Mediterranean test site
* Object-Based vs. Pixel-Based Mapping of Fire Scars Using Multi-Scale Satellite Data
* SVM-Based Fuzzy Decision Trees for Classification of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Mallinis, G.[Giorgos] Mallinis, G. Mallinis, G.[Georgios]
8 for Mallinis, G.

Mallinson, R.B.[Richard B.] Co Author Listing * Laser altimeter and probe height sensor

Mallipeddi, R. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm-Based Moving Object Detection for Real-time Traffic Surveillance, A
* Probing of human implicit intent based on eye movement and pupillary analysis for augmented cognition
Includes: Mallipeddi, R. Mallipeddi, R.[Rammohan]

Malloch, C.B. Co Author Listing * Class of Adaptive Model- and Object-Driven Nonuniform Sampling Methods for 3-D Inspection, A

Malloch, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Gesture Control of Sound Spatialization for Live Musical Performance

Mallon, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Calibration and removal of lateral chromatic aberration in images
* Efficient Generic Calibration Method for General Cameras with Single Centre of Projection
* Pose estimation for objects with planar surfaces using eigenimage and range data analysis
* Precise radial un-distortion of images
* Projective rectification from the fundamental matrix
* Removing Pose from Face Images
* Towards Dynamic Camera Calibration for Constrained Flexible Mirror Imaging
* Which pattern? Biasing aspects of planar calibration patterns and detection methods
8 for Mallon, J.

Mallon, P.N. Co Author Listing * Concentric strips: algorithms and architecture for the compression/decompression of triangle meshes

Mallor, S. Co Author Listing * Learning crowd behavior for event recognition

Mallorqui, J.J. Co Author Listing * Assessing hypertemporal SENTINEL-1 COHERENCE maps for LAND COVER monitoring
* Atmospheric Phase Screen Compensation in Ground-Based SAR With a Multiple-Regression Model Over Mountainous Regions
* Automatic vessel monitoring with single and multidimensional SAR images in the wavelet domain
* Capon- and APES-Based SAR Processing: Performance and Practical Considerations
* DInSAR Pixel Selection Based on Sublook Spectral Correlation Along Time
* Edge Enhancement Algorithm Based on the Wavelet Transform for Automatic Edge Detection in SAR Images
* Estimation of the Temporal Evolution of the Deformation Using Airborne Differential SAR Interferometry
* Exploitation of Ship Scattering in Polarimetric SAR for an Improved Classification Under High Clutter Conditions
* Linear and nonlinear terrain deformation maps from a reduced set of interferometric SAR images
* Novel Strategy for Radar Imaging Based on Compressive Sensing, A
* On the Usage of GRECOSAR, an Orbital Polarimetric SAR Simulator of Complex Targets, to Vessel Classification Studies
* Phase Quality Optimization in Polarimetric Differential SAR Interferometry
* Polarimetric Characterization and Temporal Stability Analysis of Urban Target Scattering
* PSI Deformation Map Retrieval by Means of Temporal Sublook Coherence on Reduced Sets of SAR Images
* Single-Pass Bistatic SAR Interferometry Using Fixed-Receiver Configurations: Theory and Experimental Validation
* Single-Pass Polarimetric SAR Interferometry for Vessel Classification
* Synthesis, Construction, and Validation of a Fractal Surface
* Validation and comparison of Advanced Differential Interferometry Techniques: Murcia metropolitan area case study
Includes: Mallorqui, J.J. Mallorquí, J.J. Mallorqui, J.J.[Jordi J.]
18 for Mallorqui, J.J.

Mallot, H. Co Author Listing * Saccadic Object Recognition With An Active Vision System

Mallot, H.A.[Hanspeter A.] Co Author Listing * Adapting computer vision systems to the visual environment: Topographic mapping
* Computational Vision: Information Processing in Perception and Visual Behavior
* Embodied spatial cognition: Biological and artificial systems
* Integration of Depth Modules: Stereo and Shading
* Interaction of Different Modules in Depth Perception
* Is Correspondence Search in Human Stereo Vision a Coarse-to-Fine Process?
* Phase-Based Binocular Vergence Control and Depth Reconstruction Using Active Vision
* Quality of Catadioptric Imaging: Application to Omnidirectional Stereo, The
* Vision-Based Homing with a Panoramic Stereo Sensor
* Visual Obstacle Detection for Automatically Guided Vehicles
* Where Did I Take That Snapshot: Scene-Based Homing By Image Matching
Includes: Mallot, H.A.[Hanspeter A.] Mallot, H.A.
11 for Mallot, H.A.

Mallows, C.L. Co Author Listing * Method for Comparing Two Hierarchical Clusterings, A

Mallya, A.[Arun] Co Author Listing * Learning Informative Edge Maps for Indoor Scene Layout Prediction
* Learning Models for Actions and Person-Object Interactions with Transfer to Question Answering
* Part Localization using Multi-Proposal Consensus for Fine-Grained Categorization
* Unsupervised network pretraining via encoding human design

Malm, H.[Henrik] Co Author Listing * Adaptive enhancement and noise reduction in very low light-level video
* Hand-Eye Calibration from Image Derivatives
* Motion Dependent Spatiotemporal Smoothing for Noise Reduction in Very Dim Light Image Sequences
* New Approach to Hand-eye Calibration, A
* Nonlinear diffusion filtering of images obtained by planar laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy
* Remarkable Visual Abilities of Nocturnal Insects: Neural Principles and Bioinspired Night-Vision Algorithms, The
* Stereo Head Calibration from a Planar Object
Includes: Malm, H.[Henrik] Malm, H.
7 for Malm, H.

Malm, P.[Patrik] Co Author Listing * Closing Curves with Riemannian Dilation: Application to Segmentation in Automated Cervical Cancer Screening
* Optimizing Optics and Imaging for Pattern Recognition Based Screening Tasks
* Structural Texture Approach for Characterising Malignancy Associated Changes in Pap Smears Based on Mean-Shift and the Watershed Transform, A

Malmberg, F.[Filip] Co Author Listing * Boolean Map Distance: Theory and Efficient Computation, The
* efficient algorithm for exact evaluation of stochastic watersheds, An
* Efficient algorithm for finding the exact minimum barrier distance
* Exact Evaluation of Stochastic Watersheds: From Trees to General Graphs
* Fast Evaluation of the Robust Stochastic Watershed
* Faster Fuzzy Connectedness via Precomputation
* Generalized Hard Constraints for Graph Segmentation
* Image Foresting Transform: On-the-Fly Computation of Segmentation Boundaries
* minimum barrier distance, The
* Minimum Barrier Distance: A Summary of Recent Advances, The
* Minimum Barrier Distance: Stability to Seed Point Position, The
* Seeded segmentation based on object homogeneity
* Sub-pixel Segmentation with the Image Foresting Transform
* Towards User-Guided Quantitative Evaluation of Wrist Fractures in CT Images
14 for Malmberg, F.

Malmborg, C. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of q-Space Related Parameters in MRI: Simulations and Phantom Measurements

Malmgren, H.[Helge] Co Author Listing * FSED: Feature Selective Edge Detection

Malmir, M.[Mohsen] Co Author Listing * Deep active object recognition by joint label and action prediction
* Deep Q-learning for Active Recognition of GERMS: Baseline performance on a standardized dataset for active learning
* Home Alone: Social Robots for Digital Ethnography of Toddler Behavior
Includes: Malmir, M.[Mohsen] Malmir, M.

Malmivuo, J.[Jaakko] Co Author Listing * Contributions of the 12 Segments of Left Ventricular Myocardium to the Body Surface Potentials
* Numerical Analysis of the Resolution of Surface Electrocardiographic Lead Systems

Malmqvist, K. Co Author Listing * Color Image Segmentation by Modular Neural-Network
* Finding Colour Pigment by Neural Network in Half Tone Colour Prints
* Segmentation Of Colour Images Containing Highly Similar Colour Regions
* Soft combination of neural classifiers: A comparative study
Includes: Malmqvist, K. Malmqvist, K.[Kerstin]

Malmstrom, K. Co Author Listing * Bootstrapping Method for Autonomous and in Site Learning of Generic Navigation Behaviour, A

Malmstrom, P.U.[Per Uno] Co Author Listing * Minimum spanning trees (MST) as a tool for describing tissue architecture when grading bladder carcinoma
Includes: Malmstrom, P.U.[Per Uno] Malmström, P.U.[Per-Uno] (Maybe also Malmstroem, P.U.)

Malnes, E. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Monitoring of Avalanche Activity: An Automated Detection Scheme

Malo Renault, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Method of bridging between contour elements in an image
Includes: Malo Renault, F.[Francois] Malo-Renault, F.[Francois]

Malo, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive motion estimation and video vector quantization based on spatiotemporal non-linearities of human perception
* Graph Matching for Adaptation in Remote Sensing
* Linear transform for simultaneous diagonalization of covariance and perceptual metric matrix in image coding
* Lossless coding of hyperspectral images with principal polynomial analysis
* Nonlinear Image Representation for Efficient Perceptual Coding
* PCA Gaussianization for image processing
* Perceptual feedback in multigrid motion estimation using an improved DCT quantization
* Perceptual regularization functionals for natural image restoration
* Perceptually and Statistically Decorrelated Features for Image Representation: Application to Transform Coding
* Recovering wavelet relations using SVM for image denoising
* Regression Wavelet Analysis for Lossless Coding of Remote-Sensing Data
* Regularization Operators for Natural Images Based on Nonlinear Perception Models
* role of perceptual contrast non-linearities in image transform quantization, The
* Role of Spatial Information in Disentangling the Irradiance-Reflectance-Transmittance Ambiguity, The
* Subjective Image Fidelity Metric Based on Bit Allocation of the Human Visual-System in the DCT Domain
* Variable-Size Block Matching Algorithm for Motion Estimation Using a Perceptual-Based Splitting Criterion
* Video quality measures based on the standard spatial observer
Includes: Malo, J. Malo, J.[Jesus]
17 for Malo, J.

Malo, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive filtering and hypothesis testing: Application to cancerous cells detection
* Detection and Counting of in vivo cells to predict cell migratory potential

Malobabic, J.[Jovanka] Co Author Listing * MediAssist: Using Content-Based Analysis and Context to Manage Personal Photo Collections

Malod Dognin, N. Co Author Listing * SHREC'10 Track: Protein Model Classification
Includes: Malod Dognin, N. Malod-Dognin, N.

Malof, J.M. Co Author Listing * Leveraging seed dictionaries to improve dictionary learning
* Probabilistic Model for Designing Multimodality Landmine Detection Systems to Improve Rates of Advance, A

Malokar, M.[Monika] Co Author Listing * Classification of artifactual EEG signal and detection of multiple eye movement artifact zones using novel Time-amplitude algorithm

Maloku, B. Co Author Listing * Optimizing the energy efficiency for future 5G networks

Malolepszy, C. Co Author Listing * Patient Registration Using Photogrammetric Surface Reconstruction From Smartphone Imagery

Maloley, M. Co Author Listing * Methodology for a Canadian agricultural land cover classification
* UAV Photogrammetry for Mapping and Monitoring of Northern Permafrost Landscapes

Malomo, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * Compression and Querying of Arbitrary Geodesic Distances
* Web and Mobile Visualization for Cultural Heritage

Malon, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Radial Contour Extraction by Splitting Homogeneous Areas
* Mathematical symbol recognition with support vector machines
* Support Vector Machines for Mathematical Symbol Recognition

Malone, E. Co Author Listing * Multifrequency Electrical Impedance Tomography Using Spectral Constraints
* Reconstruction-Classification Method for Multifrequency Electrical Impedance Tomography, A

Malone, K.T.[Kevin T.] Co Author Listing * Sequential Vehicle Classifier for Infrared Video using Multinomial Pattern Matching, A

Malone, N.R.[Neil R.] Co Author Listing * Advances in large-format visible focal plane technology

Maloney, L.T. Co Author Listing * Calibrating MS-SSIM for compression distortions using MLDS
* Color Constancy: A Method for Recovering Surface Spectral Reflectance
* Computational Approaches to Color Vision
* Consistency of location and gradient judgments of visually-interpolated contours
* Evaluation of Linear Models of Surface Spectral Reflectance with Small Numbers of Parameters
* Exploratory Vision: The Active Eye
* Maximum likelihood difference scaling of image quality in compression-degraded images
* Optimizing Multiscale SSIM for Compression via MLDS
Includes: Maloney, L.T. Maloney, L.T.[Laurence T.]
8 for Maloney, L.T.

Maloof, M.A.[Marcus A.] Co Author Listing * email: Maloof, M.A.[Marcus A.]: maloof AT cs georgetown edu
* general model for finite-sample effects in training and testing of competing classifiers, A
* Generalizing Over Aspect and Location for Rooftop Detection
* Improving Rooftop Detection with Interactive Visual learning
* Learning Symbolic Descriptions of Shape for Object Recognition in X-Ray Images
* Learning to Detect Rooftops in Aerial Images
* Mist Methodology and Its Application to Natural Scene Interpretation, The
* On machine learning, ROC analysis, and statistical tests of significance
* Progress on Vision Through Learning
* Recognizing Blasting Caps in X-Ray Images
Includes: Maloof, M.A.[Marcus A.] Maloof, M.A.
10 for Maloof, M.A.

Malouche, D. Co Author Listing * Volume Radius Function: A new descriptor for the segmentation of volumetric medical images, The

Malouf, J. Co Author Listing * 3D-DXA: Assessing the Femoral Shape, the Trabecular Macrostructure and the Cortex in 3D from DXA images

Malov, V.I. Co Author Listing * Digital Photogrammetric Station 'Delta' and Symmetric Intensity Based Stereo

Malowany, A.S. Co Author Listing * Color-Edge Detectors for a VLSI Convolver
* Line Detection in Digital Pictures: A Hypothesis Prediction/Verification Paradigm
* Picture Generation Using Semantic Nets
Includes: Malowany, A.S. Malowany, A.S.[Alfred S.]

Malowany, K.[Krzysztof] Co Author Listing * Measuring structural displacements with digital image correlation

Malowany, M.E. Co Author Listing * Color-Edge Detectors for a VLSI Convolver

Maloy, F. Co Author Listing * texture-based probability mapping for localisation of clinically important cardiac segments in the myocardium in cardiac magnetic resonance images from myocardial infarction patients, A

Maloy, M.A.[Mark A.] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Various GIS-Based Viewshed Delineation Techniques, An

Malpas, A. Co Author Listing * Segmentation enhances material analysis in multi-energy CT: A simulation study

Malpezzi, S. Co Author Listing * Review on the Infomobility Quality: a new framework

Malpica, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * automatic method for road extraction in rural and semi-urban areas starting from high resolution satellite imagery, An
* Change Detection with SPOT-5 and FORMOSAT-2 Imageries
* Classification of High Resolution Satellite Images Using Texture from the Panchromatic Band
* Classification of Multispectral High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Using LIDAR Elevation Data
* Color Image Segmentation using the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence for the Fusion of Texture
* Extraction of Cartographic Features from a High Resolution Satellite Image
* High Resolution Satellite Classification with Graph Cut Algorithms
* projection pursuit algorithm for anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery, A
* Spatial Contextual Postclassification Method for Preserving Linear Objects in Multispectral Imagery, A
* Splines Interpolation in High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Includes: Malpica, J.A.[Jose A.] Malpica, J.A.[José A.] Malpica, J.A.
10 for Malpica, J.A.

Malpica, N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of the Liver in CT Using Level Sets Without Edges
* Box Relaxation Schemes in Staggered Discretizations for the Dual Formulation of Total Variation Minimization
* Fast Anisotropic Mumford-Shah Functional Based Segmentation, A
* Gaussian Processes for Slice-Based Super-Resolution MR Images
* multichannel watershed-based algorithm for supervised texture segmentation, A
* Predicting Very Early Stage Mild Cognitive Impairment Based on a Voxel-wise Arterial Spin Labeling Analysis
* Real-time patch-based medical image modality propagation by GPU computing
* Recognition and Quantification of Area Damaged by Oligonychus Perseae in Avocado Leaves
Includes: Malpica, N. Malpica, N.[Norberto]
8 for Malpica, N.

Malric, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Immersive Haptic Eye Tele-Surgery Training Simulation
* Interacting with Digital Signage Using Hand Gestures
Includes: Malric, F.[Francois] Malric, F.[François]

Malta, L. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Real-World Driver's Frustration
* International Large-Scale Vehicle Corpora for Research on Driver Behavior on the Road
* Study of Driver Behavior Under Potential Threats in Vehicle Traffic, A

Maltamo, M. Co Author Listing * Airborne Laser Scanning for the Site Type Identification of Mature Boreal Forest Stands
* Bayesian Approach to Tree Detection Based on Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Calibration of area based diameter distribution with individual tree based diameter estimates using airborne laser scanning
* Change Detection Techniques for Canopy Height Growth Measurements Using Airborne Laser Scanner Data
* Comparison of airborne laser scanning methods for estimating forest structure indicators based on Lorenz curves
* Estimation of Forest Stand Characteristics Using Spectral Histograms Derived from an Ikonos Satellite Image
* Experiences and Possibilities of ALS Based Forest Inventory in Finland
* Measuring the growth of individual trees using multi-temporal airborne laser scanning point clouds
* Neural Networks for the Prediction of Species-Specific Plot Volumes Using Airborne Laser Scanning and Aerial Photographs
* Recovering Plot-Specific Diameter Distribution and Height-Diameter Curve Using ALS Based Stand Characteristics
* Uncertainty Quantification in ALS-Based Species-Specific Growing Stock Volume Estimation
* Using individual tree crown approach for forest volume extraction with aerial images and laser point clouds
Includes: Maltamo, M. Maltamo, M.[Matti]
12 for Maltamo, M.

Maltese, A. Co Author Listing * Investigating the Relationship between X-Band SAR Data from COSMO-SkyMed Satellite and NDVI for LAI Detection
* Power Sensitivity Analysis of Multi-Frequency, Multi-Polarized, Multi-Temporal SAR Data for Soil-Vegetation System Variables Characterization
Includes: Maltese, A. Maltese, A.[Antonino]

Maltezos, E.[Evangelos] Co Author Listing * Orthoimage of Asclepieion at the Ancient Messene from UAV Images Applying Dense Image Matching

Malthus, T.J.[Tim J.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Field Spectroscopy Metadata Quality
* Critical Metadata for Spectroscopy Field Campaigns
* Critical Metadata Protocols in Hyperspectral Field Campaigns for Building Robust Hyperspectral Datasets
* Integrating CFD modelling, neural networks and remote sensing: controlled prediction of chlorophyll-a concentration in the Mejillones of South Bay
* Intercalibration of vegetation indices from different sensor systems
* Towards an Interoperable Field Spectroscopy Metadata Standard with Extended Support for Marine Specific Applications
Includes: Malthus, T.J.[Tim J.] Malthus, T.J. Malthus, T.J.[Timothy J.]

Malti, A.[Abed] Co Author Listing * Elastic Shape-from-Template with Spatially Sparse Deforming Forces
* linear least-squares solution to elastic Shape-from-Template, A
* Monocular Template-Based 3D Reconstruction of Extensible Surfaces with Local Linear Elasticity
* pixel-based approach to template-based monocular 3D reconstruction of deformable surfaces, A

Malti, R.[Rachid] Co Author Listing * Object-oriented CRONE toolbox for fractional differential signal processing

Maltoni, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * 2D face recognition based on supervised subspace learning from 3D models
* Advances in fingerprint modeling
* Benchmarking Local Orientation Extraction in Fingerprint Recognition
* Big Brother Database: Evaluating Face Recognition in Smart Home Environments, The
* BioLab-ICAO: A new benchmark to evaluate applications assessing face image compliance to ISO/IEC 19794-5 standard
* Biometric Systems: Technology, Design and Performance Evaluation
* Can Fingerprints be Reconstructed from ISO Templates?
* Combining Multiple Matchers for Fingerprint Verification: A Case Study in FVC2004
* Continuous Versus Exclusive Classification for Fingerprint Retrieval
* Direct Gray-Scale Minutiae Detection in Fingerprints
* Dynamic Clustering of Maps in Autonomous Agents
* evaluation of direct attacks using fake fingers generated from ISO templates, An
* Fake Fingerprint Detection by Odor Analysis
* Fake fingertip generation from a minutiae template
* Fingerprint and On-Line Signature Verification Competitions at ICB 2009
* Fingerprint Classification by Directional Image Partitioning
* Fingerprint Image Reconstruction from Standard Templates
* Fingerprint Indexing Based on Minutia Cylinder-Code
* Fingerprint scanner focusing estimation by Top Sharpening Index
* FVC2000: Fingerprint Verification Competition
* FVC2002: second fingerprint verification competition
* FVC2004: Third Fingerprint Verification Competition
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Biometric Systems
* Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition
* improved noise model for the generation of synthetic fingerprints, An
* Incremental template updating for face recognition in home environments
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Biometrics: Progress and Directions
* Invited Paper: FVC2000: Fingerprint Verification Competition
* MCC: A baseline algorithm for fingerprint verification in FVC-onGoing
* Minutia Cylinder-Code: A New Representation and Matching Technique for Fingerprint Recognition
* Multispace KL for Pattern Representation and Classification
* Neural Network Based Minutiae Filtering in Fingerprints
* New Approach to Fake Finger Detection Based on Skin Distortion, A
* On the Error-Reject Trade-Off in Biometric Verification Systems
* On the Spatial Distribution of Fingerprint Singularities
* On-Line Signature Verification System Based on Fusion of Local and Global Information, An
* Performance Evaluation of Fingerprint Verification Systems
* Real-time face location on gray-scale static images
* Reward-punishment editing
* Ridge-Line Density Estimation in Digital Images
* Saliency-Based Keypoint Reduction for Augmented-Reality Applications in Smart Cities
* Saliency-based keypoint selection for fast object detection and matching
* Semi-supervised tuning from temporal coherence
* Structural Approach to Fingerprint Classification, A
* Synthesis of large scale hand-shape databases for biometric applications
* Synthetic fingerprint-database generation
* Synthetic Fingerprint-Image Generation
* Topological Clustering of Maps Using a Genetic Algorithm
Includes: Maltoni, D.[Davide] Maltoni, D.
48 for Maltoni, D.

Maltouf, M.F.[Mageri Filali] Co Author Listing * Building worlds with strokes

Maltre, H. Co Author Listing * System for an intelligent office document analysis, recognition and description

Maltsev, S. Co Author Listing * efficient correlation computation method for binary images based on matrix factorisation, An

Maltz, A. Co Author Listing * How do you store a digital movie for 100 years?

Maltz, D.A. Co Author Listing * Markov Source Model for Printed Music Decoding

Maltz, J. Co Author Listing * Reproducing Kernel Hilbert-Space Method for Optimal Interpolation of Potential Field Data

Maltz, J.S. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for X-ray Scatter, Beam-Hardening, and Beam Profile Correction in Diagnostic (Kilovoltage) and Treatment (Megavoltag

Maltz, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Flash/no-flash fusion for mobile document image binarization
* Relative Effects of Distortion and Noise on Target Acquisition: The Advisability of Image Restoration
Includes: Maltz, M.[Martin] Maltz, M.

Maluckov, C.A.[Cedomir A.] Co Author Listing * Graph Based Keyword Spotting in Medieval Slavic Documents: A Project Outline
* Script Characterization in the Old Slavic Documents

Maludrottu, S. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for Online Interaction Classification, A
* Corner-based background segmentation using Adaptive Resonance Theory
* Fast and correspondence-less camera motion estimation based on voting mechanism and morton codes
* Joint multitarget object tracking and interaction analysis by a probabilistic bio-inspired model
* Performance Evaluation of Multisensor Architectures for Tracking
* Sparse shapes prototype modeling using genetic algorithms
Includes: Maludrottu, S. Maludrottu, S.[Stefano]

Maludzinski, A.B. Co Author Listing * Some Experience in the Real-Time Processing of Handwriting

Maluf, D.A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Super-Resolved Surface Reconstruction from Images
* Dramatic Improvements to Feature Based Stereo

Malumbres, M.P. Co Author Listing * Low-complexity 3D-DWT video encoder applicable to IPTV
* QoS Support in MANETs: a Modular Architecture Based on the IEEE 802.11e Technology

Malumedzha, T.[Tendani] Co Author Listing * Quality-Based Fingerprint Segmentation

Malusek, A.[Alexandr] Co Author Listing * Iterative Reconstruction for Quantitative Tissue Decomposition in Dual-Energy CT

Malvar, H.S.[Henrique S.] Co Author Listing * Biorthogonal and Nonuniform Lapped Transforms for Transform Coding with Reduced Blocking and Ringing Artifacts
* Fast system and method for computing modulated lapped transforms
* High-quality linear interpolation for demosaicing of Bayer-patterned color images
* Image compression with on-line and off-line learning
* Low-complexity transform and quantization in H.264/AVC
* Low-complexity transform and quantization with 16-bit arithmetic for H.26L
* Method and system for adapting a digitized signal processing system for block processing with minimal blocking artifacts
* Method and system for capturing and representing 3D geometry, color and shading of facial expressions and other animated objects
Includes: Malvar, H.S.[Henrique S.] Malvar, H.S. Malvar, H.S.[Henrique Sarmento]
8 for Malvar, H.S.

Malvarosa, F. Co Author Listing * General Formulation for Redundant Integration of Finite Differences and Phase Unwrapping on a Sparse Multidimensional Domain, A

Malvehy, J. Co Author Listing * New Total Body Scanning System for Automatic Change Detection in Multiple Pigmented Skin Lesions, A

Malvig, K.E.[Kjell E.] Co Author Listing * Realtime Extraction of Connected Component in 3D Sonar Range Images

Maly, F.[Filip] Co Author Listing * Pervasive Game Utilizing WiFi Fingerprinting-based Localization

Maly, K. Co Author Listing * Efficient discovery service for a digital library of 3D models

Malyan, R.[Ron] Co Author Listing * non-linear shape abstraction technique, A

Malyan, R.R. Co Author Listing * XPEN: an XML based format for distributed online handwriting recognition

Malyshev, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Dual Formulation of the TV-Stokes Algorithm for Image Denoising, A

Malyshev, V.V. Co Author Listing * Planning the Ground Object Photography by a Satellite System

Malysiak Mrozek, B.[Bozena] Co Author Listing * Selection of a Consensus Area Size for Multithreaded Wavefront-Based Alignment Procedure for Compressed Sequences of Protein Secondary Structures
Includes: Malysiak Mrozek, B.[Bozena] Malysiak-Mrozek, B.[Bozena]

Malzbender, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Enhancement of Shape Perception by Surface Reflectance Transformation
* evaluation of stereo matching methods for view interpolation, An
* histogram-based color consistency test for voxel coloring, A
* Invisible light: Using infrared for video conference relighting
* Methods for Volumetric Reconstruction of Visual Scenes
* Non-photorealistic rendering from multiple images
* Prints that respond to lighting direction
* Robust estimation of surface properties and interpolation of shadow/specularity components
* Specularity and Shadow Interpolation via Robust Polynomial Texture Maps
* Stereo Matching and View Interpolation Based on Image Domain Triangulation
* Stereo matching based on image triangulation for view synthesis
* Volumetric Warping for Voxel Coloring on an Infinite Domain
Includes: Malzbender, T.[Thomas] Malzbender, T. Malzbender, T.[Tom]
12 for Malzbender, T.

Malzer, M.[Moritz] Co Author Listing * Random bounce algorithm: Real-time image processing for the detection of bats and birds
Includes: Malzer, M.[Moritz] Mälzer, M.[Moritz] (Maybe also Maelzer, M.)

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