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Many, G.[Gael] Co Author Listing * Potential of High Spatial and Temporal Ocean Color Satellite Data to Study the Dynamics of Suspended Particles in a Micro-Tidal River Plume
Includes: Many, G.[Gael] Many, G.[GaŽl]

Manyam, O.K.[Ohil K.] Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Person Authentication with Multiple Visualized-Speech Features and Multiple Face Profiles

Manyama, P.[Phetole] Co Author Listing * Evaluating pixel and object based image classification techniques for mapping plant invasions from UAV derived aerial imagery: Harrisia pomanensis as a case study

Manyen, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Automotive Spray Paint Simulation

Manyoky, M.[Madeleine] Co Author Listing * Developing a GIS-Based Visual-Acoustic 3D Simulation for Wind Farm Assessment

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