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May, A. Co Author Listing * Patterns of use, perceived benefits and reported effects of access to navigation support systems: an inter-European field operational test

May, C.P.[Christian P.] Co Author Listing * Integrated segmentation of brain tumor images for radiotherapy and neurosurgery

May, F.[Franz] Co Author Listing * Method for motion-compensated frame-to-frame prediction coding

May, J. Co Author Listing * RECOVER: An Automated, Cloud-Based Decision Support System for Post-Fire Rehabilitation Planning

May, K. Co Author Listing * Iterative determination of local bound constraints in iterative image restoration

May, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Analysing False Positives and 3D Structure to Create Intelligent Thresholding and Weighting Functions for SIFT Features
* FAW for Multi-exposure Fusion Features
* Scale Invariant Feature Transform: A Graphical Parameter Analysis

May, N.C. Co Author Listing * Point Positioning Accuracy of Airborne LIDAR Systems: A Rigorous Analysis

May, R. Co Author Listing * Architecture and Performance of the HI-Space Projector-Camera Interface

May, S. Co Author Listing * 2d Sub-pixel Disparity Measurement Using Qpec / Medicis
* GPU-Accelerated Nearest Neighbor Search for 3D Registration
Includes: May, S. May, S.[Stefan]

May, T. Co Author Listing * Broad-band OFDM radio transmission for multimedia applications
* Combining Computational Models and Interactive Visualization to Support Rational Decision Making
* Error resiliency transcoding and decoding solutions using distributed video coding techniques
* Visual Verification of Hypotheses
Includes: May, T. May, T.[Thorsten] May, T.[Tony]

May, V. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Improving Non-Local Means Operators via Low-Rank Approximation, An

Maya, J.A. Co Author Listing * Closed-Form Approximation for the CDF of the Sum of Independent Random Variables, A

Maya, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * machine-vision system to measure the parameters describing the performance of a Foucault pendulum, A

Mayache, A. Co Author Listing * comparison of image quality models and metrics based on human visual sensitivity, A

Mayasari, R.[Ratna] Co Author Listing * Acceleration Of Topographic Map Production Using Semi-automatic Dtm From Dsm Radar Data

Mayaux, P. Co Author Listing * Congo Basin Forest Cover Change Estimate for 1990, 2000 and 2005 by Landsat Interpretation Using an Automated Object-Based Processing Chain
* Joint Initiative for Harmonization and Validation of Land Cover Datasets, A
* object-based method for mapping and change analysis in mangrove ecosystems, An
* Validation of the Global Land Cover 2000 Map
Includes: Mayaux, P. Mayaux, P.[Philippe]

Maybank, S. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Large-Scale Video Analytics for Enhanced Security: Algorithms and Systems
* Horror Image Recognition Based on Context-Aware Multi-Instance Learning

Maybank, S.J.[Stephen J.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Maybank, S.J.[Stephen J.]: sjmaybank AT dcs bbk ac uk
* 3-D model-based vehicle tracking
* 3D-R Transform on Spatio-temporal Interest Points for Action Recognition
* Active Contour-Based Visual Tracking by Integrating Colors, Shapes, and Motions
* Algorithm for Analysing Optical Flow Based on the Least-Squares Method
* Algorithm-Dependent Generalization Bounds for Multi-Task Learning
* Ambiguity in Reconstruction from Image Correspondences
* Ambiguity in Reconstruction from Images of Six Points
* Angular Velocity Associated with the Optical Flowfield Arising from Motion Through a Rigid Environment, The
* Apparent Area of a Rigid Moving Body
* Application of the Fisher-Rao Metric to Ellipse Detection
* Application of the Fisher-Rao Metric to Structure Detection
* Approximation to the Fisher-Rao metric for the focus of expansion
* Bayesian Tensor Approach for 3-D Face Modeling
* Bin Ratio-Based Histogram Distances and Their Application to Image Classification
* Block covariance based L1 tracker with a subtle template dictionary
* Camera Self-Calibration: Theory and Experiments
* Circular Arcs Fitted on a Riemann Sphere: Reply
* D2C: Deep cumulatively and comparatively learning for human age estimation
* Detection of Image Structures Using the Fisher Information and the Rao Metric
* Discriminant Tracking Using Tensor Representation with Semi-supervised Improvement
* Domain Transfer SVM for video concept detection
* Efficient human pose estimation via parsing a tree structure based human model
* Error Trade-Offs for the Cross-Ratio in Model Based Vision
* Facial expression transfer method based on frequency analysis
* Filter based estimates of depth
* Filter for Car Tracking Based on Acceleration and Steering Angle
* Filter for Visual Tracking Based on a Stochastic Model for Driver Behaviour, A
* filter with a guaranteed asymptotic performance, A
* Finite-dimensional filters
* Fisher-Rao Metric for Curves Using the Information in Edges, A
* Fisher-Rao Metric for Paracatadioptric Images of Lines, A
* Fisher-Rao Metric for Projective Transformations of the Line, The
* Fusing R Features and Local Features with Context-Aware Kernels for Action Recognition
* Fusion of Multiple Tracking Algorithms for Robust People Tracking
* Gait Components and Their Application to Gender Recognition
* General Tensor Discriminant Analysis and Gabor Features for Gait Recognition
* Geometric Mean for Subspace Selection
* Graph Based Discriminative Learning for Robust and Efficient Object Tracking
* GRMA: Generalized Range Move Algorithms for the Efficient Optimization of MRFs
* GRSA: Generalized range swap algorithm for the efficient optimization of MRFs
* Handcrafted vs. learned representations for human action recognition
* Hierarchical aesthetic quality assessment using deep convolutional neural networks
* Human Action Recognition under Log-Euclidean Riemannian Metric
* Human Behavior Analysis Based on a New Motion Descriptor
* Human Carrying Status in Visual Surveillance
* Human Pose Estimation and Tracking via Parsing a Tree Structure Based Human Model
* Image Classification Using Multiscale Information Fusion Based on Saliency Driven Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering
* Image recognition via two-dimensional random projection and nearest constrained subspace
* Improved Hierarchical Dirichlet Process-Hidden Markov Model and Its Application to Trajectory Modeling and Retrieval, An
* Incremental DPMM-Based Method for Trajectory Clustering, Modeling, and Retrieval, An
* Incremental Tensor Subspace Learning and Its Applications to Foreground Segmentation and Tracking
* Intrinsic dimension estimation via nearest constrained subspace classifier
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Event Analysis in Videos, An
* Introduction: Surveillance
* IR and visible image sequence automatic registration method based on optical flow, An
* Kernel-Bayesian Framework for Object Tracking
* Large-Scale Weakly Supervised Object Localization via Latent Category Learning
* Learning Activity Patterns Using Fuzzy Self-Organizing Neural Network
* Learning Enhanced 3d Models for Vehicle Tracking
* Learning Human Actions by Combining Global Dynamics and Local Appearance
* Manifold Regularized Multitask Learning for Semi-Supervised Multilabel Image Classification
* MDL, Colllineations and the Fundamental Matrix
* Method for Interactive 3D Reconstruction of Piercewise Planar Objects from Single Images, A
* Minimum description length method for facet matching
* Modeling Geometric-Temporal Context With Directional Pyramid Co-Occurrence for Action Recognition
* Motion from Point Matches: Multiplicity of Solutions
* Multi-Modal Curriculum Learning for Semi-Supervised Image Classification
* Multi-object tracking via species based particle swarm optimization
* Multi-Perspective Cost-Sensitive Context-Aware Multi-Instance Sparse Coding and Its Application to Sensitive Video Recognition
* Multi-View Multi-Instance Learning Based on Joint Sparse Representation and Multi-View Dictionary Learning
* Multiple Object Tracking Via Species-Based Particle Swarm Optimization
* Nearest Neighbor and the Bayes Error Rates, The
* Occlusion Reasoning for Tracking Multiple People
* On Plane-Based Camera Calibration: A General Algorithm, Singularities, Applications
* Optical Flow and the Taylor Expansion
* Principal Axis-Based Correspondence between Multiple Cameras for People Tracking
* Probabilistic Analysis of the Application of the Cross Ratio to Model-Based Vision
* Probabilistic Analysis of the Application of the Cross Ratio to Model-Based Vision: Misclassification
* projective geometry of ambiguous surfaces, The
* real-time object detecting and tracking system for outdoor night surveillance, A
* Real-Time Tracking of Pedestrians and Vehicles
* Recognition of Pornographic Web Pages by Classifying Texts and Images
* Relation Between 3D Invariants and 2D Invariants
* Rigid Velocities Compatible with Five Image Velocity Vectors
* Robust 3D Face Landmark Localization Based on Local Coordinate Coding
* Robust Detection of Degenerate Configurations for the Fundamental Matrix
* Robust Detection of Degenerate Configurations while Estimating the Fundamental Matrix
* Robust Head Tracking Based on Multiple Cues Fusion in the Kernel-Bayesian Framework
* Robust Tracking System for Low Frame Rate Video, A
* Saliency propagation from simple to difficult
* Salient Object Detection via Structured Matrix Decomposition
* Semantic-Based Surveillance Video Retrieval
* Semi-Supervised Tensor-Based Graph Embedding Learning and Its Application to Visual Discriminant Tracking
* Sequential particle swarm optimization for visual tracking
* Single and Multiple Object Tracking Using a Multi-Feature Joint Sparse Representation
* Single and Multiple Object Tracking Using Log-Euclidean Riemannian Subspace and Block-Division Appearance Model
* Smarter Particle Filter, A
* Spatio-Temporal Self-Organizing Map Deep Network for Dynamic Object Detection from Videos
* Special Issue on Visual Surveillance
* Stereo matching-based definition of saliency via sample-based Kullback-Leibler divergence estimation
* Stochastic Properties of the Cross Ratio
* Survey on Visual Content-Based Video Indexing and Retrieval, A
* Survey on Visual Surveillance of Object Motion and Behaviors, A
* swarm intelligence based searching strategy for articulated 3D human body tracking, A
* System for Learning Statistical Motion Patterns, A
* Theory of Reconstruction from Image Motion
* Theory of Self-Calibration of a Moving Camera, A
* Vehicle Tracking with Applications to Collision Alert
* Vehicle Trajectory Approximation and Classification
* Visual Surveillance for Moving Vehicles
Includes: Maybank, S.J.[Stephen J.] Maybank, S.J. Maybank, S.J.[Steve J.] Maybank, S.J.[Steven J.] Maybank, S.J.[Stephen John]
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Maybeck, P.S. Co Author Listing * Comparative analysis of backpropagation and the extended Kalman filter for training multilayer perceptrons
* Sequence Comparison Techniques for Multisensor Data Fusion and Target Recognition

Mayberry, K. Co Author Listing * Computer analysis of multi-channel SEM and X-ray images from fine particles

Maybodi, B. .M.N.[B. Mazloom Nezhad] Co Author Listing * Efficient levels of spatial pyramid representation for local binary patterns
Includes: Maybodi, B. .M.N.[B. Mazloom Nezhad] Maybodi, B. .M.N.[B. Mazloom-Nezhad]

Maybodi, B.M.N.[Babak Mazloom Nezhad] Co Author Listing * High performance implementation of texture features extraction algorithms using FPGA architecture
Includes: Maybodi, B.M.N.[Babak Mazloom Nezhad] Maybodi, B.M.N.[Babak Mazloom-Nezhad]

Maycock, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Reduction of speckle in digital holography by discrete Fourier filtering
* Speckle reduction using the discrete Fourier filtering technique

Maydan, D. Co Author Listing * Calculating Geometric Properties from Fourier Representation
* Recovering Three-Dimensional Shape from a Single Image of Curved Objects

Maydt, J. Co Author Listing * extended set of Haar-like features for rapid object detection, An

Maye, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Extending the Performance of Human Classifiers Using a Viewpoint Specific Approach

Mayeaux, P.H.[Paul H.] Co Author Listing * Traffic surveillance system

Mayer Patel, K.[Ketan] Co Author Listing * Reference Stream Selection for Multiple Depth Stream Encoding
* Selected Papers from MultiMedia Modeling Conference 2009
Includes: Mayer Patel, K.[Ketan] Mayer-Patel, K.[Ketan]

Mayer, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Mean-Shift Framework for MRI Brain Segmentation, An
* Classification trees for fast segmentation of DTI brain fiber tracts
* Co-registration of White Matter Tractographies by Adaptive-Mean-Shift and Gaussian Mixture Modeling
* Probabilistic Framework for Spatio-Temporal Video Representation & Indexing, A
* Probabilistic Space-Time Video Modeling via Piecewise GMM
* Supervised Framework for the Registration and Segmentation of White Matter Fiber Tracts, A
Includes: Mayer, A. Mayer, A.[Arnaldo]

Mayer, A.L.[Audrey L.] Co Author Listing * Using an OBCD Approach and Landsat TM Data to Detect Harvesting on Nonindustrial Private Property in Upper Michigan

Mayer, B.[Brandon] Co Author Listing * Coupling CRFs and Deformable Models for 3D Medical Image Segmentation

Mayer, B.A.[Brandon A.] Co Author Listing * Change Point Geometry for Change Detection in Surveillance Video
* Duration Dependent Codebooks for Change Detection

Mayer, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Adjusted pixel features for robust facial component classification
* Enhanced interframe wavelet video coding considering the interrelation of spatio-temporal transform and motion compensation
* Face Model Fitting Based on Machine Learning from Multi-Band Images of Facial Components
* Facial Expressions Recognition from Image Sequences
* Glacier Surge of Bivachny Glacier, Pamir Mountains, Observed by a Time Series of High-Resolution Digital Elevation Models and Glacier Velocities, A
* Graphical Model for unifying tracking and classification within a multimodal Human-Robot Interaction scenario, A
* Graphical Models for real-time capable gesture recognition
* Model Based Analysis of Face Images for Facial Feature Extraction
* Model Based Approach for Expressions Invariant Face Recognition, A
* NRT-Monitoring am Vulkanausbruch Eyjafjallajokull (Island) mit TerraSAR-X
* real time system for model-based interpretation of the dynamics of facial expressions, A
* Robustly classifying facial components using a set of adjusted pixel features
* Tailoring Model-Based Techniques to Facial Expression Interpretation
Includes: Mayer, C.[Christoph] Mayer, C.[Claudia] Mayer, C.
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Mayer, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Non-malleable Schemes Resisting Adaptive Adversaries

Mayer, F. Co Author Listing * Retrieving the Bioenergy Potential from Maize Crops Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Mayer, G.[Gerhard] Co Author Listing * Evaluations on multi-scale camera networks for precise and geo-accurate reconstructions from aerial and terrestrial images with user guidance

Mayer, G.S.[Gregory S.] Co Author Listing * Iterated Fourier Transform Systems: A Method for Frequency Extrapolation
* Mathematical Analysis of Phase Ramping for Super-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Self-similarity of Images in the Fourier Domain, with Applications to MRI
Includes: Mayer, G.S.[Gregory S.] Mayer, G.S.

Mayer, H.[Helmut] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Mayer, H.[Helmut]: helmut mayer AT unibw-muenchen de
* 3D Least-Squares-Based Surface Reconstruction
* 3D reconstruction and visualization of urban scenes from uncalibrated wide-baseline image sequences
* Abstraction and Scale-Space Events in Image Understanding
* Analysis of Means to Improve Cooperative Disparity Estimation
* Automated 3D Reconstruction of Urban Areas from Networks of Wide-Baseline Image Sequences
* Automated acquisition of geographic information from scanned maps for GIS using frames and semantic networks
* Automatic Extraction of Roads from Aerial Images Based on Scale Space and Snakes
* Automatic Generation Of Building Models With Levels Of Detail 1-3
* Automatic Generation of Digital Terrain Models from CARTOSAT-1 STEREO IMAGES
* Automatic Object Extraction from Aerial Imagery: A Survey Focusing on Buildings
* Automatic Road Extraction Based on Multi-Scale Modeling, Context, and Snakes
* Automatic Road Extraction Based on Multi-Scale, Grouping, and Context
* Automatic Road Extraction from Multispectral High Resolution Satellite Images
* Automatic Road Extraction in Rural Areas
* Building Facade Interpretation from Image Sequences
* Building facade interpretation from uncalibrated wide-baseline image sequences
* Context-Supported Road Extraction
* Contiguous Patch Segmentation in Pointclouds
* Convolutional Network For Semantic Facade Segmentation And Interpretation, A
* Cornice Detection Using Façade Image and Point Cloud
* CVonline: Road Extraction from Aerial Imagery
* Dense 3D Reconstruction from Wide Baseline Image Sets
* Detection of Critical Camera Configurations for Structure from Motion
* Down to Earth: Using Semantics for Robust Hypothesis Selection for the Five-Point Algorithm
* Efficient Hierarchical Triplet Merging for Camera Pose Estimation
* Empirical Evaluation of Automatically Extracted Road Axes
* Estimation of and View Synthesis with the Trifocal Tensor
* Evaluation of Automatic Road Extraction
* Evaluation of texture energies for classification of façades images
* Extracting Line Features from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Scenes Using a Markov Random Field Model
* Extraction of 3D Unfoliaged Trees from Image Sequences Via a Generative Statistical Approach
* HRSC on Mars Express: Photogrammetric and Cartographic Research
* Image Completion Optimised for Realistic Simulations of Wound Development
* Implicit Shape Models, Model Selection, and Plane Sweeping for 3D Facade Interpretation
* Incremental Division of Very Large Point Clouds for Scalable 3D Surface Reconstruction
* Issues for Image Matching in Structure from Motion
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Scanned Large-Scale Maps Using Multi-Level Modelling
* Level of Detail in 3D Building Reconstruction from LIDAR Data
* MCMC Linked With Implicit Shape Models and Plane Sweeping for 3D Building Facade Interpretation in Image Sequences
* Model-Based Road Extraction from Images
* Multi-Resolution Range Data Fusion for Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction
* Multi-Resolution, Semantic Objects, and Context for Road Extraction
* Multi-Scale and Snakes for Automatic Road Extraction
* New Approach for Line Extraction and its Integration in a Multi-Scale, Multi-Abstraction-Level Road Extraction System, A
* Object extraction in photogrammetric computer vision
* omnidirectional Time-of-Flight camera and its application to indoor SLAM, An
* On Performance Analysis of Optical Flow Algorithms
* Orientation and Auto-Calibration of Image Triplets and Sequences
* Orientation and Dense Reconstruction from Unordered Wide Baseline Image Sets
* Orientation and Dense Reconstruction of Unordered Terrestrial And Aerial Wide Baseline Image Sets
* Photogrammetric Image Analysis
* Road Extraction Focussing on Urban Areas
* Robust Least-Squares Adjustment Based Orientation and Auto-Calibration of Wide-Baseline Image Sequences
* Robust Orientation, Calibration, and Disparity Estimation of Image Triplets
* Role of Grouping for Road Extraction, The
* Scale-Space Events and Their Link to Abstraction for Road Extraction
* Semantic Objects and Context for Finding Roads
* Statistical Building Roof Reconstruction from Worldview-2 Stereo Imagery
* Test of Automatic Road Extraction Approaches, A
* TV Prior for High-Quality Local Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction, A
* TV Prior for High-Quality Scalable Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction, A
* Update of Roads in GIS from Aerial Imagery: Verification and Multi-Resolution Extraction
Includes: Mayer, H.[Helmut] Mayer, H. Mayer, H.[Heinz]
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Mayer, H.A.[Helmut A.] Co Author Listing * ERC: Evolutionary Resample and Combine for Adaptive Parallel Training Data Set Selection

Mayer, I. Co Author Listing * Trabasa: Traditional Architecture Recorded by Means of Building Archaeology in Saudi Arabia: Workshop in Jeddah

Mayer, I.A.[Ingrid A.] Co Author Listing * Early DCE-MRI Changes after Longitudinal Registration May Predict Breast Cancer Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

Mayer, J. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for the computation of the Minkowski functionals of deterministic and random polyconvex sets
* Design of high capacity 3D print codes aiming for robustness to the PS channel and external distortions
* Document Image Processing for Paper Side Communications
* Efficient side information encoding for text hardcopy documents
* Enhancement of lossy compressed images by modeling with Bernstein polynomials
* Estimation of the parameters in regularized simultaneous super-resolution
* Identification of individuals through the morphological processing of the iris
* Multi-Bit Informed Embedding Watermarking with Constant Robustness
* Outlier Robust and Edge-Preserving Simultaneous Super-Resolution
* Pattern identification in dynamical systems via symbolic time series analysis
* Performance Analysis of Text Halftone Modulation
* probabilistic model for flood detection in video sequences, A
* Robust and Computationally Efficient Simultaneous Super-Resolution Scheme for Image Sequences, A
* Simultaneous Super-Resolution for Video Sequences
Includes: Mayer, J. Mayer, J.[Joceli] Mayer, J.[Jeffrey]
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Mayer, J.U.[Joerg U.] Co Author Listing * 64 kbit/s Videophone codec with forward analysis and control, A

Mayer, K.[Konrad] Co Author Listing * Classification of coins using an eigenspace approach
* Print Process Separation Using Interest Regions
* Region based matching for print process identification
* Semi-automatic identification of print layers from a sequence of sample images: A case study from banknote print inspection

Mayer, K.J.[Konrad J.] Co Author Listing * High-speed line-scan camera with multi-line CMOS color sensor
* Point correlation: a reduced-cost template matching technique
* SPOT: Development tool for software pipeline optimization for VLIW-DSPs used in real-time image processing
Includes: Mayer, K.J.[Konrad J.] Mayer, K.J.

Mayer, M. Co Author Listing * Accurate Estimation of Atmospheric Water Vapor Using GNSS Observations and Surface Meteorological Data
* Realistic and Easy-to-Implement Weighting Model for GPS Phase Observations, A

Mayer, N.[Naama] Co Author Listing * Automatically identifying join candidates in the Cairo Genizah
* DeMoN: Depth and Motion Network for Learning Monocular Stereo
* FlowNet 2.0: Evolution of Optical Flow Estimation with Deep Networks
* Identifying Join Candidates in the Cairo Genizah
* Large Dataset to Train Convolutional Networks for Disparity, Optical Flow, and Scene Flow Estimation, A
Includes: Mayer, N.[Naama] Mayer, N. Mayer, N.[Nikolaus]

Mayer, R. Co Author Listing * Object detection by using whitening/dewhitening to transform target signatures in multitemporal hyperspectral and multispectral imagery
* Object detection using transformed signatures in multitemporal hyperspectral imagery
* Segmentation approach and comparison to hyperspectral object detection algorithms

Mayer, R.W.[Robert W.] Co Author Listing * Infeed log scanning for lumber optimization

Mayer, S. Co Author Listing * Constrained Optimization of Building Contours from High-resolution Ortho-images
* Extraction of Tree Groups from High-resolution Digital Surface Models
* Gradient based splitting of blocks of houses in high-resolution ortho-images
* Online Driver Distraction Detection Using Long Short-Term Memory

Mayer, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * parallel H.264/SVC encoder for high definition video conferencing, A

Mayerhofer, A. Co Author Listing * Biometric hash based on statistical features of online signatures
* Transitivity based enrollment strategy for signature verification systems

Mayerhofer, M.[Manfred] Co Author Listing * Novel HDR Depth Camera for Real-Time 3D 360 deg Panoramic Vision, A

Mayerjak, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Imaging lidar system

Mayham, W.[Wade] Co Author Listing * Extracting complex lesion phenotypes in Zea mays
* opinion on imaging challenges in phenotyping field crops, An

Mayhew, C.A.[Christopher A.] Co Author Listing * Image segmentation by means of temporal parallax difference induction

Mayhew, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Parallel 3D Vision System, A

Mayhew, J.E.W.[John E.W.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Mayhew, J.E.W.[John E.W.]: J E Mayhew AT sheffield ac uk
* 3D Model Recognition from Stereoscopic Cues
* Amplification of Textural Differences, The
* ANIT: A System for Perceptual Subsumption and Intelligent Vision Systems
* Computational Model of Binocular Depth Derception, A
* Computational Model of Binocular Depth Perception, A
* Consistency Maintenance in the Revgraph Environment
* Data Fusion Using an MLP
* Docking for mobile robots
* Estimating Mean Disparity of Stereo Images Using Shift-trials of Phase Differences
* Experiments in Vehicle Control Using Predictive Feed-Forward Stereo
* Exploiting Image-Plane Data in the Interpretation of Edge-Based Binocular Disparity
* Geometrical Modeling from Multiple Stereo Views
* Ground Plane Motion Parameter Estimation for Non-circular Paths
* Ground Plane Obstacle Detection of Stereo Vision under Variable Camera Geometry Using Neural Nets
* Ground Plane Obstacle Detection Under Variable Camera Geometry Using a Predictive Stereo Matcher
* Layered Architecture for the Control of Micro Saccadic Tracking of a Stereo Camera Head
* Matching Geometrical Descriptions in Three-Space
* Model-driven Active Visual Tracking
* Model-Driven Stereo Correspondence Algorithm Using Dynamic Programming, A
* Note on Some Phase Differencing Algorithms for Disparity Estimation, A
* Obtaining Viewing Distance and Angle of Gaze from Vertical Disparity Using a Hough-Type Accumulator
* Optimal Combination of Multiple Sensors Including Stereo Vision
* Optimal Combination of Stereo Camera Calibration from Arbitrary Stereo Images
* PLINC Algorithm: Pattern Location in Noisy Contexts
* PMF: A Stereo Correspondence Algorithm Using a Disparity Gradient Limit
* Psychophysical and Computational Studies towards a Theory of Human Stereopsis
* Recovering Partial 3D Wire Frame Descriptions from Stereo Data
* Segmentation and Description of Binocularly Viewed Contours
* Segmentation of planar curves using local and global behaviour analysis
* Stereopsis, Vertical Disparity and Relief Transformations
* Stereoscopic Recovery and Description of Smooth Textured Surfaces
* Stochastic Framework for Object Localisation, A
* Switcher: A Stereo Algorithm for Ground Plane Obstacle Detection
* Tina: A 3D Vision System for Pick and Place
* Uncalibrated Relief Reconstruction and Model Alignment from Binocular Disparities
* Use of Geometric Histograms for Model-Based Object Recognition, The
Includes: Mayhew, J.E.W.[John E.W.] Mayhew, J.E.W. Mayhew, J.E.W.[John E. W.]
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Mayhew, M.B. Co Author Listing * Assessing semantic information in convolutional neural network representations of images via image annotation

Maymon, S. Co Author Listing * Viterbi Algorithm for Subset Selection, The

Maynard, J.A.[Jeffrey A.] Co Author Listing * Validation of Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Satellite Products for Coral Bleaching Monitoring

Maynard, M.L.[Michelle L.] Co Author Listing * Effect of rod-cone interactions on mesopic visual performance mediated by chromatic and luminance pathways

Maynard, N. Co Author Listing * Combining Photogrammetry and Augmented Reality Towards an Integrated Facility Management System for the Oil Industry

Maynard, Y. Co Author Listing * Combining Photogrammetry and Augmented Reality Towards an Integrated Facility Management System for the Oil Industry

Maynez, L.O.[L. Ortega] Co Author Listing * Noise Reduction in Small-Animal PET Images Using a Multiresolution Transform

Maynord, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Image Surveillance Assistant

Mayntz, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Blur Identification Using a Spectral Inertia Tensor and Spectral Zeros

Mayo, A. Co Author Listing * Retinopathy Online Challenge: Automatic Detection of Microaneurysms in Digital Color Fundus Photographs

Mayo, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition Using Multiview Keypoint Matching
* Adaptive Feature Thresholding for off-line signature verification
* Enhanced Spatial Pyramid Matching Using Log-Polar-Based Image Subdivision and Representation
* Improving Bag-of-Words model with spatial information
* Improving face gender classification by adding deliberately misaligned faces to the training data
* Pattern discovery for object categorization
* SIFTing the Relevant from the Irrelevant: Automatically Detecting Objects in Training Images
Includes: Mayo, M.[Michael] Mayo, M.[Mike]
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Mayo, R. Co Author Listing * Time and energy modeling of an INTRA-ONLY HEVC encoder

Mayo, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Venation Pattern Analysis of Leaf Images

Mayo, S.J.[Simon Joseph] Co Author Listing * How deep learning extracts and learns leaf features for plant classification

Mayol Cuevas, W.[Walterio] Co Author Listing * Correspondence, Matching and Recognition
* Dominant plane recognition in interior scenes from a single image
* SEMBED: Semantic Embedding of Egocentric Action Videos
* You-Do, I-Learn: Egocentric unsupervised discovery of objects and their modes of interaction towards video-based guidance
Includes: Mayol Cuevas, W.[Walterio] Mayol-Cuevas, W.[Walterio] Mayol-Cuevas, W.

Mayol Cuevas, W.W.[Walterio W.] Co Author Listing * 6D Relocalisation for RGBD Cameras Using Synthetic View Regression
* Adaptive Sampling for Feature Detection, Tracking, and Recognition on Mobile Platforms
* Appearance Based Indexing for Relocalisation in Real-Time Visual SLAM
* Discovering Planes and Collapsing the State Space in Visual SLAM
* Egocentric Visual Event Classification with Location-Based Priors
* High level activity recognition using low resolution wearable vision
* Hotspots detection for machine operation in egocentric vision
* Interaction between hand and wearable camera in 2d and 3d environments
* Multi-User Egocentric Online System for Unsupervised Assistance on Object Usage
* On the Choice and Placement of Wearable Vision Sensors
* Real-Time and Robust Monocular SLAM Using Predictive Multi-resolution Descriptors
* Real-time Learning and Detection of 3D Texture-less Objects: A Scalable Approach
* Real-Time Model-Based SLAM Using Line Segments
* Robust Feature Descriptors for Efficient Vision-Based Tracking
* Robust Real-Time Visual SLAM Using Scale Prediction and Exemplar Based Feature Description
* SUSurE: Speeded Up Surround Extrema feature detector and descriptor for realtime applications
* Tracking with general regression
* Visual Mapping and Multi-modal Localisation for Anywhere AR Authoring
* You-Do, I-Learn: Discovering Task Relevant Objects and their Modes of Interaction from Multi-User Egocentric Video
Includes: Mayol Cuevas, W.W.[Walterio W.] Mayol-Cuevas, W.W.[Walterio W.] Mayol-Cuevas, W.W.
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Mayor, Y.G.[Yandy G.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Error in IMERG Precipitation Estimates under Different Topographic Conditions and Temporal Scales over Mexico

Mayoral, A.[Alfredo] Co Author Listing * Highest Gradient Model: A New Method for Analytical Assessment of the Efficiency of LiDAR-Derived Visualization Techniques for Landform Detection and Mapping, The

Mayoral, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of correspondence errors for stereo
* Evaluation of correspondence errors for stereo
* Improving seismic horizon matching by ordinal measures
Includes: Mayoral, R.[Rafael] Mayoral, R.

Mayoral, S.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic LightBeam Controller for driver assistance

Mayoraz, E. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Face Verification Results on the XM2VTS Database
* Fusion of Face and Speech Data for Person Identity Verification

Mayoraz, R. Co Author Listing * case example for laser data treatment to study rocky faces with protection barriers, A

Mayorga, P. Co Author Listing * Overview of compression and packet loss effects in speech biometrics

Mayorga, P.P.[Pedro P.] Co Author Listing * Computing the ¿-Channel with Probabilistic Segmentation for Image Colorization
* Quadratic Markovian Probability Fields for Image Binary Segmentation

Mayorquim, J.L. Co Author Listing * Perception Sensor for a Mobile Robot

Mayosi, B.M. Co Author Listing * Tracking Myocardial Motion From Cine DENSE Images Using Spatiotemporal Phase Unwrapping and Temporal Fitting

Mayoue, A. Co Author Listing * BioSecure signature evaluation campaign (BSEC'2009): Evaluating online signature algorithms depending on the quality of signatures
* Fingerprint and On-Line Signature Verification Competitions at ICB 2009
Includes: Mayoue, A. Mayoue, A.[Aurélien]

Mayouf, M.A.[Mabroka Ali] Co Author Listing * Using Animation in Active Learning Tool to Detect Possible Attacks in Cryptographic Protocols

Mayoura, K.[Kichenakoumar] Co Author Listing * Steganalysis of Multi Bit Plane Image Steganography
* Universal JPEG Steganalysis in the Compressed Frequency Domain

Mayr, J.[Jakob] Co Author Listing * Semantic Segmentation Based Traffic Light Detection at Day and at Night

Mayr, M.J.[Manuel J.] Co Author Listing * Comparing the Dry Season In-Situ Leaf Area Index (LAI) Derived from High-Resolution RapidEye Imagery with MODIS LAI in a Namibian Savanna

Mayr, W. Co Author Listing * Experiences with Light Weight Fixed Wing Aerial Mapping UAVs
* Learning to recognize generic visual categories using a hybrid structural approach
* New Modelling Technique for Object-Oriented Photogrammetric Computer Vision Algorithms, A
* Recognition and Learning With Polymorphic Structural Components
Includes: Mayr, W. Mayr, W.[Werner]

Mayraz, G.[Guy] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Handwritten Digits Using Hierarchical Products of Experts

Mayrhofer Reinhartshuber, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Multiscale analysis of tortuosity in retinal images using wavelets and fractal methods
Includes: Mayrhofer Reinhartshuber, M.[Michael] Mayrhofer-Reinhartshuber, M.[Michael]

Mayrhofer, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Automated Quality Inspection of Microfluidic Chips Using Morphologic Techniques

Mayrhofer, M. Co Author Listing * Motion Scaling for High-Performance Driving Simulators

Mayron, L.M.[Liam M.] Co Author Listing * Using a game to evaluate image retrieval, organization, and annotation

Mays, J.[Joe] Co Author Listing * Augmented transit maps

Mayster, Y.[Yan] Co Author Listing * Approximating a set of points by a step function

Mayunga, S.D. Co Author Listing * Semi-Automatic Building Extraction utilizing Quickbird Imagery

Mayya, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Embedded system for real-time human motion detection

Mayya, N. Co Author Listing * Efficient Shape Representation Scheme Using Voronoi Skeletons, An
* Voronoi Diagrams of Polygons: A Framework for Shape Representation

Mayyala, Q. Co Author Listing * Structure-Based Subspace Method for Multichannel Blind System Identification

Mayzels, V.[Viki] Co Author Listing * On SIFTs and their scales
* SIFTing Through Scales

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