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McLachlan, G.J. Co Author Listing * Asymptotic error rates of the W and Z statistics when the training observations are dependent
* Bias associated with the discriminant analysis approach to the estimation of mixing proportions
* Block Minorization-Maximization Algorithm for Heteroscedastic Regression, A
* Discriminant Analysis and Statistical Pattern Recognition
* Discrimination with autocorrelated observations
* EM Algorithm and Extensions, The
* Error rate estimation on the basis of posterior probabilities
* False Discovery Rate Control in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies via Markov Random Fields
* Further results on discrimination with autocorrelated observations
* Further results on the effect of intraclass correlation among training samples in discriminant analysis
* Maximum likelihood clustering via normal mixture models
* Mixfit: An Algorithm for the Automatic Fitting and Testing of Normal Mixture Models
* Mixtures of Factor Analyzers with Common Factor Loadings: Applications to the Clustering and Visualization of High-Dimensional Data
* Multivariate Skew t-Mixture Models: Applications to Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting Data
* note on the choice of a weighting function to give an efficient method for estimating the probability of misclassification, A
* Simple Parallel EM Algorithm for Statistical Learning via Mixture Models, A
* Some asymptotic results on the effect of autocorrelation on the error rates of the sample linear discriminant function
* Spatial False Discovery Rate Control for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies
* Speeding up the EM algorithm for mixture model-based segmentation of magnetic resonance images
Includes: McLachlan, G.J. McLachlan, G.J.[Geoff J.] McLachlan, G.J.[Geoffrey J.]
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McLachlan, R.I.[Robert I.] Co Author Listing * Geodesic Warps by Conformal Mappings

McLain, T.[Timothy] Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of Vision-Based Navigation and Landing on a Rotorcraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

McLain, T.W. Co Author Listing * Decentralized Cooperative Aerial Surveillance Using Fixed-Wing Miniature UAVs

McLaine, R.[Raymond] Co Author Listing * Methods and apparatus for zooming during capture and reproduction of 3-dimensional images

McLane, J.C.[Jonathan C.] Co Author Listing * Ubiquitous Interactive Visualization of 3-D Mantle Convection through Web Applications Using Java

McLaren, D.J. Co Author Listing * Gradient detection in discrete log-polar images

McLaren, D.L.[David L.] Co Author Listing * Variable bit-rate source modelling of ATM-based video services

McLaren, G.[Gina] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of objects in a biological sample

McLaren, K.[Kurt] Co Author Listing * Plant Species Discrimination in a Tropical Wetland Using In Situ Hyperspectral Data

McLaren, M.[Mitchell] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Impostor Selection for T-Norm Score Normalisation and the Background Dataset in SVM-Based Speaker Verification
* Scatter Difference NAP for SVM Speaker Recognition
* Session variability modelling for face authentication
* Spotting Audio-Visual Inconsistencies (SAVI) in Manipulated Video
* SVM Speaker Verification Using Session Variability Modelling and GMM Supervectors
* Total variability modelling for face verification
Includes: McLaren, M.[Mitchell] Mclaren, M. McLaren, M.

McLaren, R. Co Author Listing * Uncertainty Management for Rule-Based Systems with Applications to Image Analysis

McLaren, R.W. Co Author Listing * Survey of Preprocessing and Feature Extraction Techniques for Radiographic Images, A

McLauchlan, P. Co Author Listing * Bundle Adjustment: A Modern Synthesis
* Error Propagation from Camera Motion to Epipolar Constraint
* Knowledge Source for Describing Stereoscopically Viewed Textured Surfaces
* Real Time Computer Vision System for Measuring Traffic Parameters, A
* Reconstruction of Scene Models from Sparse 3D Structure
* Statistical Geometric Framework for Reconstruction of Scene Models, A
Includes: McLauchlan, P. McLauchlan, P.[Phil]

McLauchlan, P.F.[Philip F.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: McLauchlan, P.F.[Philip F.]: P McLauchlan AT eim surrey ac uk
* Active Camera Calibration for a Head-Eye Platform Using the Variable State-Dimension Filter
* Batch/Recursive Algorithm for 3D Scene Reconstruction, A
* Coarse Image Motion for Saccade Control
* Driving Saccade to Pursuit Using Image Motion
* Gauge Invariance in Projective 3D Reconstruction
* Hardware Development of the Yorick Series of Active Vision Systems
* Image mosaicing using sequential bundle adjustment
* Image Mosaicing using Sequential Bundle Adjustments
* Modular Head/Eye Platform for Real-Time Reactive Vision, A
* Pipe-Group Architecture Real Time Active Vision, The
* Reactions to Peripheral Image Motion Using a Head/Eye Platform
* Recursive Affine Structure and Motion from Image Sequences
* Saccade and Pursuit on an Active Head Eye Platform
* Stereoscopic Recovery and Description of Smooth Textured Surfaces
* Unifying Framework for Structure and Motion Recovery from Image Sequences, A
* Vision for Longitudinal Vehicle Control
Includes: McLauchlan, P.F.[Philip F.] Mclauchlan, P.F. McLauchlan, P.F.
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McLaughlin, D. Co Author Listing * multi-resolution approach for imaging hydraulic conductivity, A

McLaughlin, D.J. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Self-Consistency Principle for Calibration of the CASA Radar Network Using Properties of the Observed Precipitation Medium

McLaughlin, K. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Sensor Information System For Public Transport: To Safely Go ...

McLaughlin, L.[Linda] Co Author Listing * Reduced-reference quality assessment with scalable overhead for video with packet loss

McLaughlin, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * 3D Open-surface Shape Correspondence for Statistical Shape Modeling: Identifying Topologically Consistent Landmarks
* Extension of no-reference deblurring methods through image fusion
* Immersidata Analysis: Four Case Studies
* Medical image segmentation using multi-scale and super-resolution method
Includes: McLaughlin, M.[Michael] McLaughlin, M. McLaughlin, M.[Margaret]

McLaughlin, M.J. Co Author Listing * Modified deconvolution using wavelet image fusion
* Multi-resolution deblurring

McLaughlin, N. Co Author Listing * Data-augmentation for reducing dataset bias in person re-identification
* Dense Multiperson Tracking with Robust Hierarchical Linear Assignment
* Enhancing Linear Programming with Motion Modeling for Multi-target Tracking
* Largest Matching Areas for Illumination and Occlusion Robust Face Recognition
* Online multiperson tracking with occlusion reasoning and unsupervised track motion model
* Person Reidentification Using Deep Convnets With Multitask Learning
* Recurrent Convolutional Network for Video-Based Person Re-identification
* Robust Multimodal Person Identification With Limited Training Data
Includes: McLaughlin, N. McLaughlin, N.[Niall]
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McLaughlin, R. Co Author Listing * temporally coherent neural algorithm for artistic style transfer, A

McLaughlin, R.A.[Robert A.] Co Author Listing * email: McLaughlin, R.A.[Robert A.]: ram AT ee uwa edu au
* Comparison of a Similarity-Based and a Feature-Based 2-D to 3-D Registration Method for Neurointerventional Use, A
* Hough Transform Versus the UpWrite, The
* Inference of Structure: Hands
* Intensity-based 2-D-3-D registration of cerebral angiograms
* Randomized Hough Transform: Improved Ellipse Detection with Comparison
Includes: McLaughlin, R.A.[Robert A.] McLaughlin, R.A.

McLaughlin, S. Co Author Listing * Bayesian approach for the multifractal analysis of spatio-temporal data, A
* Bayesian joint estimation of the multifractality parameter of image patches using gamma Markov Random Field priors
* Exploiting Information Geometry to Improve the Convergence of Nonparametric Active Contours
* Fast Unsupervised Bayesian Image Segmentation With Adaptive Spatial Regularisation
* Lidar Waveform-Based Analysis of Depth Images Constructed Using Sparse Single-Photon Data
* Non-linear Filtering for Broadcast Television: a Real-time FPGA Implementation
* Nonlinear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images: Models and Algorithms
* Residual Component Analysis of Hyperspectral Images: Application to Joint Nonlinear Unmixing and Nonlinearity Detection
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McLaughlin, S.W.[Steven W.] Co Author Listing * Automatic joint classification and segmentation of whole cell 3D images
* Conditional Entropy-Constrained Trellis-Coded RVQ with Application to Image Coding
* Jointly optimized trellis-coded residual vector quantization
* Scalable diagnosis in IP networks using path-based measurement and inference: A learning framework
Includes: McLaughlin, S.W.[Steven W.] McLaughlin, S.W.

McLaughlin, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Multi-institutional Collaboration in Delivery of Team-Project-Based Computer Graphics Studio Courses

McLaughlin, T.M.[Thomas M.] Co Author Listing * Method for capturing, measuring and analyzing motion

McLean, A.W.[Alistair William] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for generating models of individuals

McLean, C.R. Co Author Listing * Analog Relaxation Processor, An

McLean, D. Co Author Listing * Detection and Analysis of Irregular Streaks in Dermoscopic Images of Skin Lesions
* objective quality assessment technique for digital image sequences, An

McLean, G.F. Co Author Listing * Codebook Edge Detection
* Geometric Correction of Digitized Art
* Hierarchical Edge Detection
* Line-Based Correction of Radial Lens Distortion
* Projective Invariants and the Correspondence Problem
* Vanishing Point Detection by Line Clustering
* Vanishing Point Matching
* Vector Quantization for Texture Classification
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McLean, L.[Linda] Co Author Listing * Imaging-Based Computation of the Dynamics of Pelvic Floor Deformation and Strain Visualization Analysis

McLean, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Identifying Witness Accounts from Social Media Using Imagery

McLeish, K. Co Author Listing * study of the motion and deformation of the heart due to respiration, A

McLeish, T.C.B.[Tom C. B.] Co Author Listing * Color-coordinate system from a 13th-century account of rainbows
* three-dimensional color space from the 13th century, A

McLennan, G. Co Author Listing * Image-guided Endoscopy for Lung-cancer Assessment
* In vivo assessment of alveolar morphology using a flexible catheter-based confocal microscope
* Intrathoracic airway trees: segmentation and airway morphology analysis from low-dose CT scans
* Matching and anatomical labeling of human airway tree
* MDCT-Based 3-D Texture Classification of Emphysema and Early Smoking Related Lung Pathologies
* Segmentation and analysis of the human airway tree from three-dimensional X-ray CT images
* Three-Dimensional Path Planning for Virtual Bronchoscopy
* Videoendoscopic distortion correction and its application to virtual guidance of endoscopy
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McLeod, A.J.[A. Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Directed Acyclic Graph Continuous Max-Flow Image Segmentation for Unconstrained Label Orderings
* Engineering Feature Description in Mechanical Engineering Design
* Stereoscopic Motion Magnification in Minimally-Invasive Robotic Prostatectomy
* Vision-Based Surgical Field Defogging
Includes: McLeod, A.J.[A. Jonathan] McLeod, A.J.

McLeod, C.N. Co Author Listing * Generation of anisotropic-smoothness regularization filters for EIT

McLeod, K.[Kristin] Co Author Listing * Improving Understanding of Long-Term Cardiac Functional Remodelling via Cross-Sectional Analysis of Polyaffine Motion Parameters
* Multiple Kernel Learning Framework to Investigate the Relationship Between Ventricular Fibrillation and First Myocardial Infarction, A
* Spatio-Temporal Tensor Decomposition of a Polyaffine Motion Model for a Better Analysis of Pathological Left Ventricular Dynamics

McLeod, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Global seamline networks for orthomosaic generation via local search
* novel soft cluster neural network for the classification of suspicious areas in digital mammograms, A
Includes: McLeod, P.[Philip] McLeod, P.[Peter]

McLernon, D. Co Author Listing * PHY Layer Security Based on Protected Zone and Artificial Noise
* Using Curvelet transform for watermarking based on amplitude modulation
Includes: McLernon, D. McLernon, D.[Des]

McLernon, D.C. Co Author Listing * Comparison of the Cross Deleted Wigner Representation and the Matching Pursuit Distribution (Via Adaptive Signal Decomposition)
* High performance 2D parallel block-filtering system for real-time imaging applications using the Sharc ADSP21060
* Relationship between an LPTV system and the equivalent LTI MIMO structure
* Three-dimensional digital filtering algorithm for parallel DSP implementation

McLinden, M.L. Co Author Listing * NASA High-Altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler, The
* Reduced Image Aliasing With Microwave Radiometers and Weather Radar Through Windowed Spatial Averaging

McLoone, S.[Sean] Co Author Listing * Forward Selection Component Analysis: Algorithms and Applications
Includes: McLoone, S.[Sean] McLoone, S.[Seán]

McLoughlin, A.S.[Alison S.] Co Author Listing * Hi4D-ADSIP 3-D dynamic facial articulation database

McLoughlin, C. Co Author Listing * Laughter induction techniques suitable for generating motion capture data of laughter associated body movements
* Perception and Automatic Recognition of Laughter from Whole-Body Motion: Continuous and Categorical Perspectives

McLoughlin, E.[Eoin] Co Author Listing * Knowledge Management System for Intelligent Retrieval of Geo-Spatial Imagery, A

McLoughlin, I. Co Author Listing * Image classification with CNN-based Fisher vector coding

McLoughlin, I.V. Co Author Listing * Extension of proposal of standards for intelligibility tests of Chinese speech: CDRT-tone
* Fourier Transform-Based Scalable Image Quality Measure
* Perceptual audio data concealment and watermarking scheme using direct frequency domain substitution

McLoughlin, K.J. Co Author Listing * Noise Equalization for Detection of Microcalcification Clusters in Direct Digital Mammogram Images

McLoughlin, M.P. Co Author Listing * Deterministic Properties of the Recursive Separable Median Filter
* Theoretical Analysis of the Max/Median Filter

Mcloughlin, S. Co Author Listing * Assessment of stereo camera calibration techniques for a portable mobile mapping system
* Mobile mapping for the automated analysis of road signage and delineation
* Mobile mapping system for the automated detection and analysis of road delineation
Includes: Mcloughlin, S. McLoughlin, S.

McLuckie, B. Co Author Listing * Development of the Brican TD100 Small UAS and Payload Trials

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