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Mehalic, M.A. Co Author Listing * Effects of Architecture Implementation on DFT Algorithm Performance

Mehanen, P. Co Author Listing * Multimedia Video-Based Surveillance Systems

Mehanian, C. Co Author Listing * Computer-Automated Malaria Diagnosis and Quantitation Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Mehanian, M. Co Author Listing * Computer-Automated Malaria Diagnosis and Quantitation Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Mehanna, O. Co Author Listing * Feasible Point Pursuit and Successive Approximation of Non-Convex QCQPs

Mehaoua, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Integrated Framework for Efficient Transport of Real-Time MPEG Video over ATM Best Effort Service, An
* novel monitoring architecture for media services adaptation based on network QoS to perceived QoS mapping, A

Mehar, S. Co Author Listing * Sustainable Transportation Management System for a Fleet of Electric Vehicles

Mehata, K.M. Co Author Listing * 3D image sensing for bit plane method of progressive transmission

Mehdaoui, Y. Co Author Listing * thresholding algorithm for improved split-row decoding method of irregular LDPC codes, A

Mehdi Souzani, C.[Charyar] Co Author Listing * Farman Institute 3D Point Sets: High Precision 3D Data Sets
* Level Set Tree on Meshes, The
Includes: Mehdi Souzani, C.[Charyar] Mehdi-Souzani, C.[Charyar]

Mehdi, C. Co Author Listing * Secure transfer of medical images using hybrid encryption: Authentication, confidentiality, integrity

Mehdi, T.[Tahmid] Co Author Listing * MinMax Radon Barcodes for Medical Image Retrieval

Mehdipour, F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive low-complexity motion estimation algorithm for high efficiency video coding encoder

Mehdizadeh, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * complementary method for automated detection of microaneurysms in fluorescein angiography fundus images to assess diabetic retinopathy, A

Mehdizadeh, M.[Maryam] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised Neighborhood Preserving Discriminant Embedding: A Semi-supervised Subspace Learning Algorithm

Mehdizadeh, S. Co Author Listing * Eigenspace Based Minimum Variance Beamforming Applied to Ultrasound Imaging of Acoustically Hard Tissues

Mehendale, M.M. Co Author Listing * Memory Bandwidth and Power Reduction Using Lossy Reference Frame Compression in Video Encoding

Mehenni, T.[Tahar] Co Author Listing * Data mining from multiple heterogeneous relational databases using decision tree classification

Meher, P.K. Co Author Listing * Area-delay-power-efficient architecture for folded two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform by multiple lifting computation
* Efficient Integer DCT Architectures for HEVC
* Highly Concurrent Reduced-Complexity 2-D Systolic Array for Discrete Fourier Transform
* Memory-Efficient High-Speed Convolution-Based Generic Structure for Multilevel 2-D DWT
* Memory-Efficient High-Speed Convolution-Based Generic Structure for Multilevel 2-D DWT
* Parallel and Pipeline Architectures for High-Throughput Computation of Multilevel 3-D DWT
* Parallel and Pipelined Architectures for Cyclic Convolution by Block Circulant Formulation Using Low-Complexity Short-Length Algorithms
* Scalable Approximate DCT Architectures for Efficient HEVC-Compliant Video Coding
* Self-Configurable Systolic Architecture for Face Recognition System Based on Principal Component Neural Network, A
* Special section on image and video processing for security
* Systolic Designs for DCT Using a Low-Complexity Concurrent Convolutional Formulation
* Zero-quantised discrete cosine transform coefficients prediction technique for intra-frame video encoding
Includes: Meher, P.K. Meher, P.K.[Pramod Kumar]
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Meher, S. Co Author Listing * Detection of Moving Objects Using Fuzzy Color Difference Histogram Based Background Subtraction
* Direction-adaptive fixed length discrete cosine transform framework for efficient H.264/AVC video coding
* Efficient fuzzy composite predictive scheme for effectual 2-D up-sampling of images for multimedia applications
* Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for financial portfolio design
* Quality based illumination compensation for face recognition
* Robust real-time object tracking under background clutter
* Robust video denoising for better subjective evaluation
Includes: Meher, S. Meher, S.[Sukadev]
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Meher, S.K.[Saroj K.] Co Author Listing * Data science, big data and granular mining
* Explicit rough-fuzzy pattern classification model
* novel fuzzy classifier based on product aggregation operator, A
* Remote Sensing Image Classification: A Neuro-fuzzy MCS Approach
* Wavelet-Feature-Based Classifiers for Multispectral Remote-Sensing Images

Mehic, M.[Miralem] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Device-Independent Internet Spatial Location

Mehl, A. Co Author Listing * statistical method for robust 3D surface reconstruction from sparse data, A

Mehl, H. Co Author Listing * Satellite Image Analysis for Disaster and Crisis-Management Support

Mehlan, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * Coding of arbitrarily shaped image segments based on a generalized orthogonal transform

Mehlawat, M.K. Co Author Listing * New Method for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multiattribute Decision Making, A

Mehle, A. Co Author Listing * In-line recognition of agglomerated pharmaceutical pellets with density-based clustering and convolutional neural network
* Print registration for automated visual inspection of transparent pharmaceutical capsules
Includes: Mehle, A. Mehle, A.[Andra˛]

Mehlhorn, K. Co Author Listing * Data Structure and Algorithms 2: Graphs Algorithms and NP-Completeness
* Fast Triangulation of the Plane with Respect to Simple Polygons

Mehmet Ali, M. Co Author Listing * Performance Modeling of Safety Messages Broadcast in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Includes: Mehmet Ali, M. Mehmet-Ali, M.

Mehmood, A.[Asif] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection for Longwave FLIR Imagery Using Kernel Wavelet-RX
* Separation of human and animal seismic signatures using non-negative matrix factorization

Mehmood, I.[Irfan] Co Author Listing * Basis pursuit denoising-based image superresolution using a redundant set of atoms
* Efficient object-based surveillance image search using spatial pooling of convolutional features
* Efficient visual attention based framework for extracting key frames from videos
* Image super-resolution using sparse coding over redundant dictionary based on effective image representations
* Saliency-weighted graphs for efficient visual content description and their applications in real-time image retrieval systems

Mehmood, K. Co Author Listing * Object tracking in surveillance videos using compressed domain features from scalable bit-streams

Mehmood, M.O. Co Author Listing * Exploiting 3D geometric primitives for multicamera pedestrian detection

Mehmood, S.[Shahid] Co Author Listing * embedded architecture for real-time object detection in digital images based on niching particle swarm optimization, An

Mehmood, T.[Tariq] Co Author Listing * Novel and Efficient Feedback Method for Pupil and Iris Localization, A

Mehmood, Z.[Zahid] Co Author Listing * K-Means Based Multiple Objects Tracking with Long-Term Occlusion Handling

Mehner, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Robust Marker-Based Tracking for Measuring Crowd Dynamics

Mehnert, A. Co Author Listing * Fast, Segmentation-Free, Method for Constructing a Biomechanical Model of the Breast from DCE-MRI Data, A
* Improving the Discrimination of Benign and Malignant Breast MRI Lesions Using the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient
* Mutual information-based binarisation of multiple images of an object: An application in medical imaging
* Optimizing Optics and Imaging for Pattern Recognition Based Screening Tasks
* Structural Texture Approach for Characterising Malignancy Associated Changes in Pap Smears Based on Mean-Shift and the Watershed Transform, A
* Two Non-linear Parametric Models of Contrast Enhancement for DCE-MRI of the Breast Amenable to Fitting Using Linear Least Squares
Includes: Mehnert, A. Mehnert, A.[Andrew]

Mehnert, A.J.H.[Andrew J.H.] Co Author Listing * Denoising of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Images Using Dynamic Nonlocal Means
* Feature and Classifier Selection for Automatic Classification of Lesions in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI of the Breast
* Improved Seeded Region Growing Algorithm, An
* On Computing the Exact Euclidean Distance Transform on Rectangular and Hexagonal Grids
* On the Estimation of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Parameters of Optical Microscope Calibration
Includes: Mehnert, A.J.H.[Andrew J.H.] Mehnert, A.J.H.

Mehnert, J. Co Author Listing * Improving the Performance of Brain-Computer Interface Using Multi-modal Neuroimaging
* Integration of Multivariate Data Streams With Bandpower Signals
* Subject-dependent classification for robust idle state detection using multi-modal neuroimaging and data-fusion techniques in BCI
Includes: Mehnert, J. Mehnert, J.[Jan]

Mehra, I.[Isha] Co Author Listing * Gyrator wavelet transform

Mehra, P.S.[Pawan Singh] Co Author Listing * Hand gesture recognition for human computer interaction

Mehra, R. Co Author Listing * Passivity based control of stochastic mechanical system

Mehrabi, M.[Mahdi] Co Author Listing * Fast content access and retrieval of JPEG compressed images

Mehrabian, H. Co Author Listing * Calculation of Intravascular Signal in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced-MRI Using Adaptive Complex Independent Component Analysis

Mehralizadeh, S. Co Author Listing * Documentation Project for the Historical Garden Complex of Mofakham in Bojnourd, IRAN

Mehran, R.[Ramin] Co Author Listing * Abnormal crowd behavior detection using social force model
* Classification of Cinematographic Shots Using Lie Algebra and its Application to Complex Event Recognition
* Human identity recognition in aerial images
* Streakline Representation of Flow in Crowded Scenes, A
* Visual Crowd Surveillance Through a Hydrodynamics Lens

Mehrandezh, M. Co Author Listing * 4-DOF pose estimation of a pipe crawling robot using a Collimated Laser, a conic mirror, and a fish-eye camera
* Mobile-Target Tracking via Highly-Maneuverable VTOL UAVs with EO Vision
Includes: Mehrandezh, M. Mehrandezh, M.[Mehran]

Mehrani, P.[Paria] Co Author Listing * Saliency Segmentation based on Learning and Graph Cut Refinement
* Superpixels and Supervoxels in an Energy Optimization Framework

Mehranian, A. Co Author Listing * Joint Estimation of Activity and Attenuation in Whole-Body TOF PET/MRI Using Constrained Gaussian Mixture Models
* Synergistic PET and SENSE MR Image Reconstruction Using Joint Sparsity Regularization
* X-ray CT Metal Artifact Reduction Using Wavelet Domain L_0 Sparse Regularization

Mehrany, K.[Khashayar] Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional resolvability in an integral imaging system

Mehrasa, N.[Nazanin] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised learning of supervoxel embeddings for video Segmentation

Mehrdad, S. Co Author Listing * Toward Real Time UAVs' Image Mosaicking

Mehri Dehnavi, A. Co Author Listing * Alignment of optic nerve head optical coherence tomography B-scans in right and left eyes
* Automatic detection of exudates and optic disk in retinal images using curvelet transform
* Extraction of retinal blood vessels by curvelet transform
* new curvelet transform based method for extraction of red lesions in digital color retinal images, A
Includes: Mehri Dehnavi, A. Mehri-Dehnavi, A. Mehri Dehnavi, A.[Alireza]

Mehri, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Asymmetry evaluation of fundus images in right and left eyes using radon transform and fractal analysis
* Automatic landmark detection in cephalometry using a modified Active Shape Model with sub image matching

Mehri, M.[Maroua] Co Author Listing * bottom-up method using texture features and a graph-based representation for lettrine recognition and classification, A
* ICDAR2015 competition on smartphone document capture and OCR (SmartDoc)
* Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking of Six Texture-Based Feature Sets for Segmenting Historical Documents
* Pixel Labeling Approach for Historical Digitized Books, A
* structural signature based on texture for digitized historical book page categorization, A
* Texture feature benchmarking and evaluation for historical document image analysis
Includes: Mehri, M.[Maroua] Mehri, M.

Mehrish, A. Co Author Listing * Sensor Pattern Noise Estimation Using Probabilistically Estimated RAW Values

Mehrjou, A.[Arash] Co Author Listing * Improved Bayesian information criterion for mixture model selection
* Separation of multiplicative image components by Bayesian Independent Component Analysis
Includes: Mehrjou, A.[Arash] Mehrjou, A.

Mehrkanoon, S.[Siamak] Co Author Listing * Identifying intervals for hierarchical clustering using the Gershgorin circle theorem

Mehrmohammadi, M. Co Author Listing * Comb-Push Ultrasound Shear Elastography (CUSE) for Evaluation of Thyroid Nodules: Preliminary In Vivo Results

Mehrnejad, M.[Marzieh] Co Author Listing * Towards Robust Identification of Slow Moving Animals in Deep-Sea Imagery by Integrating Shape and Appearance Cues

Mehrotra, A.[Akansha] Co Author Listing * N8(P) detail preserving adaptive filter for impulse noise removal, A

Mehrotra, H.[Hunny] Co Author Listing * Annular Iris Recognition Using SURF
* Biometric match score fusion using RVM: A case study in multi-unit iris recognition
* efficient iris recognition using local feature descriptor, An
* Feature Level Clustering of Large Biometric Database
* Incremental granular relevance vector machine: A case study in multimodal biometrics
* Parallel geometric hashing for robust iris indexing
* Score level fusion of voting strategy of geometric hashing and SURF for an efficient palmprint-based identification
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Mehrotra, K.[Kishan] Co Author Listing * Analyzing images containing multiple sparse patterns with neural networks
* Annotation Tool and XML Representation for Online Indic Data
* Comments on A Jerk Model for Tracking Highly Maneuvering Targets: Reply
* Indian Sign Language Recognition Using Kinect Sensor
* Jerk Model for Tracking Highly Maneuvering Targets, A
* Multi-script Identification from Printed Words
* Writer adaptation of online handwritten recognition using Adaptive RBF Network
Includes: Mehrotra, K.[Kishan] Mehrotra, K.[Kapil] Mehrotra, K.
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Mehrotra, P.[Palak] Co Author Listing * Automated ovarian follicle recognition for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Mehrotra, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Low-level Object Motion Descriptors
* Automatic soccer video analysis and summarization
* Computational Approach to Zero-Crossing-Based Two-Dimensional Edge-Detection
* Corner Detection
* Detecting 3-D Motion Field from Range Image Sequences
* Detection Of Composite Edges
* Edge detection models based on Gabor filters
* Edge detection using orthogonal moment-based operators
* Effective content representation for video
* Efficient Computation of Gabor Filter Based Multiresolution Responses
* Establishing Motion-Based Feature Point Correspondence
* Fade-in and fade-out temporal segments
* Fast spatiotemporal filters
* Gabor Filter-Based Edge Detection
* high-performance shot boundary detection algorithm using multiple cues, A
* High-Speed Systolic Architecture for Labeling Connected Components in an Image, A
* Image Database Management
* Index-Based Object Recognition in Pictorial Data Management
* Industrial part recognition using a component-index
* Integrated semantic-syntactic video event modeling for search and retrieval
* Method and system for object-oriented motion-based video description
* Method for content-based temporal segmentation of video
* Moment-Based Unified Approach to Image Feature Detection, A
* New Zero-Crossing-Based Discontinuity Detector, A
* Optical-Flow Estimation Using Smoothness of Intensity Trajectories
* Optimal Zero-Crossing-Based Discontinuity Detector, An
* Orthogonal Moment Operators for Subpixel Edge Detection
* Range Surface Characterization and Segmentation Using Neural Networks
* Robust color histogram descriptors for video segment retrieval and identification
* Robust Optical Flow Estimation
* Robust Optical-Flow Estimation Using Semi-Invariant Local Features
* Segmentation of Range Images: An Orthogonal Moment-Based Integrated Approach
* Semantics of multimedia in MPEG-7
* Shape Matching Utilizing Indexed Hypothesis Generation and Testing
* Similar-Shape Retrieval in Shape Data Management
* Temporal Segmentation of Video Objects for Hierarchical Object-Based Motion Description
* Trajectory-Based Computational Model for Optical-Flow Estimation, A
* VLSI architecture for difference picture-based dynamic scene analysis, A
* VLSI architecture for dynamic scene analysis, A
* Zernike moment-based feature detectors
* Zero-Crossing-Based Optimal 3-Dimensional Edge Detector, A
Includes: Mehrotra, R. Mehrotra, R.[Rajiv] Mehrotra, R.[Rarv]
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Mehrotra, S. Co Author Listing * 3-D wavelet coding of video with arbitrary regions of support
* Adaptive key frame extraction using unsupervised clustering
* Automatic Matching Tool Selection Using Relevance Feedback in MARS
* Content-Based Image Retrieval with Relevance Feedback in MARS
* Context-assisted face clustering framework with human-in-the-loop
* Context-based person identification framework for smart video surveillance
* Guest Editorial: Cloud-Based Video Processing and Content Sharing
* Intra compression of pixel blocks using predicted mean
* Motion estimation/compensation for screen capture video
* Optimizing FEC Transmission Strategy for Minimizing Delay in Lossless Sequential Streaming
* Predictive Hierarchical Table-Lookup Vector Quantization with Quadtree Encoding
* Query-Driven Approach to Face Clustering and Tagging
* Relevance Feedback Architecture for Content-based Multimedia Information Retrieval Systems, A
* Relevance Feedback: A Power Tool for Interactive Content-Based Image Retrieval
* SEMARTCam scheduler: semantics driven real-time data collection from indoor camera networks to maximize event detection
* Similar Shape Retrieval in MARS
* Summarization of personal photologs using multidimensional content and context
* Text detection in continuous tone image segments
Includes: Mehrotra, S. Mehrotra, S.[Sharad] Mehrotra, S.[Sanjeev]
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Mehrpour, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Block Matching Algorithm for Video Compression
* Adaptive block matching motion estimation algorithm using bit-plane matching
* Error Concealment for MPEG Video Transmissions
* Scene Change Detection Algorithm for MPEG Video Sequence

Mehrseresht, N. Co Author Listing * Adaptively weighted update steps in motion compensated lifting based scalable video compression
* Efficient Content-Adaptive Motion-Compensated 3-D DWT With Enhanced Spatial and Temporal Scalability, An
* Flexible Structure for Fully Scalable Motion-Compensated 3-D DWT With Emphasis on the Impact of Spatial Scalability, A
* Spatial scalability and compression efficiency within a flexible motion compensated 3D-DWT
* Spatially Continuous Orientation Adaptive Discrete Packet Wavelet Decomposition for Image Compression

Mehrshad, N. Co Author Listing * Intelligent feature subset selection with unspecified number for body fat prediction based on binary-GA and Fuzzy-Binary-GA

Mehrshahi, E. Co Author Listing * SINR Enhancement in Colocated MIMO Radar Using Transmit Covariance Matrix Optimization

Mehrubeoglu, M.[Mehrube] Co Author Listing * Guest editorial of the special issue on real-time vision-based motion analysis and intelligent transportation systems
* Real-time eye tracking using a smart camera
* Real-time web-based hyperspectral data viewing and control

Mehta, A.[Aditya] Co Author Listing * Kernel Entropy Discriminant Analysis for Dimension Reduction

Mehta, A.V. Co Author Listing * Transitioning From CRD to CDRD in Bayesian Retrieval of Rainfall From Satellite Passive Microwave Measurements: Part 2. Overcoming Database Profile Selection Ambiguity by Consideration of Meteorological Control on Microphysics

Mehta, D. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Hand Tracking under Occlusion from an Egocentric RGB-D Sensor

Mehta, D.D. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Optical Reconstruction of Vocal Fold Kinematics Using High-Speed Video With a Laser Projection System

Mehta, J.[Janki] Co Author Listing * RODEO: Robust DE-aliasing autoencOder for real-time medical image reconstruction

Mehta, K.[Kartik] Co Author Listing * RBF based spatio-temporal representation technique for video compression

Mehta, K.K.[Kamal K.] Co Author Listing * Multiple object clustering using FCM and K-means algorithms

Mehta, N. Co Author Listing * Autonomous on-board Near Earth Object detection

Mehta, N.A.[Nishant Ajay] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Sign Language from Brain Imaging

Mehta, P.A. Co Author Listing * System for Counting People in Video Images Using Neural Networks to Identify the Background Scene, A

Mehta, R.[Rakesh] Co Author Listing * Dominant Rotated Local Binary Patterns (DRLBP) for texture classification
* Face recognition using scale-adaptive directional and textural features
* Gender Classification by LUT Based Boosting of Overlapping Block Patterns
* hopfield recurrent neural network trained on natural images performs state-of-the-art image compression, A
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Rotation Invariant Texture Description Using Symmetric Dense Microblock Difference
* Single Image Super-Resolution Based on Wiener Filter in Similarity Domain
* Texture Classification Using Dense Micro-Block Difference
* Texture Classification Using Dense Micro-block Difference (DMD)
* Towards visual words to words
Includes: Mehta, R.[Rakesh] Mehta, R.[Ram] Mehta, R.
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Mehta, S.[Sachin] Co Author Listing * 3D content fingerprinting
* Being Aware of the World: Toward Using Social Media to Support the Blind With Navigation
* Directional multi-pass median filter for impulse noise reduction
* new fast approach for skew estimation using moments and wavelet transform, A
* Real-time moving object detection algorithm on high-resolution videos using GPUs
* Region graph based method for multi-object detection and tracking using depth cameras
* Shape Encoded Post Processing of Gurmukhi OCR
Includes: Mehta, S.[Sachin] Mehta, S. Mehta, S.[Sanyam] Mehta, S.[Sarita]
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Mehta, S.H. Co Author Listing * Voxel Selection Framework in Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis of fMRI Data for Prediction of Neural Response to Visual Stimuli

Mehta, S.M.[Shalin M.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Nonlinear Image Enhancement of Gaussian Degraded Images
* H.264/SVC memory architecture supporting spatial and course-grained quality scalabilities, An

Mehta, S.S. Co Author Listing * PEGUS: An Image-Based Robust Pose Estimation Method

Mehtatalo, L. Co Author Listing * Recovering Plot-Specific Diameter Distribution and Height-Diameter Curve Using ALS Based Stand Characteristics
Includes: Mehtatalo, L. Mehtätalo, L. (Maybe also Mehtaetalo, L.)

Mehtre, B.M.[Babu M.] Co Author Listing * Cluster-Based Color Matching for Image Retrieval
* Color and spatial feature for content-based image retrieval
* Color Matching For Image Retrieval
* Content-Based Retrieval for Trademark Registration
* Fingerprint Image Analysis for Automatic Identification
* Segmentation of Fingerprint Images Using the Directional Image
* Segmentation of fingerprint images: A composite method
Includes: Mehtre, B.M.[Babu M.] Mehtre, B.M.
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Mehu, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * first facial expression recognition and analysis challenge, The
* Meta-Analysis of the First Facial Expression Recognition Challenge
* Towards the automatic detection of spontaneous agreement and disagreement based on nonverbal behaviour: A survey of related cues, databases, and tools

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