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Meuel, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Affine Motion-Compensated Prediction in Video Coding
* Illumination change robust, codec independent lowbit rate coding of stereo from singleview aerial video
* In-loop radial distortion compensation for long-term mosaicing of aerial videos
* Low bit rate ROI based video coding for HDTV aerial surveillance video sequences
* Mesh-based global motion compensation for robust mosaicking and detection of moving objects in aerial surveillance
* Rate-Distortion Theory for Affine Global Motion Compensation in Video Coding
* Robust Long-Term Aerial Video Mosaicking by Weighted Feature-Based Global Motion Estimation
* Stereo mosaicking and 3D-video for singleview HDTV aerial sequences using a low bit rate ROI coding framework
* Superpixel-based segmentation of moving objects for low bitrate ROI coding systems
Includes: Meuel, H. Meuel, H.[Holger]
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