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Mia, R.S. Co Author Listing * Detection of microcalcifications in mammograms using eyetrack data

Miadowicz, J.Z.[Jedrzej Z.] Co Author Listing * Real time repeated video sequence identification
* Story tracking in video news broadcasts

Miah, S. Co Author Listing * Design of multidimensional sensor fusion system for road pavement inspection
* Evaluation of MEMS sensors accuracy for bicycle tracking and positioning

Mialon, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Dobson and Mironov Dielectric Models in the SMOS Soil Moisture Retrieval Algorithm
* Comparison of Two Bare-Soil Reflectivity Models and Validation With L-Band Radiometer Measurements
* Correction to Evaluating an improved parameterization of the soil emission in L-MEB [Apr 11 1177-1189]
* Evaluating the Semiempirical H-Q Model Used to Calculate the L-Band Emissivity of a Rough Bare Soil
* Long Term Global Surface Soil Moisture Fields Using an SMOS-Trained Neural Network Applied to AMSR-E Data
* Modeling L-Band Brightness Temperature at Dome C in Antarctica and Comparison With SMOS Observations
* SMOS-IC: An Alternative SMOS Soil Moisture and Vegetation Optical Depth Product
Includes: Mialon, A. Mialon, A.[Arnaud]
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Mian, A.[Ajmal] Co Author Listing * 3D Action Recognition from Novel Viewpoints
* Action Classification with Locality-Constrained Linear Coding
* Adaptive spectral reflectance recovery using spatio-spectral support from hyperspectral images
* Automatic 4D Facial Expression Recognition Using DCT Features
* Automatic ink mismatch detection for forensic document analysis
* Bayesian sparse representation for hyperspectral image super resolution
* Biometric authentication system using retinal vessel pattern and geometric hashing
* Biometric Security Application for Person Authentication Using Retinal Vessel Feature
* Discriminative Bayesian Dictionary Learning for Classification
* Discriminative human action classification using locality-constrained linear coding
* Distance metric learning for pattern recognition
* Efficient classification with sparsity augmented collaborative representation
* Facial Self Similarity for Sketch to Photo Matching
* Fully automatic 3D facial expression recognition using local depth features
* Futuristic Greedy Approach to Sparse Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data
* Gradient based efficient feature selection
* Guest Editorial: Language in Vision
* Hierarchical Beta Process with Gaussian Process Prior for Hyperspectral Image Super Resolution
* Histogram of Oriented Principal Components for Cross-View Action Recognition
* HOPC: Histogram of Oriented Principal Components of 3D Pointclouds for Action Recognition
* Hyperspectral Document Imaging: Challenges and Perspectives
* Hyperspectral Face Recognition using 3D-DCT and Partial Least Squares
* Hyperspectral Face Recognition With Spatiospectral Information Fusion and PLS Regression
* Hyperspectral Imaging for Ink Mismatch Detection
* Joint Discriminative Bayesian Dictionary and Classifier Learning
* Joint Group Sparse PCA for Compressed Hyperspectral Imaging
* Learning a non-linear knowledge transfer model for cross-view action recognition
* Localized Deep Extreme Learning Machines for Efficient RGB-D Object Recognition
* Localized forgery detection in hyperspectral document images
* Modeling 2D Appearance Evolution for 3D Object Categorization
* Modeling Sub-Event Dynamics in First-Person Action Recognition
* RCMF: Robust Constrained Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Real time action recognition using histograms of depth gradients and random decision forests
* Recent Advances on Singlemodal and Multimodal Face Recognition: A Survey
* Regularization techniques for high-dimensional data analysis
* Regularized Least-Squares Coding with Unlabeled Dictionary for Image-Set Based Face Recognition
* Regularized Least-Squares Coding with Unlabeled Dictionary for Image-Set Based Face Recognition
* Repeated constrained sparse coding with partial dictionaries for hyperspectral unmixing
* Sparse Spatio-spectral Representation for Hyperspectral Image Super-resolution
* SUnGP: A Greedy Sparse Approximation Algorithm for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Unsupervised iterative manifold alignment via local feature histograms
* Unsupervised manifold alignment using soft-assign technique
Includes: Mian, A.[Ajmal] Mian, A.
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Mian, A.S.[Ajmal S.] Co Author Listing * 2D and 3D Multimodal Hybrid Face Recognition
* 3D face recognition using topographic high-order derivatives
* 3D face reconstruction from images under arbitrary illumination using Support Vector Regression
* 3D Recognition and Segmentation of Objects in Cluttered Scenes
* Automatic 3D Face Detection, Normalization and Recognition
* Biologically Significant Facial Landmarks: How Significant Are They for Gender Classification?
* Comparison of Visible, Thermal Infra-Red and Range Images for Face Recognition
* Contour Code: Robust and efficient multispectral palmprint encoding for human recognition
* Correlation based speech-video synchronization
* Deep, dense and accurate 3D face correspondence for generating population specific deformable models
* Dynamic Texture Comparison Using Derivative Sparse Representation: Application to Video-Based Face Recognition
* Efficient Detection and Recognition of 3D Ears
* Efficient Multimodal 2D-3D Hybrid Approach to Automatic Face Recognition, An
* Expression Deformation Approach to Non-rigid 3D Face Recognition, An
* Face Recognition Using 2D and 3D Multimodal Local Features
* Face Recognition Using Contourlet Transform and Multidirectional Illumination from a Computer Screen
* Face Recognition Using Sparse Approximated Nearest Points between Image Sets
* Fast and Fully Automatic Ear Recognition Approach Based on 3D Local Surface Features, A
* Fuzzy Morphology for Edge Detection and Segmentation
* Hierarchical Sparse Spectral Clustering For Image Set Classification
* Human Body Pose Estimation from Still Images and Video Frames
* Hybrid Image Quality Measure for Automatic Image Quality Assessment, A
* Illumination Normalization for Color Face Images
* Illumination normalization of facial images by reversing the process of image formation
* Image Set Based Face Recognition Using Self-Regularized Non-Negative Coding and Adaptive Distance Metric Learning
* Integration of local and global geometrical cues for 3D face recognition
* Interest-point Based Face Recognition from Range Images
* Keypoint Detection and Local Feature Matching for Textured 3D Face Recognition
* Keypoint Identification and Feature-Based 3D Face Recognition
* Matching Tensors for Automatic Correspondence and Registration
* Matching Tensors for Pose Invariant Automatic 3D Face Recognition
* Multibiometric human recognition using 3D ear and face features
* Novel Representation and Feature Matching Algorithm for Automatic Pairwise Registration of Range Images, A
* On Decomposing an Unseen 3D Face into Neutral Face and Expression Deformations
* On the Repeatability and Quality of Keypoints for Local Feature-based 3D Object Retrieval from Cluttered Scenes
* Online Learning from Local Features for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Perceptual Differences between Men and Women: A 3D Facial Morphometric Perspective
* Performance analysis of an improved tensor based correspondence algorithm for automatic 3d modeling
* Periocular biometric recognition using image sets
* Realtime face detection and tracking using a single Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera
* Realtime Visual Tracking of Aircrafts
* Region-based Matching for Robust 3D Face Recognition
* Robust realtime feature detection in raw 3D face images
* Score Level Fusion of Ear and Face Local 3D Features for Fast and Expression-Invariant Human Recognition
* Semi-supervised Spectral Clustering for Image Set Classification
* Shade Face: Multiple image-based 3D face recognition
* Shape-based automatic detection of a large number of 3D facial landmarks
* Sparse approximated nearest points for image set classification
* Sparse Kernel Learning for Image Set Classification
* Sparse Variation Pattern for Texture Classification
* Spatially Optimized Data-Level Fusion of Texture and Shape for Face Recognition
* Spatiotemporal Derivative Pattern: A Dynamic Texture Descriptor for Video Matching
* Speech-Video Synchronization Using Lips Movements and Speech Envelope Correlation
* Surface geodesic pattern for 3D deformable texture matching
* Three-Dimensional Model-Based Object Recognition and Segmentation in Cluttered Scenes
* Towards Large-Scale 3D Face Recognition
* training-free nose tip detection method from face range images, A
* Unsupervised Learning from Local Features for Video-Based Face Recognition
* User Verification by Combining Speech and Face Biometrics in Video
* Using Kinect for face recognition under varying poses, expressions, illumination and disguise
Includes: Mian, A.S.[Ajmal S.] Mian, A.S. Mian, A.S.[Ajmal Saeed]
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Mian, G.A. Co Author Listing * Accurate Bit-Rate and Quality Control for the MPEG Video Coder
* Accurate Low-Complexity Rate Control Algorithm Based on (rho,q)-Domain, An
* Characteristics of minimax FIR filters for video interpolation/decimation
* Comparison of lossy to lossless compression techniques for digital cinema
* H.264/AVC Video Coder Based on a Multiple Description Scalar Quantizer, An
* JPEG Decoding Via Two-dimensional Optimal Separable Filters
* Lossless compression of video using temporal information
* Lossless video coding using optimal 3D prediction
* Multidimensional fast Fourier transform algorithm for signals with arbitrary symmetries
* Multistage sampling structure conversion of video signals
* Multistage SDTV/HDTV scanning rate converters
* new 1D FFT-based algorithm for computing the MD FFT on arbitrary lattices, A
* Normalized Weighted Levensthein Distance and Triangle Inequality in the Context of Similarity Discrimination of Bilevel Images
* On the Application of Geometrical Form Description Techniques to Automatic Key-Sections Recognition
* On the Registration of an Object Translating on a Static Background
* On two-dimensional group delay equalization
* Statistical characteristics of granular camera noise
* Synthesis Filter Bank Optimization in Two-Dimensional Separable Subband Coding Systems
* Trademark Shapes Description by String-Matching Techniques
* Two-dimensional separable filters for optimal reconstruction of jpeg-coded images
* Wavelet packets and spatial adaptive intraband coding of images
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Mian, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * Comparison of some thresholding algorithms for text/background segmentation in difficult document images

Mian, O. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Direct Georeferencing for Photogrammetric Applications on Small Unmanned Aerial Platforms
* Direct Georeferencing on Small Unmanned Aerial Platforms for Improved Reliability and Accuracy of Mapping without the Need for Ground Control Points

Mian, Z.[Zhu] Co Author Listing * Connectivity oriented fast Hough transform for tool wear monitoring
* Texture analysis methods for tool condition monitoring
* Texture analysis using fractals for tool wear monitoring
* Texture Anaysis of Machined Surfaces using a new Hough Transform
* Tool condition classification using Hidden Markov Model based on fractal analysis of machined surface textures
* Tool wear monitoring using a fast Hough transform of images of machined surfaces
Includes: Mian, Z.[Zhu] Mian, Z.

Miandji, E. Co Author Listing * On nonlocal image completion using an ensemble of dictionaries
* On Probability of Support Recovery for Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Using Mutual Coherence

Mianji, F.A.[Fereidoun A.] Co Author Listing * Improved hyperspectral land-cover analysis using relevance vector machine
* Robust Hyperspectral Classification Using Relevance Vector Machine
* SVM-Based Unmixing-to-Classification Conversion for Hyperspectral Abundance Quantification
Includes: Mianji, F.A.[Fereidoun A.] Mianji, F.A.

Miao, A.M.[Ai Min] Co Author Listing * family Particle Swarm Optimization based on the family tree, A
Includes: Miao, A.M.[Ai Min] Miao, A.M.[Ai-Min]

Miao, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Spatial Representativeness of Eddy Covariance Flux Data from Flux Tower to Regional Grid
* De-Noising Method for Velocity Signal in Impinging Stream Mixer Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition, A
* extraction method for digital camouflage texture based on human visual perception and isoperimetric theory, An
* General-Thresholding Solution for l_p (0< p< 1) Regularized CT Reconstruction, A
Includes: Miao, C.[Chen] Miao, C.[Chao] Miao, C.[Chu] Miao, C.[Chuang]

Miao, C.L.[Chang Long] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised person clustering in videos with cross-modal communication
Includes: Miao, C.L.[Chang Long] Miao, C.L.[Chang-Long]

Miao, C.Y.[Chang Yun] Co Author Listing * Application of Wavelength Demodulation Algorithm on Calculating Body's Temperature in Smart Textile Based on Fiber Bragg Grating
* Design of an Ultrasonic Detecting System Based on LabVIEW
* New Joint Detection Algorithm of Conveyer Belt X-Ray Imaging Using the BP Neural Networks, A
* Using phase information for symmetry detection
Includes: Miao, C.Y.[Chang Yun] Miao, C.Y.[Chang-Yun]

Miao, D. Co Author Listing * Consistent Iterative Multi-view Transfer Learning for Person Re-identification
* Fusion of Multibiometrics Based on a New Robust Linear Programming
* Granular multi-label feature selection based on mutual information
* Kinect-Like Depth Data Compression
* Layered compression for high dynamic range depth
* Layered compression for high-precision depth data
Includes: Miao, D. Miao, D.[Di] Miao, D.[Duoqian] Miao, D.[Dan]

Miao, D.Q.[Duo Qian] Co Author Listing * comment on 'Using locally estimated geodesic distance to optimize neighborhood graph for isometric data embedding', A
* DIVFRP: An automatic divisive hierarchical clustering method based on the furthest reference points
* efficient color quantization based on generic roughness measure, An
* Fast Approximate Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm Based on K-Means
* Fingerprint minutiae extraction based on principal curves
* global structure-based algorithm for detecting the principal graph from complex data, A
* graph-theoretical clustering method based on two rounds of minimum spanning trees, A
* Multiple metric learning based on bar-shape descriptor for person re-identification
* Mutli-channel micro-structure difference descriptor for image retrieval
* rough set approach to feature selection based on ant colony optimization, A
* Saliency-Based Person Re-identification by Probability Histogram
* Shadowed sets in the characterization of rough-fuzzy clustering
Includes: Miao, D.Q.[Duo Qian] Miao, D.Q.[Duo-Qian] Miao, D.Q.
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Miao, F.[Fang] Co Author Listing * Automatic K-Means Clustering Algorithm of GPS Data Combining a Novel Niche Genetic Algorithm with Noise and Density, An
* Multi-Feature Guided Brain Tumor Segmentation Based on Magnetic Resonance Images
Includes: Miao, F.[Fang] Miao, F.[Feng]

Miao, H. Co Author Listing * Capillary extraction by detecting polarity in circular profiles
* Image Descriptor Based Digital Semi-blind Watermarking for DIBR 3D Images
Includes: Miao, H. Miao, H.[Hsin]

Miao, H.B.[Hai Bo] Co Author Listing * Blind Linguistic Steganalysis against Translation Based Steganography
* Steganalysis of Compressed Speech Based on Markov and Entropy
Includes: Miao, H.B.[Hai Bo] Miao, H.B.[Hai-Bo]

Miao, H.Y.[Hong Yu] Co Author Listing * Clustering Tree-Structured Data on Manifold
* Directional histogram ratio at random probes: A local thresholding criterion for capillary images
Includes: Miao, H.Y.[Hong Yu] Miao, H.Y.[Hong-Yu]

Miao, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * Activity Auto-Completion: Predicting Human Activities from Partial Videos
* Activity recognition based on semantic spatial relation
* Attention driven face recognition: A combination of spatial variant fixations and glance
* BIT: Biologically Inspired Tracker
* Dense Image Matching for Mars Express HRSC Imagery Based On Precise Point Prediction Method
* Development and Optimization of Regularized Tomographic Reconstruction Algorithms Utilizing Equally-Sloped Tomography
* Disparity map optimization using sparse gradient measurement under intensity-edge constraints
* Efficient action recognition from compressed depth maps
* Evaluation of the Impetuses of Scan Path in Real Scene Searching
* Face reconstruction using fixation positions and foveated imaging
* FaceTracker: A Human Face Tracking and Facial Organ Localizing System
* hierarchical multiscale and multiangle system for human face detection in a complex background using gravity-center template, A
* Human Interaction Recognition by Mining Discriminative Patches on Key Frames
* On the Coiflet-TDS Solution for Scattering by Sharp Coated Cones and Its Application to Emissivity Determination
* Phase Retrieval with Application to Optical Imaging: A contemporary overview
* Residue boundary histograms for action recognition in the compressed domain
* Robust multi-patch tracking
* Robust regression with extreme support vectors
* Salient region detection via texture-suppressed background contrast
* System For Human Face And Facial Feature Location, A
* Temporal Variance Analysis for Action Recognition
* Visual Conspicuity Index: Spatial Dissimilarity, Distance, and Central Bias
* Visual saliency detection by spatially weighted dissimilarity
Includes: Miao, J.[Jun] Miao, J. Miao, J.[Jie]
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Miao, J.W.[Jun Wei] Co Author Listing * PAD Model Based Facial Expression Analysis
Includes: Miao, J.W.[Jun Wei] Miao, J.W.[Jun-Wei]

Miao, K. Co Author Listing * Service-Oriented Cooperation Models and Mechanisms for Heterogeneous Driverless Vehicles at Continuous Static Critical Sections

Miao, L.[Lijuan] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Phenology in the Mongolian Plateau by Inter-Comparison of Global Vegetation Datasets
* Binary Tree-based Generic Demosaicking Algorithm for Multispectral Filter Arrays
* Blind Source Separation Perspective on Image Restoration, A
* Constrained Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Approach to Unmix Highly Mixed Hyperspectral Data, A
* Design and Evaluation of a Generic Method for Generating Mosaicked Multispectral Filter Arrays, The
* Generic Binary Tree-Based Progressive Demosaicking Method for Multispectral Filter Array, A
* generic method for generating multispectral filter arrays, A
* Maximum Entropy Approach to Unsupervised Mixed-Pixel Decomposition, A
* Stochastic Emergency Vehicle Redeployment Model for an Effective Response to Traffic Incidents, A
* Unsupervised Decomposition of Mixed Pixels Using the Maximum Entropy Principle
Includes: Miao, L.[Lijuan] Miao, L.[Lidan] Miao, L.
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Miao, L.J.[Li Juan] Co Author Listing * Future Climate Impact on the Desertification in the Dry Land Asia Using AVHRR GIMMS NDVI3g Data
Includes: Miao, L.J.[Li Juan] Miao, L.J.[Li-Juan]

Miao, L.S.[Lin Song] Co Author Listing * Cost-sensitive feature selection with application in software defect prediction
Includes: Miao, L.S.[Lin Song] Miao, L.S.[Lin-Song]

Miao, L.X.[Li Xin] Co Author Listing * Vehicle positioning system with multi-hypothesis map matching and robust feedback
Includes: Miao, L.X.[Li Xin] Miao, L.X.[Li-Xin]

Miao, M.J.[Ming Jing] Co Author Listing * Automatic Deformation Inspection Method for Digital Aerial Imagery Based on Statistical Characteristics
* Cloud Detection Method Based on Feature Extraction in Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Miao, M.J.[Ming Jing] Miao, M.J.[Ming-Jing] Miao, M.J.[Min-Jing]

Miao, Q.[Quan] Co Author Listing * DSP-Based Parallel Implementation of Speeded-Up Robust Features
* Feature-Based On-Line Object Tracking Combining Both Keypoints and Quasi-Keypoints Matching
* Game-Engine-Based Platform for Modeling and Computing Artificial Transportation Systems, A
* Guided Superpixel Method for Topographic Map Processing
* Implementation of Scale and Rotation Invariant On-Line Object Tracking Based on CUDA
* Improved road centerlines extraction in high-resolution remote sensing images using shear transform, directional morphological filtering and enhanced broken lines connection
* Kernel Based Image Registration Incorporating with Both Feature and Intensity Matching
* Kernel-Based On-Line Object Tracking Combining both Local Description and Global Representation
* Large-scale gesture recognition with a fusion of RGB-D data based on the C3D model
* Multimodal Gesture Recognition Based on the ResC3D Network
* new framework for on-line object tracking based on SURF, A
* On-Line Rigid Object Tracking via Discriminative Feature Classification
* Recognition of the Point Symbols in the Scanned Topographic Maps, The
* Scale and rotation invariant feature-based object tracking via modified on-line boosting
* SCTMS: Superpixel based color topographic map segmentation method
* Topology based affine invariant descriptor for MSERs
Includes: Miao, Q.[Quan] Miao, Q. Miao, Q.[Qiguang]
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Miao, Q.G.[Qi Guang] Co Author Listing * Artistic information extraction from Chinese calligraphy works via Shear-Guided filter
* edge detection algorithm based on the multi-direction shear transform, An
* Fast structural ensemble for One-Class Classification
* General method for edge detection based on the shear transform
* Image fusion based on non-negative matrix factorization
* Linear Feature Separation From Topographic Maps Using Energy Density and the Shear Transform
* Superpixel-Based Difference Representation Learning for Change Detection in Multispectral Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Miao, Q.G.[Qi Guang] Miao, Q.G.[Qi-Guang]
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Miao, Q.H.[Qing Hai] Co Author Listing * Parallel Public Transportation System and Its Application in Evaluating Evacuation Plans for Large-Scale Activities
Includes: Miao, Q.H.[Qing Hai] Miao, Q.H.[Qing-Hai]

Miao, R.[Ru] Co Author Listing * Multi-Year Comparison of Carbon Dioxide from Satellite Data with Ground-Based FTS Measurements (2003-2011)
* Novel Evaluation Approach for Line Simplification Algorithms towards Vector Map Visualization, A

Miao, R.H.[Rong Hui] Co Author Listing * Classification of farmland images based on color features
Includes: Miao, R.H.[Rong Hui] Miao, R.H.[Rong-Hui]

Miao, S.[Sheng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Function Projective Synchronization Control and Parameters Identification of Different Uncertain Chaotic Systems
* CNN Regression Approach for Real-Time 2D/3D Registration, A
* Non-Greedy Algorithm for L1-Norm LDA, A
* Review of Recent Advances in Registration Techniques Applied to Minimally Invasive Therapy, A
Includes: Miao, S.[Sheng] Miao, S.

Miao, T.S.[Tian Shun] Co Author Listing * Towards Real-Time Detection, Tracking and Classification of Natural Video
Includes: Miao, T.S.[Tian Shun] Miao, T.S.[Tian-Shun]

Miao, W.J.[Wen Juan] Co Author Listing * Synthesis of a New Unsymmetrical Photochromic Diarylethene for Polarization Multiplexing Holographic Recording
Includes: Miao, W.J.[Wen Juan] Miao, W.J.[Wen-Juan]

Miao, X.[Xu] Co Author Listing * Complementary Kernel Density Estimation
* Fast Structured Prediction Using Large Margin Sigmoid Belief Networks

Miao, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Co Author Listing * Components classification of the clastic rock thin-sections based on GIS
Includes: Miao, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Miao, X.G.[Xiao-Guang]

Miao, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Co Author Listing * Ambient Image Recovery and Rendering from Flash Photographs
* Enhancing low light images using near infrared flash images
* Enhancing photographs with Near Infra-Red images
* Video stylization by single image example
Includes: Miao, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Miao, X.P.[Xiao-Ping]

Miao, Y.[Yun_Qian] Co Author Listing * Adaptation Approaches in Unsupervised Learning: A Survey of the State-of-the-Art and Future Directions
* Directional mean shift and its application for topology classification of local 3D structures
* Evaluation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Rice Growth Monitoring
* Implementation Of An Agricultural Environmental Information System (aeis) For The Sanjiang Plain, Ne-china
* Method For Self-calibration In Satellite With High Precision Of Space Linear Array Camera, A
* Potential of RapidEye and WorldView-2 Satellite Data for Improving Rice Nitrogen Status Monitoring at Different Growth Stages
* research of semantic content applied to image fusion, The
* research of semantic content applied to image fusion, The
* Very high resolution crop surface models (CSMs) from UAV-based stereo images for rice growth monitoring In Northeast China
Includes: Miao, Y.[Yun_Qian] Miao, Y.[Yiyi] Miao, Y. Miao, Y.[Yuzhe] Miao, Y.[Yuxin] Miao, Y.[Yusong] Miao, Y.[Yumei]
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Miao, Y.H.[Yiz Hou] Co Author Listing * non-deadlock reconfiguration strategy in cooperative module systems, A
Includes: Miao, Y.H.[Yiz Hou] Miao, Y.H.[Yiz-Hou]

Miao, Y.J.[Yin Jun] Co Author Listing * HFAG: Hierarchical Frame Affinity Group for video retrieval on very large video dataset
Includes: Miao, Y.J.[Yin Jun] Miao, Y.J.[Yin-Jun]

Miao, Y.L.[Ya Lin] Co Author Listing * Statistical Level Set Framework for Segmentation of Left Ventricle, A
Includes: Miao, Y.L.[Ya Lin] Miao, Y.L.[Ya-Lin]

Miao, Y.Q.[Yun Qian] Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust Feature Set for Cross Individual Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Maneuvering Head Motion Tracking by Coarse-to-Fine Particle Filter
* Pairwise optimized Rocchio algorithm for text categorization
Includes: Miao, Y.Q.[Yun Qian] Miao, Y.Q.[Yun-Qian]

Miao, Y.T. Co Author Listing * Pipeline-Based Ray-Tracing Runtime System for HSA-Compliant Frameworks, A

Miao, Y.W.[Yong Wei] Co Author Listing * Perceptual-saliency extremum lines for 3D shape illustration
* robust confirmable watermarking algorithm for 3D mesh based on manifold harmonics analysis, A
Includes: Miao, Y.W.[Yong Wei] Miao, Y.W.[Yong-Wei]

Miao, Y.X.[Yu Xin] Co Author Listing * Active Optical Sensing of Spring Maize for In-Season Diagnosis of Nitrogen Status Based on Nitrogen Nutrition Index
* Analysis of Crop Reflectance for Estimating Biomass in Rice Canopies at Different Phenological Stages
* Best Accuracy Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) Classification to Derive Crop Types Using Multitemporal, Multisensor, and Multi-Polarization SAR Satellite Images
* Evaluating Multispectral and Hyperspectral Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Estimating Winter Wheat Growth Parameters at Regional Scale in the North China Plain
* Georeferencing Multi-source Geospatial Data Using Multi-temporal TerraSAR-X Imagery: a Case Study in Qixing Farm, Northeast China
* Hyperspectral Analysis Of Rice Phenological Stages In Northeast China
* Investigating Within-Field Variability of Rice from High Resolution Satellite Imagery in Qixing Farm County, Northeast China
* Multi-Temporal Hyperspectral and Radar Remote Sensing for Estimating Winter Wheat Biomass in the North China Plain
* Remotely detecting canopy nitrogen concentration and uptake of paddy rice in the Northeast China Plain
* Satellite Remote Sensing-Based In-Season Diagnosis of Rice Nitrogen Status in Northeast China
Includes: Miao, Y.X.[Yu Xin] Miao, Y.X.[Yu-Xin] Miao, Y.X.
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Miao, Z. Co Author Listing * Application of Multitemporal InSAR Covariance and Information Fusion to Robust Road Extraction
* Combining Color Features for Real-Time Correlation Tracking
* Contrast Invariant Interest Point Detection by Zero-Norm LoG Filter
* DC coefficient estimation of intra-predicted residuals in high efficiency video coding
* Euclidean output layer for discriminative feature extraction
* Geodesic Flow Kernel Support Vector Machine for Hyperspectral Image Classification by Unsupervised Subspace Feature Transfer
* Integrated Method for Urban Main-Road Centerline Extraction From Optical Remotely Sensed Imagery, An
* Integrating Spatial and Attribute Characteristics of Extended Voronoi Diagrams in Spatial Patterning Research: A Case Study of Wuhan City in China
* MS-RMAC: Multiscale Regional Maximum Activation of Convolutions for Image Retrieval
* Patch-based Scale Calculation for Real-time Visual Tracking
* Quasi-Dense Matching Approach and its Calibration Application with Internet Photos, A
* Robust Scale Adaptive Kernel Correlation Filter Tracker With Hierarchical Convolutional Features
* Saliency Prior Context Model for Real-Time Object Tracking, A
* Saliency prior context model for visual tracking
* Sketch-Based Image Retrieval Through Hypothesis-Driven Object Boundary Selection With HLR Descriptor
Includes: Miao, Z. Miao, Z.[Zhuang] Miao, Z.[Zelang] Miao, Z.[Zuohua]
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Miao, Z.A.[Zhu Ang] Co Author Listing * Feature Adaptive Correlation Tracking
Includes: Miao, Z.A.[Zhu Ang] Miao, Z.A.[Zhu-Ang]

Miao, Z.J.[Zhen Jiang] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction based on Stereovision and Texture Mapping
* Action Detection in Crowded Videos Using Masks
* Automatic foreground extraction for images and videos
* Automatic personalized facial sketch based on ASM
* Better Foreground Segmentation for Static Cameras via New Energy Form and Dynamic Graph-cut
* Bootstrap FDA for counting positives accurately in imprecise environments
* Colour harmonisation for images and videos via two-level graph cut
* cost function approach for multi-human tracking, A
* Coupled Observation Decomposed Hidden Markov Model for Multiperson Activity Recognition
* Creative and high-quality image composition based on a new criterion
* Digital Image Processing of Special Effect Generation
* Efficient Heuristic Methods for Multimodal Fusion and Concept Fusion in Video Concept Detection
* Efficient Wide-Baseline Dense Matching Descriptor, An
* Fast Sub-Volume Search Method for Human Action Detection, A
* Foreground prediction for bilayer segmentation of videos
* Foreground segmentation for dynamic scenes with sudden illumination changes
* Fuzzy discriminant projections for facial expression recognition
* Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Model for Human Activity Recognition, A
* Human action categories using motion descriptors
* Illumination Robust Video Foreground Prediction Based on Color Recovering
* Image composition with color harmonization
* Image matching using adapted image models and its application to content-based image retrieval
* Images based human volumetric model reconstruction and animation
* Improving Sampling Criterion for Alpha Matting
* Individual facial expression transferring using Active Appearance Model and FAP in MPEG-4
* Learning Spatio-Temporal Features for Action Recognition with Modified Hidden Conditional Random Field
* Low-resolution face recognition: a review
* Markerless human body motion capture using Markov random field and dynamic graph cuts
* Masks based human action detection in crowded videos
* Method for Exaggerative Caricature Generation from Real Face Image, A
* Modeling correlation between multi-modal continuous words for pLSA-based video classification
* Multi-human tracking from sparse detection responses
* Multihuman Tracking Based on a Spatial-Temporal Appearance Match
* new algorithm for static camera foreground segmentation via active coutours and GMM, A
* new edge feature for head-shoulder detection, A
* new image shape analysis approach and its application to flower shape analysis, A
* new sampling algorithm for high-quality image matting, A
* Object segmentation in multiple views without camera calibration
* Optimized recognition with few instances based on semantic distance
* Photorealistic 3D volumetric model reconstruction by voxel coloring
* Projection-optimal tensor local Fisher discriminant analysis for image feature extraction
* Real Time Human Action Recognition in a Long Video Sequence
* Real-time cartoon style video generation
* Recognition improvement through the optimisation of learning instances
* robust and accurate self-calibration approach from unordered wide-baseline images, A
* Scale invariant face recognition using probabilistic similarity measure
* Similarity weighted sparse representation for classification
* Spatial-Temporal Context for Action Recognition Combined with Confidence and Contribution Weight
* Structured feature-graph model for human activity recognition
* Temporal-Spatial Refinements for Video Concept Fusion
* Tone Recognition of Isolated Mandarin Syllables
* Two-View Concept Correlation Based Video Annotation Refinement, A
* Unsupervised online learning trajectory analysis based on weighted directed graph
* Unsynchronized markerless motion capture with sharp illumination changes
* Video matting via opacity propagation
* Zernike moment-based image shape analysis and its application
Includes: Miao, Z.J.[Zhen Jiang] Miao, Z.J.[Zhen-Jiang] Miao, Z.J.
56 for Miao, Z.J.

Miao, Z.L.[Ze Lang] Co Author Listing * Extracting Man-Made Objects From High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images via Fast Level Set Evolutions
* Improved hyperspectral image classification by active learning using pre-designed mixed pixels
Includes: Miao, Z.L.[Ze Lang] Miao, Z.L.[Ze-Lang]

Miao, Z.W.[Zhao Wei] Co Author Listing * Application of RFID Technology in Production Control in the Discrete Manufacturing Industry, The
* Interest point detection using rank order LoG filter
* Lattice-Support repetitive local feature detection for visual search
Includes: Miao, Z.W.[Zhao Wei] Miao, Z.W.[Zhao-Wei] Miao, Z.W.[Zhen-Wei]

Miaou, S.G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Quality Control for Wavelet-Based Compression of Volumetric Medical Images Using Distortion-Constrained Adaptive Vector Quantization
* Hardware-Oriented Gold-Washing Adaptive Vector Quantizer and its VLSI Architectures for Image Data Compression, A
* Human Fall Detection System Using an Omni-Directional Camera in Practical Environments for Health Care Applications, A
Includes: Miaou, S.G. Miaou, S.G.[Shaou-Gang]

Miaoulis, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * Active learning of user's preferences estimation towards a personalized 3D navigation of geo-referenced scenes
* Constraint Inductive Learning-Spectral Clustering Methodology for Personalized 3D Navigation, A
Includes: Miaoulis, G.[Georgios] Miaoulis, G.[George]

Miasnikov, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Heuristics for Whitehead Minimization Problem
* Pattern Recognition Approaches To Solving Combinatorial Problems in Free Groups

Miasnikov, A.D. Co Author Listing * hierarchical projection pursuit clustering algorithm, A
* Regression analysis and automorphic orbits in free groups of rank 2

Miau, D. Co Author Listing * Gigapixel Computational Imaging

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