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Mis'cicki, S. Co Author Listing * Crown Delineation Influence On Standing Volume Calculations In Protected Area

Misakova, L. Co Author Listing * potential use of very high spatial resolution data and object-based classification for mapping urban sprawl, The

Misana, S. Co Author Listing * Use of UAS for Assessing Agricultural Systems in an Wetland in Tanzania in the Dry- and Wet-Season for Sustainable Agriculture and Providing Ground Truth For TERRA-SAR X Data, The

Misawa, H.[Hiroki] Co Author Listing * Automated Habit Detection System: A Feasibility Study

Misawa, K. Co Author Listing * Automated Abdominal Multi-Organ Segmentation With Subject-Specific Atlas Generation
* Motion Vector for Outlier Elimination in Feature Matching and Its Application in SLAM Based Laparoscopic Tracking
* Structure Specific Atlas Generation and Its Application to Pancreas Segmentation from Contrasted Abdominal CT Volumes
* Supervoxel Classification Forests for Estimating Pairwise Image Correspondences
Includes: Misawa, K. Misawa, K.[Kazunari]

Misawa, T. Co Author Listing * Image Denoising With Edge-Preserving and Segmentation Based on Mask NHA
* Image Inpainting on the Basis of Spectral Structure from 2-D Nonharmonic Analysis
* Motion Analysis Using 3D High-Resolution Frequency Analysis
* Removal of Salt-and-Pepper Noise Using a High-Precision Frequency Analysis Approach
Includes: Misawa, T. Misawa, T.[Tadanobu]

Misbari, S.[Syarifuddin] Co Author Listing * Change Detection of Submerged Seagrass Biomass in Shallow Coastal Water

Mischaikow, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of blood vessel topology by cubical homology
* Cubical Homology and the Topological Classification of 2d and 3d Imagery
* On the Detection of Simple Points in Higher Dimensions Using Cubical Homology

Mischi, M. Co Author Listing * Contrast-Ultrasound Diffusion Imaging for Localization of Prostate Cancer
* Entropy of Ultrasound-Contrast-Agent Velocity Fields for Angiogenesis Imaging in Prostate Cancer
Includes: Mischi, M. Mischi, M.[Massimo]

Mischke, L.[Lothar] Co Author Listing * Document Image De-warping Based on Detection of Distorted Text Lines

Mischler, D. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence Approach for Medical Picture Analysis, An

Mischler, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Stereo Ground Truth with Error Bars

Miscusik, B.[Branislav] Co Author Listing * Multi-view image and ToF sensor fusion for dense 3D reconstruction

Miseikis, J. Co Author Listing * Joint Human Detection From Static and Mobile Cameras

Misener, J. Co Author Listing * Threat assessment of traffic moving toward a controlled intersection

Misev, D. Co Author Listing * Standards-based Services For Big Spatio-temporal Data

Misevic, D. Co Author Listing * ChaLearn Looking at People 2015: Apparent Age and Cultural Event Recognition Datasets and Results

Misgaiski Hass, M. Co Author Listing * Comparative Geometrical Investigations Of Hand-held Scanning Systems
* Radiometric Calibration of dual Sensor Camera System, a Comparison of classical and low cost Calibration
Includes: Misgaiski Hass, M. Misgaiski-Hass, M.

Mishchenko, A.[Ales] Co Author Listing * Model-Based Chart Image Classification

Mishchenko, M.I.[Michael I.] Co Author Listing * Validation of Long-Term Global Aerosol Climatology Project Optical Thickness Retrievals Using AERONET and MODIS Data

Mishchenko, Y.[Yuriy] Co Author Listing * fast algorithm for computation of discrete Euclidean distance transform in three or more dimensions on vector processing architectures, A

Mishiba, K.[Kazu] Co Author Listing * Colorization matrix construction with high compression efficiency for colorization-based coding using optimization
* Content aspect ratio preserving mesh-based image resizing
* Content Aware Image Resizing with Constraint of Object Aspect Ratio Preservation
* Content-Aware Image Retargeting Incorporated with Letterboxing
* Depth Map Estimation Using Census Transform for Light Field Cameras
* Edge-adaptive image interpolation using constrained least squares
* Image Interpolation Using Edge-Directed Smoothness Measure Filter
* Image resizing with SIFT feature preservation
* Image Retargeting with Protection of Object Arrangement
* Improved Seam Merging for Content-Aware Image Resizing
* Improvement of Colorization-Based Coding Using Optimization by Novel Colorization Matrix Construction and Adaptive Color Conversion
* Seam carving in wavelet transform domain
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Mishima, H. Co Author Listing * Watermarking robust against analog vcr recording

Mishima, M. Co Author Listing * Easy-to-Setup 3D Phenotyping Platform for KOMATSUNA Dataset, An

Mishima, N.[Nao] Co Author Listing * Motion Estimation using Kinetic Energy with Controlled Friction
* Novel frame interpolation method for hold-type displays

Mishima, T.[Taketoshi] Co Author Listing * Asbestos Detection Method with Frequency Analysis for Microscope Images
* Dynamic Attention Map by Ising Model for Human Face Detection
* Efficient Face Detection from News Images by Adaptive Estimation of Prior Probabilities and Ising Search
* Efficient Search Method Based on Dynamic Attention Map by Ising Model, An
* Face Matching through Information Theoretical Attention Points and Its Applications to Face Detection and Classification
* Higher Order Local Autocorrelation Features of PARCOR Images for Gesture Recognition
* Image processing of particle detection for asbestos qualitative analysis support method: Particle counting system based on classification of background area
* Novel Application of Real-time Face Tracking and Microphones Array to Pick up Human Voice Remotely and Clearly, A
* Scale Invariant Face Detection Method Using Higher-Order Local Autocorrelation Features Extracted from Log-Polar Image
* Successive Learning of Linear Discriminant Analysis: Sanger-type Algorithm
Includes: Mishima, T.[Taketoshi] Mishima, T.
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Mishin, O.[Oleg] Co Author Listing * Interactive try-on platform for eyeglasses

Mishina, T. Co Author Listing * Depth Estimation Using an Infrared Dot Projector and an Infrared Color Stereo Camera
* Robust volleyball tracking system using multi-view cameras
* Three-dimensional television system based on integral photography
* Time-alternating method based on single-sideband holography with half-zone-plate processing for the enlargement of viewing zones
Includes: Mishina, T. Mishina, T.[Tomoyuki]

Mishina, Y. Co Author Listing * Efficient feature selection method using contribution ratio by random forest

Mishkin, D. Co Author Listing * In the Saddle: Chasing fast and repeatable features
* MODS: Fast and robust method for two-view matching
* Systematic evaluation of convolution neural network advances on the Imagenet
* Two-view matching with view synthesis revisited
* WxBS: Wide Baseline Stereo Generalizations
Includes: Mishkin, D. Mishkin, D.[Dmytro]

Mishkina, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Selection of Relevant Filter Responses for Extraction of Latent Images from Protected Documents

Mishler, J. Co Author Listing * Precise Omnidirectional Camera Calibration
* Shape and Motion Engine for Parameterized Models, A
Includes: Mishler, J. Mishler, J.[Jeff]

Mishne, G. Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Supervised Automatic Target Detection

Mishra, A.[Ashish] Co Author Listing * Bi-modal First Impressions Recognition Using Temporally Ordered Deep Audio and Stochastic Visual Features
* Block Algorithms for the Parametric Estimation of Signals and Systems
* DESIRe: Discontinuous energy seam carving for image retargeting via structural and textural energy functionals
* DREM: Decoupled region energy model for image segmentation
* Efficient object annotation for surveillance and automotive applications
* Enhancing energy minimization framework for scene text recognition with top-down cues
* Estimation of Structural Information Content in Images
* Fuzzy shape based motion evaluation of left ventricle using genetic algorithm
* GA based approach for boundary detection of left ventricle with echocardiographic image sequences, A
* Gray-scale image watermarking using GA-BPN hybrid network
* Hidden Markov Model for Vehicle Detection and Counting, A
* High Accuracy Optical Flow Based Future Image Frame Predictor Model
* IIIT-CFW: A Benchmark Database of Cartoon Faces in the Wild
* IIIT-CFW: A Benchmark Database of Cartoon Faces in the Wild
* Image Retrieval Using Textual Cues
* Large displacement optical flow based image predictor model
* MRF Model for Binarization of Natural Scene Text, An
* Non-local Deep Features for Salient Object Detection
* Non-rigid cardiac motion quantification from 2D image sequences based on wavelet synthesis
* non-rigid motion estimation algorithm for yawn detection in human drivers, A
* Potential of Intelligent Transportation Systems in Mitigating Adverse Weather Impacts on Road Mobility: A Review
* Random Parameter EM-Based Kalman Filter (REKF) for Joint Symbol Detection and Channel Estimation in Fast Fading STTC MIMO Systems
* Return of grid seams: A superpixel algorithm using discontinuous multi-functional energy seam carving
* Robust Occluded Shape Recognition
* Scene Text Recognition and Retrieval for Large Lexicons
* Scene Text Recognition using Higher Order Language Priors
* Sparse Document Image Coding for Restoration
* Top-down and bottom-up cues for scene text recognition
* Unsupervised refinement of color and stroke features for text binarization
* Whole is Greater than Sum of Parts: Recognizing Scene Text Words
Includes: Mishra, A.[Ashish] Mishra, A. Mishra, A.[Akshaya] Mishra, A.[Anand] Mishra, A.[Anima] Mishra, A.[Anurag] Mishra, A.[Ashutosh] Mishra, A.[Aurobinda]
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Mishra, A.K.[Akshaya K.] Co Author Listing * Accurate Boundary Localization using Dynamic Programming on Snakes
* Active Segmentation with Fixation
* Active Visual Segmentation
* adaptive Monte Carlo approach to nonlinear image denoising, An
* Adaptive Nonlinear Image Denoising and Restoration Using a Cooperative Bayesian Estimation Approach
* Bayesian Information Flow Approach to Image Segmentation, A
* Code: Active Segmentation With Fixation
* Decoupled Active Contour (DAC) for Boundary Detection
* Decoupled Active Surface for Volumetric Image Segmentation
* Determination of satellite nadir and azimuth angles for a tilting sensor
* From active contours to active surfaces
* Fynbos leaf online plant recognition application
* Generalized Probabilistic Scale Space for Image Restoration
* improved algorithm For UWB based imaging of breast tumors, An
* Mammogram Image Superresolution Based on Statistical Moment Analysis
* Multi-scale 3D representation via volumetric quasi-random scale space
* New Technique to Estimate Precipitation at Fine Scale Using Multifrequency Satellite Observations Over Indian Land and Oceanic Regions, A
* Novel Algorithm for Extraction of the Layers of the Cornea, A
* Quasi-random nonlinear scale space
* Quasi-Random Scale Space Approach to Robust Keypoint Extraction in High-Noise Environments
* Robust Modular Wavelet Network Based Symbol Classifier, A
* Robust snake convergence based on dynamic programming
* Tensor vector field based active contours
* VizDraw: A Platform to Convert Online Hand-Drawn Graphics into Computer Graphics
Includes: Mishra, A.K.[Akshaya K.] Mishra, A.K.[Ajay K.] Mishra, A.K. Mishra, A.K.[Amit K.]
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Mishra, B.[Bhogendra] Co Author Listing * Generation of pseudo-fully polarimetric data from dual polarimetric data for land cover classification
* Heterogeneous Tensor Decomposition for Clustering via Manifold Optimization
Includes: Mishra, B.[Bhogendra] Mishra, B.

Mishra, B.K.[Binaya Kumar] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Tangible Direct Flood Damage Using a Spatial Analysis Approach under the Effects of Climate Change: Case Study in an Urban Watershed in Hanoi, Vietnam

Mishra, D.[Deepak] Co Author Listing * Adaptive multifocus image fusion using block compressed sensing with smoothed projected Landweber integration in the wavelet domain
* Atmospheric Correction and Vicarious Calibration of Oceansat-1 Ocean Color Monitor (OCM) Data in Coastal Case 2 Waters
* Bio-inspired technology systems and data analysis methods for classification and subsequent decision making intended for automated systems
* Compressive Sensing framework for simultaneous compression and despeckling of SAR images
* Correlation-Based Tracker-Level Fusion for Robust Visual Tracking
* Cytopathological image analysis using deep-learning networks in microfluidic microscopy
* Edge Probability and Pixel Relativity-Based Speckle Reducing Anisotropic Diffusion
* enhanced classifier fusion model for classifying biomedical data, An
* Fully automated iris recognition system utilizing wide and narrow fields of view
* Image Alignment for Precise Camera Fixation and Aim
* Improved Illumination Assessment for Vision-Based Traffic Monitoring
* Method and apparatus for fixating a camera on a target point using image alignment
* Particle-filter-based phase estimation in digital holographic interferometry
* Self-Adaptive Gradient-Based Thresholding Method for Coal Fire Detection Using ASTER Thermal Infrared Data, Part I: Methodology and Decadal Change Detection
* Stacked Features Based CNN for Rotation Invariant Digit Classification
* UKF based multi-component phase estimation in digital holographic Moire
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Mishra, D.[Deepak] Mishra, D. Mishra, D.[Debahuti] Mishra, D.[Deepam]
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Mishra, D.R.[Deepak R.] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Long-Term Phenological Trends of Salt Marsh Ecosystem across Coastal LOUISIANA
* Bio-Optical Inversion in Highly Turbid and Cyanobacteria-Dominated Waters
* Characterizing the vertical diffuse attenuation coefficient for downwelling irradiance in coastal waters: Implications for water penetration by high resolution satellite data
* Parametrization and calibration of a quasi-analytical algorithm for tropical eutrophic waters
* Performance Review of Reflectance Based Algorithms for Predicting Phycocyanin Concentrations in Inland Waters, A
* Preface: Remote Sensing in Coastal Environments
* Preface: Remote Sensing of Water Resources
Includes: Mishra, D.R.[Deepak R.] Mishra, D.R.
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Mishra, H.K.[Harendra Kumar] Co Author Listing * Variational Bayes Adapted GMM Based Models for Audio Clip Classification

Mishra, J.[Jibitesh] Co Author Listing * On calculation of fractal dimension of images

Mishra, K. Co Author Listing * Learning Latent Temporal Connectionism of Deep Residual Visual Abstractions for Identifying Surgical Tools in Laparoscopy Procedures

Mishra, K.V. Co Author Listing * Block Iterative Reweighted Algorithms for Super-Resolution of Spectrally Sparse Signals

Mishra, M.K. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Boundary Layer Characterization Using Multiyear Ground-Based Microwave Radiometric Observations Over a Tropical Coastal Station
* Enhancement of morphological snake based segmentation by imparting image attachment through scale-space continuity
* hybrid scheme of image compression employing wavelets and 2D-PCA, A
* Spaceborne Observations of the Diurnal Variation of Shortwave Aerosol Direct Radiative Effect at Top of Atmosphere Over the Dust-Dominated Arabian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean
Includes: Mishra, M.K. Mishra, M.K.[Manoj K.]

Mishra, N.[Nischal] Co Author Listing * Absolute Calibration of Optical Satellite Sensors Using Libya 4 Pseudo Invariant Calibration Site
* Absolute Radiometric Calibration of Landsat Using a Pseudo Invariant Calibration Site
* Applications of Spectral Band Adjustment Factors (SBAF) for Cross-Calibration
* Assessment of Spectral, Misregistration, and Spatial Uncertainties Inherent in the Cross-Calibration Study
* Conceptual description of visual scenes from linguistic models
* First in-Flight Radiometric Calibration of MUX and WFI on-Board CBERS-4
* Ground-Based Absolute Radiometric Calibration of Landsat 8 OLI, The
* Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager Radiometric Calibration and Stability
* Radiometric Cross Calibration of Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM
* Radiometric Non-Uniformity Characterization and Correction of Landsat 8 OLI Using Earth Imagery-Based Techniques
Includes: Mishra, N.[Nischal] Mishra, N.
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Mishra, P. Co Author Listing * Critical Analysis of Model-Based Incoherent Polarimetric Decomposition Methods and Investigation of Deorientation Effect
* EigenFairing: 3D Model Fairing using Image Coherence
* Hierarchical approach to fingerprint of places based real-time topological mapping for autonomous rovers
* Image and Depth Coherent Surface Description
* Statistical-Measure-Based Adaptive Land Cover Classification Algorithm by Efficient Utilization of Polarimetric SAR Observables, A
* Transmission Line Theory Based Two Layer Model for Determining Soil Moisture
Includes: Mishra, P. Mishra, P.[Prabhakar]

Mishra, P.K.[Pradeep Kumar] Co Author Listing * Novel Graph Based Clustering Technique for Hybrid Segmentation of Multi-spectral Remotely Sensed Images, A

Mishra, P.P. Co Author Listing * Variable bit rate coding for real-time video transmission in ATM networks

Mishra, R.[Rajesh] Co Author Listing * Gain-phase mismatch correction technique for I/Q channel receiver
* Monitoring a large surveillance space through distributed face matching
Includes: Mishra, R.[Rajesh] Mishra, R.

Mishra, R.K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Moving Vehicle's Information Extraction From One-pass Worldview-2 Satellite Imagery
* Generating Lidar Data in Laboratory: Lidar Simulator
* Searching for object images with reduced computation
Includes: Mishra, R.K. Mishra, R.K.[Ranjit K.]

Mishra, S.[Shailendra] Co Author Listing * Automated test data generation for mutation testing using AspectJ programs
* Bio-Optical Inversion in Highly Turbid and Cyanobacteria-Dominated Waters
* Blur-invariant copy-move forgery detection technique with improved detection accuracy utilising SWT-SVD
* Effective Visualization and Navigation in a Multimedia Document Collection Using Ontology
* enhanced classifier fusion model for classifying biomedical data, An
* On Validation of Clustering Techniques for Bibliographic Databases
* Performance Review of Reflectance Based Algorithms for Predicting Phycocyanin Concentrations in Inland Waters, A
* Preface: Remote Sensing of Water Resources
* Quadtree decomposition based extended vector space model for image retrieval
Includes: Mishra, S.[Shailendra] Mishra, S. Mishra, S.[Swati] Mishra, S.[Surjeet] Mishra, S.[Sashikala] Mishra, S.[Sumit] Mishra, S.[Sachidananda] Mishra, S.[Shaunak]
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Mishra, S.K. Co Author Listing * Estimating Nonrigid Motion from Point and Line Correspondences
* Motion Analysis and Epicardial Deformation Estimation from Angiography Data
* Motion Analysis and Modeling of Epicardial Surfaces from Point and Line Correspondences
* Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for financial portfolio design
Includes: Mishra, S.K. Mishra, S.K.[Sudhansu Kumar]

Mishra, T.K.[Tusar Kanti] Co Author Listing * Shape descriptors-based generalised scheme for handwritten character recognition

Mishra, V.[Vikalp] Co Author Listing * Remote-Sensing Driven Tool for Estimating Crop Stress and Yields, A

Mishtal, A. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical spatiotemporal feature extraction using recurrent online clustering

Mishurovskiy, M. Co Author Listing * Depth-Based Texture Coding in AVC-Compatible 3D Video Coding

Misiak, D.[Danny] Co Author Listing * Automatic analysis of flourescence labeled neurites in microscope images

Misic, V. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Object Tracking by Partial Shape Matching for Video Surveillance Applications
* Encoding and processing of color engravings (using MRC)

Misimi, E.[Ekrem] Co Author Listing * Simple Computer Vision Method for Automatic Detection of Melanin Spots in Atlantic Salmon Fillets, A

Miska, M. Co Author Listing * New Multiobjective Signal Optimization for Oversaturated Networks, A

Miskell, K.[Kylia] Co Author Listing * Episolar Constraint: Monocular Shape from Shadow Correspondence, The
* Webcam geo-localization using aggregate light levels

Miskolci, M. Co Author Listing * Creating Of Central Geospatial Database Of The Slovak Republic And Procedures Of Its Revision
Includes: Miskolci, M. Miškolci, M.

Miskon, A.B. Co Author Listing * Keynote speaker: An engineered microenvironment for manipulating cells in tissue regeneration: A way towards the development of bioartificial organs using mesenchymal stem cell

Mislimshoeva, B.[Bunafsha] Co Author Listing * Do Red Edge and Texture Attributes from High-Resolution Satellite Data Improve Wood Volume Estimation in a Semi-Arid Mountainous Region?

Misovic, D.S. Co Author Listing * Vessel Detection Algorithm Used in a Laser Monitoring System of the Lock Gate Zone

Misquitta, K. Co Author Listing * Validation of a Regression Technique for Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities in Alzheimer's Disease

Misra, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic lung segmentation in HRCT images with diffuse parenchymal lung disease using graph-cut
* Combining Graph-cut Technique And Anatomical Knowledge For Automatic Segmentation Of Lungs Affected By Diffuse Parenchymal Disease In Hrct Images
* Impact of quasi-expertise on knowledge acquisition in computer vision
* Oceansat-II Scatterometer: Sensor Performance Evaluation, sigma0 Analyses, and Estimation of Biases
Includes: Misra, A. Misra, A.[Avishkar]

Misra, B.B. Co Author Listing * reduced and comprehensible polynomial neural network for classification, A

Misra, C.[Chinmaya] Co Author Listing * Content Based Image and Video Retrieval Using Embedded Text

Misra, D.[Debaleena] Co Author Listing * feature weighted penalty based dissimilarity measure for k-nearest neighbor classification with missing features, A

Misra, G.[Gourav] Co Author Listing * Effects of Different Methods on the Comparison between Land Surface and Ground Phenology: A Methodological Case Study from South-Western Germany

Misra, I.[Ishan] Co Author Listing * Cross-Stitch Networks for Multi-task Learning
* Cut, Paste and Learn: Surprisingly Easy Synthesis for Instance Detection
* Data-driven exemplar model selection
* From Red Wine to Red Tomato: Composition with Context
* Seeing through the Human Reporting Bias: Visual Classifiers from Noisy Human-Centric Labels
* Shuffle and Learn: Unsupervised Learning Using Temporal Order Verification
* Watch and learn: Semi-supervised learning of object detectors from videos
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Misra, K. Co Author Listing * CLIX: Network Coding and Cross Layer Information Exchange of Wireless Video
* Complexity reduction using power-law based scheduling for exploiting spatial correlation in distributed video coding
* Coupled pre-/post-processing filters for predictive video coding
* On transform dynamic range in high efficiency video coding
* Periodic entropy coder initialization for wavefront decoding of video bitstream
Includes: Misra, K. Misra, K.[Kiran]

Misra, M.[Manavendra] Co Author Listing * Graph Isomorphism Algorithm for Object Recognition, A
* Massive memory organizations for implementing neural networks
* Parallel computation of 2-D wavelet transforms
* secure image sharing scheme based on SVD and Fractional Fourier Transform, A
Includes: Misra, M.[Manavendra] Misra, M. Misra, M.[Manoj]

Misra, P.[Prakhar] Co Author Listing * Novel Decomposition Scheme for Characterizing Urban Air Quality with MODIS

Misra, P.N. Co Author Listing * Crop Classification with LANDSAT Multispectral Scanner Data
* Crop Classification with Landsat Multispectral Scanner Data II

Misra, R.[Rachita] Co Author Listing * Deblurring Algorithm Using Edge Gradient for the Walsh-Hadamard Transform Image Coding System, A

Misra, S. Co Author Listing * Enabling the Extraction of Climate-Scale Temporal Salinity Variations from Aquarius: An Instrument Based Long-Term Radiometer Drift Correction
* L-Band Radio-Frequency Interference Observations During the SMAP Validation Experiment 2012
* Note on Alternating Minimization Algorithm for the Matrix Completion Problem, A
* PACP: An Efficient Pseudonymous Authentication-Based Conditional Privacy Protocol for VANETs
* Soil Moisture Active/Passive L-Band Microwave Radiometer Postlaunch Calibration

Misra, S.K. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Open Contours Using Particle Swarm Optimization with Application to Fluid Interface Extraction

Misra, T. Co Author Listing * Oceansat-II Scatterometer: Sensor Performance Evaluation, sigma0 Analyses, and Estimation of Biases

Misra, V.[Vishal] Co Author Listing * Efficient Interpretation of Tabular Documents
* Finding Straight Lines in Drawings
* Interpreting and Representing Tabular Documents
Includes: Misra, V.[Vishal] Misra, V.

Missaoui, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Gabor Filterbank Features for Robust Speech Recognition

Missaoui, O. Co Author Listing * Land-Mine Detection With Ground-Penetrating Radar Using Multistream Discrete Hidden Markov Models
* Optimal feature weighting for the continuous HMM
* Optimal feature weighting for the discrete HMM
Includes: Missaoui, O. Missaoui, O.[Oualid]

Missaoui, R.[Rokia] Co Author Listing * Effective Approach Towards Content-Based Image Retrieval, An
* Extraction of Salient Features for Image Retrieval Using Multi-scale Image Relevance Function
* Fast object localization using multi-scale image relevance function
* Similarity measures for efficient content-based image retrieval

Mistelbauer, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Combined Satellite-Derived Drought Indicator to Support Humanitarian Aid Organizations, A

Mistele, B.[Bodo] Co Author Listing * Optimising three-band spectral indices to assess aerial N concentration, N uptake and aboveground biomass of winter wheat remotely in China and Germany

Misteli, T. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Whole Cells and Cell Nuclei From 3-D Optical Microscope Images Using Dynamic Programming

Misterka, J.[Jakub] Co Author Listing * OmegaDesk: Towards a Hybrid 2D and 3D Work Desk, The

Mistretta, F. Co Author Listing * Terrestrial Laser Scanner For Monitoring The Deformations And The Damages Of Buildings

Mistry, A.[Amit] Co Author Listing * Embedded smart sensor for outdoor parking lot lighting control

Mistry, K.[Kamlesh] Co Author Listing * Adaptive facial point detection and emotion recognition for a humanoid robot
* Micro-GA Embedded PSO Feature Selection Approach to Intelligent Facial Emotion Recognition, A
Includes: Mistry, K.[Kamlesh] Mistry, K.

Mistry, P.[Pranav] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Mistry, P.[Pranav]: pranav AT media mit edu

Misu, T. Co Author Listing * Robust tracking of soccer players based on data fusion
* Ultra high-definition video coding using bit-depth reduction with image noise reduction and pseudo-contour prevention
* Video coding with wavelet image size reduction and wavelet super resolution reconstruction
Includes: Misu, T. Misu, T.[Toshie]

Misurec, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Detection of Spatio-Temporal Changes of Norway Spruce Forest Stands in Ore Mountains Using Landsat Time Series and Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery
* Testing a Modified PCA-Based Sharpening Approach for Image Fusion
Includes: Misurec, J.[Jan] Mišurec, J.[Jan]

Misztal, K.[Krzysztof] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Abdominal Blood Oxygenation Signal of Premature Born Babies
* Detection of Elliptical Shapes via Cross-Entropy Clustering
* Ellipticity and Circularity Measuring via Kullback-Leibler Divergence

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