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Moerdler, M.L. Co Author Listing * Approach To The Fusion Of Multiple Shape From Texture Algorithms, An
* Integrated System That Unifies Multiple Shape from Texture Algorithms, An
* Integration of Information for Stereo and Multiple Shape-from-Texture Cues, The
* Multiple Shape-from-Texture into Texture Analysis and Surface Segmentation
* Shape from Textures: A Paradigm for Fusing Middle-Level Visual Cues

Moeri, D. Co Author Listing * Tool For Versatile And User-Friendly Document Correction, A

Moerland, P.D.[Perry D.] Co Author Listing * Effect of Aggregating Subtype Performances Depends Strongly on the Performance Measure Used, The

Moerman, C.[Clement] Co Author Listing * Drag'n Go: Simple and fast navigation in virtual environment

Moerman, I. Co Author Listing * Feasibility of expanding traffic monitoring systems with floating car data technology
* Rate-Distortion Performance of H.264/AVC Compared to State-of-the-Art Video Codecs
* Scalable Multiple-Description Image Coding Based on Embedded Quantization
Includes: Moerman, I. Moerman, I.[Ingrid]

Moers, T. Co Author Listing * VeGAN: Using GANs for Augmentation in Latent Space to Improve the Semantic Segmentation of Vehicles in Images From an Aerial Perspective

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