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Moia, V.[Vitor] Co Author Listing * Transfer Learning Using Convolutional Neural Networks for Face Anti-spoofing

Moilanen, A.[Antti] Co Author Listing * Multi-modal emotion analysis from facial expressions and electroencephalogram
* Spotting Rapid Facial Movements from Videos Using Appearance-Based Feature Difference Analysis

Moin, M.S. Co Author Listing * 1D-HMM for face verification: model optimization using improved algorithm and intelligent selection of training images
* Face recognition in JPEG compressed domain: A novel coefficient selection approach
* Face Verification Using Colour Kernels
* Human recognition based on retinal images and using new similarity function
* New Approach on Multimodal Biometrics Based on Combining Neural Networks Using AdaBoost, A
* New Content-Based Image Retrieval Approach Based on Pattern Orientation Histogram, A
* Two dimensional compressive classifier for sparse images
Includes: Moin, M.S. Moin, M.S.[Mohammad-Shahram] Moin, M.S.[Mohammad S.] Moin, M.S.[M. Shahram]
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Moin, S. Co Author Listing * Structure Recognition of On-Line Handwritten Documents Based on SGML

Moinar, J. Co Author Listing * Active contours for selective object segmentation

Moine, M. Co Author Listing * Localization of Objects with Circular Symmetry in a Noisy Image Using Wavelet Transforms and Adapted Correlation

Moinelo, A.C.[A. Cardesin] Co Author Listing * Calibration of Hyperspectral Imaging Data: VIRTIS-M Onboard Venus Express

Moini, A. Co Author Listing * Motion Perception Using Analog VLSI
* Segmentation of the Face and Hands in Sign Language Video Sequences Using Color and Motion Cues
* Vision Chips
Includes: Moini, A. Moini, A.[Alireza]

Moinian, A.[Abdi] Co Author Listing * Two-Way Video Communication Based on Network Coding

Moinuddin, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient algorithm for very low bit rate embedded image coding

Moinuddin, A.A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Technique for Storage of 2-Tone Images, An
* Efficient Wavelet Based Embedded Color Image Coding Technique using Block-Tree Approach, An
* impact of tree structures on the performance of zerotree-based wavelet video codecs, The
* No-reference image quality assessment of wavelet coded images
Includes: Moinuddin, A.A. Moinuddin, A.A.[Athar Ali] Moinuddin, A.A.[Athar A.]

Moinuddin, M. Co Author Listing * Mean Weight Behavior of the NLMS Algorithm for Correlated Gaussian Inputs

Moir, T.J. Co Author Listing * FIR system identification for correlated noise using the convolution matrix, an investigation
* hybrid frequency-time domain symmetric adaptive decorrelator, A
* Loop-shaping techniques applied to the least-mean-squares algorithm

Moireau, P. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Atrioventricular Valve Regurgitation Using Biomechanical Cardiac Modeling
* Constitutive Parameter Estimation Methodology Using Tagged-MRI Data
* Effective Estimation in Cardiac Modelling
* Sequential State Estimation for Electrophysiology Models with Front Level-Set Data Using Topological Gradient Derivations
* Simulation of 3D Ultrasound with a Realistic Electro-mechanical Model of the Heart
* Trials on Tissue Contractility Estimation from Cardiac Cine MRI Using a Biomechanical Heart Model
Includes: Moireau, P. Moireau, P.[Philippe]

Moiret, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * Mapping a Knowledge-Based Malaria Hazard Index Related to Landscape Using Remote Sensing: Application to the Cross-Border Area between French Guiana and Brazil

Moirogiorgou, K.[Konstantia] Co Author Listing * Statistical Estimation of Fluid Flow: An Image Restoration Approach

Moiron, S.[Sandro] Co Author Listing * Enhanced error resiliency for video with cyclic intra-refresh lines
* Fast Interframe Transcoding from H.264 to MPEG-2
* Packet prioritization for H.264/AVC video with cyclic intra-refresh line
* Video transcoding from H.264/AVC to MPEG-2 with reduced computational complexity

Moiroux Arvis, L.[Laure] Co Author Listing * Method for orthorectification of terrestrial radar maps
Includes: Moiroux Arvis, L.[Laure] Moiroux-Arvis, L.[Laure]

Moisan, C. Co Author Listing * Analytic Method to Predict the Thermal Map of Cryosurgery Iceballs in MR Images, An
* Three-dimensional reconstruction of the bony structures involved in the articular complex of the human shoulder using shape-based interpolation and contour-based extrapolation

Moisan, E. Co Author Listing * Assessment Of A Static Multibeam Sonar Scanner For 3d Surveying In Confined Subaquatic Environments
* Building a 3D Reference Model for Canal Tunnel Surveying Using Sonar and Laser Scanning
* Factor Analysis of Dynamic Sequence with Spatial Prior for 2D Cardiac Spect Sequences Analysis
* Optimal Asymmetric Binary Quantization for Estimation Under Symmetrically Distributed Noise
* Revisiting the Estimation of the Mean Using Order-Statistics
Includes: Moisan, E. Moisan, E.[Eric]

Moisan, L.[Lionel] Co Author Listing * email: Moisan, L.[Lionel]: moisan AT cmla ens-cachan fr
* a-Contrario Approach for Subpixel Change Detection in Satellite Imagery, An
* A-contrario Detectability of Spots in Textured Backgrounds
* Affine Plane Curve Evolution: A Fully Consistent Scheme
* aliasing detection algorithm based on suspicious colocalizations of Fourier coefficients, An
* Automatic detection of rigid point matches
* Automatic Homographic Registration of a Pair of Images, with A Contrario Elimination of Outliers
* Blind Deblurring Using a Simplified Sharpness Index
* Dequantizing image orientation
* Dictionary Learning Approach for Poisson Image Deblurring, A
* Edge Detection by Helmholtz Principle
* From Gestalt Theory to Image Analysis: A Probabilistic Approach
* Fundamental Matrix of a Stereo Pair, with A Contrario Elimination of Outliers
* Geometric Multiscale Representation of Numerical Images
* grouping principle and four applications, A
* Intrinsic nonlinear multiscale image decomposition: A 2D empirical mode decomposition-like tool
* Linear Prefilter for Image Sampling with Ringing Artifact Control, A
* MAC-RANSAC: a robust algorithm for the recognition of multiple objects
* Meaningful Alignments
* Measuring the Global Phase Coherence of an image
* Multiplicative Noise Removal via a Learned Dictionary
* Multiscale analysis of movies for depth recovery
* New A Contrario Approach for the Robust Determination of the Fundamental Matrix, A
* No-Reference Image Quality Assessment and Blind Deblurring with Sharpness Metrics Exploiting Fourier Phase Information
* Particle detection and tracking in fluorescence time-lapse imaging: A contrario approach
* Periodic Plus Smooth Image Decomposition
* Posterior Expectation of the Total Variation Model: Properties and Experiments
* Probabilistic Criterion to Detect Rigid Point Matches Between Two Images and Estimate the Fundamental Matrix, A
* Shannon Total Variation, The
* Total Variation as a Local Filter
* Total Variation Restoration of Images Corrupted by Poisson Noise with Iterated Conditional Expectations
* Unsupervised Subpixelic Classification Using Coarse-Resolution Time Series and Structural Information
Includes: Moisan, L.[Lionel] Moisan, L.
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Moisan, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Design of Self-Tuning IU Systems
* Experience in Integrating Image Processing Programs
* Girgit: A Dynamically Adaptive Vision System for Scene Understanding
* Knowledge-based Control of Vision Systems
* Knowledge-Based System for the Computation of Land-Cover Mixing and the Classification of Multispectral Satellite Imagery, A
* On-Line Video Recognition and Counting of Harmful Insects
* Run Time Adaptation of Video-Surveillance Systems: A Software Modeling Approach
Includes: Moisan, S.[Sabine] Moisan, S.
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Moisan, T.[Tiffany] Co Author Listing * Future Retrievals of Water Column Bio-Optical Properties using the Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI)

Moisan, Y. Co Author Listing * Detection des changements dans une serie d'images ERS-1 multidates a l'aide de l'analyse en composantes principales

Moiseev, B.[Boris] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Traffic Sign Recognition Methods Trained on Synthetically Generated Data

Moisen, G. Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Remote Sensing and Inventory-Based Estimation of Biomass in the Western Carpathians
* Forest Inventory and Analysis in the United States: Remote Sensing and Geospatial Activities (Adobe PDF 202Kb)
Includes: Moisen, G. Moisen, G.[Gretchen]

Moises, A.[Alvaro] Co Author Listing * Combining model-based and discriminative classifiers: Application to handwritten character recognition
* Hybrid generative/discriminative classifier for unconstrained character recognition
* Self-supervised writer adaptation using perceptive concepts: application to on-line text recognition
Includes: Moises, A.[Alvaro] Moises, A.

Moisi, E.V.[Elisa Valentina] Co Author Listing * Binary Tomography on the Triangular Grid with 3 Alternative Directions: A Genetic Approach

Moisio, L. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Transport System- RRUKA Special Issue-Editorial

Moisseev, D. Co Author Listing * Identification and Suppression of Nonmeteorological Echoes Using Spectral Polarimetric Processing
* Modeling Radar Attenuation by a Low Melting Layer With Optimized Model Parameters at C-Band
* new method to separate ground clutter and atmospheric reflections in the case of similar doppler velocities, A

Moissinac, H. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Use of Aerial Images and Maps for the Interpretation of Urban Scenes

Moissinac, J.C. Co Author Listing * Creating and Encoding of Cartoons Using MPEG-4 BIFS: Methods and Results
* User-centric universal multimedia access in home networks
Includes: Moissinac, J.C. Moissinac, J.C.[Jean-Claude]

Moita, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Semantic fusion of laser and vision in pedestrian detection

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