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Moo, P.W.[Peter W.] Co Author Listing * Resynchronization Properties of Arithmetic Coding

Moodley, D.[Deshendran] Co Author Listing * Leaf Classification Using Convexity Measure of Polygons
* Leaf Classification Using Convexity Moments of Polygons

Moody Davis, A.[Asher] Co Author Listing * Region-Based Segmentation of Parasites for High-throughput Screening
Includes: Moody Davis, A.[Asher] Moody-Davis, A.[Asher]

Moody, A.R.[Alan R.] Co Author Listing * Effect of image standardization on FLAIR MRI for brain extraction
* Image Enhancement and Noise Suppression for FLAIR MRIs With White Matter Lesions
Includes: Moody, A.R.[Alan R.] Moody, A.R.

Moody, D.I. Co Author Listing * Automated variability selection in time-domain imaging surveys using sparse representations with learned dictionaries
* Change detection and classification of land cover in multispectral satellite imagery using clustering of sparse approximations (CoSA) over learned feature dictionaries
* Land cover classification in fused multisensor multispectral satellite imagery
* Leveraging Sentinel-1 time-series data for mapping agricultural land cover and land use in the tropics
* Unsupervised land cover classification in multispectral imagery with sparse representations on learned dictionaries

Moody, E.B. Co Author Listing * Discrete orthogonal polynomial restoration of images degraded by spatially varying point spread functions

Moody, G. Co Author Listing * NaviGaze: enabling access to digital media for the profoundly disabled
* Projectile identification system

Moody, J. Co Author Listing * Image Guided Navigation System for Accurate Alignment in Total Hip Replacement Surgery, An
* Parallel Hypothesis Verification
Includes: Moody, J. Moody, J.[John]

Moody, J.B. Co Author Listing * Variance Estimation for Myocardial Blood Flow by Dynamic PET

Moody, J.E. Co Author Listing * Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 3

Moody, M.[Miles] Co Author Listing * New Approach for Error Resilience in Video Transmission Using ECC, A

Moogi, P. Co Author Listing * Neutral Face Classification Using Personalized Appearance Models for Fast and Robust Emotion Detection

Mookerjee, A.[Agrotosh] Co Author Listing * Use of Remotely Sensed Rainfall for Managing Drought Risk: A Case Study of Weather Index Insurance in Zambia, The

Moolani, V.[Veena] Co Author Listing * Shape Analysis and Spatio-Temporal Tracking of Mesoscale Eddies in Miami Isopycnic Coordinate Ocean Model

Moolenaar, D. Co Author Listing * Low-Power Data Transfer and Storage Exploration for H.263 Video Decoder System

Moolla, Y.[Yaseen] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Matching with Optical Coherence Tomography

Moon, B.[Byeongho] Co Author Listing * Continuous digital zooming using local self-similarity-based super-resolution for an asymmetric dual camera system
* Variational framework for low-light image enhancement using optimal transmission map and combined and -minimization

Moon, B.C. Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of Radio Map Construction Methods for Wi-Fi Positioning Systems

Moon, B.R.[Byung Ro] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Genetic Algorithms for Feature Selection
* Local search-embedded genetic algorithms for feature selection
Includes: Moon, B.R.[Byung Ro] Moon, B.R.[Byung-Ro]

Moon, B.S.[Byung Soo] Co Author Listing * representation of digitized patterns and an edge tracking thinning method, A

Moon, C.H.[Chan Hong] Co Author Listing * Application of compatible dual-echo arteriovenography in stroke: Preliminary observations
* Method of and apparatus for motion estimation of video data
* Wavelet-based morphological approach for detection of human face region
Includes: Moon, C.H.[Chan Hong] Moon, C.H.[Chan-Hong] Moon, C.H.[Chong H.] Moon, C.H.[Chae Hyun]

Moon, D.S.[Dae Sung] Co Author Listing * Hardware Implementation of Fingerprint Verification for Secure Biometric Authentication Systems, A
* Implementation of the USB Token System for Fingerprint Verification
* Secure and Efficient Transmissions of Fingerprint Images for Embedded Processors
Includes: Moon, D.S.[Dae Sung] Moon, D.S.[Dae-Sung]

Moon, G.[Gyeongsik] Co Author Listing * Sequential Approach to 3D Human Pose Estimation: Separation of Localization and Identification of Body Joints, A

Moon, H.[Hyungil] Co Author Listing * 3D freehand ultrasound reconstruction using a piecewise smooth Markov random field
* Data Management Framework Of Drone-based 3d Model Reconstruction Of Disaster Site
* UAV Based 3-d Positioning Framework For Detecting Locations Of Buried Persons In Collapsed Disaster Area, A
Includes: Moon, H.[Hyungil] Moon, H.

Moon, H.J.[Hyeon Joon] Co Author Listing * Analysis of PCA-based Face Recognition Algorithms
* Biometrics Person Authentication Using Projection-Based Face Recognition System in Verification Scenario
* Computational and performance aspects of PCA-based face recognition algorithms
* Face Representation Method Using Pixel-to-Vertex Map (PVM) for 3D Model Based Face Recognition
* FERET Evaluation Methodology for Face-Recognition Algorithms, The
* FERET Verification Testing Protocol for Face Recognition Algorithms, The
* Verification Protocol and Statistical Performance Analysis for Face Recognition Algorithms, A
Includes: Moon, H.J.[Hyeon Joon] Moon, H.J.[Hyeon-Joon] Moon, H.J.
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Moon, H.K.[Han Kyu] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Tracking Using Shape-Encoded Particle Propagation
* 3D Shape-Encoded Particle Filter for Object Tracking and Its Application to Human Body Tracking
* Optimal edge-based shape detection
* Optimal Shape Detection
* Performance Analysis of a Simple Vehicle Detction Algorithm
* Tracking of Human Activities Using Shape-encoded Particle Propagation
Includes: Moon, H.K.[Han Kyu] Moon, H.K.[Han-Kyu]

Moon, H.S. Co Author Listing * Monitoring and Mitigation of Ionospheric Anomalies for GNSS-Based Safety Critical Systems: A review of up-to-date signal processing techniques

Moon, H.Y.[Hank Yu] Co Author Listing * Estimating facial pose from a sparse representation
Includes: Moon, H.Y.[Hank Yu] Moon, H.Y.[Hank-Yu]

Moon, I Co Author Listing * Real-Time 3-D Sensing, Visualization and Recognition of Dynamic Biological Microorganisms

Moon, I. Co Author Listing * 3-D Visualization and Identification of Biological Microorganisms Using Partially Temporal Incoherent Light In-Line Computational Holographic Imaging
* Automated Disease Identification With 3-D Optical Imaging: A Medical Diagnostic Tool
* Automated Three-Dimensional Identification and Tracking of Micro/Nanobiological Organisms by Computational Holographic Microscopy
* Photon-counting three-dimensional integral imaging with compression of elemental images
* Three Dimensional Sensing, Visualization, and Display
* Three-Dimensional Imaging With Multiple Degrees of Freedom Using Data Fusion
* Three-Dimensional Optical Sensing and Visualization Using Integral Imaging
Includes: Moon, I. Moon, I.[Inkyu]
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Moon, I.C.[Il Chul] Co Author Listing * Efficient extraction of domain specific sentiment lexicon with active learning
Includes: Moon, I.C.[Il Chul] Moon, I.C.[Il-Chul]

Moon, J.[Jongsub] Co Author Listing * Automatic generation of structured hyperdocuments from document images
* Centralization problem of contacting interaction in multiple object tracking
* Hand-held 3D scanning based on coarse and fine registration of multiple range images
* Image-Based Calibration of Spatial Domain Depth-from-Defocus and Application to Automatic Focus Tracking
* Invariant-Feature Based Object Tracking Using Discrete Dynamic Swarm Optimization
* Real-time 3D registration of stereo-vision based range images using GPU
* Recognition of Meaningful Human Actions for Video Annotation Using EEG Based User Responses
* Static Optimal Sensor Selection via Linear Integer Programming: The Orthogonal Case
Includes: Moon, J.[Jongsub] Moon, J.[Joopil] Moon, J.[Jaekyoung] Moon, J.[Jinyoung] Moon, J.
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Moon, J.E.[Jeong Eon] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Stray Light Correction for GOCI Remote Sensing Reflectance Using in Situ Measurements
Includes: Moon, J.E.[Jeong Eon] Moon, J.E.[Jeong-Eon]

Moon, J.H. Co Author Listing * Boundary Block-Merging (BBM) Technique for Efficient Texture Coding of Arbitrarily Shaped Object
* Fast Fine Granularity Scalability Decoding Scheme for Low-Delay Scalable Video Coding Applications
* Method and apparatus for predictively coding shape information of video signal
* new vertex-based binary shape coder for high coding efficiency, A
* On the accuracy and convergence of 2-D motion models using minimum MSE motion estimation
* Rate Control for Consistent Objective Quality in High Efficiency Video Coding
* Shape-Adaptive Region Partitioning Method for Shape-Assisted Block-Based Texture Coding
Includes: Moon, J.H. Moon, J.H.[Joo-Hee] Moon, J.H.[Joo Hee]
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Moon, J.K.[Jae Kyoung] Co Author Listing * Localization of an unmanned ground vehicle using 3D registration of laser range data and DSM
Includes: Moon, J.K.[Jae Kyoung] Moon, J.K.[Jae-Kyoung]

Moon, J.M.[Jeong Mee] Co Author Listing * Computation Reduction Method for RDO Mode Decision Based on an Approximation of the Distortion, A
* New Low-Complexity Integer Distortion Estimation Method for H.264/AVC Encoder, A

Moon, J.W.[Jae Won] Co Author Listing * requantization algorithm for the transcoding of JPEG images, A

Moon, J.Y.[Jae Young] Co Author Listing * Application of a Two-Level Self Organizing Map for Korean Online Game Market Segmentation
* Challenging Issues in Visual Information Understanding Researches
* Design of Algorithm Development Interface for Fingerprint Verification Algorithms
* Moving Object Removal Based on Global Feature Registration
Includes: Moon, J.Y.[Jae Young] Moon, J.Y.[Jae-Young] Moon, J.Y.[Jin-Young] Moon, J.Y.[Jih-Yun] Moon, J.Y.[Jaek-Young]

Moon, K.[Kyungae] Co Author Listing * Large-scale color holographic display capable of steering view window

Moon, K.A.[Kyung Ae] Co Author Listing * Amplitude-modification resilient watermarking based on a-law compounding
* EM Estimation of Scale Factor for Quantization-Based Audio Watermarking
* Method for recognizing multi-language printed documents using strokes and non-strokes of characters
* text watermarking algorithm based on word classification and inter-word space statistics, A
Includes: Moon, K.A.[Kyung Ae] Moon, K.A.[Kyung-Ae]

Moon, K.H. Co Author Listing * ConfidentCare: A Clinical Decision Support System for Personalized Breast Cancer Screening

Moon, K.R.[Kevin R.] Co Author Listing * Image patch analysis and clustering of sunspots: A dimensionality reduction approach

Moon, K.S.[Kwang Seok] Co Author Listing * 3D CAD Drawing Watermarking Based on Three Components
* 3D Human Motion Tracking Using Dynamic Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis
* Acute lymphoid leukemia classification using two-step neural network classifier
* Efficient Video Watermarking Scheme Using Adaptive Threshold and Minimum Modification on Motion Vectors, An
* Estimation of Human Figure Motion Using Robust Tracking of Articulated Layers
* Fast Feature Matching by Coarse-to-Fine Comparison of Rearranged SURF Descriptors
* Graphical Models for Human Motion Modeling
* Impact of Dynamics on Subspace Embedding and Tracking of Sequences
* New Digital Watermarking for Architectural Design Drawing Using LINEs and ARCs Based on Vertex, A
* Protecting GIS vector map using the k-means clustering algorithm and odd-even coding
Includes: Moon, K.S.[Kwang Seok] Moon, K.S.[Kwang-Seok] Moon, K.S.[Kook-Sang]
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Moon, K.W.[Ki Woong] Co Author Listing * Frame-Based Recovery of Corrupted Video Files Using Video Codec Specifications
* Postprocessing in Block-Based Video Coding Based on a Quantization Noise Model
Includes: Moon, K.W.[Ki Woong] Moon, K.W.[Ki-Woong]

Moon, K.Y.[Ki Young] Co Author Listing * Automated Human Recognition by Gait using Neural Network
* Real-Time Face Verification for Mobile Platforms
* Secure and Efficient Transmissions of Fingerprint Images for Embedded Processors
Includes: Moon, K.Y.[Ki Young] Moon, K.Y.[Ki-Young]

Moon, M. Co Author Listing * Walking Disturbance Index Suggestions for Optimized Path Search for the People with Reduced Mobility, A

Moon, N.[Naureen] Co Author Listing * Experiential Approach to Interacting with Biological Information, An
* Model-based brain and tumor segmentation
* Recovery of Blurred Video Signals Using Iterative Image Restoration Combined with Motion Estimation
Includes: Moon, N.[Naureen] Moon, N.

Moon, N.S.[Nam Su] Co Author Listing * Pixel-Weighting Method for Discriminating Objects of Different Sizes in an Image Captured from a Single Camera, A
Includes: Moon, N.S.[Nam Su] Moon, N.S.[Nam-Su]

Moon, S.[Sunghwan] Co Author Listing * email: Moon, S.[Sunghwan]: shmoon AT unist ac kr
* Analytic Inversion of a Conical Radon Transform Arising in Application of Compton Cameras on the Cylinder
* Effective Dimensionality Reduction Based on Support Vector Machine
* Exact Inversion of the Cone Transform Arising in an Application of a Compton Camera Consisting of Line Detectors
* Joint photo stream and blog post summarization and exploration
* Ranking and retrieval of image sequences from multiple paragraph queries
* Reconstruction Formula for Photoacoustic Tomography with Cylindrical Detectors
Includes: Moon, S.[Sunghwan] Moon, S.[Sangwoo] Moon, S.[Seungwhan]
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Moon, S.B.[Seung Bin] Co Author Listing * Face Representation Method Using Pixel-to-Vertex Map (PVM) for 3D Model Based Face Recognition
Includes: Moon, S.B.[Seung Bin] Moon, S.B.[Seung-Bin]

Moon, S.E.[Seong Eun] Co Author Listing * Implicit Analysis of Perceptual Multimedia Experience Based on Physiological Response: A Review
Includes: Moon, S.E.[Seong Eun] Moon, S.E.[Seong-Eun]

Moon, S.H.[Song Hyang] Co Author Listing * Face recognition under arbitrary illumination using illuminated exemplars
* Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Linear Combination of Face Exemplars
Includes: Moon, S.H.[Song Hyang] Moon, S.H.[Song-Hyang]

Moon, S.J.[Seung Jin] Co Author Listing * survey of tag-based information retrieval, A
Includes: Moon, S.J.[Seung Jin] Moon, S.J.[Seung-Jin]

Moon, S.K.[Sung Kyu] Co Author Listing * Generalized cross-correlation based noise robust abnormal acoustic event localization utilizing non-negative matrix factorization
Includes: Moon, S.K.[Sung Kyu] Moon, S.K.[Sung-Kyu]

Moon, T.[Taesup] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of a MISR-Based High-Resolution Aerosol Retrieval Method Using AERONET DRAGON Campaign Data
* Model-based (passive) heart rate estimation using remote video recording of moving human subjects illuminated by ambient light
* Using Physically-Modeled Synthetic Data to Assess Hyperspectral Unmixing Approaches
Includes: Moon, T.[Taesup] Moon, T.[Todd] Moon, T.

Moon, T.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Termination Rule for Iterative Image Restoration

Moon, T.K. Co Author Listing * Contravariant Adaptation on the Manifold of Causal, FIR, Invertible Multivariable Matrix Systems
* Contravariant Adaptation on the Manifold of Invertible Matrix Transfer Functions
* Iterative Least Square Approach to Elastic-Lidar Retrievals for Well-Characterized Aerosols, An
* Transform-Based Computation of the Distribution of a Linear Combination of Random Variables Over Arbitrary Finite Fields

Moon, W. Co Author Listing * Landsat-TM-Based Discrimination of Lithological Units Associated with the Purtuniq Ophiolite, Quebec, Canada

Moon, W.K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Tumor Vascularity Using Three-Dimensional Power Doppler Ultrasound Images
* Characterization of Spiculation on Ultrasound Lesions
* Comparison of Conventional US and Spatial Compound Imaging in Diagnostic Performances of Computer Aided Diagnosis System
* Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Solid Breast Nodules: Use of an Artificial Neural Network Based on Multiple Sonographic Features
* Computer-Aided Tumor Detection Based on Multi-Scale Blob Detection Algorithm in Automated Breast Ultrasound Images
* Robust Texture Analysis Using Multi-Resolution Gray-Scale Invariant Features for Breast Sonographic Tumor Diagnosis
Includes: Moon, W.K. Moon, W.K.[Woo Kyung]

Moon, W.M. Co Author Listing * Advances in Very-High-Resolution Remote Sensing
* Assessment of Scattering Mechanism of Polarimetric SAR Signal From Mountainous Forest Areas
* Doppler Velocity Characteristics During Tropical Cyclones Observed Using ScanSAR Raw Data
* Estimation of Surface Roughness Parameter in Intertidal Mudflat Using Airborne Polarimetric SAR Data
* Independent and Commutable Target Decomposition of PolSAR Data Using a Mapping From SU(4) to SO(
* Melt Pond Mapping With High-Resolution SAR: The First View
* Novel Model-Based Method for Identification of Scattering Mechanisms in Polarimetric SAR Data
* Unsupervised Classification of Scattering Mechanisms in Polarimetric SAR Data Using Fuzzy Logic in Entropy and Alpha Plane
* Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities
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Moon, Y.H.[Yong Ho] Co Author Listing * Advanced Total_Zeros Decoding Method Based on New Memory Architecture in H.264/AVC CAVLC, An
* Computation Reduction Method for RDO Mode Decision Based on an Approximation of the Distortion, A
* early detection of all-zero DCT blocks in H.264, An
* Fast Fractal Decoding Algorithm Based on the Selection of an Initial Image, A
* Fast Full-Search Motion Estimation Based on Multilevel Successive Elimination Algorithm
* Hybrid Motion-Vector Coding Scheme Based on an Estimation of the Locality for Motion-Vector Difference, A
* improved coeff_token variable length decoding mehod for low power design of H.264/AVC CAVLC decoder, An
* Improved Early Detection Algorithm for All-Zero Blocks in H.264 Video Encoding, An
* improved H.264/AVC video encoding based on a new syntax element, An
* improved multilevel successive elimination algorithm for fast full-search motion estimation, An
* New Coeff-Token Decoding Method With Efficient Memory Access in H.264/AVC Video Coding Standard, A
* New Fast Encoding Algorithm Based on an Efficient Motion Estimation Process for the Scalable Video Coding Standard, A
* novel fast fractal decoding algorithm, A
Includes: Moon, Y.H.[Yong Ho] Moon, Y.H.
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Moon, Y.J.[Young Jun] Co Author Listing * Keynote lecture 3: Intelligent transport systems (ITS) for next generation with advanced surveillance
Includes: Moon, Y.J.[Young Jun] Moon, Y.J.[Young-Jun]

Moon, Y.L.[Young Lae] Co Author Listing * Standardizing 3D Medical Imaging

Moon, Y.S.[Young Shik] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Video Watermarking Utilizing Video Characteristics in 3D-DCT Domain
* Automated Visual Inspection of Solder Joints Using 2D and 3D Features, An
* Automatic Denoising of 2D Color Face Images Using Recursive PCA Reconstruction
* Automatic Inspection of Solder Joints Using Layered Illumination
* Color Transfer in Images Based on Separation of Chromatic and Achromatic Colors
* CPGL: A classification method combining PCA and the Group Lasso method
* Design and implementation of the visual programming environment for the distributed image processing
* Detection of Approaching Pedestrians from a Distance Using Temporal Intensity Patterns
* Effect of Window Size and Shift Period in Mel-Warped Cepstral Feature Extraction on GMM-Based Speaker Verification
* Efficient Fingerprint Image Enhancement for Mobile Embedded Systems
* Evaluation of Space Filling Curves for Lower-Dimensional Transformation of Image Histogram Sequences
* Fast construction of object correspondence in stereo camera system: An example to human face capturing system
* Fast Fingerprint Verification Using Subregions of Fingerprint Images
* Fingerprint Matching with Minutiae Quality Score
* Ghost-Free High Dynamic Range Imaging
* Intelligent Night Vision System for Automobiles, An
* Minutiae-based Fingerprint Individuality Model, A
* Novel Genetic Algorithm for 3D Facial Landmark Localization, A
* Palmprint authentication using a symbolic representation of images
* Palmprint Authentication Using Time Series
* Pose-tolerant Non-frontal Face Recognition using EBGM
* Pruning Approach for GMM-Based Speaker Verification in Mobile Embedded Systems, A
* Recent advances in ear biometrics
* Restoration of low resolution car plate images using PCA based image super-resolution
* robust wavelet-based digital watermarking using level-adaptive thresholding, A
* Statistical Evaluation Model for Minutiae-Based Automatic Fingerprint Verification Systems, A
* statistical modelling of fingerprint minutiae distribution with implications for fingerprint individuality studies, The
* Stroke Filter for Text Localization in Video Images
* Synthesizing Frontal Faces on Calibrated Stereo Cameras for Face Recognition
* Towards more accurate 3D face registration under the guidance of prior anatomical knowledge on human faces
* Translation- and Scale-Invariant Adaptive Wavelet Transform, A
* Unsupervised Abnormal Behavior Detection for Real-Time Surveillance Using Observed History
* Unsupervised Real-Time Unusual Behavior Detection for Biometric-Assisted Visual Surveillance
* Using SIFT features in palmprint authentication
* Visual inspection system for the classification of solder joints
Includes: Moon, Y.S.[Young Shik] Moon, Y.S. Moon, Y.S.[Yiu-Sang] Moon, Y.S.[Young-Shik] Moon, Y.S.[Yang-Sae] Moon, Y.S.[Young-Su] Moon, Y.S.[Yiu Sang] Moon, Y.S.[Young-Soo]
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Moonen, C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Non-Local-Means Filter for Real-Time MR-Thermometry, An
* Direct PCA-Based Approach for Real-Time Description of Physiological Organ Deformations, A
* Extended Kalman Filtering for Continuous Volumetric MR-Temperature Imaging
* Extended Kalman filtering for MR-thermometry guided high intensity focused ultrasound using the bio heat transfer equation
* PCA-Based Image Registration: Application to On-Line MR Temperature Monitoring of Moving Tissues
* Real time constrained motion estimation for ECG-gated cardiac MRI
* Robust Adaptive Extended Kalman Filtering for Real Time MR-Thermometry Guided HIFU Interventions
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Moonen, C.T.W. Co Author Listing * 3D Motion Estimation for On-Line MR Temperature Mapping
* 3dD animation of cerebral activity using both spatial and temporal fMRI information
* Atlas-based motion correction for on-line MR temperature mapping
* Automatic Nonrigid Calibration of Image Registration for Real Time MR-Guided HIFU Ablations of Mobile Organs
* Automatic Region Tracking for MR Glomerular Filtration Rate Analysis
* Method for Large Vessels/Brain Activity Colocalization, A
* MR-Guided Thermotherapy of Abdominal Organs Using a Robust PCA-Based Motion Descriptor
* MRI-Guided Focused Ultrasound: Methodology and Applications
* On-Line Mobile Organ Tracking for Non-Invasive Local Hyperthermia
* Robust Spatial Phase Unwrapping for On-Line MR-Temperature Monitoring
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Moonen, M. Co Author Listing * Generalized Signal Utility for LMMSE Signal Estimation With Application to Greedy Quantization in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Iterative Convex Approximation Based Real-Time Dynamic Spectrum Management in Multi-User Multi-Carrier Communication Systems
* On the Use of Time-Domain Widely Linear Filtering for Binaural Speech Enhancement
* Recursive total least squares algorithm for single-user blind channel equalisation

Mooney, J.E. Co Author Listing * Identification of metallic mine-like objects using low frequency magnetic fields

Mooney, J.M.[Jonathan M.] Co Author Listing * Convex Projections Algorithm for Restoration of Limited-Angle Chromotomographic Images

Mooney, K. Co Author Listing * Eduserv: The Education Service of Eurosdr: Sharing Experience for Capacity Building
* Extracting of Spatial Information in the Environment of Irish Road Using Airborne Laser Scanning
* Semi-automatic Approach to Object Extraction from a Combination of Image and Laser Data, A

Mooney, P. Co Author Listing * Background Foreground Segmentation for SLAM
* Comparing National Differences in What People Perceive to be There: Mapping Variations in Crowd Sourced Land Cover
* Complementary texture and intensity gradient estimation and fusion for watershed segmentation
* Convexity Grouping of Salient Contours
* Convexity Measure for Open and Closed Contours, A
* Crowdsourcing, Citizen Science or Volunteered Geographic Information? The Current State of Crowdsourced Geographic Information
* Interactive cartographic route descriptions
* Spatial Relations Using High Level Concepts
* Tagging in Volunteered Geographic Information: An Analysis of Tagging Practices for Cities and Urban Regions in OpenStreetMap
* Towards a Protocol for the Collection of VGI Vector Data
Includes: Mooney, P. Mooney, P.[Peter]
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Mooney, R.[Raymond] Co Author Listing * Captioning Images with Diverse Objects
* Deep Compositional Captioning: Describing Novel Object Categories without Paired Training Data
* Sequence to Sequence -- Video to Text
* YouTube2Text: Recognizing and Describing Arbitrary Activities Using Semantic Hierarchies and Zero-Shot Recognition

Mooney, R.J.[Raymond J.] Co Author Listing * Using closed captions to train activity recognizers that improve video retrieval

Mooney, S.J.[Sacha J.] Co Author Listing * Visual Object Tracking for the Extraction of Multiple Interacting Plant Root Systems
* Visual tracking for the recovery of multiple interacting plant root systems from X-ray CT images

Mooney, V.J. Co Author Listing * Low Power Motion Estimation Based on Probabilistic Computing

Mooneyhan, D. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing and Mapping of Tamarisk along the Colorado River, USA: A Comparative Use of Summer-Acquired Hyperion, Thematic Mapper and QuickBird Data

Moonrinta, J. Co Author Listing * Fruit detection, tracking, and 3D reconstruction for crop mapping and yield estimation

Moons, B.[Bert] Co Author Listing * Energy-efficient ConvNets through approximate computing

Moons, C.P.H.[Christel P. H.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Identification of Marked Pigs in a Pen Using Image Pattern Recognition
* Automatic Monitoring of Pig Activity Using Image Analysis
* Weight Estimation of Pigs Using Top-View Image Processing

Moons, G. Co Author Listing * Sonar Recognition of Targets Embedded in Sediment

Moons, T.[Theo] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction from Multiple Images Part 1: Principles
* Affine Reconstruction from Lines
* Affine Reconstruction from Perspective Image Pairs Obtained by a Translating Camera
* Affine Reconstruction from Perspective Image Pairs with a Relative Object-Camera Translation in Between
* Affine/Photometric Invariants for Planar Intensity Patterns
* Automatic Modelling and 3-D Reconstruction of Urban House Roofs from High Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Cascaded Hough Transform as an Aid in Aerial Image Interpretation, A
* Characterization and Detection of Skewed Symmetry, The
* Comparing Intensity Transformations and Their Invariants in the Context of Color Pattern Recognition
* Extended Class of Scale-Invariant and Recursive Scale Space Filters, An
* Foundations Of Semi-Differential Invariants
* Grouping via the Matching of Repeated Patterns
* Groups for grouping: a strategy for the exploitation of geometrical constaints
* Groups, fixed sets, symmetries, and invariants
* Guided Tour Through Multiview Relations, A
* Image enhancement using non-linear diffusion
* Invariant Color Features for Matching and Target Recognition
* Mirror and Point Symmetry under Perspective Skewing
* Model estimation for photometric changes of outdoor planar color surfaces caused by changes in illumination and viewpoint
* Moment invariants for recognition under changing viewpoint and illumination
* On the Reconstruction of Urban House Roofs from Aerial Images
* Probabilistic Approach to Building Roof Reconstruction Using Semantic Labelling, A
* Probabilistic Approach to Roof Extraction and Reconstruction, A
* Probabilistic Approach to Roof Patch Extraction and Reconstruction, A
* Projective Invariants for Planar Contour Recognition
* Recognition Of Planar Shapes Under Affine Distortion
* Recognizing 3-D Curves from a Stereo Pair of Images: A Semi-differential Approach
* Recognizing Color Patterns Irrespective of Viewpoint and Illumination
* Segmentation and Image Enhancement Using Coupled Anisotropic Diffusion
* Semi-Differential Invariants for Nonplanar Curves
* Semilocal Projective Invariants for the Recognition of Smooth Plane-Curves
* Shape-from-copies
* Symmetry from Shape and Shape from Symmetry
* Towards a General Framework for Feature Extraction
* Viewpoint Invariant Characteristics of Articulated Objects
* Vision and Lies Approach to Invariance
* Visual robot guidance for an insertion task
Includes: Moons, T.[Theo] Moons, T.
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Moorby, P.R.[Philip R.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive modeling and segmentation of visual image streams
* Method and apparatus for compressing and analyzing video and for creating a reference video

Moore Ellison, C.A.[Carol A.] Co Author Listing * Single and Multi-Date Landsat Classifications of Basalt to Support Soil Survey Efforts
Includes: Moore Ellison, C.A.[Carol A.] Moore-Ellison, C.A.[Carol A.]

Moore, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of 3-D maximum a posteriori and filtered backprojection algorithms for high-resolution animal imaging with microPET
* Computing Motion Using Analog VLSI Vision Chips: An Experimental Comparison among Different Approaches
* Fast and Robust Track Initiation Using Multiple Trees
* Spatial Data Structures for Efficient Trajectory-Based Queries

Moore, A.B. Co Author Listing * Usability of Online Geographic Virtual Reality for Urban Planning, The

Moore, A.G.[Alec G.] Co Author Listing * Wedge: A musical interface for building and playing composition-appropriate immersive environments

Moore, A.M.[Andrew M.] Co Author Listing * Moving Towards Dynamic Ocean Management: How Well Do Modeled Ocean Products Predict Species Distributions?

Moore, A.P.[Alastair P.] Co Author Listing * Epitomized priors for multi-labeling problems
* Lattice Cut: Constructing superpixels using layer constraints
* Scene shape priors for superpixel segmentation
* Superpixel lattices
* Vistas: Hierarchial boundary priors using multiscale conditional random fields

Moore, B.[Berrien] Co Author Listing * Forest cover maps of China in 2010 from multiple approaches and data sources: PALSAR, Landsat, MODIS, FRA, and NFI
* Learning Face Appearance under Different Lighting Conditions
Includes: Moore, B.[Berrien] Moore, III, B.[Berrien] Moore, B.[Brendan]

Moore, B.E.[Brian E.] Co Author Listing * Chaotic invariants of Lagrangian particle trajectories for anomaly detection in crowded scenes
* Identifying Behaviors in Crowd Scenes Using Stability Analysis for Dynamical Systems
* LASSI: A low-rank and adaptive sparse signal model for highly accelerated dynamic imaging
* Low-Rank and Adaptive Sparse Signal (LASSI) Models for Highly Accelerated Dynamic Imaging
* Streakline Representation of Flow in Crowded Scenes, A
* Visual Crowd Surveillance Through a Hydrodynamics Lens
Includes: Moore, B.E.[Brian E.] Moore, B.E.

Moore, C. Co Author Listing * Attitude and Spin Period of Space Debris Envisat Measured by Satellite Laser Ranging

Moore, C.J. Co Author Listing * Analysis of microscopy and reconstructive images for applications in medicine and biology
* Deformable Image Registration
* Deformable Image Registration using Spring Mass System
* Quantifying structure regularity in fluorescence microscopy cell images using a novel multi-dimensional approximate entropy metric
* Segmentation of cellular structures in actin tagged fluorescence confocal microscopy images
Includes: Moore, C.J. Moore, C.J.[Christopher J.]

Moore, D. Co Author Listing * Audio-visual speaker tracking with importance particle filters
* Image processing techniques for bone image analysis
* optimized vision library approach for embedded systems, An
* Team MIT Urban Challenge Technical Report
* Top down image segmentation using congealing and graph-cut
Includes: Moore, D. Moore, D.[Darnell] Moore, D.[David] Moore, D.[Douglas]

Moore, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * Emotional Avatar: Non-verbal Communication Between Inhabitants of Collaborative Virtual Environments, The
* Object Spaces: Context Management for Human Activity Recognition
* Real-Time Active Vision and Computer Interfaces Exploiting Human Actions and Object Context for Recognition Tasks
Includes: Moore, D.J.[David J.] Moore, D.J.

Moore, D.J.H. Co Author Listing * Analysis of global pattern features
* End Points, Complexity, and Visual Illusions
* On the Medial Axis Function for Visual Patterns

Moore, D.S.[David S.] Co Author Listing * Variance Comparisons for Unbiased Estimators of Probabilities of Correct Classifications

Moore, E.F. Co Author Listing * Variable-Length Binary Encodings

Moore, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Evolving improved transforms for reconstruction of quantized ultrasound images

Moore, G.[Gregory] Co Author Listing * Fast Bundle Algorithm for Multiple-Instance Learning
* Global Surface Net-Radiation at 5 km from MODIS Terra
* HandPuppet3D: Motion capture and analysis for character animation
Includes: Moore, G.[Gregory] Moore, G.[George]

Moore, G.A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Scanning and Computer Processes for the Quantitative Analysis of Micrographs and Equivalent Subjects
* Design of a practical scanner unit for precision analysis of micrographs

Moore, G.W.[G. William] Co Author Listing * Lattice theory approach to metastatic disease patterns in autopsied human patients: Application to metastatic neuroblastoma

Moore, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * Active View Optimization for Viewing Objects in Motion
* Dynamic 2D Ultrasound and 3D CT Image Registration of the Beating Heart
* Essential Matrix Estimation Using Gauss-Newton Iterations on a Manifold
* Radiological Assessment on Interest Areas on the Sellafield Nuclear Site via Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Resolution Invariant Surfaces for Panoramic Vision Systems
Includes: Moore, J.[Jason] Moore, J. Moore, J.[John] Moore, J.[James]

Moore, J.B. Co Author Listing * Camera motion estimation via optimization-on-a-manifold

Moore, J.C.[John C.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Phenology in the Mongolian Plateau by Inter-Comparison of Global Vegetation Datasets

Moore, J.K.[J. Kenneth] Co Author Listing * Television system for displaying and recording paths of motion

Moore, J.M. Co Author Listing * Geological Mapping Of Pluto And Charon Using New Horizons Data
* Pixel Block Intensity Modulation: Adding Spatial Detail to TM Band-6 Thermal Imagery
* Topographic Mapping Of Pluto And Charon Using New Horizons Data

Moore, J.S. Co Author Listing * Fast String Searching Algorithm, A

Moore, J.W. Co Author Listing * Robot guidance using machine vision

Moore, K.[Kieran] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Correlation between Deer Habitat and the Component of the Risk for Lyme Disease in Eastern Ontario, Canada: A GIS-Based Approach

Moore, K.D.[Kathleen D.] Co Author Listing * empirical study on the effects of translucency on photometric stereo, An
* Scattering Parameters and Surface Normals from Homogeneous Translucent Materials Using Photometric Stereo

Moore, K.L. Co Author Listing * Analytical piecewise radial distortion model for precision camera calibration

Moore, K.N. Co Author Listing * New Approach to Evaluate Drug Treatment Response of Ovarian Cancer Patients Based on Deformable Image Registration, A

Moore, M.S. Co Author Listing * Adjustable Quadratic Filters for Image Enhancement
* Defect visibility and content importance implications for the design of an objective video fidelity metric
* Defect visibility and content importance: Effects on Perceived Impairment
* Efficient Color Representation for Image Retrieval, An
* Model-based programming for parallel image processing
* Statistical Threshold Design for the Two-state Signal-dependent Rank Order Mean Filter
Includes: Moore, M.S. Moore, M.S.[Michael S.]

Moore, N.[Niall] Co Author Listing * non-rigid registration algorithm for dynamic breast MR images, A
* Reconstructing Historical Land Cover Type and Complexity by Synergistic Use of Landsat Multispectral Scanner and CORONA
Includes: Moore, N.[Niall] Moore, N.[Nathan]

Moore, P. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of a UAV-based Landslide Monitoring System
* EEG-Based Cognitive Interfaces for Ubiquitous Applications: Developments and Challenges
* Survey of Computer-Based Deformable Models, A
Includes: Moore, P. Moore, P.[Philip] Moore, P.[Patricia]

Moore, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * Building a Better Urban Picture: Combining Day and Night Remote Sensing Imagery
* Collect Earth: Land Use and Land Cover Assessment through Augmented Visual Interpretation
* Efficient Human Pose Estimation from Single Depth Images
* Mapping and Analyzing Stream Network Changes in Watonwan River Watershed, Minnesota, USA
* Real-Time Human Pose Recognition in Parts from Single Depth Images
Includes: Moore, R.[Rebecca] Moore, R.[Richard] Moore, R.[Rick]

Moore, R.H. Co Author Listing * Combined Optical Imaging and Mammography of the Healthy Breast: Optical Contrast Derived From Breast Structure and Compression
* Regional Admittivity Spectra With Tomosynthesis Images for Breast Cancer Detection: Preliminary Patient Study

Moore, R.K. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Programming Algorithm for the Distance between Two Finite Areas, A
* Multilevel Approach to Pattern Processing, A
Includes: Moore, R.K. Moore, R.K.[Roger K.]

Moore, R.W.[Randall W.] Co Author Listing * Golf ball trajectory presentation system
* Monitoring system for measuring kinematic data of golf balls

Moore, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Using Boosted Discriminatory Classifiers
* effect of pose on Facial Expression Recognition, The
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Spatiotemporal Boosted Discriminatory Classifiers
* Local binary patterns for multi-view facial expression recognition
* Multi-view Pose and Facial Expression Recognition

Moore, S.C. Co Author Listing * Collimator Optimization for Detection and Quantitation Tasks: Application to Gallium-67 Imaging
* Detecting violent and abnormal crowd activity using temporal analysis of grey level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM)-based texture measures
* Evaluation of Imaging Systems Using the Posterior Variance of Emission Counts
* Improved Regional Activity Quantitation in Nuclear Medicine Using a New Approach to Correct for Tissue Partial Volume and Spillover Effects
Includes: Moore, S.C. Moore, S.C.[Simon C.]

Moore, S.K. Co Author Listing * Brainprint biometric id hits 100% accuracy

Moore, S.T. Co Author Listing * Measurement of three dimensional eye position using image processing: a geometric approach

Moore, T. Co Author Listing * Enhancement of Temporally Variable Features in Nailfold Capillary Patterns
* Multisensor Navigation Systems: A Remedy for GNSS Vulnerabilities?
* Site Model Supported Monitoring of Aerial Images
* Site-Model-Based Monitoring of Aerial Images

Moore, T.E.[Thomas E.] Co Author Listing * email: Moore, T.E.[Thomas E.]: tmoore4 AT csee usf edu
* Bagging Is a Small-Data-Set Phenomenon
* Distributed learning with bagging-like performance
Includes: Moore, T.E.[Thomas E.] Moore, Jr., T.E.[Thomas E.]

Moore, T.R.[Tim R.] Co Author Listing * Videographic Analysis of Eriophorum Vaginatum Spatial Coverage in an Ombotrophic Bog

Moore, T.S.[Timothy S.] Co Author Listing * Optical Classification Tool for Global Lake Waters, An

Moore, W. Co Author Listing * Extracting Information From Previous Full-Dose CT Scan for Knowledge-Based Bayesian Reconstruction of Current Low-Dose CT Images
* Total Variation-Stokes Strategy for Sparse-View X-ray CT Image Reconstruction

Moorehead, I.R. Co Author Listing * Color and Luminance Information in Natural Scenes

Moorer, J.A.[James A.] Co Author Listing * DSP Restoration Techniques for Audio

Moorfield, B.[Bradley] Co Author Listing * Bilateral Filtering of 3D Point Clouds for Refined 3D Roadside Reconstructions

Moorhead, R. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Estuary Phytoplankton using a Web-based Tool for Visualization of Hyper-spectral Images

Moorhead, R.J. Co Author Listing * Color Display for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Feature-Driven Multilayer Visualization for Remotely Sensed Hyperspectral Imagery
* Hyperspectral Imagery Visualization Using Double Layers
* Image Processing Algorithms and Techniques
* Image Processing Algorithms and Techniques II
* Lossless progressive transmission of scientific data using biorthogonal wavelet transform
* User Experience of Hurricane Visualization in an Immersive 3D Environment
Includes: Moorhead, R.J. Moorhead, II, R.J.
7 for Moorhead, R.J.

Moorman, B.J.[Brian J.] Co Author Listing * Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Monitoring Recovery of Forest Vegetation on Petroleum Well Sites

Moorthy, A.K. Co Author Listing * 3D Visual Activity Assessment Based on Natural Scene Statistics
* Blind Image Quality Assessment: From Natural Scene Statistics to Perceptual Quality
* C-DIIVINE: No-reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Local Magnitude and Phase Statistics of Natural Scenes
* Calibrating MS-SSIM for compression distortions using MLDS
* Efficient Video Quality Assessment Along Temporal Trajectories
* No-Reference Image Quality Assessment in the Spatial Domain
* Optimizing Multiscale SSIM for Compression via MLDS
* Perceptually optimized blind repair of natural images
* Study of Temporal Effects on Subjective Video Quality of Experience
* Subjective evaluation of stereoscopic image quality
* Towards Computational Models of the Visual Aesthetic Appeal of Consumer Videos
* two-stage framework for blind image quality assessment, A
* Wireless Video Quality Assessment: A Study of Subjective Scores and Objective Algorithms
Includes: Moorthy, A.K. Moorthy, A.K.[Anush K.] Moorthy, A.K.[Anush Krishna]
13 for Moorthy, A.K.

Moorthy, I.[Inian] Co Author Listing * Crowdsourcing In-Situ Data on Land Cover and Land Use Using Gamification and Mobile Technology
* LACO-Wiki: A New Online Land Cover Validation Tool Demonstrated Using GlobeLand30 for Kenya

Moorthy, K.K.[K. Krishna] Co Author Listing * Detailed Study of Land Surface Microwave Emissivity Over the Indian Subcontinent, A

Moosavi Dezfooli, S.M. Co Author Listing * DeepFool: A Simple and Accurate Method to Fool Deep Neural Networks
* Robustness of Deep Networks: A Geometrical Perspective, The
* Universal Adversarial Perturbations
Includes: Moosavi Dezfooli, S.M. Moosavi-Dezfooli, S.M. Moosavi-Dezfooli, S.M.[Seyed-Mohsen]

Moosavi, V. Co Author Listing * Tree Crown Delineation on VHR Aerial Imagery with SVM Classification Technique Optimized by Taguchi Method: A Case Study in Zagros Woodlands

Mooser, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Applying robust structure from motion to markerless augmented reality
* Dynamic Programming Approach to Maximizing Tracks for Structure from Motion, A

Mooser, R.[Rene] Co Author Listing * Estimation of affine transformations directly from tomographic projections in two and three dimensions
Includes: Mooser, R.[Rene] Mooser, R.[René]

Mooshofer, H. Co Author Listing * video segmentation algorithm for hierarchical object representations and its implementation, A

Moosmann, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Randomized Clustering Forests for Image Classification
* Team AnnieWAY's Entry to the 2011 Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge
* Unsupervised discovery of object classes in 3D outdoor scenarios
Includes: Moosmann, F.[Frank] Moosmann, F.

Moosmayr, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Switching Linear Dynamic Models for Noise Robust In-Car Speech Recognition

Moots, R.J. Co Author Listing * Anatomically Corresponded Regional Analysis of Cartilage in Asymptomatic and Osteoarthritic Knees by Statistical Shape Modelling of the Bone

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