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Mu, Y.[Ying] Co Author Listing * Automatic Video Object Segmentation using Graph Cut
* Decoupling Spatial Pattern and its Movement Via Complex Factorization Over Orthogonal Filter Pairs
* Freeze/Thaw-Induced Deformation Monitoring and Assessment of the Slope in Permafrost Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanner and GNSS
* Image region annotation based on segmentation and semantic correlation analysis
* Information-Theoretic Analysis of Input Strokes in Visual Object Cutout
* Local discriminative distance metrics ensemble learning
* Stochastic Attribute Grammar for Robust Cross-View Human Tracking, A
* Video De-Fencing
Includes: Mu, Y.[Ying] Mu, Y. Mu, Y.[Yanhu] Mu, Y.[Yakun] Mu, Y.[Yang]
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Mu, Y.D.[Ya Dong] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Large Scale Optimization by Concomitant Hashing
* Accelerated low-rank visual recovery by random projection
* Co-segmentation of Image Pairs with Quadratic Global Constraint in MRFs
* Compact hashing for mixed image-keyword query over multi-label images
* Contextual motion field-based distance for video analysis
* Discriminative local binary patterns for human detection in personal album
* Distributed Low-Rank Subspace Segmentation
* Efficient region-aware large graph construction towards scalable multi-label propagation
* Guest Editorial: Special issue on large scale multimedia semantic indexing
* Hash-SVM: Scalable Kernel Machines for Large-Scale Visual Classification
* Learning reconfigurable hashing for diverse semantics
* MC-JBIG2: an improved algorithm for Chinese textual image compression
* Multimedia semantics-aware query-adaptive hashing with bits reconfigurability
* Randomized Locality Sensitive Vocabularies for Bag-of-Features Model
* Revisiting Jump-Diffusion Process for Visual Tracking: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
* Scene Aligned Pooling for Complex Video Recognition
* Weakly-supervised hashing in kernel space
Includes: Mu, Y.D.[Ya Dong] Mu, Y.D.[Ya-Dong]
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Mu, Y.Y.[Yan Yan] Co Author Listing * Generalizing Generative Models: Application to Image Super-Resolution
* Sparse image reconstruction by two phase RBM learning: Application to mine planning
Includes: Mu, Y.Y.[Yan Yan] Mu, Y.Y.[Yan-Yan]

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