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Muir, A.[Alan] Co Author Listing * Roles of the S3MPC: Monitoring, Validation and Evolution of Sentinel-3 Altimetry Observations, The

Muir, C.[Carly] Co Author Listing * Operational Large-Area Land-Cover Mapping: An Ethiopia Case Study
* Vegetation Dynamics and Climatological Drivers in Ethiopia at the Turn of the Century

Muir, H.[Helen] Co Author Listing * Analysis of OpenStreetMap Data Quality at Different Stages of a Participatory Mapping Process: Evidence from Slums in Africa and Asia

Muir, J.[Jasmine] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Derived Digital Elevation Models from Terrestrial Laser Scanning in a Sub-Tropical Forested Environment, An
* Estimating Changes in Leaf Area, Leaf Area Density, and Vertical Leaf Area Profile for Mango, Avocado, and Macadamia Tree Crowns Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Evaluation of the Range Accuracy and the Radiometric Calibration of Multiple Terrestrial Laser Scanning Instruments for Data Interoperability
* Operational Application of the Landsat Timeseries to Address Large Area Landcover Understanding
* Using Worldview Satellite Imagery to Map Yield in Avocado (Persea americana): A Case Study in Bundaberg, Australia
Includes: Muir, J.[Jasmine] Muir, J.

Muir, K.[Keith] Co Author Listing * Attaining Human-Level Performance with Atlas Location Autocontext for Anatomical Landmark Detection in 3D CT Data

Muir, L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation of Statistical Pose and Shape Models for Articulated Joints
* Automatic Inference and Measurement of 3D Carpal Bone Kinematics From Single View Fluoroscopic Sequences

Muir, W. Co Author Listing * Analysing Forests Using Dense Point Clouds

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