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Na, S. Co Author Listing * Activity-Based Motion Estimation Scheme for H.264 Scalable Video Coding
* Covert Attentional Shoulder Surfing: Human Adversaries Are More Powerful Than Expected
* Fingerprint Matching Algorithm Based on Radial Structure and a Structure-Rewarding Scoring Strategy, A
* Read-Write Memory Network for Movie Story Understanding, A
* SteganoPIN: Two-Faced Human-Machine Interface for Practical Enforcement of PIN Entry Security
* TenDSuR: Tensor-Based 4D Sub-Nyquist Radar
Includes: Na, S. Na, S.[Sangsin] Na, S.[Seil] Na, S.[Sarang]

Na, S.H.[Seung Hoon] Co Author Listing * Memory-restricted latent semantic analysis to accumulate term-document co-occurrence events
* Partial-update dimensionality reduction for accumulating co-occurrence events
Includes: Na, S.H.[Seung Hoon] Na, S.H.[Seung-Hoon]

Na, S.I.[Sang Il] Co Author Listing * Extensive analysis of feature selection for compact descriptor
* Intensity comparison based compact descriptor for mobile visual search
* Split and merge algorithm for deep learning and its application for additional classes
* Street searching service framework for navigation
Includes: Na, S.I.[Sang Il] Na, S.I.[Sang-Il]

Na, S.J. Co Author Listing * Study on Vision Sensors for Seam Tracking of Height-Varying Weldment: Part 1: Mathematical-Model, A

Na, S.T.[Sang Tae] Co Author Listing * Joint Coding of Multi-View Video and Corresponding Depth Map
* Joint coding of multiview video and depth data using virtual view synthesis
* Multi-View Video and Multi-Channel Audio Broadcasting System
Includes: Na, S.T.[Sang Tae] Na, S.T.[Sang-Tae]

Na, S.Y.[Seung You] Co Author Listing * Lip Detection Using Confidence-Based Adaptive Thresholding
* Visual Signal Reliability for Robust Audio-Visual Speaker Identification, A

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