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Naeem, A.[Aqsa] Co Author Listing * Indoor Positioning Using Visible LED Lights: A Survey
* Managing Particle Spread via Hybrid Particle Filter/Kernel Mean Shift Tracking
* Using social effects to guide tracking in complex scenes
Includes: Naeem, A.[Aqsa] Naeem, A.

Naeem, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Retrieval of leaf water content spanning the visible to thermal infrared spectra
* Spatial filtering and selection of optimized components in four class motor imagery EEG data using independent components analysis
Includes: Naeem, M.[Mohammad] Naeem, M.[Muhammad]

Naeemi, M.A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of graph embedding approach for dimensionality reduction using different kernels

Naef, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Methods, systems, and computer program products for imperceptibly embedding structured light patterns in projected color images for display on planar and non-planar surfaces

Naegel, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * 2D Filtering of Curvilinear Structures by Ranking the Orientation Responses of Path Operators (RORPO)
* Attribute-Filtering and Knowledge Extraction for Vessel Segmentation
* Colour Image Filtering with Component-Graphs
* Comparison of Discrete Curvature Estimators and Application to Corner Detection
* Component-Trees and Multi-value Images: A Comparative Study
* Component-Trees and Multivalued Images: Structural Properties
* Connected Filtering Based on Multivalued Component-Trees
* Document Binarization Based on Connected Operators
* document binarization method based on connected operators, A
* extension of component-trees to partial orders, An
* Grey-level hit-or-miss transforms--Part I: Unified theory
* Grey-level hit-or-miss transforms--part II: Application to angiographic image processing
* Implicit Component-Graph: A Discussion
* Interactive segmentation based on component-trees
* Interactive Segmentation Based on Component-trees
* Multivalued Component-Tree Filtering
* new ab initio reconstruction method from unknown-direction projections of 2D binary set, A
* Revisiting Component Tree Based Segmentation Using Meaningful Photometric Informations
* Segmentation of Complex Images Based on Component-Trees: Methodological Tools
* Selection of Relevant Nodes from Component-Trees in Linear Time
* Shape-Based Analysis on Component-Graphs for Multivalued Image Processing
* Towards Connected Filtering Based on Component-Graphs
Includes: Naegel, B.[Benoit] Naegel, B.[Benoît] Naegel, B.
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Naegeli, K.[Kathrin] Co Author Listing * Cross-Comparison of Albedo Products for Glacier Surfaces Derived from Airborne and Satellite (Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8) Optical Data

Naeger, A.R. Co Author Listing * New Technique Using Infrared Satellite Measurements to Improve the Accuracy of the CALIPSO Cloud-Aerosol Discrimination Method, A

Naeimi, V. Co Author Listing * Clarifications on the Comparison Between SMOS, VUA, ASCAT, and ECMWF Soil Moisture Products Over Four Watersheds in U.S.
* Enabling the Use of Earth Observation Data for Integrated Water Resource Management in Africa with the Water Observation and Information System
* Evaluation of Soil Moisture Retrieval from the ERS and Metop Scatterometers in the Lower Mekong Basin
* Mapping Rice Seasonality in the Mekong Delta with Multi-Year Envisat ASAR WSM Data
Includes: Naeimi, V. Naeimi, V.[Vahid]

Naemura, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Overlapped Block Motion Compensation Based on a Statistical Motion Distribution Model
* Analysis of space-dependent characteristics of motion-compensated frame differences based on a statistical motion distribution model
* Extraction of Rhythmical Factors on Dance Actions Thorough Motion Analysis
* Human action recognition in crowded surveillance video sequences by using features taken from key-point trajectories
* Human gesture recognition using 3.5-dimensional trajectory features for hands-free user interface
* method of multi-factorization for recognizing emotions from gestures, A
* Morphological segmentation of sport scenes using color information
* Robust tracking of soccer players based on data fusion
Includes: Naemura, M. Naemura, M.[Masahide]
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Naemura, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Acquisition of Light Rays using Telecentric Lens
* Analysis and synthesis of 3-D face image sequence based on model-based image coding scheme with an Internet browser
* Bounding-Box Based Segmentation with Single Min-cut Using Distant Pixel Similarity
* Construction of a bird image dataset for ecological investigations
* Depth of field in light field rendering
* Detection of small birds in large images by combining a deep detector with semantic segmentation
* focus measure for light field rendering, A
* Foreground-background segmentation using iterated distribution matching
* Fractal coding of a multi-view 3-D image
* Graph Cut Based Continuous Stereo Matching Using Locally Shared Labels
* How does Subsampling of Multi-View Images Affect the Rate-Distortion Performance?
* Image Segmentation using Dual Distribution Matching
* Interactive analysis and synthesis of facial expressions based on personal facial expression space
* Joint rendering and segmentation of free-viewpoint images
* Joint Rendering and Segmentation of Free-Viewpoint Video
* Layered light-field rendering with focus measurement
* Live Video Segmentation in Dynamic Backgrounds Using Thermal Vision
* Multi-user immersive stereo
* Online segmentation of free-viewpoint video
* Orthographic approach to representing 3-D images and interpolating light rays for 3-D image communication and virtual environment
* Pixel Independent Random Access Image Sensor for Real Time Image-based Rendering System
* Priority and Segmentation Algorithm for the 3-D Motion Estimation of Two Heads Partly Overlapped
* Rate-distortion analysis of super-resolution image/video decoding
* Rate-distortion performance of multi-view image coding with subsampling of viewpoints
* Real-Time All-in-Focus Video-Based Rendering Using A Network Camera Array
* Real-Time Video Matting Based on Bilayer Segmentation
* Rendering-Oriented Decoding for a Distributed Multiview Coding System Using a Coset Code
* Rendering-Oriented Decoding for Distributed Multi-View Coding System
* Seam carving for stereo images
* Spatial Domain Analysis on the Focus Measurement for Light Field Rendering
* Stereo Image Retargeting with Shift-Map
* Super-resolution plane sweeping for free-viewpoint image synthesis
* Super-Resolved Free-Viewpoint Image Synthesis Using Semi-global Depth Estimation and Depth-Reliability-Based Regularization
* Superdifferential cuts for binary energies
* Theoretical Analysis of Multi-view Camera Arrangement and Light-Field Super-Resolution
* Theoretical model and optimal prefilter for view interpolation
* Theory of Aliasing Separation for Light Field Data, A
* View-Dependent Coding of Light Fields Based on Free-Viewpoint Image Synthesis
Includes: Naemura, T.[Takeshi] Naemura, T.
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Naesset, E. Co Author Listing * Assessing Effects of Laser Point Density on Biophysical Stand Properties Derived from Airborne Laser Scanner Data in Mature Forest
* Cost-Sensitive Active Learning With Lookahead: Optimizing Field Surveys for Remote Sensing Data Classification
* International Comparison of Individual Tree Detection and Extraction Using Airborne Laser Scanning, An
* Mapping Defoliation with Lidar
* Simulating Sampling Efficiency in Airborne Laser Scanning Based Forest Inventory
* Single Tree Segmentation Using Airborne Laser Scanner Data in a Structurally Heterogeneous Spruce Forest
* Stability of Sample-Based Scanning-LiDAR-Derived Vegetation Metrics for Forest Monitoring
* Tree Species Classification in Boreal Forests With Hyperspectral Data
* Using Airborne Small-Footprint Laser Scanner to Assess the Quantity of Seedlings in an Uneven-Aged Spruce Forest
* Utilizing Airborne Laser Intensity for Tree Species Classification
Includes: Naesset, E. Naesset, E.[Erik]
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Naetar, W. Co Author Listing * Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography with Piecewise Constant Material Parameters

Naeve, A. Co Author Listing * Estimating the N-Dimensional Motion of an (N-1)-Dimensional Hyperplane from Two Matched Images of N+1 Points
* Generalized Cylinders: What Are They?
* Geometric Modelling: A Projective Approach
* On Projective Geometry and the Recovery of 3-D Structure
* Projective Line Geometry of the Visual Operator

Naeyaert, J.M.A.D. Co Author Listing * imaging system with calibrated color image acquisition for use in dermatology, An

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